6 Things To Know About Lyft Round Trip + Multiple Stops Ride and Driver Waiting Time

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lyft round trip and how to add stops

Riding with Lyft is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get somewhere from point A to point B. This is what we call a one way trip ride on Lyft. Now, what if you want to plan an intermediate stop? Can you schedule a round trip on Lyft?

Whether you're riding for business or traveling with your family, getting a car with Lyft needs to be hassle free. We compiled this quick guide for you. Keep reading and you will find the answer to all your questions including: does Lyft do round trips?.

1. What Is A Round Trip?

What exactly is a round trip ride? The most savvy travelers book round trip flights. They are cheaper than one way tickets.

A round-trip ticket is also known as a “circle ticket” or a “return air ticket” because you depart from your original location which is “A,” and travel to your destination where you may stay for a few days or more which is “B.”

Things work differently when it comes to on-demand rides. Let’s see all the differences.

2. Does Lyft Do Round Trips?

Lyft is a ride sharing app offering round trips service with a short wait time that will let its passengers enjoy a safe and comfortable “round ride” at amazing rates.

Rides can be booked on-demand or scheduled in advance.

However, very similar to other taxi services, Lyft will not wait while you do your shopping at your favorite grocery store.

It is not easy to find a round trip car and the best option if you need to ride a round trip but the waiting time is elevated would be to book another ride.

If you finally want to find out which is better – round trip ride or one way ride you should take into consideration the time of the stop.

Basically, the best way to use this app feature is if you need to drop off something at the post office, or you ride with a friend going to another destination.

how to add a stop on Lyft

3. How To Add a Stop on Lyft?

The good news is that you can add a stop to your final destination. However you can do it only if you ride in one of the following vehicle:

  • Standard Lyft
  • Lyft XL
  • Lyft Lux

Indeed when you choose the shared rides option, you will not be able to add a stop to your final destination and you cannot change destination. To make any changes to your shared ride you have to cancel it. Take a look at our guide with all the Lyft ride options.

You can do it before pickup when you book your ride.

It is not uncommon to start riding to a specific point, only to find that you need to make an extra stop. That's why Lyft makes it easy to add a stop to your route at any time. Whether you want something to eat, or need to pick up something...Lyft will let you manually update the destination and add a stop.

To add a stop, you don’t have to end or cancel your current trip and start a new one. The driver will automatically be notified about the change in their app as well and the driver navigation will provide the new route.

Follow our step by step tutorial and find out the right methods to modify your ride route without ending it.

Add a Stop Before to Confirm the Ride

  1. Open the app and login to your Lyft Account if needed
  2. Start to request a ride by setting up the pick up location
  3. Tap on the + and add a stopover by choosing a new destination
  4. Tap the final destination

Add a Stop After The Pick up

  1. Open the Lyft app
  2. Tap on edit ride
  3. Tap on the + and had the new stop

Keep in mind that If you change your ride the final price will change too. If you know how the lyft pricing works, you probably know that the Lyft fare estimates are upfront calculated.

If you want to get the lyft estimate for a round trip, you cannot use the fare estimator on their website but use the app. The prices and the round trip cost you get do not reflect variations due to discounts, traffic delays, or other factors like change of the destination.

Rides with an added stop will likely be longer and result in higher costs. However, Lyft Pink members get discounted rates.

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4. How To Schedule Multiple Stops With Lyft

Want to know how to add 2 stops on Lyft? Unfortunately, there is no way to add multiple stops to your trip using the Lyft app. Indeed, the app allows riders to make up to one stop along their trip.

5. How Long Will Lyft Wait At A Stop?

The Lyft stop policy in the driver guide is pretty clear. It explicitly asks customers to end the ride if their wait time exceeds 10 minutes.

If you have kept your driver waiting for more than 5 minutes, your driver can cancel the ride and you will have to pay a non refundable no-show fee.

we suggest you leave a tip. Your gesture will be really appreciated and can also improve your customer rating.

So, how long should a Lyft driver wait? If you are a Lyft driver , you must know that customers must agree on wait time when confirming the ride and you are free to end the ride. To do this without any consequences, and to be sure to get paid for the first part of the ride, follow this procedure:

  • Do not cancel the ride
  • Tap 'Ready to go'
  • Tap on 'Drop off'

6. How To Change Drop Off Location On Lyft?

You can change your destination on Lyft at any time during a ride in-progress. As always, keep in mind that your new ending point can likely increase the cost of your ride.

Start Your Round Trip Journey

Now you've figured out how to book a round trip Lyft, how long Lyft drivers wait at a stop and the return trip fee.

The Lyft app has a lot of features. One of them allows you to add a stop at your ride. If you started a ride and rrealized that you have to stop somewhere, you can add a stop directly in the app without canceling the trip. Finally, no matter what the reasons of the stops are, be kind and tip your driver

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