5 Best Sunglasses for Driving: Protect Your Eyes on the Road

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best sunglasses for driving

Are you a rideshare driver, a delivery driver or a truck driver who spends time, often in the daytime, behind the wheel? If so, then you know all too well how bright sunlight can blind and strain your eyes while on the road. Although it's easier said than done, avoiding dangerous situations caused by low visibility is vital when driving.

Luckily for you, with so many options available today from designer to practical sunglasses on the market, protecting your eyes has never been easier. In this complete guide to finding the best sunglasses for drivers we will explore why quality shades are essential for optimal safety- giving you insight into which models provide maximum protection and comfort that cater specifically to those spending extended hours on long journeys or commuting during peak sunshine periods!

Why Choose Best Quality Sunglasses for Drivers

The importance of quality sunglasses cannot be overemphasized. Driving, especially on a sunny day, poses a unique challenge when it comes to vision. The sun’s bright light can obscure the driver’s view of the road and other cars and objects, making driving more difficult and dangerous. Good polarized sunglasses can help to mitigate this problem and make it easier to see while out on the road.

Eye Health and Protection

Quality sunglasses can help protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, giving you enhanced visibility in bright light and reducing glare that can lead to eye strain. The best UV protection sunglasses also provide ultraviolet (UV) protection, blocking out UVA and UVB rays that can damage the eyes over time. This is why it’s important to buy sunglasses with lenses that are rated 100% UV protection. Additionally, wearing quality sunglasses also helps protect against a variety of other issues such as cataracts and macular degeneration, which can lead to vision loss later in life.

Clarity of Vision

Good sunglasses should also offer clarity of vision with minimal distortion while providing adequate coverage for the face and eyes. The shape and size of your lenses should complement the shape of your face and provide complete coverage when looking right ahead or when turning your head at an angle.

Quality lenses use optical technology to correct distortion and reduce eye strain so you get clear, sharp vision without any annoying side effects. High-quality polarized lenses are especially helpful for outdoor activities like driving or playing sports, because they reduce glare to improve contrast and make objects appear sharper.

Finally, good sunglasses add style to any outfit. With a wide range of fashionable frame designs available in different colors and combinations, these days you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for function when it comes to finding the perfect pair of shades. Whether you prefer aviators or wayfarers, choosing quality sunglasses will ensure that you look great while protecting your eyes from harm.

Quality sunglasses will reduce glare and block out UV rays that can cause damage to your eyes. Glare can be very distracting and even blinding at times, so having a pair of quality sunglasses will help you keep a better eye on the road even on those especially sunny days. Furthermore, quality sunglasses will also protect your eyes from the harsh UV rays that the sun emits. Too much exposure to these rays can lead to serious long-term eye damage such as cataracts or macular degeneration down the line. With quality sunglasses, you can take care of your eyes health now and avoid any potential problems in the future.


Finally, quality sunglasses are an essential part of driver safety because they provide increased visibility when driving in all kinds of conditions. Whether it’s foggy mornings or hazy afternoons, a good pair of shades will help clear up your vision so you don’t miss any important details about what’s happening around you as you drive. This increased visibility helps drivers stay alert and aware of their surroundings—an important factor for staying safe on the roads!

In short, investing in quality sunglasses is essential for driver safety because they reduce glare, protect from harmful UV rays, and provide enhanced visibility in varying conditions.

What Types of Sunglasses are Best for Drivers?

Driving with the right sunglasses can make all the difference in your overall driving experience. The sun can be a major distraction and cause glare on the road, making it difficult to see. While some people may choose to drive without sunglasses, if you’re looking for the best protection from the sun’s harmful rays and improved visibility, then choosing the right pair of sunglasses specifically designed for drivers is key.

Strong UV And Light Protection

When selecting your new pair of sunglasses, look for lenses with polarization technology that can reduce glare by cutting reflected light from flat surfaces such as roads and cars. Polarized lenses will increase color saturation so you can easily identify obstacles and important signs on the road. Additionally, polarized lenses are the best sunglasses to protect eyes and are great for reducing eye strain during long drives. You should also look for a lens material that is lightweight but still offers 100% UVA/UVB protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

Lens Color And Tint

Next, consider lens tinting when purchasing your new pair of driving glasses. Gray tinted lenses are the best sunglass lens color for driving because they offer balanced exposure to all colors so you don’t have to worry about color distortion or impaired depth perception like you do with some tints.

Amber or yellow tinted lenses are also a great option as they provide excellent contrast in foggy conditions and help enhance visibility during overcast days or night drives with minimal light sources.

Consider that the density of the lens tint is divided into five categories.

  • Category 0: are typically clear or very lightly tinted and are most often used indoors to reduce eyestrain in bright environments. These glasses offer no protection from harmful UV rays, so they should never be worn outdoors.
  • Category 1: offer a subtle tint and can provide some protection from glare and UV rays, but do not block intense sunlight. Category 2 sunglasses have a darker tint and can provide better protection from the sun's rays for outdoor activities like fishing and golfing.
  • Category 3: are darker still and offer the highest level of protection from UV rays - perfect for those who spend long hours in direct sunlight such as beachgoers, hikers, or athletes.
  • Category 4: have an extra dark lens that is ideal for very bright conditions such as snowy mountains or deserts and offers full protection from the sun's rays. However, these glasses should never be worn while driving as the darkness of the lenses reduces visibility on the road, making it unsafe to drive while wearing them.

Lens Materials

Polycarbonate lenses stand out as the top choice. Its impact-resistance qualities and crystal clear optical clarity make this an economical solution that won’t weigh you down or take up too much space. Unfortunately, they do have one downfall - they aren't quite as scratch resistant; still a great option though!

Frame Design and Material

Consider frame design when searching for your perfect driving accessory.

The right frame design and material can be the difference between a good pair of driving sunglasses for men and just another pair of sunglasses for women.

Look for frames that are semi-rimless or have flexible temples to fit comfortably behind your ears while still providing protection from side winds and dust particles that could potentially block your vision while driving.

Scratch Resistance

Finally, when selecting the best sunglasses for driving in the sun, scratch resistance should be a primary consideration. Not only can scratches cause blemishes on the lenses, but they can also drastically reduce the clarity of your vision.

If you are a driver, like me, this is especially important as your vision needs to be clear and unobscured so you can drive safely. Fortunately, today there are several different lens treatments that are designed to increase the scratch resistance of both polarized and non-polarized lenses.

When purchasing my own sunglasses, I always make sure to check for some sort of proof that my lenses have been treated with a special coating that improves scratch resistance. Doing so gives me peace of mind while driving since I know that my vision will remain clear throughout the duration of my journey.

Best Driving Sunglasses For 2023

The following are the top rated sunglasses for drivers in 2023.

Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses

The Ray-Ban Aviator Classic Sunglasses provide 100% UV protection and have a timeless style that looks great with any outfit. These lenses come in a variety of colors, including green, brown, blue, and mirrored silver. The frame is made from lightweight metal and has adjustable nose pads for added comfort. Plus, these sunglasses feature scratch-resistant lenses so they’ll stay looking new for longer periods of time.

If you are looking for the best prescription sunglasses for driving, the Ray-Ban website offers a vast selection.

Oakley Radar EV Path Prizm Road

Are you an Uber Eats bike delivery rider or a Doordash bike courier? This is the right model for you.

The Oakley Radar EV Path Prizm Road is one of the best sunglasses for eye protection

offering superior eye protection with their Plutonite lenses that block out 100% UV rays and filter out 99% of reflected glare from surfaces like water or snow.

These glasses feature an extended field view which allows you to see more when driving in low light conditions like dusk or dawn. They also have an adjustable nose bridge and ear pieces that can be customized for added comfort while driving. Additionally, these sunglasses are made from lightweight O Matter frame material which helps reduce fatigue during long drives.

Maui Jim Kona Winds Polarized Plus2

These Maui Jim Kona Winds Polarized Plus2 is one of the best driver glasses.

Driving with sunglasses polarized reduces glare while driving in bright light conditions due to their special coating applied to each lens' surface.

This is also one of the best lightweight sunglasses which come with SuperThin Glass lens construction which means they are thinner than standard glass lenses and are 20% lighter than regular plastic frames – perfect for reducing fatigue behind the wheel during long trips! Additionally, these sunglasses have adjustable nose pads and temple tips so you can customize them for maximum comfort when wearing them behind the wheel.

Persol 3039S Polarized Rectangular

The Persol 3039S Polarized Rectangular feature polarized lenses that block out 99% of reflected glare from surfaces like water or snow – perfect for driving in bright conditions! These glasses also come with an acetate frame which is both strong and lightweight – perfect for reducing fatigue during long drives! And lastly, these sunglasses provide 100% UV protection so you won’t have to worry about damaging your eyes while out on the road!

Smith PivLock Arena Max Interchangeable Lenses

The Smith PivLock Arena Max Interchangeable Lenses provide maximum eye protection while driving with their polarization technology that blocks out 99% of reflected glare from surfaces like water or snow – perfect for reducing eye strain during long trips!

Additionally, these glasses come with interchangeable lenses so you can change them depending on the weather or light conditions outside – great if you find yourself traveling frequently throughout different climates! And lastly, these sunglasses provide 100% UV protection so your eyes will stay safe no matter where you’re headed!

Tips for Choosing the Right Pair of Sunglasses for Driving

So, what type of sunglasses should you get? When driving, one of the most important things you can do is make sure that your eyesight is not compromised. That’s why it’s essential to choose the right pair of sunglasses for driving.

Look For Anti-Reflective Sunglasses That Block Uva And UVB Radiation

First and foremost, it’s important to find a pair of sunglasses that are 100% UV protected. This will ensure that your eyes are safe from harmful UV light rays. Additionally, you should look for lenses with an anti-glare coating which can help reduce the glare from other drivers’ headlights and streetlights—something especially helpful during night-time driving.

Choose Polarized Sunglasses For Driving

Additionally, polarized lenses are ideal for driving because they block out horizontal reflections from wet roads or bodies of water so you can keep your focus on the road ahead.

It's also important to consider the color and style of your sunglasses when out behind the wheel. Warmer colors like brown and yellow tend to be good at reducing glare while lighter colors like green and blue block out more intense sunlight.

As far as styles go, wrap-around frames provide extra protection against sun rays coming through the sides of your glasses while large frames help block out more UV light getting into your eyes.

Choose Only The Best Sunglasses Brands

Quality brands create higher-end designs with better materials that are more durable and lustrous than cheaper alternatives. Such sunglasses offer superior style compared to lower-cost glasses, enabling you to make a statement in your look and stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, when choosing reputable brands you can be sure that their frames will fit your face properly; this ensures greater comfort whilst wearing them as well as better visual clarity. Finally, top brand name glasses often come with warranties, giving you peace of mind with regards to repairs or replacements if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Polarized Sunglasses Better For Driving?

Polarized sunglasses may be better for driving than non-polarized sunglasses. Polarized lenses reduce glare from the sun and other sources of light, allowing drivers to see more clearly on sunny days. This is especially useful when driving on highways or near bodies of water, where there is often an especially intense reflection from the sun's rays. Polarized lenses also tend to provide greater contrast between colors, allowing drivers to more easily distinguish objects in their path. Additionally, polarized lenses block blue light waves, which can be distracting and cause fatigue while driving.

This allows drivers to stay alert and focused longer while behind the wheel. Finally, polarized lenses block ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun, reducing eye fatigue and protecting driver’s eyes from long-term damage that could be caused by prolonged exposure to UV radiation. All in all, polarised lenses provide numerous benefits while driving, adding a layer of protection that can help make roads safer for everyone who uses them.

What Is The Best Color Sunglasses For Driving?

The most suitable tints for driving are either gray or brown as they will help reduce light intensity without altering the colors in your environment too significantly.

Gray lenses provide good visibility in bright sunlight and do not distort color perception, making them ideal for drivers who need sharpness and clarity when navigating the roads. Brown lenses offer a more natural view than gray lenses with greater contrast and depth perception; this can be beneficial when driving on roads with variable lighting conditions such as those found between urban and rural areas.

However, both gray and brown lens tints may make distinguishing stoplights more difficult; therefore it is advised that drivers opt for polarized sunglasses with a yellow tint so that they remain clear about traffic signals even in direct sunlight.

Overall, gray or brown polarized lenses with a yellow tint are the best lens color for driving and provide the optimal level of protection while allowing drivers adequate visibility in all lighting conditions.

Choose the Best Sunglasses for You

Whether you are a trucker, a delivery driver or a driver for a rideshare company , it’s important to have a good pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. Now you know how to choose the best eye protection sunglasses. We’ve also put together a list of the 5 best sunglasses for driving so you can make an informed decision about which ones are right for you.

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