6 Best Electric Bike Rental Companies for Delivery Couriers

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Are you a delivery driver or courier looking to reduce your environmental impact and make more money while delivering? Electric bikes are the perfect solution - they provide you with the power, speed, and convenience of traditional bicycle delivery, but do it without any emissions. Finding the right electric bike rental company can be a challenge though; there are plenty out there, but not all of them offer quality products or competitive prices. To help you out we've compiled a list of 6 of the best electric bike rental companies for couriers and delivery drivers. Keep reading to learn which ones made our top picks!

Popular Electric Bike Rental Companies Available

Bestreferraldriver is a global network of delivery drivers and bike couriers. We tried out various bicycle rental companies and subscriptions. Find the best electric bike rentals reviewed by the BestReferraldriver team below.

1. Whizz

Whizz is a revolutionary provider of subscription-based rental services that allows users to rent last-mile bikes for their delivery needs. The company was founded in 2021 and since then has been providing top-notch service and support to its customers.

Whizz offers its users an opportunity to rent out e-bikes without having to worry about maintenance, repair or any other problems associated with owning a pedal assist bicycle. This service provides great convenience and flexibility as the user can choose to rent the bike on a monthly basis depending on their needs. Whizz also provides technical service and support during the entire subscription period so that users are not left stranded when they encounter any issues with their rented bike.

The idea behind Whizz is quite simple yet effective; it allows couriers to rent out ebike and earn money delivering with Doordash, Uber Eats and Grubhub without having to own them outright.

This eliminates the hassle of maintaining the vehicle itself. With Whizz, customers can easily check availability, book a rental, pay online and enjoy their ride in no time at all!

Whizz works by connecting customers with available e-bikes through its website where they can choose their preferred make and model depending upon their requirement. Once booked, the customer receives confirmation and can come and pick up the bike.

What’s more is that Whizz has made it extremely easy for customers to extend their rentals if need be; all they have to do is inform the company prior to expiry of current periodicals deal! Additionally, Whizz also has a wide selection of accessories for rental, including locks, helmets, lights, phone holders and even kickstands.

Get Whizz stands out in comparison to other e-bike rental companies because of its competitive prices compared to other e-bike rental companies making it an attractive option for budget conscious riders looking for quality e-bikes at reasonable prices- something which we all seek but rarely find these days!

Locations: New York

Promo Code: SPRING to get $30 OFF the first month rental

2. Zoomo

Zoomo is an Australian-based electric bike rental company that offers a variety of services, from commuter and leisure e-bike rentals to full-sized electric scooter rentals. What makes Zoomo stand out from the other electric bike rental companies is its wide range of e-bikes available, from entry-level models to more expensive and feature-rich bikes. With Zoomo you will be able to rent:

  • E-bike
  • E-Moped
  • E-Cargo
  • E-Quad
  • E-trailer

Additionally, Zoomo offers free delivery within certain areas as well as free pickup and return for their electric bike rentals. The company's website also provides detailed information about their products and services which helps potential customers decide which e-bike would best suit their needs.

At present, Zoomo operates in nine countries across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific region including France, Germany, UK, Spain, USA , Canada and Australia offering its subscribers access 24/7 customer support through phone or email assistance which makes it even easier for them when facing any kind of problem throughout their journey whether related to billing or technical issues encountered while riding their bike.

Read our full review of Zoomo to learn more.

3. Rybit

Rybit is an electric bike rental company with global presence in Europe, US and Asia offering a wide selection of electric bikes for rent ranging from entry level models up to high end performance models.

As a courier you will be able to choose between the following models and customize them:

  • Gen 3
  • RYT C1
  • Trayser

What sets Rybit apart from other e-bike rental companies is its focus on providing high quality bikes tailored to each individual rider’s needs. Customers can choose from different packages depending on what type of riding they intend to do with the rental bike and each package includes comprehensive support such as free phone consultation with professional staff members before, during or after purchase or ride time advice when needed.

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4. Sunryde

Sunryde is an electric bicycle rental platform and a proud member of the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce where they are happy to help the community to get a better service in food delivery.

Sunryde offers various types of e bikes for rent including the robust sunrise e-bike which is designed for the hard work of delivery drivers and the S1 Commute E-Bike

What sets Sunryde apart from other ebike rental services lies in its unique membership plans which allow customers to choose between a weekly rental subscription or a monthly rental subscription and rent electric bicycles at reasonable prices. A small refundable deposit is required like many other similar services impose on users.

Locations: The rental company operates in several cities around the US including Los Angeles, Berkeley, Tempe, Tucson, Dallas, Austin, Miami and Tuscaloosa.

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5. Zygg

Zygg is a Canadian subscription based electric bike rental provider offering a variety of models perfect for both personal use including city commuting and off road use or delivery riders at affordable prices compared to similar services offered by competitors in the marketplace. The subscription rental rate and the features such as home delivery and theft protection make it a particularly attractive option for delivery drivers looking for quality yet affordable transportation solutions.

What sets Zygg apart from other similar providers is their commitment towards providing excellent customer service not only do they deliver your rented bicycle directly to your door but if you need any help understanding how your rented bicycle works you can always count on them thanks to live online chat sessions staffed by qualified experts who are more than happy answer any questions you may have.

Locations: Toronto, Vancouver.

Promo Code: Save 10% on your subscription or ebike purchase for the season! Use code SPRING23.


JOCO is an American based electric bicycle sharing system operating mainly throughout California offering commuters a low cost alternative way to get around congested cities quickly and conveniently.

It stands out compared other similar companies due fact allows users to rent bicycles right at stations nearby quickly thereby making eco-friendly form transportation much easier accessible than ever before.

Unlike many similar providers JOCO doesn’t require any deposits upfront, simply pay once use service allowing users to benefit from lower costs since the subscription plan comes without extra fees involved.

Thanks specially designed mobile app users have ability locate nearest station keep track preferred routes receive notifications when there new JOCO stations open near them thus increasing flexibility convenience using this form transportation whenever wherever needed

Locations: 50+ locations around New York

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Tips for Choosing the Right Electric Bike Company

Choosing the right electric bike company for your needs can seem like a daunting task. With so many different options and features, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. However, with careful consideration and research, you can find the perfect electric bike that fits your lifestyle and budget. Here are some tips on how to choose the best electric bike company for you:

Research The Different Types Of E-Bikes Available

Before starting your search, it’s important to know what type of e-bike is right for you. Do you want a mountain bike or an urban commuter? Are you looking for something more powerful or something more lightweight? There are a variety of models available and each has distinct advantages and disadvantages depending on your needs. Do some research into the different types of electric bikes before making any decisions.

Check Out Reviews

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, look into customer reviews to get an idea of which companies offer quality products with great customer service. Reviews from customers who have already bought electric bikes can be incredibly helpful in deciding which company to purchase from. Pay attention to both the positive and negative feedback people provide so that you can get an accurate picture of what kind of experience other customers have had with that company.

Look At Warranties

Different companies will offer different warranties on their bikes so make sure to compare them before choosing one particular company over another. The most important aspect of any warranty is ensuring that any repairs needed in case something goes wrong will be taken care of by the manufacturer or retailer offering it. Also keep in mind that warranties typically do not cover regular maintenance such as oil changes and tire alignment so this should factor into your decision when choosing an e-bike company as well.

Read Up On Safety Features

Safety is always a priority when it comes to cycling, especially with electric bikes due to their higher speeds and greater power output than traditional bicycles. Make sure that the electric bike company you choose offers plenty of safety features such as reliable brakes, adjustable speed settings, horn/bells/lights etc., as well as adequate protection from theft or vandalism. It’s also important to check whether any additional accessories such as phone mounts, insulated delivery bags etc., are offered by the company free of charge or at an additional cost so that you can be confident that all necessary equipment is included in your purchase when selecting a specific model from their range..

Consider The Cost

Cost is often an important factor when selecting an electric bike since these vehicles tend to be slightly more expensive than traditional bicycles due to their unique design and technology involved in manufacturing them safely and effectively. Make sure that once all other criteria have been met (safety considerations included), you compare prices between different companies offering similar models so that you get the best deal possible without compromising on quality or functionality too much! Additionally, if deposit fees are required by certain companies make sure these are taken into account before making any final decisions about where to buy from.

Flexible Rental Period

Always choose a subscription plan with a flexible rental period.

Ask Questions

Lastly, don't forget to ask questions! Make sure all queries are answered thoroughly before signing on with any particular e-bike company—it’s worth taking some time beforehand rather than running into issues later on! Find out what kind of support they provide (for example technical assistance if issues arise) as well as details about return policies just in case anything doesn't fit correctly or problems occur after delivery etc.. With all this information considered carefully beforehand then it should leave little room for doubt when selecting which e-bike supplier is best suited for your needs!

Essential Accessories and Gear to Consider when Renting an Electric Bike

Renting an electric bike for delivery purposes can be a great way to get around and transport goods in an efficient, eco-friendly manner. However, if you’re going to rent an electric bike for delivery, there are certain accessories and gear that are essential for a safe and comfortable ride.


The most important piece of equipment you’ll need when renting an electric bike for delivery is a helmet. Helmets not only protect your head from any unexpected bumps or falls but also provide extra visibility on the roads. Make sure to select one that fits comfortably and securely on your head, as well as provides full coverage of the back of your neck. If you’re looking for extra safety features, many helmets come with built-in LEDs or reflective materials to make you more visible to passing vehicles at night or in low light conditions.

Lock for Bike

Next up on the list is a good set of locks. Having locks will help keep your electric bike secure while it’s parked at your pickup or drop-off locations. Opt for heavy-duty locks such as U-locks or cable locks; these are usually made of hardened steel and can provide adequate protection against theft attempts. Additionally, consider getting two sets of keys so that you always have a backup key just in case you misplace one or forget where you put it down.


You should also add some lights to your setup when using an electric bike for delivery purposes. This will improve your visibility on the roads and increase your safety significantly at night or during low light conditions. LED headlights can help make sure that other drivers see you before they turn any corners, while rear reflectors can ensure that vehicles behind you know what direction you’re headed in and how far away they are from overtaking you safely.

Rain Gears

To protect yourself from any weather conditions during your journeys, invest in some rain gear such as waterproof pants and jackets with thermal insulation layers underneath them if needed. Rainwear will keep you warm and dry during wet days and climates, while also providing a layer of protection against wind chill during cold days out riding an electric bike for delivery purposes. In addition, remember to bring along several pairs of padded cycling gloves; these gloves not only provide extra grip on handlebars but also reduce the effects of vibration coming from long rides through bumpy roads.


Finally, don't forget about having a reliable way of carrying items when using an electric bike for delivery task purposes; this could be anything from panniers bags attached to the frame to trailers pulled behind the frame itself depending on how much weight needs to be transported at once while riding around town delivering goods efficiently by ebike! Panniers come with different sizes depending on how much storage space is required; make sure that whatever option is chosen fits securely onto the frame without shifting its weight too much off center which could cause unsteadiness while pedaling around town with heavier loads!

Find an Electric Bike Rental Near You

With the increasing popularity of delivery courier services in response to a wide array of products being ordered online, using electric bikes for these services becomes an even more viable option due to their low cost and environmental friendliness. All of these 6 rental companies offer an excellent service that can be tailored for all of your needs as a delivery courier. Whether it’s speed, convenience, affordability or something else that you need, any one of these six companies can provide it.

So whether you are looking to start your own business and want to use electric bikes or just add some extra spice into your current everyday job, you now have the tools and information needed to make a great choice. Now you know everything about the best electric bike rental companies and subscribing to one is a sure step towards improving efficiency in your delivery services or starting out quickly with minimal investment. Don't wait around! Get going and make delivery life much easier!

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