How to Become a Wingz Driver? Requirements, Sign up & Pay

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Do you want to make money driving? Are you looking for a flexible job that you can do on your own time? If so, then becoming a Wingz driver may be the perfect opportunity for you!

In this blog post, we will discuss the requirements for becoming a rideshare driver with Wingz, as well as the pay that you can expect. We will also answer some common questions about being a private driver with Wingz. So if you are interested in learning more, keep reading!


Make sure you meet these requirements before applying to become a Wingz driver.

  • Driver’s license: You must have a valid driver’s license from the state where you plan to drive.
  • Age requirement: Depending on your location, you may need to be at least 21 years old to drive with Wingz.
  • Vehicle registration: You must have a registered and insured car that meets Wingz’s standards for your city.
  • Insurance: You must have personal auto insurance that meets your state’s minimum requirements. Wingz also provides additional insurance coverage while you’re driving passengers.
  • Background check: Wingz will conduct a criminal background check and driving record check before approving you as a driver.
  • Smartphone: You’ll need a smartphone that can run the Wingz Driver app, which you’ll use to receive ride requests, navigation, and payment processing.
  • Customer service skills: Wingz requires drivers to have excellent customer service skills, as they prioritize providing a high-quality, personalized experience for passengers.
  • Experience: While not required, having previous experience as a professional driver can be helpful.


What Does A Wingz Driver Do?

A Wingz driver is a personal, private transportation provider who offers airport rides and other transportation services to travelers in need. As a driver, they provide door-to-door service, often meeting passengers at the airport terminal or curbside, helping with luggage loading and providing an enjoyable ride to their destination.

Drivers typically have a great knowledge of the local area and can offer insight on where to eat or shop, if desired. Along with airport rides, drivers also offer point-to-point pre-scheduled rides as well as one-way trips like ride sharing services but with more privacy.

As well as offering convenient transportation options for travelers, Wingz drivers can provide peace of mind knowing that riders are being cared for by experienced professionals who are committed to safety first and foremost. All of our Wingz certified drivers undergo a rigorous background check process before becoming approved for service.

They must also meet certain qualifications such as having a valid driving license and proof of insurance before beginning work. Additionally, each car must pass inspection from an independent third party prior to commencing operations. With all these steps taken to ensure quality service, passengers can travel worry free knowing that their experience will be safe, reliable and hassle-free!

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Being A Wingz Driver?


One of the main benefits of being a Wingz driver is the flexibility it provides. Drivers can set their own hours and customize their routes to meet their personal needs and preferences.

Additionally, drivers never have to worry about dealing with cash or tips as they are paid directly through the app. This means more money in your pocket, as you don't need to worry about accounting for taxes or processing payments yourself.

Grow Your Business

is a viable alternative to driving for Uber an it can help you build your clientele. As with any rideshare company , driving with Wingz allows you to connect with new riders each time you take a trip. In addition to that, Wingz also provides drivers with the ability to build a following of returning customers who can be just as important for long-term success as one-time riders.

When a rider books a driver through the car service, they are able to access the driver’s profile and bookmark them as a "favorite driver" for future trips and rides. This means that the same rider may book their ride from the same driver multiple times, creating a loyalty between both parties that can be difficult to achieve in other ride-sharing services.

Additionally, drivers have the option of setting up their own profiles on social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter, where they can post updates about their upcoming Wingz rides and even offer discounts or special rates for certain customers or groups. This will not only increase visibility but also create word-of-mouth referrals that can lead to more passengers wanting to book trips with the same driver over time. All of these factors make it easy for drivers using Wingz to build their own list of loyal customers that they can count on throughout their career as an independent contractor.

Driver Support

Furthermore, Wingz understands its drivers' needs and offers multiple support options so you're never left without help in times of need. The company offers 24/7 customer service via email at or phone calls at 1-888-231-8124 that can provide assistance with any issues that come up along the way such as technical difficulties or complaints from riders. Additionally, they offer an extensive FAQ section on their website with helpful tips and resources specifically designed for drivers who want to make sure everything goes smoothly with each ride.

These benefits make Wingz an ideal platform for anyone looking for supplemental income while having complete control over when and where they work. With its flexible schedule options, competitive payouts and various support systems in place for any issues that may arise during rides, becoming a wingz driver is an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to supplement their income!

What Are Some of the Disadvantages of being a Wingz Driver?

There are few disadvantages that prospective drivers should consider before applying.

Waiting List

One negative is the waiting list. Very similar to delivery services, depending on the city, Wingz may have more customers than available drivers, resulting in a waiting list for those who want to join the platform. While this is an indication that there is enough demand to make money as a Wingz taxi driver, it also means that you will have to wait until you can start picking up customers.

Weekly Pay

Another disadvantage is that you do not get paid instantly like other rideshare apps. With Wingz, customers pay upfront when they book the ride and then Wingz pays the driver after the trip is completed – meaning that you won't get your earnings right away. This could be problematic if you are relying on the income from your driving job to cover your expenses or bills.

Wear and Tear on Your Car

Lastly, there is always wear and tear on your car when using it as a commercial vehicle for ridesharing services such as Wingz. Anytime someone else gets into your car, there is potential for accidental damage, spills or messes that take time and effort to clean up and repair. Not only does this mean more frequent trips to the mechanic for repairs but also extra costs for car upkeep due to the extra mileage and increase in passengers throughout the year.

What Are The Requirements To Become A Wingz Driver?

Becoming a Wingz driver is no small undertaking. In order to be eligible to become a driver with the company, applicants must meet certain requirements set forth by the company.

To begin, all drivers must be at least 21 years of age and possess some form of U.S. driver's license that has been valid for at least one year. All drivers must also have a smartphone that meets minimum technology requirements and can access the private driver app and receive ride requests from passengers.

In addition to these basic requirements, Wingz also expects its drivers to demonstrate exemplary customer service skills while performing duties related to the job. Drivers should always arrive on time to pick-up passengers and take them safely and efficiently to their desired destination.

All interactions with passengers should maintain a polite yet professional demeanor throughout the entire course of each ride request and should maintain respectful communication with customers at all times; this includes refraining from any kind of discriminatory language towards passengers based on factors such as race or gender identification.

Taking into consideration these various requirements associated with becoming an official Wingz driver, it appears that only individuals who are capable of meeting these expectations should pursue such a career opportunity; striving towards providing high-quality rides for customers is sure to make for positive experiences for both you as well as your passengers!

Summarizing: The following are all the Wingz driver requirements that every applicant should meet:

  • You must be at least 21 years old
  • You must own a smartphone — The driver app is available on iOS and Android devices.
  • You must have an auto insurance with your name on the policy —  Wingz's liability insurance policy covers driver liability for you and your riders while you're driving with Wingz.
  • Current and valid personal or commercial driver’s license
  • You must undergo a background check - very similar to Lyft background check or Uber background check, the list of qualification to become a Wingz driver include:
    • No major moving violations, such as DUIs or reckless driving, within the last 7 years.
    • NO felony (the last 7 years)
    • NO violent crime (the last 7 years)
    • NO sexual offense (the last 7 years)
  • You must attend an in-person training session

Wingz Vehicle Requirements

Additionally, all drivers must own an automobile that has four doors, has a valid registration, and is less than 10 years old (or a qualifying hybrid/electric vehicle).

Lastly, all drivers are required to maintain valid insurance coverage on their vehicle during their time as a Wingz driver.

The following are general requirements that all the vehicles in the platform need to meet, including:

  • 5-8 seats (including driver’s seat)
  • 4 doors
  • Car Age Requirements: 2014 or newer

Where Personal Driver jobs are Available?

Unlike Uber that is available in many cities around the world, and Lyft that is available in the U.S.A and Canada, Wingz is currently only available in select cities of the United States of America. Here is the full list of the markets where Wingz operates.

  • Austin
  • Dallas
  • Houston
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • Orlando
  • Portland
  • Sacramento
  • San Antonio
  • San Diego
  • Seattle
  • SF Bay Area
  • Tampa

How Much Do Wingz Drivers Make Per Trip/Hour/Weekend Etc.?

Wingz drivers make money based on the individual trip fare as well as length. Drivers are paid based on the distance of the trip, so long trips typically generate more income than short trips. On average, Wingz drivers can make anywhere from $18 to $27 per hour after accounting for vehicle expenses.

That said, certain areas may have higher pay rates than others.

For example, Wingz drivers in San Francisco can earn over 30% more than their counterparts in other cities because of its high cost of living and higher concentration of passengers looking for ride-share services.

Keep in mind that unlike some other transportation services, Wingz takes an upfront, fixed price approach so that riders can plan their next trip with certainty and do not have to worry about surge pricing.

Customers' tips can also help you earn more money as an airport driver.

Overall, how much money a Wingz driver earns depends on how much they drive and where they drive because rates and demand vary by location. Ultimately, it is up to each driver’s discretion to decide when they want to work and how much they want to make each week or month working with Wingz.

Wingz Driver Pay Overview

  • Drivers are not employee but independent contractors
  • Wingz does not offer a salary to their drivers
  • You will know up-front how much you will get paid when you accept a scheduled pick-up drop-off
  • When passengers tip you for superior service, you keep 100% of the tips that are on top of your earnings
  • Drivers get paid weekly

💡 PRO TIPS: As an independent contractor some expenses are tax-deductible. If you use your car for both ride-sharing and personal transportation, you can deduct only the portion of your expenses that apply to the business use. So, do not forget to track your mileage and download a Gas App

What Is The Process Of Becoming A Wingz Driver Like?

Becoming a Wingz driver is relatively straightforward and can be done in just a few steps.

The first step to becoming a Wingz driver is to sign up online with the company. Drivers will need to provide basic biographical information, as well as valid state identification and proof of insurance, such as an insurance card or policy number. From there, interested drivers can create their own profile that includes their vehicle type, years of experience behind the wheel, and any other relevant details about themselves.

Once a driver’s account has been approved by Wingz, they will have access to detailed instructions for using the app-based system which outlines how the driver is expected to conduct himself or herself while providing rideshare services.

This includes applicable tipping policies, and any guidelines or regulations that must be followed when providing rides.

Additionally, drivers are given guidance on how to maximize earning potential by reducing idle time and finding ways to optimize efficiency in order to increase customer satisfaction ratings.

In addition to these best practices outlined by Wingz, many successful drivers also build strong relationships with their customers through conversation and genuine interest in them as people in order to build rapport.

While this isn’t required by Wingz guidelines, it can help enhance customer service ratings which may lead to more frequent requests from passengers who enjoy interacting with driver friendly personalities.

Download the Wingz Driver App

Once you are approved you can download the driver App and log into your account. Keep in mind that the app is not available on Apple store or Google Play store, you need to download it directly from the Wingz website. Take a look at this Take a look at this tutorialand check all the steps to download the driver App on your smartphone.

Become a Wingz Driver | 6 Things to Know About Driving

How to apply to become a Wingz driver. Applying to be a driver is easy as long as you and your vehicle meet requirements. Here is some helpful information for anyone who is thinking about driving for Wingz either full-time or part-time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Drive For Wingz At The Same Time As Uber And Lyft?

As an independent contractor you unlock the freedom to make extra money on your terms! You can pick when to go online in their driver Apps whenever it works with your schedule. Plus check out all available promotions that give you even more earning potential!

Does Wingz Have A Driver Referral Program?

No, Wingz does not have a driver referral program. While Uber offers generous rewards for drivers who refer new people to their rideshare platform, some other companies do not offer the same incentives.

Wingz is one such company that has chosen not to provide drivers with a referral program. This means that if you are a driver for Wingz and you would like to refer someone else, you will not be compensated for it in any way.

Start Your Wingz Application Now

If you’re looking for a new job or an gig to make some extra cash, becoming aWingz driver might be the right opportunity for you. It’s important to know what the requirements are and how the sign-up process works before getting started. Once you’ve met all the qualifications and completed the sign-up process, you can start driving and earning money! Pay is also discussed in this article so that you know how and when you will get paid for your services. Now that you know everything there is to becoming a Wingz driver, take a look at our guide with quick cash gigs today!

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