How To Cancel Shipt Membership, Order and Free Trial in 4 Easy Steps

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how to cancel shipt membersip, free trial, order

Shipt is one of the best grocery delivery services allowing same day groceries delivery and alcohol delivery from a lot of retailers.

Grorery stores avalable on the app include, but not only, Target, Meijer.

The service offers members a lot of benefits. For many people the most obvious and valuable is the opportunity to get groceries delivered to their doorstep, for others is the one-hour delivery window.

Using Shipt, you save time getting your groceries and household essentials delivered to you the same day.

But if you're ready to move on, it is important to know how to cancel your membership. Indeed, paid members who haven't used their benefits are not eligible for a full membership refund of the current membership period if they do not cancel it on time! So, keep reading.

How To Cancel A Shipt Order

Prior to learning how to cancel your subscription, it is useful to know how to cancel Shipt orders. The process of canceling an order will vary, depending on the stage of the delivery process.

How To Cancel A Shipt Order Up To One Hour Before The Delivery

You can cancel orders any time up to one hour prior to your chosen delivery window.

If a Shipt member needs to cancel an order for any reason, he can do it through his Shipt Account. Follow our step by step tutorial:

  • Access the Manage Orders section. Go to ‘Your Orders’
  • Tap on the order you want to cancel
  • Scroll to the bottom of the order
  • Select the red ‘Cancel This Order’ button

The order will be automatically canceled and you will get a confirmation by email.

How To Cancel A Shipt Order If Your Shopper Has Started Shopping

Orders that have already been started by a shopper cannot be canceled with the Shipt app or via the Shipt website. If at this point you want to submit a cancellation request, the member should contact Shipt support.

Here are some easy ways to can contact the customer support:

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How To Cancel A Shipt Target Order

As you probably know in December 2018, Target acquired Shipt. Some Target online orders are fulfilled by Shipt Shoppers.

Basically, you can place an order in the website or use the Target app and get same day delivery from your local Target store shopped by Shipt.

To cancel a Target Shipt order, follow our step by step tutorial:

  • Access your Target account.
  • Select Orders on or Purchases in the Target app, then select the “Online” tab.
  • Select the order you’d like to cancel.
  • Select Cancel order next to Change your mind?, then select Cancel order in the pop-up drawer.

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What is a Free Trial On Shipt?

Free trial subscriptions are offered to customers for a limited period of time, for free, so that they can learn about the product or service and discover value before actually paying for it. In the same way, the Shipt 2 week free trial (or 4 week ) will allow you to test the grocery delivery app so you can try using it.

The biggest catch to shopping with the Shipt app is the membership fee. But do you really have to be a member for grocery shopping with Shipt?

The first step is to have a clear idea of how Shipt works and what are all your options.

To grocery shop using Shipt you can choose between an annual membership of $99 or Shipt Passes.

The membership covers the costs of the delivery and allows you to save the money of delivery fees and get free delivery for orders over $35.

The Passes are a sort of pay-per-order delivery fee. Here are the advantages of Passes:

  • There’s no delivery minimum
  • They never expire
  • They are refundable

Why Does Shipt Offer A Free Subscription?

Shipt offers you a 4-week free trial period, allowing you to test out the service before you decide to part with your money.

If you’ve ever signed up for a trial of Netflix, Disney, Amazon Prime or even Instacart, then you probably know that the best things in life are usually only free for a limited time.

From the company point of view, the free subscription is an easy way to simplify the new customer acquisition process.

how to cancel shipt free trial

How to Cancel Your Free Shipt Trial

Once you activate your free trial you have to provide your payment method. Signing up for a free trial is quite easy. Stopping it is quite simple too and can be done in two ways.

The question is: How do I know when my free trial ends?

You will not receive a notice that your free trial is about to end, we suggest you put a reminder in your phone so you will not forget it.

Another easy way to not get charged if you forgot to turn off a free trial in time is using a virtual credit card.

1. Cancel Free Shipt Trial By Phone

Customers can call (205) 502-2500 Shipt customer service and claim a cancellation of the membership.

You can contact the Shipt support phone number 24/7. You're done in a few minutes, without a dollar spent.

2. Cancel Free Shipt Trial Online

If you prefer, you can cancel the free trial online sending an email at [email protected]

Summarizing: According to the terms and conditions for Shipt you will need to contact Shipt to cancel your membership before the end of the 30 days free trial period to avoid it converting to a paid membership.

How To Cancel Shipt (Membership, Free Trial)

There is no a button on the app. So, if you want to cancel Shipt Membership or Free Trial, take a look at our step by step tutorial #cancelShipt #howToCancelShipt #cancelShiptMembership

How To Cancel Your Shipt Membership And Delete Your Shipt Account

Shipt membership is not refundable if you cancel after the first month.

So, what can you do If you decide a Shipt yearly membership is no longer for you? Whether it's no longer in the budget or you want to ditch the service, the good news is that you can cancel it.

This guide outlines how to cancel your shipt subscription, as well as how to completely delete your Shipt account.

Cancel Shipt Membership Online

So how do you cancel Shipt online? You can cancel your shipt membership on your computer browser through your Shipt account by reviewing your subscription. Your account is the easiest way to manage your membership.

Pick up The Phone And Cancel Your Membership

Shipt free trial lasts for 4 weeks. It gets you all the same perks that the paying members have. Keep in mind that after the trial period is over, the service will automatically upgrade you to a paid membership.

You can always cancel the Shipt membership in a few easy steps, but don't forget to set a reminder in your phone 24 hours before your free membership expires.

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