Does Safeway Deliver in 2024? (How it Works, Costs & More) & Save Money

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safeway delivery

With the development of modern technology and user-friendly apps, today you can order almost anything and get it delivered to your place. Nowadays, if you need to buy groceries, you do not need to drive to the store, do your shopping and wait in line to pay.

But, does Safeway deliver groceries?

Safeway offers customers the opportunity to get same-day delivery if you need groceries urgently.

Alternatively, you can also shop online early and schedule a delivery and select a date and a delivery window within the following week.

However, Safeway is not a last mile delivery service, they partner with digital grocery delivery services.

There are different options available to place a Safeway order online and get Safeway home delivery.

In this article I will share with you all the delivery options and the costs of the delivery so, you can choose the option that best suits you next time you want to order from Safeway and get it delivered to your home.

Keep in mind that some of these delivery services have a membership option that could save you money on fees or get you additional perks.

How Does Safeway Delivery Work?

Safeway grocery delivery works very similarly to online shopping.

Instead of walking to the Safeway store with your grocery shopping list, you'll shop for your groceries from your comfortable couch.

You build a digital cart, you select a delivery slot and pay for your order online.

You can use digital coupons for Safeway delivery orders.

How To Place a Safeway Order Online?

In order to offer a seamless Safeway delivery service, the supermarket chain launched a unified web interface that allows you to order an array of items from local Safeway stores.

Users can access the service through the website at delivery or if you prefer using your phone, you can do your online grocery shopping using the Safeway shopping app, which is available for download on iOS and download for Android devices.

The first step is to verify if the delivery option is available in your area by using the Safeway delivery zip codes tool. You can insert your zip code or location and you will be indicated if there is a Safeway near your location.

You can get groceries delivered from Safeway 7 days a week between 8 AM and 10 PM local time, in most locations.

One of the main advantages of using the Safeway online shopping option is that you can get the benefits of the Safeway rewards program.

Just for U® members, get new weekly personalized deals, earn points on all eligible purchases. Becoming a member of Safeway for U™ is easy and free.

To help you find out how to order Safeway delivery, we prepared a step by step tutorial:

  • Open your web browser and navigate to the Safeway Delivery website or download the Safeway App: Create a Safeway Delivery account. You need to enter your email, password and phone number.
  • Enter your zip code to find a store near you: You will be able to see the stores near you that offer delivery and pickup options and choose the closest to you that offers grocery delivery.
  • Schedule your delivery: You can easily schedule your delivery window by tapping “reserve time” at the top of the page. We suggest you start by scheduling your delivery before you start adding items to your cart. You will be able to check in advance the available delivery windows and the delivery fees.
  • Select “delivery” and start shopping.
  • Add items to your cart: You can do this by browsing through the main page, or you can tap the Search Product bar at the top of the screen to type the name of a product or tap a specific category of food. You can also shop from the weekly ad. Unfortunately, when you add items to your cart, you cannot add particular instructions for the shopper.
  • Review your cart and checkout: Here, you can see the items you’ve selected and also the total price of your order. Double-check your address details and add delivery instructions.If you’re ready to pay, tap the Continue tab.
  • Pay for the order: If this is your first time, you’ll be prompted to add a payment method. You can choose to pay with a credit or debit card or with an EBT card. You’ll be prompted to enter your card information. Pro Tip: If you are a new user, you can enter the promo code FREE to waive the delivery fee on your first order.

How Much Is Safeway Delivery

The Safeway delivery fee is usually $9.95. Keep in mind that the delivery fee varies depending on your location and other factors. We have found that users typically have delivery fees from $3.95 to $16, so the overall cost to use the Safeway online order platform ranges $3.95 – $16.

Have you ever dreamed about getting Safeway free delivery? If you sign up to the FreshPass you can enjoy free delivery and other perks on all your Safeway grocery orders over $30​.

Currently, Safeway is offering a 30-day free trial subscription, so you can try the membership and check if it is worth it for you. Take a look at our guide and learn how to get free grocery delivery.


  • Delivery fees: On the Safeway platform, delivery fees range from $3.95 to $16, with an average of $6.95.
  • Minimum Purchase Amount: In order to process your order, there is a $30 minimum purchase amount.
  • Safeway Delivery Promo Code: New users can use Safeway promo code SAVE20 at checkout on their first order when they spend $75 or more and get $20 Off + FREE Delivery.
  • Free Delivery: Safeway Fresh Pass members get free delivery on all orders over $30 and other exclusive perks.

Does Safeway Deliver? 3 Ways To Order Safeway Online

There are different options available to place a Safeway order online and get Safeway home delivery. I will share with you all the delivery options and the costs of the delivery. #doesSafewayDeliver ...

Instacart Safeway Delivery

If you are looking for an alternative to the Safeway delivery app, you are at the right place. Safeway and Instacart partner to offer customers the opportunity to get fresh groceries delivered to their doorstep safely with contactless delivery available by choosing the "Leave at my door" option.

Instacart is a growing fast grocery delivery service providing deliveries from a variety of stores in your area like Costco, Aldi, Kroger, and more.

Recently Instacart announced 24/7 grocery delivery services from selected Safeway stores.

When you place a Safeway Instacart delivery order, a personal shopper selects your items from the store and then delivers them to your door.

To place your first Safeway Instacart order, follow our step by step tutorial:

  • Create your Instacart account
  • You can shop straight from the app (available on iOS and Android) or directly from the website
  • Start shopping for your favorite products from a Safeway store near you
  • Pay for your order: You can pay using Paypal, a debit or credit card or you can use an EBT card.
  • After you have placed your order, Instacart will connect you to a personal shopper in your area that will shop and deliver your order.
  • You can track your order's progress and communicate with your shopper every step of the way by using the Instacart app or website.


  • Delivery fees: Starts at $4 for non-members.
  • Minimum Purchase Amount: In order to process your order, there is a $10 minimum purchase amount.
  • Membership: Instacart Express is an optional subscription that includes free delivery on all orders over $35 for $99/year or $10/month.
  • Instacart Promo Code: New Instacart users can get the benefits of the first order promotion. Start by creating your Instacart account.

Doordash Safeway Delivery

Doordash is one of the fastest growing last mile delivery apps.

The Doordash platform facilitates any kind of delivery such as food delivery,alcohol delivery, flower delivery, ice cream delivery.

In addition to fast delivery from the Dashmart stores , Doordash recently launched an express grocery delivery service with Albertsons Companies.

Using the Doordash app, you can unlock groceries in less than 30 minutes from more than 300 grocery stores in the Albertsons system, including some Safeway stores.


  • Delivery fees: Starts at $1.99 for non-members. Take a look at our xguide to Doordash fees.
  • Minimum Purchase Amount: In order to process your order, there is a $10 minimum purchase amount.
  • Membership: DashPass is an optional subscription that includes free delivery on all orders over $12 for $9.99/month.
  • Doordash Promo Code: New Doordash users can get the benefits of the first order promotion. .

Shipt Safeway Delivery

You can get grocery delivery from Safeway by using the Shipt platform.

Shipt is a grocery delivery service available in over 200 cities. However, the Shipt platform works with a system of membership of delivery passes.

You can always give it a try and cancel the free trial before it converts into a paid membership.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Fast Does Safeway Deliver?

Safeway offers same day delivery. If you are looking for an express grocery delivery, we suggest you use the Doordash platform.

If you are new to Doordash, you can even get the benefits of the new user promotion.

How Late Does Safeway Deliver?

Using the Safeway platform you can shop online for delivery until 10pm, though hours vary depending on the specific locations.

Using Instacart or Doordash, you can get a late delivery in some selected locations.

How Can I Get A Safeway Order Status?

If you place your order through the Safeway platform you can choose to get an order status update at check out. Select “Text me order status updates” and you will get an update of the status of your order.

Can I Use My Safeway Club Card On Instacart?

Yes, you can integrate your Safeway loyalty card on Instacart, so you can continue to receive select benefits while shopping on the Instacart platform.

This means that you can earn points redeemable towards gas and grocery rewards.

To link your Safeway card you need the phone number connected to your Safeway for U TM account. Follow our step by step tutorial:

  • Tap on Your account settings
  • Tap Loyalty cards
  • Tap Safeway
  • Enter the 10-digits registered phone number associated with your Safeway for U TM account
  • Tap Save

Does Safeway Deliver Alcohol?

If you have the minimum drinking age, you can order alcohol online and get it delivered.

You can order alcohol through Doordash, Instacart or the Safeway com delivery platform.

In any case, you have to have an approved photo ID showing their birthdate at delivery.

Start Your Safeway Online Shopping and Get A Delivery

You can get Safeway same day delivery by using the Safeway platform or a third party delivery app.

Keep in mind that even if you place an order using the Safeway platform, your delivery will often be fulfilled by Instacart Shoppers.

Safeway delivery costs vary depending on the delivery slot you select. If you want to save money on delivery fee, we suggest you sign up for the Instacart membership or the FreshPass.

The greatest advantage of using the Safeway or Instacart platform is that you can earn points redeemable towards gas or grocery rewards.

However, if you are looking for an express grocery delivery, the best option is to use the DoorDash app.

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