8 Best Car Sharing Apps To Rent Someone's Car

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best car sharing apps

With the rise of online (digital) platforms and related smartphone apps, organizing even complex activities has become easier, more convenient and more economical.

Today you can order food online and get it delivered with a few taps on your smartphone, you can also easily book an hourly car rental using car borrowing apps.

Whether you live in the United States, in Europe or in the UK, it is now possible to rent a car for business or travel using car rental apps.

In this guide you will learn everything you need to know about car sharing: how it works, how much it costs and more.

These reservation system apps mix the ease of Uber or Lyft with the comforts of having a rental car. So take your smartphones and try our best car sharing app.

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What Is Car Sharing?

Buying a private car involves a series of costs and responsibilities. In many cases the maintenance and insurance can become unsustainable. Public transit, walking, and biking are the best alternatives to car ownership for short trips.

When it comes to longer trips, purpose-driven or recreational trips to out-of-town destinations car sharing apps are the best alternatives.

Carsharing is based on the short-term rental principle, and it is the optimal solution. We often wonder what car sharing is.

There are two different types of car sharing:

  1. Traditional car sharing: This service, offered by specialized companies, allows you to rent a car on “ reservation”, returning it to dedicated parking lots.
  2. Peer-to-Peer car sharing (P2P): You rent the vehicle from private car owners or lenders.

Thanks to car sharing services, the user has a vehicle available only when he really needs it, without facing any fixed costs.

Taking advantage of car sharing, then, it is possible to limit traffic by fully applying the concept of sustainable mobility.

In our blog, we like to talk about eco mobility options like Tesla ride sharing options. Car Sharing has a multitude of benefits for individuals, families, cities and environnement.

Indeed, the companies that promote car share rental services offer latest generation vehicles, which often help to reduce the environmental impact and, at the same time, have high safety standards.

Car Sharing is one of the cornerstones of sustainable mobility as it aims to facilitate the transition from car ownership to use of the same car. Thanks to the car sharing service, the car passes from the sphere of consumer goods to that of services, replacing access to possession.

Best Car Sharing Apps In 2023

  1. Zipcar
  2. GIG Car Share
  3. Share Now
  4. HyreCar
  5. Getaround
  6. Turo
  7. Enterprise Car Share
  8. Avail


Zipcar is the world’s leading car-sharing network, a subsidiary company of Avis Budget Group, Inc. Zipcar allows you either to instantanely book cars on demand by the hour or day or to schedule a reservation in advance.

The ZipCar fleet has different types of vehicles giving users the option to choose between:

  • cargo vans
  • pickup trucks
  • luxury vehicles
  • SUVs
  • hybrid cars

Zipcar mileage limit is 180/day. If you drive more, you will pay $0.58 per mile.

What we like:

It is really easy to use. You do not even need a key to unlock your vehicle. Once you are approved you will get a Zipcard by mail in 3-7 days and you will use it to enter the car. Your rental includes everything you need such as gas, insurance, maintenance and roadside assistance.

Zipcar offers discounted hourly rates for faculty, staff and students aged 18 and older.

Rates start at $9.50/hour or $79/day.

What we don't like:

The app works with a system of membership and of course it is not free.

The app allows you to reserve your Zipcar for a set period of time in advance. However the system of reservation will not guarantee you a car. We recently received a lot of complaints by users that had their reservation canceled because the vehicle was unavailable.

Availability: ZipCar is available in in urban areas and university campuses in the following countries: United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Iceland, Taiwan, Turkey, United Kingdom

Mobile apps: Android | iOS

GIG Car Share

Gig car share is one of the best Zipcar alternatives.

Gig car rates depend on your car sharing location. However you will always only pay for what you use.

What we like:

Sometimes you have to walk a lot to find a car available. However, with Gig Car Share you can end the trips almost everywhere in your HomeZone.

What we don't like:

The app doesn’t offer specific discounts or deals for students. However, users can save money using the pre-paid options.

You can rent a car for a day with exclusive daily rates:

  • Bay Area: $64/day
  • Seattle: $76/day
  • Sacramento: $43/day

Availability: San Francisco Bay Area including Oakland airport, Seattle, Sacramento

Mobile apps: Android | iOS

Share Now

Share Now is another service like ZipCar. The German car sharing service born from the merger between Car2Go and Drive Now.

To use the service, the first step is to download the app and complete the form with all your required information. A debit or credit card is required for the registration.

You can choose between different types of vehicles. You can even book a vehicle with a car seat at no additional charge.

What we like:

Whether you want to use a car for fifteen minutes or for fifteen days, the car-sharing company offers various adapted offers, including:

  • the rate per minute (from € 0.24 / minute)
  • the hourly rate (13 , € 99/2 hours + 0.19 / km)
  • the daily rate (€ 49.99 / day + 0.19 / km)

With short- and long-term rental options, SHARE NOW covers almost all use cases, providing customers with complete flexibility without having to commit to owning a car.

What we don't like:

Common customer complaints we encounter are for customer support.

Availability: The company is focused on the European market and currently operates in the following countries: Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands and Spain.

Mobile apps: Android | iOS


If you are looking for a vehicle rental app to use for your next gig, you should take a look at HyreCar. Whether you are a DoorDash driver or an Uber driver, Hyrecar offers daily, weekly, and monthly rentals for gig workers.

What we like:

You do not need a car to sign up for Lyft, however, rental programs like Express Drive allow you to drive the car only for personal use or for Lyft. The gig economy car rental gives you the freedom to rent a vehicle to use for all your gigs.

Every HyreCar rental car comes with all the paperwork needed to drive with Uber or Lyft such as the vehicle inspection.

What we don't like:

A car renter should only be able to rent high-quality cars, and will pay accordingly. However on the platform there are sometimes low quality cars.

Availability: United States

Mobile apps: Android | iOS

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Getaround is one of the best Turo alternatives. Getaround connects individuals who need a vehicle with car owners who share their cars in exchange for payment.

What we like:

On the platform there are a lot of vehicle options and you can find attractive prices. Getaround offers rental cars for Uber drivers.

What we don't like:

If you are having issues during your trip, it is not easy to contact the customer support. It can really be frustrating when you can contact them to actually speak with a representative and get help.

Availability: United States, United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Spain

Mobile apps: Android | iOS


If you are looking for an app to rent people's cars, you should take a look at Turo. Turo is the Airbnb for cars. Turo is a secure platform on which you can offer your rental car to travelers, by the day, by the week or by the month.

What we like:

You do not need to subscribe to a membership to rent a car through the platform.

Turo is the platform with the widest selection of cars available.

The Peer to Peer car sharing company provides renters with an opportunity to make money renting out their car.

What we don't like:

The rent a car app doesn't offer hourly rates, additionally, unlike other traditional car sharing services, fuel costs are not included on the rental price.

The company has officially ended its Referral Program , which provides people with the opportunity to earn other rewards.

Availability: Turo is available in over 56 countries all over the world.

Mobile apps: Android | iOS

Enterprise Car Sharing

Enterprise Car Sharing is one of the most popular car rental apps and one of the best car rental apps in the UK. It is developed by a vehicle rental company in order to facilitate the hassles related to the operation of this activity.

Enterprise is a particularly ergonomic web platform. It has a geolocation system designed to ensure rapid management of reservations. So, you will be able to rent a car without great difficulty.

What we like:

Very similar to ZipCar, insurance and gas are included in your rental price. However, you are responsible for refilling the gas tank prior to returning your vehicle.

You will use the fuel card you have received and swipe the card like you would any credit card at the pump.

You may cancel for FREE up to 5 hours before your reservation starts.

What we don't like:

The Enterprise car rental app offers less flexible rental options. Indeed you have to return the car where you picked up.

You have to sign up and pay for an annual membership to be able to rent a car on the platform.

For each trip you’ll be charged for the vehicle based on the following factors:

  • the type of car or van you’ve selected
  • the length of the reservation
  • the location

Find the prices for your location.

You will always get a price estimate for your rental before you confirm your reservation.

Keep in mind that rates may vary depending on the time of day or day of the week.

Availability: US, Canada & UK.

Mobile apps: Android | iOS


When you are looking to save money on airport parking, you can take a look at our guides on how to find cheap parking at LAX and at the Denver DIA airport. You can also take a look at Avail.

The car sharing company allows car owners to share their car avoiding expensive airport parking costs and earning money.

What we like:

Avail takes care of everything including the car exchange, cleaning, inspection, and insurance process.

What we don't like:

Every vehicle on the platform has a 150 miles limit per day. If you need to drive more, we suggest you take a look at other car rental apps like Budget or Enterprise.

Availability: Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Phoenix.

Mobile apps: iOS

What Are The Best Car Sharing Options In NYC

New Yoyrk is one of the most exciting cities in the world. At BestReferralDriver we have a team of members that work every day to provide our NY readers with the most up to date information about the mobility of the “Big Apple”. You may also like our guide with all the taxi and rideshare apps in NYC.

Find below all the options for car sharing in NYC.

  • Zipcar: Hourly car rental in NYC.
  • Kyte: The car rental app serves the areas of Brooklyn. Take a look at our complete guide to Kyte car rental.
  • Silvercar: It is a premium car rental. You will find only Audi cars. Each vehicle is equipped with a range of premium features like Sirius XM satellite radio, in-car Wi-Fi, and more.

Find Car Share Near You

Now you know everything about car sharing. If you are looking for a traditional car shasharing app, our best pick is Zipcar. The service is available in more cities and airports nationwide and offers special deals for students. If you are looking for peer-to-peer services, our choice is Turo. The P2P company is available worldwide and offers lower daily and weekly rates especially if compared to other car sharing services.

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