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If you're looking for ways to maximize your Shopkick rewards with the most up-to-date and active promo codes, then you've come to the right place! As one of the leading reward-system apps that lets you earn free points (known as Kicks) on everyday purchases, it's more important now than ever before to make sure that you are utilizing all of the tools ShopKick offers. In this blog post, we'll provide some great tips for getting the most out of your Shopkicks App experience in 2024 and also share some awesome promo codes so you can easily get a head start on earning Bonus Kicks and turning them into gift cards. So read on to learn more about shopkick mobile coupons, free kicks giveaways & other exclusive deals!

What Is Shopkick?

Looking for apps to earn gift cards? Look no further than Shopkick.

Shopkick is a mobile rewards app like Fetch rewards that allows users to earn free gift cards simply by going about their everyday activities, such as shopping at the store, browsing online and even just opening the app. It is available for both iOS and Android devices, allowing users to quickly and easily accumulate points which can be redeemed for a variety of different gift card options.

The concept of Shopkick is simple; you walk into participating stores, scan items and then complete tasks or make purchases to get “kicks” (points). The kicks you earn can be redeemed for gift cards from popular retailers including:

  • Best Buy
  • Target
  • Sephora
  • American Eagle
  • Macy’s
  • Old Navy
  • Amazon
  • Starbucks
  • Walmart

Shopkick was founded in 2009 by Cyriac Roeding and Aaron Emigh who saw an opportunity to create a mobile rewards program that was better than traditional loyalty programs. They wanted to give shoppers the freedom to move around freely while earning rewards. And with Shopkick, they have done exactly that. Through the app’s technology and partnerships with major retailers, Shopkick has revolutionized the way people shop, save money and win free gift cards instantly.

How Does Shopkick Work

When you join Shopkick, you will be asked to create an account. The terms of service outline the utilisation of the app. After registration is complete, you will need to allow your phone's Bluetooth and location services in order to use the app. Find below a detailed list of all the ways you can earn Shopkick points:

Walk Into A Store (No Purchase Necessary)

You can easily earn points just by walking into participating stores. No purchase necessary! Shopkick will be able to detect when you enter a participating store that has partnered with Shopkick. This is done through your phone's Bluetooth capability. When you walk into the store, Shopkick registers your presence and adds 25 points onto your account (kicks).

Scan Items

When using Shopkick you don’t need to be burdened by coupons or membership cards; rather you just use your smartphone!

Using the app you can scan items to make money. Once inside the store, users can take advantage of even more opportunities for earning kicks by scanning specific products or buying those items. For example, if there are 5 items available for scanning within a particular region of the store, each successful scan will earn 10 kicks per item scanned. This allows users to rack up several kicks with just one visit to a store!

Purchase In Affiliated Stores

Users can also connect their credit card information with their Shopkick account in order to get bonus offers every time they use their credit/debit card at affiliated retailers (this connection does not charge anything extra nor does it store any sensitive information). This feature is also particularly helpful for users who forget their phone because they can still get rewarded as long as they pay using their linked card instead of cash!

So, how to redeem kicks on Shopkick?

After accumulating enough kicks (as few as 125), you can instantly redeem them for gift cards ranging from $2 to $20 per item depending on how many kicks are needed for redemption.

PRO TIPS: Getting paid to upload receipts is an easy way to win free gift cards instantly and in the meantime allow Shopkick to explore consumer shopping habits. Earn more uploading your receipts on the Ibotta app.

How Many Shopkicks Is A Dollar?

Kicks are accumulated over time as more visits are made and more scans completed in stores. As these points accumulate in your account, they can be converted into gift cards from select retailers like Amazon or Starbucks.

The conversion rate varies depending on which retailer you choose but usually it takes around 500 kicks to get $5 worth of gift cards from Amazon or Starbucks. So the more kicks you accumulate over time the better!

Here is an example of Shopkick rewards:

  • Walking into a partner store = 25+ kicks
  • Scanning items in the store = 10+ kicks
  • Scanning receipts where you’ve purchased select items = 100+ kicks
  • Buying items with a linked card = 100+ kicks
  • Referring a friend to Shopkick = 250 kicks

Overview of Shopkick Promo Codes and Promotions

Shopkick offers a variety of promotions to increase user engagement and reward their loyal customers.

Shopkick Sign up Bonus

Sign up for Shopkick today to get the best rewards around! Through you can find the best promo codes for Lyft, Uber, Waitr and Zum, and when you sign up with a special Shopkick code, you'll receive free kick points. With so many incredible deals available through, signing up for Shopkick is a no-brainer if you want to maximize your earning potential while out shopping. Best of all, there are no hidden fees or other obligations when using our promo codes with Shopkick - just great rewards that your wallet will thank you for!

Shopkick Referral Code

The Shopkick referral code is an exclusive offer for users who refer friends to join the program. By using the referral code, new users will receive a bonus of points when they sign up for a Shopkick account and link their credit card or debit card. The points earned by referring friends can be redeemed for gift cards from major retailers.

In-App Promo Codes and Deals

Shopkick also offers other incentives for shoppers such as exclusive coupons and deals which can be redeemed at different stores through the app itself. Some of these offers are only available via Shopkick so even if you don't intend on scanning products or buying items from certain stores you can still take advantage of special discounts that may not be available elsewhere.

Using these special codes, users can get discounts or bonus reward points on purchases made at participating stores. For example, some stores may offer a 20% discount when a customer enters a valid promo code at checkout. Other stores might offer double reward points when customers use their promo code; this means that customers would receive two times the usual number of reward points by simply entering their code during checkout.

It’s also important to note that some exclusive promo codes may only be available during certain times or on specific days throughout the year. For instance, some retailers may offer special Black Friday deals in which customers can save up to 50% off select items if they enter a valid promotion code at checkout. In addition to saving money on purchases made with the code, customers will also receive additional bonus reward points as well!

Promotional Campaigns

Aside from store-specific promotions, Shopkick often runs its own promotional campaigns throughout the year where users have the chance to win extra rewards or cash prizes by entering certain codes or completing specific activities within the app. To stay up-to-date with all current promotions and sales events hosted by Shopkick, it’s best for users to sign up for their email newsletter so they don't miss any opportunities!

Shopkick App Review: How The Cool App Works?

Here is a complete review of Shopkick the app that reward you with gift cards just by walking into stores and scanning specific items on your phone.

Best Shopkick Promo Code For 2024

Here is our list of best Shopkick promo codes that work! You can use them in all the cities where Shopkick is available and you will always get the best kicks bonus available at any given time.
Shopkick Promo Codes Promo Code Amount Expiration
NICE960150 500 Free Kicks 14 days
EASY533869 250 Free Kicks 7 days
GIFT229533 250 Free Kicks 7 days
MALL627931 250 Free Kicks 7 days

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How to Apply Shopkick Codes

Now that you have the promo code for Shopkick or link you want to use, the next step will be to apply it to your account. We put together a step-by-step guide below which shows you exactly how to enter the promotion code into the app.

Using a Shopkick Promo Code Link

Using a promo link is the best way to get free kicks and redeem you promo code avoiding spelling errors. To activate the promotion all you need to do is:

  1. Click on the promo link on your smartphone or computer
  2. Sign up and create your Shopkick account by entering your email address and choosing a password. You can also connect to the app with Facebook or Google account
  3. Pick a gift card available
  4. That’s it! The code is automatically added to your account

Using a Shopkick Promo Code

If you’ve already downloaded the app for iPhone or Android and signed up, it may be more convenient to apply a promo code directly on the app. To do so:

  1. Open your Shopkick app
  2. Tap the menu icon on the upper lefthand corner of your screen
  3. Tap on the menu “Add invite or promo code”
  4. Type your promo code in the “Enter invite code” section and tap “Apply Code”

It's easy to know that your coupon code is working because you will get a message that the code was successfully entered.

Sometimes you can find online expired and not working coupon codes. If a coupon does not work, it is best to look for another code.

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how to apply a shopkick code
how to apply a shopkick code
how to apply a shopkick code

How To Get Shopkick Points Fast

Making extra money with rewards apps has become a legitimate side hustle, and many users are eager to learn how to increase the number of Kicks they can accumulate in order to receive the best deals and rewards.

Fortunately, there are a variety of methods for increasing the number of Kicks earned through shopkick.

Refer Friends

Finally, there’s also an option for users to earn extra bonuses by referring friends and family members who sign up using their referral link or code. These referrals earn both parties bonus points which can then be used towards various rewards once enough points have been collected over time - so it's a great way for users to build up their kick totals quickly!

Bonus Kick

One popular strategy is to take advantage of bonus kick offers from select retailers. These bonus kicks can be found on the main Shopkick page as well as on individual store pages within the app. Additionally, special offers may also appear while browsing in-store or when checking out online. It is important to keep an eye out for these bonus kick opportunities because they could represent significant savings over time.

Partners Programs

Another way to maximize kicks is by utilizing shopkick’s partner programs. Users can earn bonus kicks when making certain purchases or performing certain activities with their partnering companies or brands such as GAP, Target, American Express, Old Navy and many others. By taking advantage of these offers users can substantially increase the number of kicks earned from those purchases or activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Shopkick Legit?

Shopkick is a legitimate and safe shopping rewards app that can help users get discounts, freebies and other benefits from their favorite stores and brands. Shopkick uses secure encryption technologies to protect user data and information, ensuring that their members can shop safely. In addition, they have partnered with major retailers like Walmart, Target, Best Buy and Macy's, providing customers access to exclusive deals at these locations. They also offer rewards for simply walking into stores or scanning product barcodes. With the extra discounts and cashback rewards available through Shopkick, customers are sure to enjoy more savings than ever before!

How Can I Share My Shopkick Invite Code

Sharing your shopkick invite code is simple and easy! All you need to do is go to the shopkick website or mobile app, and look for the 'Get Bonus Kicks' option in the settings menu. From there, you can enter your friends' email addresses and share your unique invite code with them. You can even post a link to your invite code on social media pages like Facebook and Twitter so that your friends can easily follow it. With shopkick, you'll get rewarded for every friend who signs up with your invite code - it's a great way to save money and earn rewards at the same time!

Shopkick Won't Let Me Redeem My Points: What Can I Do?

It's frustrating when you put in the effort to accumulate points, only to find out that you can't redeem them. Unfortunately, this is a common issue with users, and there are several possible explanations why your points don't seem to be redeemable.

If you've been trying to redeem your points on Shopkick and having trouble, the first thing you should do is contact their customer service. Shopkick offers helpful customer service representatives that are available to help customers with any issues they might be having.

With a few simple steps, you can get in touch with them via email or phone so that they can provide you with personalized assistance. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff will be able to quickly diagnose any issues you may be having and provide helpful solutions. If you're still having trouble after contacting their customer service, consider visiting one of their stores for additional in-person help. With their experienced staff, you'll be sure to find an answer to your points redemption problem in no time.

Get Free Kicks With Our Shopkick Codes

Would you like to receive free gift cards to buy clothes or to shop for free? Redeem the kicks is easy. Download the "Shopkick" app with our promo code to get free kicks and give yourself Starbucks cards, Amazon gift cards, Target and other interesting prizes. The app allows you to earn points even without making purchases! Keep reading and take a look at our guide with the best apps to make money fast.

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