Can I Order An Uber For Moving?

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Uber is convenient! We all agree. UberXL is even better, there is plenty of room, but is it possible to use UberXL for your moving?

If you've ever moved, you know how to find help, there are friends 😉 but finding a car or a truck for your move is always a hassle, especially in big cities.

Carrying your furniture and boxes, etc ... Many people quickly made the connection between rideshare companies, in particular the UberXL option in the Uber app and the possibility of finding a van or SUV with a driver available for cheap.

But is it really possible to use Uber for moving furniture?

“Hello sir driver, fold your seats so I can put my chest of drawers”…

Hmm ...

It deserves a thorough investigation!

At the end of it, we will be able to tell you with certainty whether we can use Uber Van for his move or not.

Moving Cheap with Uber?

Is it necessary always to hire movers? Given the price of the services of professional movers (even those who call themselves “low-cost”), a lot of people organize their move by themself.

We rely on friends and family to carry the boxes and the Ikea shelf. However it remains the major problem of finding a vehicle to move. Loan, rental, all kinds of solutions exist, but it is painful, because you have to go look for it, bring it back, give a deposit, pay insurance, etc ... And for those who do not have the driver’s license (which happens in big cities), it becomes really difficult.

Uber offers different kinds of rides and users are quick to think that the “UberVan” option that they regularly see in the Uber app could do the trick for moving.

Moving with a rideshare app can be the right solution and can be super practical. You do not need to rent a moving truck, you make a ride request, the driver arrives, drops us off and leaves and for the price of an Uber ride, the real deal.

We did a quick survey and out of all the people we've polled around us, almost everyone seems to think it's a great idea to move to the city cheaply, and that they'll do that on their next move.

So, can I use uber suv for moving?

If you take a look at Uber Community Guidelines, you will not be able to find information on how to use UberVan or UberXL or other infos confirming or denying this idea.

If you are a traveller we suggest you consult our guide to Uber luggage .

We understood that we would have to find out for ourselves.

And what could be better than trying to use Uber for moving service?

Let’s go. We have moving boxes and a light on the sidewalk and we order an Uber Van to move out.

Our Uber driver arrives. Seeing our boxes and our light, he looks a little disillusioned at first and then gently tells us that Uber is not a furniture delivery service and this is not going to be possible.

Uber drivers are independent contractors and they pay for their own car maintenance. If by the greatest of luck you come across a driver who agrees to fold his seats to load your furniture, it will only happen because you are lucky.

Uber is made for transporting riders, not for moving. Being an Uber driver is a side driving job. Drivers cannot afford to tangle in the leather of the armchairs or get the carpet dirty.

Can Uber deliver items

The San Francisco based company offers in some cities in the United States a service that much in the same way the company's ride-hailing app connects shippers that are looking to transport their load using the fleet of Uber trucks.

Basically, Uber Freight is an app that matches carriers with shippers. Carriers can just tap a button and instantly book a load, and the price you see is the price you get—no more back-and-forth negotiations.

5 Best Moving Apps

Now that is clear that you cannot use Uber to transport furniture. You must know that there are other moving help apps.

The moving sector is notoriously one of the least involved in terms of technological innovations, however the growing of the "sharing economy" or “collaborative economy”, has been exploited by other successful apps such as Airbnb or Uber, to connect those who have to move with those who want to offer their services and help for a small fee.

Fortunately you do not need to rent a truck and if you are looking for apps to make money with a pickup truck, in this article we will describe you the best app for moving furniture that also can help you make money with a pickup truck.

At Bestreferraldriver we are specialized in side hustle jobs, delivery driver jobs and online jobs . If you are searching for a job, keep in mind that for all these apps owning a vehicle is not a requirement.


uber for moving: Dolly

Dolly was created to re-imagine the big and bulky item delivery experience by putting the customer in control.

It is very simple, you can book a moving and delivery help with Dolly from anywhere in no time. The person who wants to use the service enters the moving day, the place of departure and destination, and the number of people he needs for the moving process.

Subsequently, the moving app like Uber formulates a quote, and once the move is complete, the payment is made, again through the application and therefore without the passage of cash.

You can use dolly delivery service for moving of houses, offices and for shops pickups and deliveries. The main services that can be requested are assembly-disassembly, packaging, loading and unloading of boxes and transport. Depending on the services requested, the app then puts in contact the people available for that date and for that service with those who need to move.

Dolly is currently available in 36 cities of the USA, with the prospect of expanding the services to other cities.

Moving Dolly was immediately successful, with over thousands of applications received from people ready to make themselves available and becoming Dolly helpers.

Indeed if you are looking for side jobs with a pickup truck, Dolly driver wanted! Dolly is one of the jobs that pay through Paypal.

Once the move is completed, the customer then releases feedback for the "movers", a very useful evaluation that will help future users of the application in choosing helpers.

The biggest advantage? The costs of course. In fact the rates are 30-40% lower than those of traditional moving companies.


Lugg delivery is a hauling app. The moving company app is specialized on:

  • Short Distance Moving
  • Donations & Junk
  • Craigslist Purchases
  • Store Purchases

Lugg on demand moving is based in San Francisco Bay Area and operates in the major US cities including:

  • Denver
  • Phoenix
  • Portland
  • Los Angeles
  • Sacramento
  • Seattle
  • San Diego
  • San Francisco

One of the biggest advantages of the Lugg app is that it is really easy to use.

Curious about Lugg's pricing? Learn how delivery prices with Lugg are calculated and about upfront pricing.

The fare depends on the vehicle you choose. Lugg calculates your fare using this criteria:

  • Base Fare – A flat amount of $30 charged when you the crew to show up at the pickup location.
  • Cost per mile – How much you're charged each mile of the ride. The rate is $2.00 per mile.
  • Cost per minute – How much you're charged for each minute it takes the crew to load and unload your stuff.

You can even easily get a free fare estimate .

We compared Dolly vs Lugg for gig workers and users. . Dolly scored higher in different areas including but not only compensation and benefits. From a user point of view, Lugg is the less customizable app.



GoShare is another app like Dolly. The local courier service app connects Delivery Professionals with people and businesses who need help delivering or moving on demand.

There are many pickup truck delivery jobs available for you.

So, if you own a pickup truck, cargo van, or box truck you can apply and become a GoShare driver.

Goshare Driver Requirements

  • You must be 18 years of age or older
  • Have a car, truck or cargo van that’s less than 15 years old
  • Be using an iPhone using at least iOS 10 OR an Android with 4.0 or higher AND have your own data plan
  • Drivers must have a valid driver’s license and auto insurance
  • To assure that you are able to get paid, drivers are required to have a checking account for direct deposit
  • Must pass a background check. The background check fee is $45, or $150 if you have lived in the state of New York.
  • Ability to lift and carry objects of up to 75 pounds

Is driving for goshare worth it?

If you are looking for a GoShare review you are at the right place. Indeed a part of the team of Bestreferraldriver makes money hauling stuff with the GoShare app.

Drivers are called ‘Delivery Pros’. GoShare rates are higher especially if compared to other competitors. A GoShare driver earns on average $33- $66 an hour when delivering with most of the competitors apps, you will earn an average of $15-30 an hour.


If you are looking for a furniture delivery service, you can take a look at Bungii. The app offers the following services:

  • Store Delivery
  • Costco furniture delivery
  • Craigslist Pickup
  • Large Item Delivery
  • Small Apartment/College Movin
  • Garage/Moving Sale Help
  • Appliance Transportation



Moving requires good preparation and organization. We suggest you to prepare a moving checklist and if you need help, you should consider one of the best apps like goshare: Phlatbed.

The driver on demand app is available in many country including:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • The Netherlands
  • Turkey
  • United Kingdom

The moving help app is growing fast. To view a full list of cities where Phlatbed operates, head on over to the Phlatbed website.

It will help you move your stuff and for retailers is an easy way to increase sales conversions and eliminate excess inventory.

In addition Phlatbed offers the ability to track your item in real time and chat with your driver in the app.

Very similar to the rideshare rentals, Phlatbed has developed a truck rental program in partnership with Hertz.

The rental program is currently available in the major city of the United States.

5 BEST Pickup Truck Jobs [Hiring Now]

Are you looking for apps to make money with your truck? Here is a complete list of side jobs with a pickup truck. #pickupTruckJobs #sideJobsWithAPickupTruck

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use lyft to move?

Lyft has different types of vehicles available in their platform. However, very similar to Uber, you cannot rely on Lyft for moving furniture.

Do You Tip Movers?

Whether you use professional movers or you choose one of the Uber for move apps, it is good practice to leave a tip to thank them for this tedious work.


Unfortunately we cannot use Uber for transporting goods or for moving and delivery. And we hope this article will deter users ordering rides with Uber to help move their furniture. Now you have a clear review and you can choose between one of the Uber for move apps.

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