How long does Postmates Background Check Take?

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How Long Do Postmates Background Checks Take to Come Back?

how long does postmates background check take

If there's a question that people are more curious about, this is: How long does Postmates Background Check Take?

Seeing your background check in process is frustrating because you cannot start delivering and enjoy the benefits of getting paid daily. At this point, it’s really important to understand how long it takes for a background check to be cleared.

Postmates says typically it takes around 3–10 days. Other blogs say your background check will be cleared within 24 to 48 hours 🤷‍♂️. We use our experience to answer this question and we say that time frame may vary and how long the background check takes depends on many factors. On average Postmates background checks take 7 days .

There exist different types of checks and some aspects of the background check process can take longer, depending on individual circumstances. Some of these factors are not in the potential Postmates control. It could also be that there was a delay by the company performing the background check.

If you read our complete guide to Postmates background check, you know that Postmates want to be sure that you will be a safe delivery driver. Of course the on-demand everyting delivery app is a secure platform. The first and important thing is understanding all the steps of the background check and what type of search Postmates orders on their applicants.

The steps of the background check process

applicant sign up for Postmates

The applicant sign up for Postmates

background check authorization

The applicant gives authorization for the screenings

background check report review

The third part background check company starts the investigation

So, know that you have a clear idea for the 3 important steps, what does a Postmates background check consist of? Although there are many different types of background checks, Postmates is concerned with three searches. The multiple aspects will be examined include:

  1. Identity Verification
  2. Criminal History Checks
  3. Driving Record Checks
  4. Motor Vehicle Records

Postmates searches will not include personal information including:

  • Financial Situation with a Credit Report
  • Recent employment history
  • Education (Postmates driver requirements do not include degree(s) or experience.

How long does identity verification take?

If your application is clear, your identity verification may take approximately between 2 hours and 5 business days.

How long does a criminal background check take?

The time frame varies significantly depending on the city where you sign up to be a Postmates driver. Completing a criminal background check can take 2 or 10 business days depending on the amount of transgressions on record. For the moment, know that there are about 3,000 counties in the United States, and there is no centralized database of criminal records.

How long does a motor vehicle check take?

It depends a lot on what state you’re searching — it could be a few days or sometimes it can take up to a week.

postmates background check status

What are the possible statuses of my background check?

What is the difference between background check pending and consider? Understanding all the different statuses of the screenings process is really important. At any given time, your report will fall into one of the following statuses:

  • Complete
  • Pending
  • Clear
  • Consider
  • Dispute
  • Suspended
  • Invitation sent
  • Invitation expired

1. Complete

This is an operational step. It returns a list of counties that Checkr then searches for criminal records.

2. Pending

Work in process! Checkr is processing your background check

3. Clear

Congratulations! The check is done. Your report is clear, you passed all the screenings. You can now Download Postmates Fleet App and earn money driving for Postmates.

4. Consider

The report is complete a but there are adverse information to review

5. Dispute

So, you failled the background check, you believe that any information are inaccurate or incomplete and you choose to dispute it. The background check company has 30 days to review your background process.

6. Suspended

You need to provide additional information, in the meantime the screenings are suspended

7. Invitation sent

Checkr sent you a link with some information to complete the default time to complete the information is 7 days.

8. Invitation expired

You did not complete the link and the time expired.

Postmates Background Check taking a long time

You feel your Postmates background check is taking forever? Your Postmates background check is still pending? There are some common reasons for the delay.

First of all you need to know that Postmates doesn't actually begin the background report process until you have activated the Postmates card . So, if you didn't do it, connect your prepaid card to your Postmates driver account. If in your market the card is not required you have to upload your selfie and download the Fleet app.

Another reason could be an incomplete check request form, or the background check company needs to search multiple databases. Remember that you have to give to Postmates the authorization to perform the background check. Agencies cannot begin the checking process until they are given copies of these signed forms.

⚠️ NOTE: A lot of counties close their offices to prevent further spread of COVID-19 this makes the job of Checkr more difficult. Currently the process can take more than 2 weeks. Feel free to contact directly Checkr Support if you need more information.

How Can You Speed Up the Background Check Process?

Many aspects of the background check process are out of your control and out of Postmates control. So, if there’s any way to speed up the background check process, there's something you can do to prevent your Background check from taking longer:

  • When you sign up for Postmates fill out the forms correctly
  • Do not give a nickname or a shortened version of your name on Postmates application.

Postmates uses a third company to perform the background check, but if you have a dubt and you think your Postmates background check is taking long time you can at every moment contact Postmates Support.

How Long Does Postmates Background Check Take ?

Learn how much time Postmates background checks take, why they take so long and how you can speed up the process. #postmatesFleet #postmatesDriver #PostmatesBackgroundCheck

How Can I Verify The Postmates Background Check Status

Before passing your background check you had to sign up for Postmates and create a driver account. Postmates uses a third part company called checkr. To verify the status of your background check follow our step by step instructions:

  • go to
  • Click on 'My Background Check' in the top right corner
  • Click on the button 'Get the status of my background check'
  • fill up the form with your information
    1. Phone number
    2. Email
    3. Social Security Number
    4. Date of Birth
    5. Driver' s license

You can also check the status of your background check through your Postmates fleet driver account. Remember that if you are not yet approved your “Background check is in status pending” and you cannot download Postmates Fleet app since you are not yet an official Postmates driver. Once your application is approved you’ll be able to download the Fleet app. You’ll also receive instructions on how to set up your Postmates driver account.

When will I be able to start driving for Postmates?

At the end of your background check you'll receive a copy of your background report. Remember that Postmates reserves the right to disqualify an applicant at any time should either their driving record or background check reveal any violations or criminal offenses... or for any other safety-related reason.

Postmates Background check is the penultimate step of the application process to become a Postmates driver. Once the background check is over, you will receive the welcoming kit with the prepaid card (beware this may take sometimes more than two weeks) You can look at our step by step Application Process Tutorial. Now you can now download Postmates Fleet App, go online and start to earn money.

Save time if it takes time

Now you know how long does a Postmates background check take. Remember that the length of the screenings process depends on a variety of factors, security is important for Postmates. Fill up the application process properly and be patient. If you have any doubts or questions feel free to contact Postmates support. If your personal check takes time… don’t lose your time and start reading these guides to be ready once you get approved: make more driving with Postmates, best mileage tracker app, how to get free gas.

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