Your Guide to Uber Freight: Everything You Need to Know

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One of the many services now offered by Uber is Uber Freight. The company is one of the Uber subsidiaries. This provides another opportunity for drivers to make income, assuming they have the appropriate vehicle for shipping. At the same time, Uber Freight provides businesses with an alternative to traditional shipping methods.

What Is Uber Freight?

Uber Freight is the famous ride-sharing company’s entry into the world of logistics. It connects shippers and carriers, benefiting both parties involved. It prides itself on transparency and calls itself the “Uber for freight.” The shipping app has grown to a team of hundreds, and has offices in San Francisco, Chicago, and Amsterdam.

How Does Uber Freight Work?

Uber Freight began as a way to benefit owner-operated shipping carriers. It originally helped these carriers book loads with ease, essentially extending what the original Uber app does for drivers to carriers.

Since its launch, the Uber Freight app has expanded to also appeal to shippers. As a shipper, you can use it to find truck drivers that will deliver your shipments to your chosen destination.

How Uber Freight Helps Shippers

As a shipper, you can use the shipper platform to find truck drivers that are ready to help you. The intuitive use of the Uber Freight app means that you do not have to make phone calls, haggle, or try to spend time looking for contact information, rates, and more on emails or websites.

How Uber Freight Helps Carriers

As a carrier, Uber Freight eliminates the need for repeated back-and-forth negotiations before accepting shipments. The application simplifies all of your interactions with clients, including payment processes, logistics, booking, and tracking. Essentially, you do not have to coordinate with each client individually or search high and low for cargo van driver jobs near me, as you can use Uber haul and your cargo van to find a gig whenever you need one. It can even help you book a return load ahead of time, so you do not waste gas or time.

How to Use Uber Freight: As a Shipper

Obviously, shippers and carriers will use in slightly different ways as they have different goals. As a shipper, you start by logging into your account. Then, you enter the information for pickup and drop off, just like you would if you booked a ride-share. The application gives you an instant quote.

You get to decide if you like the quote or not. If you don’t like it, just leave the app, and you have not made any commitments. If you like the quote, you book the shipment in a handful of taps.

The biggest difference between setting up a shipment in Uber Freight and arranging an Uber ride-share is the details you need as they are different processes. Since shipping takes longer, you will have to input a pickup date, something which also lets you plan ahead. You can also choose your preferred pickup and drop off times.

When the time comes for an Uber Freight driver to pick up your cargo, they will arrive at your location.


Given the modern nature of the world, it should come as no surprise that you can track the Uber truck carrying your cargo. Once you go to the Uber Freight login, you will be able to see the tracking in real-time. You can also set up the application, so it sends you updates as the shipment travels. Everything, including the tracking and updates, can be done via the application. This way, you never have to hunt for emails in your packed inbox.

The tracking also includes information about expected delays. You can even let the Uber Freight truck driver know about changes to your needs.

The App

The best way to view the tracking information is in the Uber trucking app, where you will also see milestones, including stops or facilities it reaches. You will also see all of your current shipments, with tracking information, and your completed ones, the latter of which appear as summaries.

Facility Insights Report

As a shipper with Uber Freight, you should also take advantage of the Facility Insights Report. This provides information about facilities, including delivery and pickup locations, based on information shared by drivers and carriers.

The report analyzes the data, giving you actionable insights to help improve the efficiency of your supply chain.

How to Use Uber Freight: As a Carrier

When you log into Uber Freight as a freight driver, you will be able to browse the loads that are available based on your preferences. You can choose filters like shipping lanes, type of cargo, and home base.

You will see all the relevant information regarding available loads when you log into the app as an Uber truck driver. This includes the distance, start and end points, rate, and deadheads, when applicable. Click “Book Load,” and you will instantly book the load in question. Keep in mind that when you press this button, you are obligated to drive for Uber Freight and carry it.

To help you find Uber truck loads, there is also a feature known as “Smart Loads.” This feature looks at your history to determine your preferences, including cargo types and lanes. The system then sends you a notification if it finds a load that you would likely be interested in.

Tracking and Updates

The tracking and updates in the Uber Freight app go both ways, and they can also help the carriers. You can see real-time updates regarding shipment status. You can also see any notes that the shipper sends you, such as requests for changes to the shipping.

Documentation and Payment

The application also helps Uber Freight drivers with documentation and payment. You will receive your money in seven days, with no fees. You can use the mobile app to submit your Proof of Delivery to avoid confusion down the line. To submit this, unload the trailer and tap, “I’m Unloaded.” You will need to take a picture of the Proof of Delivery.

The Facility Insights Reports are also available for Uber Freights carriers.


You will also notice Uber loads include reloads and backhauls, which are loads picking up close to the location you will deliver at. When reloads are available, the platform will automatically suggest them below the load details screen.

Uber Freight Pricing

Conveniently, there are never surprises in terms of Uber Freight pay or fees, as you will see instant quotes when you submit the information for a trip. The rates will change in real-time based on market conditions.

There is also the option of locking in a rate in the case of consistent, repeat shipments. You will have to decide if you want to use this or not as it could save you money if the market rates rise. However, you may end up paying more if the market rate drops.

Uber Freight Salary

As with similar jobs, the salary for Uber Freight careers will depend on what you haul, how far you haul it, and other factors. Longer distances pay more.

Uber will automatically calculate the rates based on market conditions, so you should expect to make similar prices to what you would if you worked with a different company. The difference is that the pricing is upfront.

This means that there is no single answer to how much does Uber Freight pay per mile because it depends on market conditions. When considering the prices for Uber Freight jobs, you should also keep in mind that you will save time with bookings, negotiating payments, and receiving payments. So, as you look at how much does Uber Freight pay, make sure to consider the reduction in time spent on those administrative annoyances.

Uber Freight Plus

For carriers who plan to work with Uber Freight at least once each 30 days, Uber Freight Plus offers benefits that will supplement your income.

You can save money on fuel, including as much as $0.20 on each gallon. You can also get monthly discounts for phone plans, save as much as $16,000 if you buy a new truck, and save as much as 50 percent when buying truck parts.

How to Sign up for Uber Freight

There is a slightly different process depending on whether you want to make an Uber Freight account to ship or to be a carrier.

No matter how you plan to use the Uber Freight app, you will need to provide your first and last name, company name, cell phone number, and business email address.

In either case, you also have to agree to the terms and conditions. Keep in mind that those terms and conditions include a clause that if you have an Uber driver-partner account, Uber may inactivate it when you sign up with Uber Freight.

As a Shipper

If you plan on using Uber Freight delivery service for shipping, you will first need to confirm that your shipments are staying within the United States.

Then, you will have to choose the methods of moving freight that your company uses, including less-than-truckload, 53-inch refrigerated full truckload, 53-inch dry van full truckload, parcel, and flatbed.

As a Carrier

If you are searching for pickup truck owner operator jobs via Uber Freight platform, you will have to provide some important information as you sign up. Most importantly, you need to submit your MC or DOT number, a valid certificate of insurance that shows your cargo and auto liability, your bank account information to receive ACH direct deposits, and in the case of intrastate carriers, state-level motor carrier registrations or permits.

You will also have to agree to the Broker-Motor Carrier Agreement, which is essentially the terms and conditions.

Requirements for Shippers

Most businesses that ship within the United States and do not transport hazardous materials or anything requiring special handling should be eligible to ship with Uber Freight. There are no official limits as to the size of businesses that are accepted, but other options may make more sense for you, depending on what you have to send. For example, you would probably not send a single small box with Uber Freight as it is not the most competitive option.

Given that Uber Freight works with Anheuser-Busch, Proctor & Gamble, and other big names, it is clear that the platform does not place a limit on how large your company can be to use it.

Requirements for Carriers

To keep everyone involved safe and deliver a high-quality service, there are some Uber Freight requirements for carriers. The first of the Uber Freight driver requirements is that you need to be an authorized carrier with your own DOT or MC number.

Additionally, you need to have a minimum coverage of $1,000,000 for auto liability and $100,000 for cargo liability. In the case of reefer carriers, you also need breakdown coverage.

In some cases, you can sign up for Uber Freight without your own DOT or MC number. This would require you to see if your carrier has signed up. If that is the case, the fleet owner could use the fleet management tools for booking loads, tracking shipments, and authorizing drivers so that they can accept loads.

This requirement means that not all owner-operators will be able to use Uber Freight with the same level of freedom they hoped. But, you should not be upset with this restriction, as it is the law. Any other similar application will have the same limits in place.

Requirements for Trucks

When you sign up at Uber Freight com, you will also need to confirm that your Uber truck NYC or another city meets the company’s requirements. The requirements are pretty vague, so as long as your truck meets federal and state regulations, you should be fine. The only big requirement is that you have a 53-inch dry van or a reefer.

Finally, while you can rent a car with Uber, you cannot rent a truck for driving for the transportation management platform.

Contact Information and Support for Uber Freight

If you want to see where your shipment is, your best option is to visit the Uber Freight website or mobile app. If you need to talk to someone, you can send an email to or call Uber Freight at 1-877-289-8237.

There is also a support center that will have answers to most of your questions. Conveniently, the customer service team is available 24/7.


Uber Freight connects shippers and carriers, helping shippers find someone to move their goods and helping carriers find clients. You can access it online or via the mobile application, and it includes details on loads, instant pricing based on market rates, 24/7 customer support, reports on facilities, and more.

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