How Do Safeway Gas Rewards Work in 2024? (Discounts, Points) & Save Money

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safeway gas rewards and discounts

While the Covid pandemic has changed the way people shop and has prioritized the delivery option, memberships and loyalty programs are playing an important role in retaining loyal customers.

From a customer point of view, reward programs are an easy way to save money and get good deals.

Major convenience stores have built their own loyalty program. For example, 7-Eleven’s 7Rewards, Circle K’s Easy Rewards, and Wawa’s rewards program, are all available by simply downloading the store’s app.

Safeway has recently become one of our favorite stores because of the “Just for U” program. As regular Safeway customers, we are able to get a wide variety of deals for a cheap cost as well as many other advantages.

The Safeway rewards program allows customers to get rewarded and earn points on grocery, pharmacy, and gift card purchases.

At BestReferralDriver, we are committed to helping our readers save money on their gas expenses by finding cheap gas.

What is really interesting about the Just for U program is that you can redeem earned points for gas discounts.

As an Uber driver and delivery driver, I drive a lot and therefore consume lots of gas and need to constantly refill it. The cost of gas is a big factor in my budget and I must be wary of it.

However, with the help of memberships and programs, I was able to remove that weight off my shoulders. I personally saved about $240 last year using the benefits of the Safeway program. This is why I choose to write this article.

In this guide you will learn everything you need to know about Safeway gas rewards.

How Do the Safeway Gas Rewards Work?

Once enrolled in the Safeway Rewards Program, you will earn a point for every $1 you spend on groceries and 2 points for every $1 spent on gift cards.

Eligible purchases for reward points do not include the following products:

  • Beer
  • Fluid items in the refrigerated dairy section (including fluid dairy and dairy substitutes)
  • Gas purchases and services
  • Lottery tickets
  • Spirits
  • Tobacco
  • U.S. postage stamps
  • Wine

You can earn points for your online and in-store shopping.

Today, you can do your Safeway shopping online and still enjoy all the benefits of the loyalty program.

You can also earn points when shopping at Safeway on the Instacart platform. Do not forget to link your loyalty card to your Instacart account.

There are so many options that you can choose from to earn points, and it is so easy!

To earn the points you must either provide your phone number, or swipe your Safeway Rewards card at checkout when shopping in-store.

Where Can the Safeway Gas Rewards Be Used?

The good news is that unlike Costco gas, you do not need a membership for Safeway gas.

Safeway points can be used toward gas purchases at all participating Safeway gas stations and major gas stations companies including:

  • Chevron
  • Exxon
  • Mobil
  • Safeway
  • Shell
  • Texaco
  • Tom Thumb Express
  • Vons

In particular, Chevron and Safeway have partnered to offer customers a joint Reward Points loyalty program. If you are a regular at Safeway and at Chevron, this might be just what you’re looking for.

Loyalty partnerships between gas stations and grocery stores have become popular over the past year, partly because of all the benefits they offer to customers.

Over the past years, Casey’s announced a partnership with Hy-Vee and became one of the first gas stations to partner with a grocery store.

BP also tested a partnership with Kmart, while Cenex has an exclusive partnership with Cabela’s. There are various partnerships you can choose from if you are interested in saving money on gas and grocery shopping.

Summed up, here is the list of gas discounts you may get:

  • You can save up to $0.20 off /gal on Chevron gas stations
  • You can save up to $1.00 off /gal on Safeway fuel stations

If you want to find out which gas stations take Safeway points, a complete map list of participating gas stations can be found using the fuel option on the Safeway locator tool.

How Do Safeway Gas Rewards Work? (Discounts, Points)

When grocery shopping at Safeway you can earn gas rewards with the free just for U program. Learn how it works and more. #safewayGasRewards #howDoesSafewayGasRewardsWork

How To Redeem Safeway Rewards at The Pump?

To redeem your just for U gas rewards at participating Safeway fuel stations, before fueling, swipe your Just U Rewards card or enter your phone number when prompted on the screen.

Depending on how many discounts you’ve accumulated and the gas station you go to, you will see the gas price roll back either 10 cents, 20 cents or 1 dollar a gallon.

Find below the list of the different Just U rewards status level:

  • 100 points = 10¢ per gallon Gas Reward
  • 200 points = 20¢ per gallon Gas Reward
  • 1000 points = $1 per gallon Gas Reward* (*selected Safeway gas station only)

If the discount does not apply to the price of the gas while swiping your card, you can always let the cashier know before you pump that you wish to use your rewards.

This is really important because rewards cannot be redeemed after pumping.

Keep in mind that rewards become available to use approximately 4 hours after earning them at Albertsons Companies Banner stores.

When redeeming fuel rewards, you should be aware of some limitations. Savings are limited to one vehicle. You can also purchase a maximum of 25 gallons in a single fill-up.

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How To Check Safeway Reward Points?

Are you looking for a Safeway fuel app? You will not find it. Safeway knows that simplicity is crucial for the success of its loyalty program. Instead, it has made things easier for you.

Using the Safeway app, which is available to download on iOS and Android devices, you can enjoy the ability to pay from your phone, redeem rewards, search for fuel stations and view your receipts all from the same app.

You can also check your Safeway rewards points using the Safeway app.

The only thing you need is the Safeway app and you have access to all these benefits.

When Do Safeway Gas Rewards Expire?

Your earned points accumulate throughout each month and expire at the end of the calendar month in which they were earned.

For example, if you earned less than 100 points in November, they will expire at the end of November.

If you earned more than 100 points, you will be able to use your gas rewards through the end of the following calendar month.

For instance, if you earned rewards of a total of more than 100 points in November, they will expire at the end of December.

Be aware of the date of expiration of your points so that you do not miss out on all these great deals.

Safeway Gas Rewards Hack

There is no way to hack the grocery gas rewards programs to get more points and save more money. However, there is a legit way that will help you double your rewards and points earned toward eligible purchases.

Safeway currently has a double points promotion for paying your eligible purchases with Fast Forward.

Fast Forward allows you to add payment functionality to your Safeway Club Card.

In the same way, if you buy a Safeway gift card using Fast Forward you will triple the points on your purchase.

Therefore the only trick to maximize your rewards and points is to use Fast Forward when purchasing from Safeway.

Alternatives to Safeway Gas Rewards Program

There are other alternatives to the Safeway gas rewards program that you should consider, especially if you use your own car for a driving job.

Nearside, for example, offers a regular free debit card that can be used at any merchant. In addition to 2% of cashback on gas purchases, this card offers additional incentives, including 5% of cashback on grocery purchases and on other qualifying purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Join The Safeway for U™ program

You can sign up for the program and become a member for free.

You can create an account in an in-store PIN pad at checkout by entering your 10-digit mobile phone number.

You can also sign up online by using your computer at You can also download the Safeway app and sign up there.

Is Safeway Gas Cheap?

Safeway gas is relatively cheap, however, we suggest you use a free gas app like Gasbuddy to compare gas prices at the fuel stations near you and find the cheapest options.

If you want to save more money on gas, you can also combine credit or debit card cashback rewards.

There are many ways you can save money, and it is up to you to decide the best one for you.

Can I Use a Safeway Gift Card for Gas?

Safeway gift cards can be used for gas, but they are only limited at the Albertsons Companies gas stations.

Indeed, Safeway is one of the Albertsons subsidiaries.

The list of gas stations where can you use a safeway gift card include:

  • ACME Express
  • Albertsons Express
  • Carrs
  • Jewel-Osco
  • Pavilions
  • Randalls
  • Safeway Gas Stations
  • Shaw’s
  • Tom Thumb
  • Vons

As we said, you will not be able to earn points toward your gas purchases.

While Safeway and Chevron are partners for the loyalty program, you will not be able to use your Safeway gift card for gas at Chevron fuel stations.

Earn Points With One Of The Best Gas Rewards Program

Now you know everything about the Safeway gas rewards program, including where you can use Safeway fuel points and how to use Safeway points at Chevron or other affiliated gas stations. By downloading the Safeway app you have access to a wide range of deals and promotions through the rewards option.

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