Alto Rideshare: What Is and How It Works

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When you think of rideshare companies, you probably think of Uber and Lyft. Today, you can find other ride sharing options out there, however, they are all very similar to Uber and Lyft.

Alto is different! The luxury car service is changing the way we view private transportation and similar services like taxis.

Let's walk through this article and get you to know what Alto is, where it’s available, how it works, and what it costs.

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What Is Alto

The digital transformation has always improved standards of living, and opened up avenues to new and better services. Today, we can order food or groceries with a few taps on our smartphone and get it delivered to our home in less then one hour.

Alto is one of the Texas startups.

Founded in 2018 by Boris Blanche, Patrice Crisinel, and Will Coleman, the company currently offers their services in the following cities:

  • Dallas
  • Houston
  • Los Angeles

Recently the Dallas rideshare app raised $45 million in funds from private investors. The new funds will help Alto expand their services nationwide.

Will Coleman, Founder and Alto’s CEO said: “We are excited to have such strong support from investors who share our vision for revolutionizing the rideshare industry. With this new funding, we’re on track to take Alto’s safe, consistent, and hospitable service across the country, and are set to become the world’s largest fully electric ride-hail fleet operator over the next two years.”

Alto Business Segments

If you’ve used Uber or Lyft, then the experience of using Alto will feel familiar.

The ridealto mobile app is available on the Apple Store or Google Play. You can even sign up at

However unlike other car services such as Uber, Alto expanded the offers they provide for their customers.

The following are the business segments of RideAlto:

Rideshare Services

You can book rides online. In addition to on-demand rides the company recently rolled out a new feature that lets riders book a trip in advance.

Summarizing: the Alto app accepts easy reservations for now or future travel times.

Rideshare For Kids

Driving kids around can be a nightmare for busy parents. Just like Hopskipdrive and Zum, Alto is a car service for kids. What does it mean? While the policy prohibits minors from making an Alto account, the carpool app provides rides for unaccompanied minors.

Here are some example of how you can use the app for your kids:

  • School pick up and drop off service
  • Rides to school for kids

Delivery and Logistic Services

Alto is not only one of the many companies competing with Uber. In addition to ground transportation services, the company can offer new on-demand delivery services to app members.

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How The Ride-Hailing App Is Different Than Uber

The idea of Alto is not really to be an Uber alternative. They propose a solution for all the weaknesses of the San Francisco headquartered company. Alto is committed to provide the highest quality ride experience for their riders and almost all the Alto users come from more affluent and wealthy households.

We’re going to explore the main differences between Alto and the other ride-hailing companies.

Dedicated Luxury Fleet

During the past years, the ride-sharing businesses model has changed the traditional business model.

This model enables vehicle owners to freely move from being private owners to business owners and make money driving.

Indeed, to become an Uber or Lyft driver, you have to own a car or rent one through a rideshare rental platform .

Alto is the first car service committed to provide excellent customer service experience and they own their own fleet.

Currently the Alto fleet includes luxury and cleaned midsize SUVs or Buick Enclaves that comfortably fit four or five adults.

However the company plans to begin the transition to an electric fleet with the goal of having the country’s first 100% EV rider hail fleet of over 3,000 vehicles by the end of 2023.

The company also found a solution to a common concern of Uber riders: how do I know when your uber car arrives.

All the Alto vehicles are branded with the Alto logo on the side. Are you looking for a VIP experience? You are at the right place. For individuals or companies, key features include:

  • In-vehicle WIFI
  • Riders can choose their music or set to ‘Do Not Disturb’
  • Branded water bottles and umbrellas

W-2 Employee-based

The gig economy has been quickly expanding thanks to the power of digital platforms.

In November 2020 Prop 22 passed. Prop 22 was designed to counter California Assembly Bill 5 (AB5) that mandated gig workers be classified as employees. major sponsors included Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash.

"Yes on Proposition 22" received $205.37 million and Uber contributed $59.5 million.

The gig economy has its advantages but gig workers need discipline and a lot of resilience.

The Dallas-based company achieves success with a novel business model and smart execution.

Alto drivers are not contractors but Alto employees. They are interviewed, background-checked and fingerprinted. Additionally, all the Alto personal drivers are trained and they have to wear a uniform.

💡 PRO TIP: Luxury car drivers wanted! If you are looking for a job, you can apply for a job online.

Safe Mobility

These transportation companies are responsible for moving people around the city and in the case of long distance rides (you can do a Dallas to Houston drive with Alto) even around the country. Safety is one of the major concerns that must be taken seriously.

Often in social media passengers and drivers of the two major rideshare services share their fears about safety and Uber has acknowledged safety issues in major markets including the U.S.

Uber and Lyft Have worked hard to improve safety features:

  • Continuous background checks for drivers.
  • Safety in-app features, such as easy access to 911.

Over the last few years rideshare drivers started installing dash cams in their cars to protect themselves from false passenger accusations and insurance claims.

While the level of security is already in place with Uber and Lyft, the high class car service app found ways to improve it.

To enhance security all the Alto cars are equipped with dash cams . Alto records videos and audios of trips. To be able to ride using the Alto Experience platform, you would need to review and agree to Alto's terms and conditions.

The app requires this to be completed before you can book your first ride.

We cannot advise riders regarding the terms of the agreement but it is really important that you read it carefully.

If a rider or a driver has a complaint about their ride, the safety video can help to protect the driver or the rider.

As for the screening process, the big question is: are the checks reliable? Background checks may be not accurate. To supplement your safety, all Alto drivers are fingerprint background-checked.

🚍💃🏼🕺 Are you in Dallas and looking for organize a special event? Take a look at our guide to Party Bus in Dallas

Cleanliness & High Covid Safety Standards

Rideshare services are still working despite the pandemic. However covid is one of the major reasons for passengers to avoid car-sharing.

Pushed by the fear of infection, people started to avoid using online platforms.

So, what is the future of ride sharing apps? The covid-19 pandemic forced rideshare companies to redefine customers’ priorities.

Alto is committed to providing you with a safe vehicle that aligns with expert protocols for working to defeat COVID-19.

The Dallas-based company is redefining cleaning and safety standards. The following measures are used to ensure health and safety of customers.

  • Alto checks the temperature to all its drivers.
  • Cars are equipped with plexiglass barriers and HEPA air filters.
  • Between rides, the vehicles are sprayed with a “hospital-grade” sanitizing mist which is reported to kill 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses.

Finally, keeping a car clean isn't just about how it looks - it's about how it smells!

If you booked a ride but your Lyft car smells like smoke, there is nothing you can do. You cannot even cancel the ride because you will be charged.

All the vehicles on the platform have a special scent and they all smell great.

Clean, Safe Rides by Alto

Alto is elevating the standard for passenger safety, again. We are re-doubling our long-standing commitment to your safety with industry-leading cleaning and disinfecting procedures, protective equip...

Ride Alto Pricing

One of the reasons why people are looking for Uber alternatives is the way Uber calculates the price of the rides. Who doesn’t hate surges in pricing and other unpredictable charges?

To understand the Alto pricing, the first step is to understand how the app works.

Alto is a subscription rideshare app. You can subscribe to a rideshare membership to have access to perks and discounted rides or you can pay per ride at standard rate paying a booking fee.

The membership option is designed for customers who want to use Alto regularly. For a flat annual cost of $99 or a low monthly fee of $12.95, you can enjoy benefits and save money including:

  • Have exclusive access to the fleet during periods of high demand
  • Save an average of 30% on every ride

So, how much is an Alto ride?

The company uses a system of upfront pricing. This means that you will always get an approximate fare estimate based on the distance and the duration of your trip.

Until the end of your ride, and there is no way to get an exact cost of the trip.

Indeed, the price may be lower or higher. The final cost will reflect variations due to discounts or traffic delays.

Finally, if you want to have a fare estimate, you can use the car service fare calculator available on their website.

💡 PRO TIP: You cannot compare Alto luxury car prices with UberPool or UberX. You should always compare them with fanciest Uber's cars and premium rides.

Alto Dallas Reviews

As you probably know, we at Bestreferraldriver are a community of rideshare, delivery drivers and app users in the United States. Our goal is to share our knowledge and help you make or save money. We tried Ato in Dallas for you ;) Here is our review.

The driver was consistently prompt, professional, courteous and drove very well. I would absolutely use this business again.

Book Your First Car Ride With Alto

Alto provides luxury rides in Los Angeles, Dalla and Houston. If you haven't tried their program yet, we suggest you give it a try.

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