Apps Like Fetch Rewards: 10 Best Scan Receipts App For Money

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When you go out shopping, you probably get a lot of paper receipts. You store them in your purse, in your bag, or in your car. You might keep them just sitting around, collecting dust. So this is the perfect time to think about cleaning out your purse, Collect those payment receipts and start to make money.

Today, you can upload your receipts and earn money. For making money with your receipts you can use applications like Fetch Rewards.

In recent years, a number of apps have been released which also allow users to scan receipts to check for gift card rewards. These apps, such as Fetch Rewards, are also free and give users a variety of alternatives.

Herein we have curated a list of 10 best receipt rewards apps of 2021 that are performing exceptionally and succeeded as Fetch alternatives. So, let’s have a look at the top apps that give you money back from receipts.

What Is Fetch Rewards

Fetch Reward is a free mobile app available on Android, iOS that allows you to earn money from your receipts. This app that gives you gift cards for scanning receipts has been extensively popular in the United States. Currently there are more than two million people who use the Fetch's app to scan their receipts and receive points from purchasing brand partners' products.

To get reward points you can:

  • Upload recent receipts
  • Purchase qualifying products
  • Participate in special offers
  • Refer a friend

💡 PRO TIP: You cannot upload receipts for purchases for transactions that are older than 14 calendar days.

Top Features of the Fetch Reward App:

  • The app user-friendly
  • You don't need to activate offers to claim them
  • Many grocery stores available on the app (Walmart, Kroger, Target, Dollar General, Walgreens, Publix, Meijer, Aldi, Sam's Club, Shop Rite, Costco, Safeway, H-E-B, Food Lion, Rite Aid, Stop & Shop, BJ's, Whole Foods, 7-Eleven, Shell, Speedway, BP, Winn-Dixie, and Hy-Vee)

Is Fetch Rewards Legit And Safe

Fetch reward is a legit and reliable way to earn free gift cards for receipts, similar to Amazon Panel. The Fetch rewards app is a reliable and trustworthy application, and it has an average rating of 4.8 on the Apple Store with ‎more than 1,728,513 reviews. The Fetch app is free and really easy to use. We didn’t find many bad reviews.

The only thing people are complaining about is the point system that actually does not let you make a lot of money. Additionally unlike other apps, with Fetch Reward, you never get cash reward. Your points are redeemable only for gift cards.

If you do not want to be disappointed,, you should first understand that using the app is an easy side hustle that will grant you a little extra money. However if you are looking for a way to make cash, you should probably take a look at other side gig jobs. Doordash or UberEats are probably one of the best options.

Fetch rewards is a safe app. You do not have to worry about your bank information.

Fetch Reward doesn’t steal credit card info. Indeed,You do not have to shop online and you do not have to enter a credit card. It is legal in the United States where it currently operates and is not a scam.

If you use the Fetch Reward website, you can be sure that it does not have viruses or malware. Finally, the grocery saving app takes your information and privacy seriously, as detailed in its privacy policy.

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Apps Like Fetch Rewards (Legit)

Now that you read our Fetch Reward reviews, we have taken a plunge in the apps better than Fetch Rewards. We will help you understand what sets these receipt scanner apps apart from each other.

To make it easy for you to check out these 10 mobile apps similar to Fetch Rewards, we have prepared this table which consists of the
best apps like Fetch Rewards.
Name Of The App Best For Apple Store Link Play Store Link
Fetch Reward Cash back on grocery stores iOS Android
Ibotta Cash back on a wide number of shopping options iOS Android
Checkout 51 Cash back on groceries, food delivery, online purchases iOS Android
GetUpside Cash back on gas stations iOS Android
Amazon Shopper Panel Earn rewards with your grocery shopping iOS Android
Receipt Hog Earn cash back rewards uploading receipts iOS Android
Survey Junkie Earn points taking surveys iOS Android
Rakuten App Earn cash back for online shopping iOS Android
Swagbucks Earn rewards for sharing opinions iOS Android
Dosh Earn rewards for shopping, dining out, and booking hotels. iOS Android

1. Ibotta

You can get money back on groceries and for your online shopping using Ibotta. It’s one of the best grocery cash back apps.

Ibotta partners with more than 2,000 participating stores, including grocery stores, restaurants, clothing retailers, hotels.

Brands partner include:

  • Amazon
  • Target
  • Kroger
  • Walmart
  • Instacart

Thanks to Ibotta, it is no longer necessary to search for hours through your emails to find sales and promotions.

The extension allows you to activate cash back directly from your search engine (Chrome or FireFox).

When visiting a website where cashback is available, a small bar will appear to inform you of the presence of offers on that site. Nothing could be simpler then, you click on activate and you can do your shopping in peace. Don't forget to activate the button. If you want to learn more, we suggest you consult our complete guide to Ibotta.

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Top Features of The Ibotta App:

  • Cash back is available at most popular retailers and restaurants
  • The app is easy to use
  • The browser extension can help you do not miss any saving

2. Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is one of the best apps like Ibotta.

The free app gives users multiple ways to earn cashback:

  • Claiming offers: before the purchase you should activate the offers in your account. You will earn points uploading the receipts.
  • In-Store and Online Shopping
  • Gas: The app shows you current gas prices at nearby participating stations and the amount of cash back you'll earn per gallon.
  • Surveys and pharmacy savings

You can check for new offers on Thursdays at 12:00 AM in each timezone zone. The offers expire the following Wednesday at 11:59 PM.

The app is available in Canada and in the United States.

If you are a Canadian reader, the list of apps like checkout 51 in Canada include:

Top Features of The Checkout 51 App:

  • Similar to GetUpside, the app offers cash back for gas purchases
  • Most grocery offers aren't store-specific

3. GetUpside

At Bestreferraldriver we are a team of side hustlers. We make money driving our car and delivering with DoorDash. GetUpside is one of our favorite toys that help us earn more. If you have never heard about the Upside app, it offers cash back from:

  • Grocery stores
  • Restaurants
  • Gas stations

Take a look at our complete guide to GetUpside.

Top Features of The GetUpside App:

The great advantage of using GetUpside is that you can choose if you want to get your rewards directly to your bank account or to PayPal. If you prefer you can also select e-gift cards from retailers like Amazon and Starbucks.

4. Amazon Panel

Amazon Panel is one of the apps that pay you for receipts. The program is currently limited to U.S consumers and it is only available if you are invited by the Seattle heartquated company.

If you want to learn more, we suggest you consult our complete guide to Amazon Shopper Panel.

Top Features of The Amazon Shopper Panel App:

  • You earn money uploading receipts and answering surveys
  • You can submit receipts for non-Amazon purchases including grocery stores, drug stores...

5. Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is a mobile application owned by market research firm InfoScout, which conducts marketing research for several companies. In exchange for some information on our shopping habits, we can receive gift cards.

In addition to scanning receipts for gift cards, the app allows you to earn coins:

  • Playing games (slots)
  • Connecting your store loyalty cards
  • Filling out surveys

Rewards can also be redeemed for Amazon gift cards or cash to your PayPal account. You can even custom dress (and purchase outfits for) your Receipt Hog avatar.

Top Features of The Receipt Hog app:

  • You don’t have to select special offers
  • Take surveys to earn more coins
  • Invite your friends

6. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is one of the best swagbucks alternatives. The app lets you make money for sharing your opinion. Each survey you complete, you earn a certain number of points.

You can choose to redeem your point rewards via an approved third-party electronic payment method such as PayPal or in the form of an electronic gift card .

It is available internationally and available to residents of the following countries:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • UK

Top Features of The Survey Junkie App:

  • Free to sign up
  • Bonus points for a few quick tasks when you sign up
  • Redeem points for gift cards or cash
  • Easy to use

7. Rakuten

Rakuten is one of the apps like Ibotta. The cash back app (formerly Ebates) can help you save money on your online shopping.

Getting cash back money is pretty straightforward. In fact, in less than five minutes, you create your account and this gives you access to more than 2,500 brands available online or in store. By spending your first $25 in one of the partner stores, you win a $ 0 gift card which will be sent to you by mail.

Each online shopping allows you to accumulate cash back. Rakuten returns this money to you in the form of a check or via PayPal or PayPal deposit or Amex Membership Rewards points every three months.

Rakuten doesn't just settle for cash back but also offers coupons and discounts.

The offers are very varied and all listed. No need to find your email with the promo code for your shopping. Free shipping, a 20% coupon on top of the cash back, free products with your purchases, this is an overview of the offers.

Its field of action is vast; clothing, through beauty, toys, the garden, home, but also travel. You will also find to train yourself with sites like Udemy, the bookstores of certain universities or Lynda ...

Here are some available brands:

  • Clothes: Macy’s, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Marc Jacob, Paul Smith ...
  • Beauty: Sephora, Mac, Avon, Bare Minerals, Biotherm, Body Shop, Elisabeth Arden ...
  • Travel: Air France, Accor Hotel, Hilton, Emirates, Car rental, airport car parks ...
  • Electronics: Best Buy, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Sony Store, Sears ...

This is just a sample of all the possibilities.

8. Shopkick

Shopkick is one of the apps similar to Fetch Rewards. With Sopckick you earn points for receipts. These points are called "kicks". You can also earn more kicks with in-store or online purchases. The rewards are payable as gift cards. If you want to give it a try, do not forget to use our Shopkick promo code to get more kicks and earn rewards quicker.

9. Swagbucks

Swagbucks rewards users with gift cards and even cash to perform certain basic tasks on their app or through their web extension. Using Swagbucks is a great opportunity to make money online for college students.

Several ways to earn points include:

  • Completing surveys and polls
  • Shop online and earn cashback
  • Watching Videos

10. Dosh

With Dosh everything occurs within the app. There is no receipt scanning required to get cash back. However you have to link your credit card to your Dosh account.

Best 8 Apps Like Fetch Rewards To Try

In recent years, a number of apps like Fetch Rewards have been released which also allow users to scan receipts and earn rewards. We have curated a list of the best receipt rewards apps that are perf...

Looking For More Passive Income?

With so many apps like Fetch Rewards that make it easy to get rewarded with your receipts, there's simply no excuse not to start trying. You might be surprised that you can earn at least a few hundred bucks with the help of these apps. If you are looking for other passive income ideas, take a look at our guide to car advertising.

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