Uber Eats No Couriers Nearby: 3 Reasons Why + Quick Fix

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uber eats no couriers nearby

Uber Eats is a food delivery service and an alcohol delivery app working all around the year. It is available on business days, Christmas day , in the major cities around the world. Independent contractors take care of picking up your order from the partner restaurant you have chosen.

From traditional restaurants to pizza delivery, deli delivery or large chains including Wendy's delivery, Butter Chicken delivery, ihop delivery and even groceries... The choice is quite vast.

But how fast is Uber Eats? Again this Friday evening, some users have no couriers nearby … Is there a more disappointing message than UberEats’ ‘no couriers nearby’? Especially when you are hungry! With this guide I will show you the possible reasons and I will offer you a quick fix of the problem.

What Does It Mean Uber Eats Currently Unavailable?

Uber Eats is a 24 7 food delivery service that delivers from morning to late night. Every restaurant follows their own hours.

When you get the message Uber Eats unavailable, probably the local restaurants turned off their app. This can happen when the demand at the restaurants is high and they’re unable to fill orders fast enough.

In this case the fastest solution is to find another restaurant or if you prefer, you can wait a couple of minutes and try again.

We choose to investigate this particular issue by looking at various user reports that Uber Eats app users kindly shared with us.

We also looked at the various strategies that users deployed to resolve this particular issue.

From what we gathered, there are several other common reasons that are known to trigger this particular issue. Keep reading.

1. Uber Eats Is Down

You ordered your food more than 30 minutes ago and you don’t have a driver assigned. The app says no couriers nearby but actually there are plenty of couriers out there waiting to complete a delivery order.

Is Uber Eats working? How to tell if the delivery app is having issues?

Occasionally, you can find a solution to these kinds of errors by refreshing the app on your smartphone or clearing your browser's cache or clearing your browser's cookies.

For other UberEats server errors or if you want to check the Uber Eats outages reported from users, we suggest you consult our guide to Downdetector.

2. There are No Couriers Nearby With Uber Eats

The protocol of an order is pretty simple. Once you place an order, the restaurant partner gets a notification on its tablet with all the details. Once the order is accepted by the restaurant, the uber eats algorithm starts finding a courier.

Usually an order is assigned within 5 minutes. However, in the event of high demands, it may take longer to be assigned.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the on-demand delivery service is working.

Keep in mind that following the acquisition of Postmates Uber dismantled the Fleet platform. This means that Postmates is so far one of the Uber subsidiaries and all the deliveries are performed by Uber/Uber Eats partners.

Does Uber have enough drivers. Not necessarily all the time.

Additionally, in Europe, for example, due to the curfew at 6 pm, there are many requests at the same time and in the same time slot. The adaptation of the algorithm of the delivery dispatch system is more complicated.

Please allow the system to best calculate a route and invite delivery drivers before contacting the Uber Support. Indeed, the system sends pings delivery requests to the delivery people and it is then up to them to accept, because they are UberEats partners and not employees.

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3. No One Want To Accept Your Order

So, what does no couriers nearby mean? Sometimes, Uber Eats cannot process the order because no one wants to accept the delivery request.

Delivering with Uber Eats has its advantages. The Uber app is one of the legitimate courier services that pay you money and also allow you to do a same day cashout.

However, delivery drivers are sometimes underpaid. They have to find creative ways to save money on gas and they rely on customers' tips.

As we said, from Panera delivery to KFC delivery to Starbucks delivery, you have a great choice.

With Uber food delivery you can place an order from Starbuck, however, do not get surprised if there are no couriers near you ready to deliver your coffee.

In the Uber Eats reddit a delivery driver clearly says: I’ am done with Starbucks orders. I’m not going to wait in a 15-20 car line for 25 minutes just to get 1 coffee order for $4!

It is also important to know how far Uber Eats Deliver before placing an order.

This varies from city to city. Please also note that generally, delivery people may be reluctant to accept orders that are quite long, for example exceeding 6 miles.

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How Do You Fix No Couriers Nearby On Uber Eats?

Now you know the main reasons why UberEats says no couriers nearby. Let’s find some solutions.

Probably you are thinking that this is a sign and you will probably have to cook your own dinner. You are ready to tap on cancel order, but please do not do it!

We suggest you read accurately our guide on how to cancel your order after you submitted it, because actually UberEats makes it really difficult to get a refund.

Additionally, disputing an Uber Eats charge can be a nightmare.

Indeed, if UberEats cancel an order, you will be 100% refunded. If an Uber Eats order is cancelled after the restaurant accepts it, it is almost impossible to be refunded.

Method 1: Set Up The Uber Eats Restaurants List

Are you sure you know how to use and set up the Uber East app? For a better customer experience, the app gives customers the opportunity to do customized searches. You can create a custom search with Uber Eats and sort and filter the result by:

  • Most popular
  • Rating
  • Delivery time
  • Price Range
  • Dietary

We suggest you to start by personalising the suggestion box by choosing delivery time.

Method 2: Choose The Priority Delivery Option

Some users have managed to resolve the issue of “no delivery people nearby” choosing the priority delivery option.

Recently the San Francisco headquartered delivery app introduced a new feature called priority delivery.

Very similar to the priority shipping, the option allows you to get a priority order. To enjoy this priority service courier you have to pay an additional fee.

Choose The Pick up Option

At this point you are wondering if you can pick up your order.

UberEats has a pick up option. You can take a look at our comprehensive guide to the pickup feauture, however these are important things you should know:

  • The pick-up is only available in certain cities
  • Not all the restaurants offer the pick up
  • You choose the option when you place the order

If right now couriers are not available and you want to collect your order by yourself, we suggest you contact the Uber Eats support.

Leave a Tip Before Delivery

The best way to speed up your delivery and get your food NOW is to tip before the delivery

Try a Different Food Delivery Service

Next time, try a different service. The competition between food delivery services is ruthless. DoorDash is one of the fastest food delivery apps in the United States. If you are new to the app, enjoy your free delivery.

Uber Eats No Couriers Nearby: What Does It Mean? + Fix

Uber Eats No Couriers Nearby: What Does It Mean? Here are the main reasons + easy ways to fix the disappointing message: NO Couriers Nearby

Patience Is A Virtue!

Finally, if you need a food speed delivery, you can try one of the options or alternatives you find in this guide. Priority delivery is a great option for anyone. We are sure that you will find the best food delivery service in your area.

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