Do You Tip Uber Drivers? When, How Much And More

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do you tip uber drivers

Modern technology has revolutionized our world and impacted daily lives. While apps like Instacart or DoorDash have become a major trend among consumers seeking to get anything delivered, Uber has reshaped urban mobility.

The Uber app makes our life easier and it is a cheap alternative to taxi cabs. Using the app you can book or schedule a ride with a few taps on your smartphone.

Whether you need a ride to work, a medical appointment or a ride to the airport, an Uber driver will pick you up and bring you to your destination.

If you are struggling trying to find out if it is appropriate to give a tip to an Uber driver and how much, we do not blame you.

In this tipping guide, you will find the answers to all your questions about tips.

Are You Supposed To Tip Uber Drivers?

Tipping in the USA is not required, it is a standard to say thanks to someone for the good service received.

When people dine out or get their hair done regularly, they usually have a rule of thumb for tipping in these situations, like giving their server 20 percent of the total bill.

The situation may become more complicated when it comes to Uber rides.

To make things clear, we interviewed Shawn, one of our team members. Shawn has a Black SUV and works for rideshare companies including Uber or Lyft.

“I’ve been driving for Uber for several years now. I also provide private car transportation services and Limo services.

I’m a good driver with a 4.9 rating. Before starting my driving job, I always cleaned my car accurately. As the Coronavirus continues to spread, I do my best to protect myself and people riding in my car by further cleaning it and taking safety precautions.

From my experience, not everyone leaves a gratuity.

What I would like people to understand is that, just like anywhere where you’re being provided with a certain service, riding with Uber also has some rules on tipping.

I get paid per ride, there is no minimum wage when working with Uber. It all comes down to how many rides I can fit in my schedule. Uber collects commissions and fees from drivers on all passenger fares.

Since I’m not a W-2 employee, I have to pay my own health insurance, Medicare, and Social Security.

To make the most of my job, I have to work during the peak hours.

Uber does not pay for car maintenance and I do not get paid for gas. I’m responsible for covering the cost of gas and maintenance for my own vehicles.

Gasoline prices have reached their highest levels since 2014. I have to plan my expenses accordingly.”

Tip is not included in your Uber fare and Uber doesn't not make tipping mandatory, users can choose to opt out of it. However, Uber encourages you to tip drivers, on the app you have the option to add tips. Using the in-app tipping feature is extremely easy and quick to do.

Summarizing: The Uber tipping policy doesn't make it mandatory to tip your driver. However, it is surely a rule of tipping etiquette one should follow. Otherwise, you’re just being rude or not necessarily taking the driver into consideration. Especially if you got great and efficient service from your driver.

What Factors Should I Consider When Deciding How Much To Tip Uber Drivers?

Find below some important factors related to the ride to consider when choosing to tip Ubers

They Let You Ride With Your Pet

Unless you have a service dog or you live in a city where the Uber Pet option is available, drivers are not required to accept passengers with pets on their ride.

According to the Uber pet policy , it’s always up to the driver if they wish to accept or not a pet as a passenger in their car. As a reminder, car travel can be stressful for your dog, especially if they’re not used to it. Bring an old sheet or towel with you for your pet to sit on to protect the car, or you may have to pay additional fees on your ride. You should also be respectful to your driver, so if you have a pet, make sure you keep the car clean and in good condition on your part.

Efficiency And Punctuality

If your driver is on time for the pick-up and makes it easy to find you, you should reward him with a tip and a five-star rate. This shows they are efficient and attentive, which are good qualities Uber drivers should be rewarded for.

Car Cleanliness

Uber has put rules in place to allow drivers and riders to remain safe. Drivers are also required to clean their car after every trip using antibacterial/sanitizing wipes or spray, focusing on areas that riders may have touched, like seat belts or car doors and handles.

However, drivers have to spend their own money to ensure their car is clean and they are not paid for the time they spend cleaning their car.

We all love riding in a clean and good-smelling car, so adding an extra tip would encourage the driver to keep their car nice and tidy.

The Ride Include Stops

If your ride includes multiple stops and waiting times, you should consider tipping your driver accordingly. It also comes down to how well they are driving and if they are following the route needed.

Quality of service

So, do you tip Uber drivers? Great service should be rewarded. Very similarly to taxi drivers, if your driver went above and beyond what you expected of him in terms of services, such as offering you snacks and a bottle of water or even helping you with luggage, you can show your appreciation by increasing their tip amount.

Do You Tip Uber Drivers? Uber Tipping Etiquette

Do you tip Uber drivers? How much should you tip? Learn more about the Uber tipping etiquette. #doYouTipUberDrivers #howMuchNormallyTipUberDrivers #uberTippingEtiquette

Should I Tip My Uber Drivers More Based On The Types Of The Ride?

Tips for your driver might vary depending on the type of the ride you’re doing. Uber trips include a wide choice of options including Uber Pool,Uber Green, UberX, Uber Health and premium rides.

A city ride can differ from a long distance ride , not only for the price but also for the experience related to the ride itself.

If, for example, you take an Uber from LAX airport to Coachella, you may tip more because you’re asking the driver to travel a longer distance and he probably also helped you with your luggage at the airport when loading the car. It may make sense to tip a percentage of the total ride cost in this situation.

However if you choose to ride using the Uber Black option, you are probably spending more on your ride overall, and tipping a percentage could become very expensive very quickly. In this case, it might make sense to tip a flat rate to your driver, especially if you are looking to save money.

If you are taking an UberX for 7 miles, 3 dollars is considered a good tip.

The great advantage of using the Uber app vs Taxi is that you can check the cost of your ride before actually booking it and plan accordingly.

When you don’t have to tip Uber Drivers

As we already said, tipping Uber drivers is not mandatory. It may be customary and polite, but if you have a bad experience, there’s nothing wrong with not tipping. Keep in mind that the Uber platform also lets you rate your whole experience with your driver, so you can also express your opinion through ratings. If something goes wrong, you can leave a review on your driver or you may consider adjusting how much tip you give them. Common situation and reasons why you shouldn't tip Uber include:

  • Your driver drives unsafely
  • Your driver is rude
  • The driver provides rides in an unsanitary and unclean vehicle

Of course, we suggest you use your discretion when leaving bad reviews or feeling unhappy.

how much normally tip uber drivers

How Much Normally Tip Uber Drivers

So, how much to tip an Uber driver? What is considered a good amount of tips for your Uber driver?

Because tips are not mandatory, it’s up to you to decide the right amount. You may choose to tip your driver a flat rate or you can choose to use the suggested amount giving them a percentage of the total ride cost.

The tipping option on the app by default will let passengers set a percentage for tips that will be added automatically to the ride fare.

Generally, this amount can change and is often adjusted according to the length of your trip and your experience with the driver. Therefore, there is no set price or percentage you should give, but 15% of tips is considered an average and good choice.

The amount of tips you give should be your own choice, and should also be made in consideration with the price of your trip and how much trips generally cost in your city. If you choose to leave a flat amount of gratuity, you could tip $1 or $2 for every ride that costs under $10, and $5 of tips for rides that cost over $15.

The recommended amount of tips for an Uber trip is 15%.

Try and calculate the 15% of the total ride cost, and give that percentage as tips to your driver.

If you are using a discount or promo code as part of your Uber trip, it is important that you tip since it will benefit the driver in a large way. In the same way, if your driver shows good manners and good service, you should adjust your tip to a higher amount.

Uber Tip Calculator

If you have ever had a problem figuring out percentage, there isn’t certainly an easier way to figure out the tip than using the in app calculator.

The good news is that you do not need a taxi tip calculator. The in-app calculator will do the job for you and automatically calculate the tip. It is the best tool you can use to calculate the tip and have an immediate answer on the amount it would cost, according to the percentage you wish to give the driver.

When Should You Tip Your Uber Driver?

So, how to leave a compliment on Uber? If you’re making an Uber ride, you can leave a compliment at any time during the process.

However, very similar to other industries, even in the ride share industries many people want to wait until the end of the ride to ensure that they are satisfied by the service.

Others tip while requesting a ride as a way to provide additional motivation for the driver.

Find below the different moments when to tip your Uber driver.

Tipping When You Request A Ride

First of all, we want to be clear that including a tip when you request a ride will not help you get your ride faster as that all depends on the amount of traffic there is. Indeed, drivers can see the amount of the tip and might try a bit harder to get to your location faster or show good manners right upon arrival to your location.

Tipping After The Ride (Using The App)

The innovation and The COVID-19 crisis has accelerated the shift to contactless transactions and the “cashless society”. You can choose to leave in-app tips at the end of the ride.

Waiting until the end of the ride can be a good idea, especially if you want to make sure you are tipping the right price and if you want to consider multiple factors when making your decision.

Keep in mind that after a trip has ended, you have 30 days to add a tip in the app, on, or from your emailed trip receipt. After that deadline no tip will be accepted from you.

Tipping After The Ride (Cash)

So, what's the best way for a conscientious customer to leave a gratuity? As you probably already know, Uber is a cashless app. However, you can reward your driver in cash.

According to Uber whatever the option you choose, 100% of the tips belong to the driver.

Most Ubers agree it's more important that you leave a tip in general than how you leave a tip. As long as you leave a tip, they will be happy.

Shawn says: "I prefer cash tips, however, I appreciate any tip regardless of the form, especially if they are appropriate for the service I have given."

What Happens If You Don’t Tip Your Uber Driver?

Nothing happens if you don’t tip your Uber driver. The driver earns less money than they would have if you had tipped. However, leaving a tip can also be a sign of encouragement for them to continue with their rides and providing good service.

Drivers will see total earnings at the end of the ride and this will not have an impact on your passenger rating.

Tipping Etiquette For Uber Drivers

Is it appropriate to give a tip to an Uber driver who does a great job? Absolutely. If you’re riding with Uber and the driver makes your trip less stressful and helps you with your luggage or any other help you might have needed, acknowledging the efforts with a tip can be greatly appreciated and a good way to thank them for their help.


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