What Happens If My Application is Rejected and I’m Disqualified?

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Postmates Background Check Failed

postmates application rejected

You signed up for Postmates, Postmates performed a background check on you and your application is rejected. The most common explanations are that you didn't pass the background screening because you don't have the requirements to become a Postmates driver.

Postmates Background Check: Criminal History and issues with your driving record

You will not be authorized to work for Postmates if the following are found on your driving record:

  1. A DUI or any drug related violation in the previous 7 years
  2. Driving convictions in the previous 7 years
  3. More than 3 moving violations in the previous 3 years, including:
    • Speeding tickets
    • Accidents
  4. Other major violations in the previous 3 years, including:
    • Reckless driving

Another reason why you lost the opportunity to drive for Postmates due to the background screening is because in your criminal history background checks you have one of the following crimes:

  • Drug related crimes
  • Violent crimes
  • Felonies
  • Sexual offenses

Postmates Background Check gave incorrect information

You’ve never committed a crime, your driving record is clean, you filled up the Postmates application process properly, you should have nothing to worry about and your background check failed. A background check can be inexact or perhaps you’re a victim of identity theft. If you think there was an error, contact Postmates as soon as possible. You can also choose to dispute the results.

If you have a doubt it’s a good idea to do a test background check on yourself, you can try to get everything fixed before to apply for Postmates. Remember that Postmates will provide you a copy of the background check. You will know why you have been disqualified and you can try to clean up your records and apply again 6 months later.

Can I clear my DUI Record?

If you were convicted of DUI, you can expunge from your record. After expungement, the record of your DUI is "erased" from the public record.

How can I pass Postmates background check if I have a DUI

We are not lawyers and we do not offer legal assistance, but there is always a solution. Our notice in this case is: apply for Postmates and choose to make deliveries with a bike or on foot.

Did you know you can remove point from your driving record?

The best thing to do is contact your local DMV or other motor vehicle agency and ask:

  • About eligibility requirements

  • For a list of approved driver improvement schools (if applicable).

  • How many points will be removed.

  • How long points remain on your driving record.


From criminal history to bad driving record, there are many reasons why you will not be elegible to work for Postmates due to a Background Screening. It’s still good to know that you will receive the report of your background check and know the reason why you are denied, and that you can dispute it if there’s any incorrect information.

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