Does Aldi Deliver in 2022? Everything You Need to Know & Save Money

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aldi delivery

What would you do with 53 hours per year?

Well, that's how much time you could gain for your life, by skipping the physical aisles and embracing the convenient world of grocery delivery.

Would you like to finally get going on those hallowed new year's resolutions that you had promised to yourself? Aldi's as good an option as any to inject some healthy vibes into your life. But, does Aldi deliver?

As it turns out, it ships a smorgasbord of healthy food options, with a speedy delivery service, so that you can stop wasting time by meandering down aisles of things that you will never buy -- or never get around to eating.

How does Aldi delivery work? With this guide you will learn how to get same day delivery from the nearest Aldi store.

What Is Aldi?

In the world of processed goods and sketchy-looking labeled products, the world is becoming more and more health-conscious. We hear a lot about "hand-picked". Whether true or not, it pulls at our heartstrings, as we imagine humble farmers out in the natural fields, picking natural fruit that brings amazing health benefits.

And Aldi's was founded on just this purpose. It was first opened in Germany, but fast forward 40 years later and they have shipped their healthy brand over into the United States, to the tune of 2,000 stores across 36 states. You can use the store locator to find an Aldi near you.

So, what's the big deal? After all, we see "handpicked" brands in Walmart and other large retail chains. The secret behind the Aldi sauce is that they only have products and brands that you can only find within their hallowed walls.

The good news is that you do not need a membership to shop at Aldi.

Aldi's "Hook"

I know, my mom and dad went to all of the big grocery brands, indulging in processed food goodness. But for milk, they always went and chose another destination.

Yes, Aldi's became our milk supplier.

Why? I don't know. I was young, and milk was milk. But that trust for their brand and their exclusive products has since built them an astounding reputation, that's backed by partnerships with local growers and farmers.

This flies in the face of modern manufacturing methods that capitalize on low-wage labor in overseas territories while prioritizing speed and efficiency over quality and safety.

And with the 2022 COVID pandemic that rocked the world in 2022, people are now, more than ever, turning to healthier food options.

Not too bad, right? You can dedicate more time to your ambitious pursuits while building a healthier you! So, how can you kill these two birds with one Aldi stone? First, let's get an overview of what goodies you can find populating their shelves.

Aldi's Products

Do you want a full complement of products, while not sacrificing healthy quality? Then you can sleep easy knowing that your body has a wonderful slate of options, from:

  • Dairy and Eggs
  • Fresh Produce
  • Fresh Meat and Seafood
  • Deli
  • Frozen Foods
  • Bakery and bread
  • Snacks
  • Pantry Essentials
  • Breakfast and Cereals
  • Beverages

And everything from Alcohol to Baby items.

And everything in-between. So if you are looking to compliment your home functionality, while shopping to keep your immune system at beast levels, then Ardi's is more than ready to assist you. It's difficult to say how many people place Ardi's as their go-to supplier for baby items when Walmart is lurking just around the corner of every American main street.

Aldi's Brands

The sheer healthy qualities of the food are backed by stellar brands that are perfect to start building up that healthy immune system. Start protecting yourself today, with:

  • LiveGfree: 100% gluten-free food
  • Simply Nature: Non-GMO verified products

If you don't know what GMOs are, then they are worth reading up more on if you want to understand how food manufacturing works.

In essence, they are Frankenstein-like lab experiments that are concocted to maximize growth output. This can make them more adaptable to grow in certain habitats, but they also get a bad rap for including deadly chemicals, with main concerns linked to:

  • Cancer
  • Allergies
  • Environmental issues

Another brand on Aldi's repertoire is Earth Grown -- although it isn't the last! This brand is perfect for those looking to toss aside the temptations of meat, and turn for a more leafy lifestyle.

However, these are only three out of 11 brands that lace their shelves, and they're the only brands that you find amongst Aldi's shelves. Now, how can you get in on the goods through the power of delivery? The secret is this:


How does it all work, you ask?

Does Aldi Deliver? Get Groceries Delivered

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How Aldi Delivery Works via Instacart

When Uber Eats jumped into the market, it filled a vital void that many COVID-crazed buyers were looking to fill. Take a gander at the app store, and you will see a growing wave of apps that are each squaring off in the competitive battlefield of online delivery. Now, Instacart is the latest in the delivery space, and it's looking to steal away some of the cred built up by Uber Eats.

It's with Instacart that Aldi has partnered with. Instacart provides deliveries from a wide selection of retailer partners including Safeway, Costco and more. Through Instacart's website, the Instacart app or the Aldi online shopping website, you can drop an order for whatever Aldi product you wish to have delivered to your home.

Once you have placed and paid for your order online, a personal shopper will do the shopping for you and deliver your order safely with contactless delivery available by choosing the "Leave at my door" option.

How To Place an Aldi Online Order

Follow some easy steps to start your Aldi Shopping online and get a delivery.

Steps To Crafting an Account

Thankfully, Instacart makes it a breeze to sign-up.

  • Create your Instacart account
  • Plugin your delivery ZIP code
  • Start hunting down your favorite Aldi's products and filling up your shopping cart
  • Select a convenient delivery time for you
  • Check it out

This is a process that is very familiar for those Amazon addicts, so it should be a breeze for most.

Aldi Grocery Delivery Cost

Ah, this is the question that everyone has on their mind. Well, it keeps the costs rather low, so that you aren't sacrificing too much of your gas money for convenience. But for the time gained, and the wasted groceries that you have avoided, it's a relatively easy tradeoff.

Aldi delivery fee starts at $3.99 for same-day orders. Delivery fees vary depending on the delivery window you choose. You can get Aldi free delivery by signing up to a membership of 14.99.

But if your tastes skew more towards alcohol, or if your house sits way out in the boondocks, then there might be some additional charge for you to take on.

  • Alcohol has separate service fees
  • Additional fees for location, or the number of item you order in your cart.

You must think of delivery as a service, not just a function for a company. These aren't robots zipping your goodies to your front door.

So, if you want to order out the whole store, then just know that someone has to load those in, and then load them out. So, it's only natural that an additional charge will be tacked on.

Tipping is accepted and encouraged, but it's not required. It is a nice move by the company to ensure that 100% of the tip finds its way into the pockets of the delivery workers.

With Instacart Express membership -- their monthly delivery option -- you do get free delivery on certain orders, but there's some bad news for our sparse buyers:

It's only on orders above $35. If you're looking to cover that delivery fee with your membership, then you'd better snag a few more cartons of milk, or you will be paying that pesky fee.

There are also pickup fees, which are usually around $1.99. But the good news for our Express members here -- you don't have to shell out for that. But why do pickup, if you're looking to jump headfirst into the waters of the delivery ocean?

Regardless, it's still a nice offering by the company.

Aldi Delivery Schedule

Do you have an early morning birthday party that sprung up with 100 invitees ready to storm your gates? If you want to provide high-quality products for your guests, then Aldi delivery schedule boasts a convenient starting and ending time for delivery services:

You can get your Aldi Instacart delivery from 9 am to midnight. Indeed, Instacart is a 24/7 grocery delivery service.

So, whether you're an early riser or a sleep-deprived night owl, Aldi's delivery is at your service to fill your late-night ice cream urges (and ease late-night breakups).

These hours can vary, as they are subject to the whims of store operating hours. So, before you make a fool by running orders through the system, double-check your local store's schedule.

But once you put your order in, is there a way that you can track your order? Oh yes, there is! Go into the settings of the Instacart app, and flick on notifications. Depending on your preferences, it can be set to send text messages, or call you when it's about to pull into your driveway.

If you can, always be sure to toss a lifeline to the driver. If you live in a confounding maze of zig and zags, then leave a reference for the delivery worker when you make your order.

This includes other helpful hints, like:

  • Parking
  • Gate codes
  • Neighbors dogs
  • etc.

Alright, but let's say that you still aren't quite ready to let go of the fast and furious life, preferring to feel the breeze as you pick up your groceries.

Then let's zoom out into the world of Aldi's curbside pickup.

Other Ways To Get Aldi Same Day Delivery

If you prefer, alternatively, you can order Aldi groceries online using the Aldi delivery app which is available to download on iOS and Android. Keep in mind that the Aldi online ordering and delivery app is powered by Instacart and your order will be fulfilled by an Instacart shopper.

Finally, if you want to know what Aldi charges for delivery, you will be charged exactly the same amount as when using the Instacart app.

Does Aldi Accept Ebt For Online Orders?

Yes, on the Instacart platform, EBT SNAP-eligible customers in the U.S. can pay for Aldi online grocery orders containing eligible items with a valid EBT card, in full or in part. You can shop at any participating stores as long as the state that issued your EBT card is participating in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Online Purchasing Pilot.

The Benefits of Ordering Aldi Shop Online

What is it that you see when you stroll into the checkout lane at a grocery store? When you were young, then this was by far your favorite part of the store, as you yanked on the cuffs of your parents' shirt to point them in the direction of the vast colorful collage of candy bars and gum.

Cut the Impulses

There's a reason checkout aisles are ridden with goodies -- it's to capitalize on our impulses. And for adults, that can extend out to every square inch of the store, as we browse the newest and latest meats, dairy, and desserts. What does online shopping do? It strips out the in-store customer experience, which can save households a lot on impulse buying.

Find What You Need

Do you have trouble scouring through the aisles, hunting for your new dietary formula? The great thing about online shopping is that there's a handy little tool that susses out your ingredients: the filter tool.

By plugging into the filter tool what you're specifically looking for, you can cut down on time, and find just the right product for your new healthy lifestyle -- or not so healthy lifestyle.

So, aside from the obvious health benefits, time-saving opportunities, and savings potential, then food delivery with Aldi's could just be the right path for you.

Get Exclusive Aldi Promo Codes

On the Instacart platform you will find digital Aldi coupon codes that will help you save money on your next grocery shopping. For more savings you can also use Ibotta.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use An Aldi Gift Card On Instacart

Currently, Instacard doesn’t accept Aldi gift cards as a form of payment. However, you can use an Instacart gift card and get Aldi groceries delivered to your home.

Does Shipt Do Aldi?

No, you cannot use Shipt for your Aldi online grocery shopping.

Does Aldi Deliver the Goods?

Put those keys away. You won't be needing them. With Aldi's, and the Instacart app, you have a seamless delivery experience that packs powerful benefits for your wallet and your body.

So, does Aldi deliver a chance to change up your shopping habits; to change things up in your life? Discover today how it can cut your time in the aisle, gifting you more time to spend on the things that matter. Still unsure about how to get started? Check us out for all of the newest and latest hints and tips!

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