Understanding Uber Driver Ratings (Average, Minimum & More)

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uber driver ratings

Are you a new Uber driver or someone who is looking to boost your ratings? If so, it's essential that you understand exactly how Uber measures and calculates driver ratings. From what average rating a driver needs to maintain their account status and the minimum driver rating accepted by Uber, this blog post will provide all of the basic knowledge necessary for setting achievable goals for yourself as a rideshare driver. In addition, we'll give tips on ways that you can increase your rating to ensure passenger satisfaction and make sure you receive excellent feedback from riders!

What Are Uber Driver Ratings And What Do They Mean For Drivers?

Uber Driver Ratings are an important part of being a driver on the Uber platform. The rating is based on feedback from passengers and is designed to help ensure a safe and pleasant experience for both riders and drivers.

At the end of each ride, Uber passengers are given an opportunity to provide feedback and leave a tip. This feedback helps Uber gauge their customer's satisfaction levels in several key areas. Passengers will be asked to rate their experience across a range of categories, including

  • Cleanliness
  • Navigation
  • Price
  • Pickup
  • Route
  • Driving
  • Service quality

They also have the option of leaving comments in the “other” box if they feel there’s any further details that need to be addressed.

But how does Uber driver rating work?

The rating system works by assigning each driver a score out of five stars, which are then averaged to produce their overall score.

More precisely, Uber driver rating is calculated by taking into account the individual ratings from all of their last completed 500 trips. They add these individual ratings together and then divide them by the total number of ratings received.

This means that for each completed trip, drivers are rated on a 5-star scale between 1-5 stars being 5 the highest ratings and 1 the lowest.

Canceled trips and unaccepted trip requests are not taken into account when calculating a rider's rating, as they do not reflect the quality of service provided by drivers.

Why Is The Uber Driver Rating Is Important

The Ability to Drive With Uber

The ratings system is incredibly important for rideshare drivers, as it can directly impact their ability to drive with the rideshare company. Drivers who have received low ratings may be subject to deactivation or suspension, while those who consistently maintain high ratings are likely to remain active on the platform. This ensures that customers continue to receive reliable service from experienced drivers who have proven themselves capable of providing positive customer experiences.

Passengers Feel Safe

The primary purpose of the driver rating system is to keep passengers safe and help make sure that they receive quality customer service from their driver during each ride. Riders are encouraged to rate their driver from one to five stars following the completion of each trip, giving them an opportunity to provide feedback about their experience and help ensure future good experiences for all passengers.

When rating a driver, passengers are asked for input on several areas including courtesy, professionalism, vehicle condition, navigation skill, route optimization and more. All these criteria factor into the overall score given by a passenger to a particular driver. It is important for drivers to remember that even small details such as cleanliness or punctuality can affect their ratings significantly.

4.85 Rating Is The Minimum Rating Requirements for Some Uber Service

Uber driver rating matters! Maintaining a minimum 4.85 rating as an Uber driver should be a top priority for those looking to maximize their earnings and provide Premium services such as Uber Comfort and Uber Black. A high rating will ensure that customers are more likely to book rides from you, resulting in increased business. Additionally, it may allow you access to discounts and promotions which can boost your income even further. Furthermore, drivers with a rating of 4.85 or higher receive more attractive fares, allowing them to make more money for the same amount of work.

It is important to note that the minimum 4.85 rating requirement does vary by city, so please check with your local Uber office for details about what applies in your area. Furthermore, there are certain criteria that must be met before you can qualify for premium services such as Uber Black and Uber Comfort; these include having an up-to-date vehicle safety inspection, providing valid insurance coverage , passing a background check, and meeting other requirements by the city or state you’re operating in.

Uber Rating for Drivers Breakdown

At the highest level, Uber drivers are rated on a five-star scale—five stars being excellent and one star being poor. A five-star rating means that a driver had an incredibly positive experience with their passenger, while one star means that something went wrong during the ride.

Find below a complete ratings breakdown for drivers:

5-star Rating

This is the highest uber driver rating you can get, and it means you're an excellent uber driver. Passengers who give their drivers five-star ratings are saying that they had a great experience.


Uber assigns ratings of 4.93, 4.94, 4.95, 4.96, 4.97, 4.98 and 4.99 as "good". This suggests that your passengers have had a positive experience with you. Having said that, there is always space for improvement and so it is important to take any feedback on board in order to optimize your service and make sure that all of your customers leave feeling satisfied.


According to our experience, this is "average uber driver rating ". If you have the average driver rating for Uber which is a great score this means that you have good driver behavior, your vehicle is well maintained and overall you provide good customer service.


If your rating ranges between 4.6 and 4.79 it is "below average." This could indicate that some aspects of your service weren't up to par and need improvement in order to get back on track with providing a great experience for your passengers every time they take an Uber ride with you!


4.6 is the lowest uber driver rating and also a really bad rating. You are at risk of deactivation. You need to act fast and find out how to increase uber driver rating if you want to continue to make money driving with Uber.


You probably already received some kind of alert from Uber letting you know the areas in which you need to improve, but unfortunately, your account has been closed.

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Wondering how ratings work? The rating system is designed to be open and upfront. Learn how itworks, hear tips to get higher driver ratings, and how to see rider feedback in your ...

How Can Drivers Improve Their Ratings If They're Not Happy With Them?

Drivers have a lot of control over their ratings if they are not happy with them. First and foremost, it is important to remember that ratings are formed by the customer’s opinion and experience. Therefore, drivers should focus on delivering great service in order to ensure a positive rating. That means providing courteous and helpful behavior toward customers, being punctual and prompt, driving safely and following traffic laws.

In order to ensure high ratings from riders and remain competitive in the market, Uber has made efforts in recent years to improve its training program for new drivers and provide more support services for established ones.

This includes detailed instructions on how best to interact with customers as well as tips on vehicle maintenance and safety practices. Additionally, there are specialized reward programs available now which allow drivers with higher ratings access additional benefits such as discounts or bonuses from partner businesses affiliated with Uber or incentives from Uber itself when they reach certain milestones in terms of customer satisfaction ratings or trips completed within set time periods.

Follow our proven tips and learn how to improve your Uber driver rating fast.

Build Trust With Riders

One way for drivers to improve their ratings is by building trust with their customers. This can be done through simple acts such as introducing oneself or making small talk while on the ride. Providing a smooth ride that avoids jerky starts and stops is also beneficial in creating a trusting environment. Drivers can even offer snacks or beverages, although this should be done at the driver’s discretion.

Make Sure Your Vehicle Is Clean Before Each Ride

If you want to receive the best Uber driver ratings, keep your car clean. Having a clean car not only helps create a more pleasant experience for riders who may have allergies or other sensitivities; but it also makes an impression on customers who are likely judging whether or not you deserve high ratings during their trips with you! A dirty car may not be indicative of poor service per se; but it certainly does not inspire confidence either way so make sure yours looks nice before picking up passengers if possible!

Help Customers With Luggage

Thirdly, drivers should pay attention to detail when interacting with customers throughout the ride as this could highly influence one’s rating at the end of it all. For example, offering assistance with luggage or taking extra precautions pertaining to safety may leave lasting impressions upon customers which would eventually lead to more positive reviews for the driver afterwards.

Follow Uber Community Guidelines

The first step to achieving a perfect rating with Uber is to carefully follow the company's guidelines and regulations. This means adhering to the ride request and cancellation policies, as well as providing friendly, respectful service to all customers in order to ensure smooth trips with positive feedback left for future riders.

Always Follow Local Laws When Driving For Uber

This should go without saying as it is essential that your driving practices remain legal at all times when providing services through Uber; otherwise you risk getting into trouble with law enforcement as well as potential issues with your account due to violations of company policy.

Be Friendly And Courteous At All Times

This means both before and during rides; always greet passengers when they first enter your vehicle and make sure that you remain polite throughout your trip together no matter what might happen along the way (e.g., traffic delays). In addition, try not to engage in long conversations with passengers unless requested by them or necessary topics come up during your time together (e.g., directions).

Follow Directions Carefully

Avoid taking wrong turns or missing exits along routes since this often leads to confusion and frustration among riders who were expecting something different from what actually happened during trips (which could lead to lower ratings). If unsure about something related to directions then simply ask passengers beforehand so everyone knows what's going on throughout each journey together!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Appeal A Bad Uber Driver Rating?

If you receive an undesirably low rating from an Uber passenger, it's important to understand the appeal process and steps to take in order to rectify the issue. The first step is to contact the driver support using the app, as this will allow you to explain your side of the story and provide any additional information that could help your case. It can also be helpful to take screenshots of any conversations or interactions with the driver that led up to the negative rating.

When appealing a low Uber driver rating, it is important to remain civil and provide as much detail as possible about your experience. You may want to include specific facts such as if there was a misunderstanding between you and the rider, or any other details that are pertinent to your situation. Additionally, being polite and showing appreciation for the time spent with them is something that should not be overlooked - this can often go a long way when trying to get a bad rating overturned.

Finally, it's also wise to install a dashcam on your car.

How Do I Check My Uber Driver Rating?

To check your Uber driver rating, you can open the Uber app on your smartphone and sign in. Once signed in, you will be able to view your driver profile which includes personal information and an overall rating. Your rating is displayed on the right side of the profile page, next to a five-star rating system.

Keep Your Rating High!

Overall, Uber Driver Ratings serve as an indication of a driver’s performance in terms of providing excellent customer service experiences for riders and also represent a tangible gauge by which experienced rideshare drivers can compare themselves against others in order to determine if they should adjust any elements in order to remain competitive in the marketplace.

In this regard, it is essential that all drivers take note of the importance placed on maintaining high ratings by both customers and Uber itself so that they will be able succeed at achieving their goals within this industry while simultaneously providing quality service levels consistently across all rides they complete.

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