DoorDash Pickup: 8 Things to Know Before Your First Order

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doordash pickup

With people having to socially distance, DoorDash is making online shopping easier than ever with store pickup. You are probably used to having your food delivered directly to you from a Dasher and for most, this is a totally new way of operating.

Whether you are a busy parent and you have no time or you are a tech-savvy person, with DoorDash you can order food or the essentials you need from wherever is most convenient for you, then pick up your items at the store for free. In this guide you will learn everything you need to know about the Doordash pickup option, including availability, pricing and benefits.

1. What is the DoorDash Pickup?

Among the many food delivery services that have introduced the pickup programs is DoorDash. The introduction of the free order pickup is one of the many ways the San Francisco headquartered company has responded to the global pandemic. Other early measures to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 included:

  • The “Leave at the Door”option
  • The mask policy

Basically the pickup is a service which allows customers to order from Doordash and collect their order from a convenient store, rather than having it delivered to their home.

It is one of the best features of food delivery apps. If you do not know what Doordash delivers, keep in mind that the on demand delivery app allows you to order anything including food, groceries, alcohol.

From a restaurant point of view it is a great opportunity to increase margin and sales reaching local customers by using the online platform.

National chains like McDonald’s, Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, Taco Bell created their mobile ordering ahead app. For small businesses, using DoorDash is a less expensive alternative to create their own app or using a phone ordering system.

2. How Much is DoorDash?

The first step is to understand DoorDash prices. The app is convenient but not free. It works with a system of upfront prices and fees. This means that you will always know how much you will pay before placing your order.

For each order, you'll pay for the cost of the food items, any applicable taxes and other fees.

DoorDash Service Fee

The service fee is a y a percentage of the order subtotal. Doordash uses this fee to cover costs including the background checks, the customer support, the credit card fees and much more.

DoorDash Delivery Fee

The delivery fees vary from marchant and location. So, how much is the Doordash delivery fee? It usually ranges from $2.99 up to $7.99. The good news is that you'll always know the delivery fee before selecting a merchant.

Small Order Fee

If your order doesn't reach a certain minimum, generally for orders under $10 Doordash charges a small cart fee of $2.00.

3. How Does The Pickup Work?

If you’re familiar with the application and already know how Doordash works, this should be quite similar.

First of all, the service is available in select restaurants. To find out which store offers the pickup in your specific location follow our step by step tutorial:

  1. Create a DoorDash account: Start by creating a DoorDash account (if you don’t already have one).
  2. Tap on pickup: Before you start shopping, make sure to choose the pickup option in the bottom of the screen of the DoorDash app.
  3. Choose the restaurant and add items to your cart: Now you’re ready to start shopping! Choose from the 390,00 restaurants available and tap on “Add to Cart.”
  4. Review your cart: When you’re done tap on the “Cart” icon on the bottom of the app and pay for your order online.
  5. Wait for Doordash confirming your order.
  6. Track your order: you'll be notified when the restaurant accepts the order. You will also get the estimated time the order will be ready, and when the order is ready for collection. So you can avoid wasting time.

4. Does Doordash Charge For Pickup?

How many times did you dream to order from Doordash with no delivery fee? With pickup orders, customers do not pay fees, however restaurants must always pay commissions to the delivery app.

DoorDash charges restaurants a monthly commission fee. For pickup orders the commission rates are lower. The Doordash pickup fee for restaurants is on average 15% of the order subtotal.

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5. Advantages Of Using The Ordering App With The Pickup Option

In these pandemic times, the pick up and the curbside pickup are the safer option for customers.

But aside from safety reasons, they are already becoming an increasing trend for people for a number of reasons.

1. It’s Quicker

Doordash is open 24/7 all around the year including Christmas eve. However, like other on demand delivery apps, the San Francisco based company has to deal with delivery driver shortage.

The pickup delivery gives you the option to get your food quicker.

💡 Pro Tip: DoorDash gift cards can also be used for the pickup orders.

2. The Convenience Of Ordering From Any Place At Anytime

Our lives are full of so much activity every day and we don’t have time to stand around waiting in line.

Today, you can pass your Doordash order online with no more waiting in long queues to place an order.

3. Customer satisfaction

Doordash drivers must always follow the food safety guidelines. These guidelines include the use of insulated bags and other gears to keep your food warm or cold. However, occasionally, your food packages can get damaged in transit between the restaurant and your delivery address.The pickup minimizes any potential breakages.

Additionally, checking the order at the pick up and avoiding missing items is a Dasher responsibility. However, mistakes happen and this is a really unpleasant situation because Doordash will not fully refund your order.

Even the most experienced Dasher can make a mistake in an order. The pickup will give you the chance to visually check the order and confirm everything is ok with it before driving away. Lesser mistakes and lesser problems.

4. Transparency In Pricing

The pickup is advantageous for both the restaurant and the customer.

And as we mentioned earlier, both will save on Doordash fees. The typical commission rate for restaurant sales starts at about 20% and it is lower for pickup orders.

For the customers, one of the greatest advantages is that there is no order minimum for Doordash pickup so, you will never pay a small cart fee.

5. Multiple Ways To Pay For The Order

By using the order ahead platform, you can choose your preferred payment method and even pay with Paypal.

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6. How To Pick Up A Doordash Order?

Completing and picking up your order is not that complicated.

However, the process can be different from restaurant to restaurant. Some fast foods allow you to choose between:

  • Pick up curbside
  • Inside the restaurant
  • Drive-thru

To improve the customer experience, ensure safety and rapid pickups some restaurants like Habit Burgers have a pick-up spot. Pick-up spots are easy to find because of a distinct mark.

To keep up with the customers' demands, other restaurants developed new technologies.

Panera for example implemented curbside pickup in record time.

People ordering food using the Panera app can take advantage of new geofencing-enabled curbside pickup technology.

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7. Do You Tip For Pickup Orders?

There is no minimum wage for independent contractors. Leaving a tip and understanding the right tip amount is essential and we suggest you consult our complete guide to DoorDash tip.

So, how much to tip for pick up food? First of all, for the take away orders, you do not have to. However, tips are really appreciated.

8. Why Is Doordash Pickup Only Right Now?

why is doordash pickup only right now

Sometimes the delivery option is not available on the app. If you get this error message, it doesn’t just mean that there is a driver shortage. Doordash offers incentives to couriers for working during the busiest times.

Most of the time if you get this kind of message, there are some app outages. We suggest you consult our guide to Downdetector.

9. Can I use a Doordash promo code on a pickup order?

Yes. If you have a valid DoorDash promo code, you may enter it before checking out. Sometimes Doordash offers customers the opportunity to save money using the pickup service. More ways to save using the app include:

  • Starting the 30 days free trial of the Dashpass
  • Getting $0 delivery fee by using our DoorDash coupon code (the offer is available for limited time and for new users only)
  • Allow the push notifications. You will get at your email address daily Doordash discounts

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Find a Food Pick Up Near You With The DoorDash App

Now you know that you can pick up your own DoorDash order. You can save money on Doordash costs and enjoy even more value with discounts on items you pick up in store. Finally the pickup allows you to collect your order on your timescale avoiding a late delivery.

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