The Ultimate Guide to Planning an Uber Round Trip

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uber round trip

Are you planning a round trip with Uber? It can be challenging to understand the different elements involved when scheduling an uber round trip, including calculating estimated fee costs, getting reliable service at the destination and return time, and choosing the correct vehicle that fits your needs. Fortunately, this guide is here to help you navigate through all of these steps so you're fully prepared for a successful journey! Get ready as we take you on a deep dive into what it takes to masterfully plan an Uber Round Trip.

What Is An Uber Round Trip?

Uber Round Trip is one of the Uber services offering a convenient way for customers to book a ride for two or more destinations, without the hassle of booking multiple rides and without having to worry about the hassle of finding parking or waiting in line for a taxi.

This feature allows customers to set their pickup and multiple drop-off locations, or round trip legs, when getting from point A to point B, so that they can avoid the need for multiple pickups or awkward route changes. When using Uber Round Trip, customers just have to book one ride and then input both the departure and all the destination addresses. The app will calculate an estimated price that includes both legs of the journey before the customer confirms it.

Summarizing, an Uber Round Trip is one of the most convenient ways for customers today looking for reliable transportation between multiple points quickly and conveniently.

How Does Uber Round Trip Work

A round trip with Uber can be booked online or through the Uber app and includes two separate trips; one trip from your starting point to your destination, and a second trip back to where you originally started. Additionally, when booking an Uber round trip, you can select specific pickup and drop-off points that work best for you.

How Much Does An Uber Round Trip Cost?

An Uber round trip cost can vary depending on the type of vehicle you choose and the distance of your journey. Generally speaking, a standard Uber ride will cost about twice as much as a round trip. This is because you’re essentially paying for two separate rides: an outbound ride from your pick-up location to your destination, and then a return ride back to your original location.

Uber Calculates prices by the time and distance of a trip.

Base Fare

With fares starting as low as $2.55, riders have access to a reliable ride without breaking the bank. The Uber base fare includes a minimum fee, cost per mile, and cost per minute (which will vary depending on city and type of ride).

As part of Uber's commitment to providing drivers with a fair wage, Base fare also takes into account a fee for time and distance traveled. This ensures that drivers are fairly compensated for their time and effort while still keeping rates competitive. In addition, Uber also provides promotions and discounts for riders who use their services frequently or for longer distances. With Base fare, Uber is making it easier than ever to get around town quickly and efficiently at an affordable price.

Booking Fee

The Uber Booking Fee is an additional fare that riders can expect to be added on to each trip they take with the company. This fee helps support various safety initiatives, such as providing screenings for drivers and monitoring route tracking, as well as other operating costs that Uber incurs.

Round trip Uber are cheaper and more cost-effective than taking two individual rides as you only pay one fee for the entire journey. Additionally, sometimes the ridesharing app give riders access to special Uber round trip discounts, ensuring that they save even more money in the long run.

Surge Pricing

Surge pricing may apply during periods of high demand or scarcity. As a result, base prices can range anywhere from $2-3 to upwards of $15-20 depending on location and circumstance.


In addition to the base fare, most Uber drivers also accept tips if you feel they’ve provided excellent service. While tipping isn't mandatory (and not expected in many places), it's certainly appreciated by drivers who work hard to ensure their passengers have an enjoyable experience. The amount of tip you offer will depend on the length and quality of your journey – but typically it should be around 10% -15% of the total cost of the trip.

Types of the Car

The final significant factor that affects how much an Uber round trip costs is the type of car you select for your journey. There are several different kinds available at varying prices, so make sure you check each option carefully before booking a ride.

The most basic option is 'UberX', which offers economical transport with up to four passengers allowed per car at no extra charge. If you need more space or luxury features like leather seating and climate control, then there are higher tiers such as 'UberXL' or 'UberBlack'. These cars come at a premium price – but they can provide great value if you have multiple passengers or lots of luggage with you on your journey.

For instance, Uber fare prices for UberX are generally lower than those for UberBlack or UberXL.

No matter what kind of car or journey you're taking with an Uber round trip, it's always important to bear in mind that prices can change quickly due to factors such as traffic and weather conditions. As such, it pays off to do some research ahead-of-time so that you know what kind of fares are typical for similar journeys in order to get good value for money when booking a ride with this popular transport provider.

Finally, when making any payment via Uber it's possible that additional fees might apply – such as cancellation fees. Make sure these fees don't cause any surprises when calculating how much your roundtrip will cost overall!

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how to add a round trip

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Book a Round Trip on Uber

Step 1: Open the Uber app and create an account if you don’t already have one. Fill out all the information required and make sure your payment method is added.

Step 2: Select “Round Trip” from the menu at the bottom of the screen. Then fill in your pick up location and select “Add Drop-off Location” at the bottom of the screen. When you enter both locations, you will see a price estimation for your round trip journey appear on the screen. You can also add stops or change route preferences here if desired.

Step 3: Once you are ready to book, select “Request Round Trip” which will bring up a list of available vehicles in your area. Choose one type of vehicle that suits your needs, such as an SUV for large groups or extra cargo space, or a Luxury vehicle for those special occasions. This selection will provide an estimated cost based on distance traveled and time spent in transit, along with any changes to fees based on selected options like child car seats or additional stops.

Step 4: After selecting your preferred vehicle type and confirming prices, select “Book Now” to have your reservation confirmed with a driver in minutes! You can keep track of your driver's progress through the app so you know when they arrive in both directions. Depending on availability, you may also be given an option for scheduling pickups ahead of time for added convenience.

Step 5: Once each leg of the journey has been completed, Uber will automatically charge your payment method according to their stated rates (this includes any surge pricing that may occur). A full fare breakdown will be emailed to you shortly after completion of each roundtrip ride so that you can confirm all charges were accurate and properly billed to your account.

And finally, enjoy your stress-free round trip on Uber!

The Benefits Of Using An Uber Round Trip


With an Uber round trip, you can save time and money over other forms of transportation such as public transit or car rental services. When it comes to convenience and reliability, Uber provides its customers with dependable service by offering multiple ride types that allow for greater personalization.

For example, if you are taking a longer journey, you may opt for an UberXL which provides extra space for up to six passengers and luggage. Additionally, if you are traveling solo then an UberX could be more suitable since it only has seating for up to four passengers.


Not only does an Uber round trip provide convenience but also flexibility since users can book multiple stops along their route with each additional stop priced separately at a discounted rate. This means that users can take multiple stops on their journey without having to pay full fare each time they change locations. Additionally, when booking a round trip, customers have the option of using the same driver both ways or selecting different drivers depending on availability.

It is Simple and Fast

Uber Round Trip is simple and fast; all you have to do is input your starting location, destination address, and time of travel before confirming your journey. After submitting your request, you will receive an estimate of how much your trip will cost based on factors such as distance traveled, time taken and any additional fees due (such as tolls). You can then confirm your trip with a few taps on your phone. Once confirmed, you'll be able to keep track of where your driver is in real time until he arrives at your pick up location.

It Is Safe

Customers can use this feature with confidence knowing that they’ll always have their driver’s contact information (namely their registration number) available in case they need it during their journey. Furthermore, uber's verified drivers ensure that riders are kept safe by performing background checks before they're allowed onto the platform. Furthermore, all vehicles used by drivers must meet strict safety standards set by both regional governments as well as those set by local authorities ensuring that trips remain both comfortable and secure throughout.

The Drawback of the Uber Round trip Feature

You Cannot Schedule a Round Trip on Uber

While Uber does offer a variety of convenient options, such as the ability to reserve rides in advance, scheduling a round trip is still not an option. You can only do an immediate round trip on Uber. This is quite disappointing for many customers who rely on the convenience of the app to schedule their ride in advance. In addition, riders cannot combine multiple rides into one fare when booking through Uber. This means that if you need to make multiple stops during your journey, you will have to order separate rides for each segment and pay individual fares for each one.

Round Trip Waiting Time

Uber's round trip waiting time can be a major drawback, as it is limited to just 3 minutes. This means that drivers have the right to cancel the ride if customers run late, which can become quite frustrating for them if the customer does not arrive on time.

Furthermore, this short waiting period also puts pressure on customers to arrive at the designated pick-up point as soon as possible, or else risk having their driver cancel the ride due to excessive wait times. The effects of such a short waiting period may lead to increased anxiety among customers who are already running late or delayed from unforeseen circumstances.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Uber Round Trips

Can I Book an Uber Intercity Round Trip?

Yes, you can book an Uber Intercity Round Trip! As long as one city has an active Uber presence, you’ll be able to take advantage of Uber Intercity Round Trips for fast and convenient transport from A to B! So if you’re planning a trip between two cities served by Uber – go ahead and book an Intercity Round Trip today for easy travel at your fingertips!

Can I Get An Uber Round Trip Estimate?

Using the Uber fare estimator you will have an estimate of your round trip Uber fare. Keep in mind that the Uber round trip calculator does not take into consideration imprevisible factors such surge pricing. Using the Uber fare calculator you can have an idea of the cost of your ride but you won’t know exactly how much your ride will cost up front.

Make Your First Uber Round Trip Request!

That's all you need to know about a round trip Uber ride! By following these simple steps, you'll be sure to have a great experience. Just remember to use the fare estimator to have an estimation of the price of your ride and do not let your drivers wait! With a little preparation, you can sit back and enjoy your ride knowing that you're getting the best possible value for your money.

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