How Postmates Works: 6 Things to Know Before Your First Order

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How Does Postmates Delivery Work?

how does Postmates work

What is Postmates? You may have heard of it, but maybe you still aren't sure exactly what it is or how it works. In this guide you will find everything you need to know about Postmates, including how to drive for them.


What is Postmates

Postmates is an easy and reliable way to get the food and merchandise you love delivered. You can order just about anything with the Postmates App. This is the big difference between Postmates and Doordash or Postmates and Uber Eats. Postmates is not only a food delivery App. In fact, the main purpose of Postmates is to help people unlock the best of their cities – and their lives, with an insanely reliable on-demand “anything” network. The delivery service has a lot of feautures including:

  • Order tracking
  • Online payments
  • In-app tipping option

Where it’s available

Postmates is popular in metropolitan areas and smaller towns inluding:

  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • Dallas-Fort Worth
  • Denver
  • Houston
  • Miami
  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • San Diego
  • Washington D.C.

Postmates is continously expanding to new cities and already cover 70% of the U.S Population. Currently, Postmates operates in +3,400 US cities as well as Mexico, and provides access to over 250,000 merchants. You can take a look at this complete list of all the cities where Postmates is available.

How Does Postmates Work?

So, how does Postmates work? Postmates uses web and mobile app technology. Customers order whatever they want, wherever they are by using their Postmates account. After you place an order, a Postmates Fleet driver picks it up and delivers it to you.

how postmates works infographic

How to Use Postmates

Before you can start 'Postmate', you’ll need to set up a Postmates account.

1. Download the free Postmates app

Postmates users can access to all the services through Postmates website or by using the mobile app, which is available for iOS and Android smartphones.

There is a good newa if you are new Postmates user. Postmates new user promotion offers $100 in FREE delivery credit if you sign up with our Postmates promo code . So, if you’re feeling hesitant or you aren’t sure what to do, this deal for new customers will make it easy.

2. Create an account

Open the Postmates app and tap Sign up. Enter your email address and tap Sign up.

how to create a Postmates account

3. Place an Order

Postmates App uses localization services, but you can enter a specific delivery address in the search box, and launch a search. Postmates will display a list of restaurants options with some deals and discounts from a specific set of restaurants in your area. You can already check the delivery fees and choose the pick up option if you prefer. If you are ordering food, before to add it to your cart, you have the options to customize your order, choose the quantity or add special instructions.

place an order postmates app

4. Pay an Order

Postmates like Uber Eats, DoorDash and Caviar, is a cashless App. What does it mean? All the transactions are via mobile payments. You do not need physical cash on hand when the Postmates driver will drop off you the order. With Postmates app you can pay with a debit/credit card or you can use your Apple pay account.

5. Track your Order While the Restaurant Process it

Postmates will send you an email that your order has been confirmed. In the meantime, your order is redirected to the restaurants/mercant through the application. Once the restaurant/merchant receives the request, it starts preparing the food/goods and packs it for delivery.

6. Postmates takes it to Deliver

A delivery courier from Postmates pick up the order from the relevant restaurant/merchant and delivers it to the respective customer.

Do you tip postmates

The Postmates app lets you tip your driver when you pay at the end of the delivery. Tips are not required but always welcome by delivery drivers who are independent contractors and don’t receive any benefits. You probably have heard of the unfair tipping policy of DoorDash. With Postmates 100% of the tips are for the driver and on top of the drivers’ base pay or sign up bonus. In any case if you want you can also tip with cash your 'Postmate'.

How much does Postmates cost?

For each order, you'll pay for the cost of the merchandise + the Postmates fee + any applicable taxes. Postmates fees include:

  1. Delivery Fees:
    • $0.99–$3.99 for Partner Merchants
    • $5.99–$9.99 for all other merchants
  2. Service Fee: It is a variable percentage-based fee applied to the purchase price of your items. The amount of Postmates service fees is around 12%

Very similar to Uber Eats small fees, Postmates apply a small cart fee of  $1.99. The minimum is $12. An exception is the city of Los Angeles where the minimum is $10. In LA the small fee will apply to your cart if your order is under $10.

There are some good news that every Postmates users should know. First of all you’ll always be able to verify and review your order on the checkout screen before requesting the delivery. Second, Postmates has developed a system that will help you save money. Have you already taken a Uber Pool for example? You saw how convenient it is! With Postmates, you can share a courier with a nearby order from popular restaurants and get free delivery. If you want to read more, you can take a look at this complete guide to Postmates Party . Finally, are you a regular Postmates user? You can sign up for a subscription plan that will allow you to save money.

Postmates Unlimited

Postmates Unlimited will grive you $0 delivery fee on your order over $15. A monthly subscription will cost $9.99 per month and a yearly subscription costs $95.88 per year. .

How much do Postmates drivers make

If you are looking for the way to earn extra money, Postmates offers you the possibility to join the Fleet and work when it is more convenient for you. Flexibility is the first great advantage of gig delivery jobs. Postmates drivers are independent contractors, they will not receive a salary, they are paid per delivery. Postmates drivers get paid on a weekly basis, and get paid an accumulation of their delivery earnings from the previous week. They have the option to cash out the earnings with Postmates instant pay. So, how much do Postmates drivers make? According to the average hourly pay for a Postmates delivery driver is $24.97 per hour. That is an impressive 58% above national average.

Postmates is focused on growth and offers huge sign up bonuses to new drivers.

Postmates offers bonus and incentives to drivers, you can also follow our tips and tricks to make more money.

Normally, tips and earnings per delivery are higher if you drive for Postmates compared to other delivery companies. Check out our complete guide to Postmates driver pay.

Want to sign up for Postmates? Sign up and get started here .

requirements for Postmates

The requirements to get started

  • You need to be at least 18 years old
  • Driver must own a smartphone (iPhone or Android) for the Postmates Fleet App
  • You need a vehicle
  • Valid driver’s license and car insurance (if you choose car as vehicle option)
  • Social Security Number for the background check . La list of qualifications includes no major violations within the past 7 years.

You can take a look at our guide to become Postmates driver, once you have verified and you meet all the requirements, you will be ready to drive for Postmates and make extra cash!

What’s the Rating System for Drivers

This is a very important point, unfortunately little discussed. It is not just a matter of understanding what are the requirements to become a delivery driver, but above all to understand the philosophy of the company. Postmates is a driver friendly company. In fact Postmates does not use a star rating system. Customers rate their delivery as a whole with a thumbs up or thumbs down. Postmates drivers do not drive with the fear of a bad and unfair ratings. Finally, Postmates ratings system will help you avoid being held responsible for circumstances outside of your control. So, if you are looking for a side job that will help you boost your income, you should consider also how a company treat their drivers. You are free to choose ;) Take a look to our complete guide to Postmates and DoorDash ratings.

The Bottom Line

If you are a customer, you will enjoy all the conveniences that Postmates app will bring to your delivery. Above all the possibility that only Postmates offers to order online whatever you want and to receive it comfortably wherever you are in less than an hour. If you are looking for a gig job, Postmates is a great option to work for a driver friendly company. easy way to earn money on your own schedule. You can deliver week or only weekwend, whenever it is convenient for you. Check out how to become a Postmates Fleet driver in our complete guide .

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