What Is Uber Black? Car List, Pricing and Safety Features

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uber black

Are you looking for an elevated experience when using Uber? If so, you may want to consider the increasingly popular service—Uber Black. While there is a fee associated with this option, it comes with some luxurious benefits that differentiate it from other ride options. With Uber Black, riders get access to premium vehicles and services as well as added safety features. Read on to learn more about what Uber Black has to offer when it comes to car selection, pricing and safety features!

What Is Uber Black And How Is It Different From Other Uber Services?

Uber Black is a premium ride service offered by Uber, a global leader in ridesharing technology. It is the most luxurious option among all of Uber's services and offers superior quality to other Uber services. Uber Black is available for travelers in cities across the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Unlike other Uber services such as UberX or UberPool, which are more affordable options for customers looking for budget-friendly transport solutions, the Uber Black experience provides customers with more comfort and luxury at a higher cost. This involves seating in luxury vehicles such as SUVs (sports utility vehicles), sedans or limousines—all driven by professionally-licensed drivers. Customers can also expect amenities like air conditioning, heated seats, and bottled water inside these cars.

In addition to being more expensive than other services offered by Uber like uberX or uberPool trips, another major difference between them and an Uber Black ride is that they don't offer any extra perks such as free WiFi inside the car or access to complimentary snacks during your trip; instead you get all these features with an UberBlack ride which makes it stand out from other options offered by this platform.

To make sure customers enjoy their experience even further while riding in style when they reserve an uberBLACK car, an additional feature that this service offers including real-time flight tracking so Uber Black drivers know exactly when their passengers will arrive at the airport upon arriving after their flight has landed – something which isn't available with any other type of uber service apart from uberBLACK.

Finally, unlike regular rideshare trips where you can share your journey with someone else (like uberX/uberPool), an advantage associated with choosing an uberBLACK car over these options would be having dedicated space within the vehicle just meant exclusively for you & your companions making it ideal if ever in need of privacy whilst traveling from point A - B without compromising on quality nor convenience!

Overall then - if you're looking for luxurious transport solutions without breaking your bank balance too much - then opting for one of Ubers' 'black' car offerings could be just what you need! Not only will you receive premium comfort & quality associated with these types of services but also gain exclusive benefits not found elsewhere within Ubers' various offerings making it well worth considering next time round when organizing your next trip away!

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Uber Black Cars

The list of basic requirements for Uber include having a 4-door vehicle with independently opening passenger doors, seating at least 4 passengers in addition to the driver, working windows and air conditioning, installed seat seat belts, no cosmetic damage. Any car not meeting these standards will be rejected by Uber upon inspection so as not compromise rider safety whilst in transit.

However, in order to qualify as a Uber black the car must have additional requirements including black exterior, interior black leather or vegan leather only

When ordering an Uber Black ride, customers will be prompted to specify what type of vehicle they require before confirming their pick up location and destination.

When selecting their car type, customers can choose between standard black cars or Uber Black SUV which are luxury vehicles like SUVs or limousines.

Standard Uber Black

Standard Uber Black is a luxury car service with room for up to four people, it offers an elegant and comfortable ride. The interior of the vehicle is always kept clean and maintained to high standards, providing passengers with a safe and pleasant journey. The exterior of the car is sleek and modern, making it stand out from other vehicles on the road. All drivers are experienced and knowledgeable professionals who take safety very seriously. This luxurious service is perfect for special occasions or business trips where you want to make an impression with style.

Uber Black SUV

Uber Black SUV offers even more luxury than Standard Uber Black with room for up to six people in its spacious interior. Comfort features such as heated seats, extra legroom, and reclining backrests ensure that your journey will be as enjoyable as possible. The exterior of the car looks refined and stylish, making it ideal for those who want to arrive in style wherever they go. Whether you're going out to celebrate something special or simply taking a road trip across town, Uber Black SUV has got you covered.

Uber Black Car List

Find below a comprehensive list of uber black cars.


The Audi A8 L is one of the top choices for Uber Black users, with its impressive design and luxurious finishes. It offers plenty of cargo space, smooth ride quality, and excellent handling. Not only that, but it also has some of the best safety features on the market, making it a great choice for those who take safety seriously.


BMW's X7, 5-Series, 5-Series 530e, 7-Series and 7-Series 745e are all popular choices for Uber Black riders. The X7 has an imposing presence on the road with its stylish exterior and luxurious interior features like heated ventilated seats and multi-zone climate control. The 5-Series 530e blends luxury with economy thanks to its Hybrid engine that reduces emissions while still providing great performance.


Cadillac offers several vehicles suitable for Uber Black: the Escalade SUV provides plenty of cargo space and luxury touches like heated/ventilated front seats; the CT6 sedan is equipped with a rearview camera system, blind spot monitoring and lane keep assist; the CTS sedan shares many of these same features; while the XTS sedan combines power with style; finally there's also an extended version called Escalade ESV that gives extra room for passengers and luggage alike.


Chevy's Tahoe SUV provides a comfortable ride due to its independent suspension setup as well as plenty of interior cargo space (up to 94 cubic feet). The larger Suburban model offers more passenger seating (8) as well as increased storage capacity (121 cubic feet). Both models come with advanced safety systems such as automatic emergency braking, forward collision alert etc.


Ford's Expedition SUV is one of their most popular vehicles in this segment - it comes fully loaded with amenities such as Sync 3 infotainment system & leather seating surfaces plus a range of active safety systems like adaptive cruise control & pre collision assist system. It has great towing capacity (up to 9200 lbs) & plenty of room for up to 8 passengers too!


GMC also offers several vehicles suitable for Uber Black including the Suburban SUV which comes packed with technology such as 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot capability & mobile app compatibility; then there's also Yukon XL Denali which is ideal for larger groups due to its spacious interior & adjustable power folding third row seat; additionally there's Yukon XL that can carry up to 9 passengers & Yukon that can accommodate up to 8 people comfortably; both models offer advanced driver assistance systems such as forward collision alert & lane keep assist among others.


Lexus offers three different models suited for Uber Black service -the GS sedan comes standard with 10 airbags, rearview camera system & Lexus Safety System+; LS sedan includes adaptive cruise control & lane keeping assist plus optional Blind Spot Monitor & Rear Cross Traffic Braking alerts; GX SUV provides plenty of cargo space combined with luxury touches like heated/ventilated front seats & dual zone climate control inside.


Lincoln presents a range of cars suitable for Uber Black rides - starting off with Corsair crossover which has power adjustable front seats plus available 360 degree camera view which helps greatly in parking situations; then there’s Nautilus crossover offering similar amenities but adds rear cross traffic alert system as standard equipment too; Continental sedan boasts generous legroom inside along optional driver assistance packages such as Pre Collision Assist System Plus Pedestrian Detection plus 360 degree camera view just like Corsair crossover mentioned above ; lastly Navigator SUV stands out because it can seat up to 8 occupants comfortably plus provides four 12V power outlets along other luxury touches inside like panoramic moonroof or ambient lighting options available depending on trim level selected by customer.


Maserati’s Quattroporte sedan is perfect option when searching for something more exclusive in terms of style & performance – it comes equipped twin turbo engine capable producing 510 horsepower plus luxurious cabin filled high end materials handpicked by Maserati designers themselves so no matter what specifications chosen customers will get nothing short exquisite experience while riding into their destination aboard Quattroporte car!

Mercedes Benz

E350e, E Class, S Class, GLS Class, GL Class all five offer amazing combination between performance, comfort, efficiency soundproofing all wrapped into one package – E 350 e gives customers opportunity enjoy hybrid technology without compromising on power output whilst S class holds title flagship model Benz lineup being lavishly equipped every imaginable bells whistles one could think from full leather interiors massaging seats surround

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How Much Do Uber Black Cost?

When it comes to pricing, Uber Black fares are higher than other services.

Base Fare

Prices vary depending on location but can range from about $2-$4 per mile plus base fares that are set by the company. The base fare increases with time spent in the car, distance traveled, and other dynamic factors such as location. For example, the base fare for New York City is $25 compared to $15 for Los Angeles.

Additional Fees

If you choose an additional stop during your ride, it may also incur an added fee. When you request a trip with Uber Black, you can opt to pay a fixed hourly rate or pay for the trip entered on the app – you will get an estimate when doing so.

The minimum number of hours for a fixed rate ride is typically two hours or more with the maximum number of miles being five hundred miles or less. Prices vary depending on city, but typically range from around $45 to $150 per hour for a normal sedan (depending on where you're located). This does not include any extra fees incurred due to tolls or extra stops in addition to your destination stop.

Surge Charge

Additionally, there can also be additional charges due to surge pricing due to increased demand or lack of available drivers during peak times or holidays. The additional suge pricing charge added onto every trip often happens also between 9:00 PM - 6:00 AM Monday to Friday as well as all day Saturday and Sunday.

Knowing how much your ride will cost before booking is important! Fortunately, Uber has provided riders with estimates in its app so they know what they’re getting into before taking their ride. You can compare prices among different types of vehicles from different rideshare companies by using the Lyft estimator tool and the Uber fare estimator tool which show estimated prices for each type of service offered by different companies including Uber Black services (as long as it’s available where you live).

All this being said – if there’s one thing that hasn’t changed about riding Uber then its customer satisfaction! We conducted a recent survey that found that over 90% of passengers were satisfied with their overall experience riding with Uber Black – proving once again why this particular service remains one of the most popular options when it comes to car hire services today!

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Safety Features Of Uber Black

Safety is of the utmost importance to Uber and they strive to provide the highest levels of safety possible for those using their services. Uber Black is no exception, providing customers with a safe ride experience through the use of various technology features.

Professional Drivers

First of all, drivers using Uber Black are not “normal Uber drivers” but professional drivers with commercial auto insurance (personal auto insurance does not qualify) and have all permits required by their city to operate a commercial livery vehicle in their area.

High Rating Drivers

Uber provides enhanced safety through its two-way ratings system, which encourages good behavior amongst both riders and drivers. Both parties are able to rate each other at the end of each trip, allowing riders to provide feedback on their driver’s performance while giving drivers an idea on how well they handled themselves during each ride.

These ratings go towards creating a community that promotes good conduct amongst its members; if either party receives consistently low ratings then they will be removed from the platform in order to ensure everyone has a safe experience when riding with Uber.

In order to drive Uber Black, drivers must maintain a minimum star rating of 4.85.

Background Check

Another way that Uber Black keeps its customers safe is through its rigorous screening process for accepting new drivers onto the platform. All applicants must submit all relevant documents before being allowed access to driving, including valid government photo ID as well as proof of auto insurance (commercial only). The company also verifies all prospective driver’s backgrounds before allowing them access; this includes criminal background checks, motor vehicle records checks, and more. Through these measures Uber ensures that only competent and qualified individuals are driving passengers in their vehicles, furthering customer safety when riding with Uber Black.

Only Newer Cars Qualify

Moreover, all cars that can be used under the Uber Black platform must be not older than 6 years ago.

Rider Support

Finally, customers have access to 24/7 support should anything occur during a ride that needs immediate attention such as an accident or medical emergency; this provides riders with peace of mind knowing help is just a call away should something occur whilst traveling in an Uber Black vehicle .

Similarly, there is also an option for users to share live trip details with family or friends so they can keep tabs on them throughout their journey – this feature provides yet another layer of assurance should anything unexpected happen during a ride without putting anyone else’s safety at risk due to having unfamiliar persons present during emergencies

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How To Request An Uber Black Car

Step 1 - Download and Install the Uber App: To request an Uber Black car, you will need to first download the Uber app on your mobile device. The app is available for free in both the App Store (iOS devices) and Google Play Store (Android devices). Once installed, open up the app and log in using your email address or phone number.

Step 2 - Select Vehicle Type: After logging into the Uber app, you will be prompted to select the type of vehicle you wish to ride in. Scroll down until you find ‘Uber Black’ and select it. This should bring up a list of cars in your area that are currently available for hire.

Step 3 - Pick Up Location: Now that you have selected ‘Uber Black’, enter your pick-up location into the text box at the top of the page. You can enter either an address or use your current location if you are already at your desired pick-up point. Wait for a few seconds as Uber will scan nearby cars to determine which one is closest to you.

Step 4 - Confirm Your Ride Request: If the price estimate is acceptable to you then press ‘Confirm Request’ and wait for them to arrive at your chosen pick-up location.

Step 5 - Payment Method: Before confirming your request, make sure that the payment method listed on your account is correct as this is how you will pay for your journey once it has been completed. If needed adjust this by selecting 'Payment' from the main menu then selecting 'Add Payment Method'.

Step 6 – Enjoy Your Journey: Sit back, relax and enjoy your journey! During this time make sure not to distract or talk excessively with your driver as they must keep their eyes on the road at all times for safety reasons! Upon arrival at your destination simply thank them for driving you safely and pay them according to whatever payment method has been set up priorly mentioned above.

Tips For Using Uber Black

When using this service, there are several tips to keep in mind to make sure your trip is as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

Make a Reservation

First and foremost, be sure to book your ride in advance. This will ensure that you get the car type you need and at the time that works best for you. Additionally, many cities require additional fees for airport pickups; be sure to factor those into your budget when booking.

Tip Your Driver

Another important aspect of using Uber Black is tipping your driver. A customary tip is 15-20% of the total fare; however, if the driver provided exceptional service during your trip or helped with luggage, feel free to give an extra amount. You can also leave a nice rating and review on the app so other riders know who has provided great service!

Enjoy Your Ride

Finally, it's important to remember that Uber Black offers high quality vehicles with professional chauffeurs - so sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride! From spacious interiors and comfortable seating to decorum and courtesy from your driver - you'll have an experience unlike any other with Uber Black.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know what Uber Black is, the types of cars on the platform, and the safety features, you can make an informed decision about whether or not to use the service. If you're looking for a safe and reliable ride, Uber Black is a great option. With its variety of car options and competitive pricing, it's no wonder Uber Black is one of the most popular rideshare services available today.

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