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The Comprehensive Guide to Doordash Card

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If you're reading this, you've likely embarked on your DoorDash journey as a delivery driver. Before you can hit the road and start earning with this food delivery app, you need to complete your application and link the DoorDash Red Card that came with your activation kit . New drivers often have questions about this card, especially before their first delivery. Don't fret if you're new to DoorDash; we've got you covered. This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know about the DoorDash Red Card, from what it is to how to use it effectively.

1. What is the Red Card for DoorDash

So, what is a Doordash red card? The Doordash Driver Card is the primary piece of gear for Dashers. With the card you will be able to accept and pay for place & pay orders that require red card payment.

You do not have to buy it at Target. You will receive the card by mail with the Doordash starter kit or during your in-person Doordash orientation.

Your redcard is different from the DasherDirect card . The latter is a white card and really different from the red card. Indeed, it’s only used to access your money faster.

To better understand what is the DoorDash red card, we propose a little reminder about how the food delivery service works. Doordash delivers alcohol, food and groceries to your home or office from restaurants.

DoorDash uses the web interface or app technologies where people order food from local restaurants from their Doordash account. Doordash app is a cashless app . So, the customer needs to add a payment card in their account before their first Doordash order. This card will be used when they place an order.

As a Dasher, you have to pick up and deliver the customer's order. Drivers pay at the restaurant for the customer’s order with the red card when prompted by the Dasher App.

Here is the details of how the card works:

  • Doordash instantly loads the customer’s payment onto the red card after the order is placed through the app.
  • At the pick up the Dasher uses the Card at the restaurant to pay the customer’s bill
  • ⚠️ The money does not come out of the Doordash driver’s personal bank account
  • After the order is delivered and designated completed in the Dasher app, the Doordash dasher gets paid and can cash out the earnings.
  • Doordash drivers keep 100% of tips. Take a look at our guide to Doordash tipping
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2. How to Activate My Red Card

Activation of your Red Card is a critical first step. You can set up your card through the Dasher app on your iPhone or Android device, provided you have a WiFi connection. Here's a step-by-step guide to activate your Red Card directly from the app:

  1. Open the App
  2. Open the Menu (top/left corner)
  3. Tap on Red Card
  4. Enter your card's delight number and last 4 digits
  5. Follow the prompt

3. Using Your DoorDash Prepaid Card

Orders that have not been pre-paid for by the customer will have a red banner at the top of the delivery offer that says Red card order. Offers without the black banner are paid in advance by the customer, and use of the Red Card for such orders is not authorized or required.

Basically, for all the Doordash red card orders, you need to use the card when you arrive at the pick up location and the driver app tells you to pay with the card. At this point you need to provide your card to the cashier to pay for the customer's order.

The card is a prepaid card and has no funds on it until the Doordash driver has an order to pick up that requires payment. At that point it only had enough funds for that order. Once the payment is made then any remaining amounts are removed from the card.

You might ask yourself “is the red card debit or credit?”

Here are some important point to know that every Dasher should know:

  • The red card is a credit card and does not have a PIN.
  • Do not add tip when paying with the card

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4. What to Do If You Lose Your DoorDash Red Card?

If you misplace your Red Card, take these immediate steps:

Reporting Your Card as Lost

You can report your Red Card as lost or stolen directly from the Dasher app:

  1. Log in to your Dasher app
  2. Access the Menu (located in the upper left-hand corner)
  3. Under "Account," tap on "Red Card"
  4. Select "Mark as Lost" on the next screen

Ordering a DoorDash Red Card on the Dasher Store

If you lose your card, you cannot get a temporary red card. However, Doordash can help you get a replacement payment card with just a few simple taps in your smartphone or laptop. As a Dasher, you can request a new card that will be mailed to you.

DoorDash uses the United States Postal Service as a shipping service. When you request a new dash card you can choose between different shipping methods:

  • Standard: At no cost. You cannot get tracking info on the card’s ETA. "Better Safe Than Sorry", order an additional card right now!
  • First Class Mail: 5-7 days. You have to pay $4.00 shipping cost and you will get a tracking number.
  • Priority Mail: 2-4 days. You have to pay $8.45 shipping cost and you will get a tracking number.

Just follow our instructions:

  1. Visit the online Doordash Store
  2. Select Retail Dasher Gear
  3. Select the DoorDash U.S. Red Card
  4. Choose your shipping Method
  5. Click “Add to Cart”
  6. Proceed to Checkout

You can also get a new card in the Doordash office near you. However, with the covid-19 pandemic, all local offices are temporarily closed. So, you can only use the first option and get the card by mail. No red cards are available at local offices.

5. How To Doordash For The First Time Without A Red Card?

For those who are new to Doordash, the process of how to doordash without a red card can be daunting

The following are some tips that will assist you in getting started with DoorDash and earning money by delivering food without using a red card.

Any order that requires the Red Card must be declined.

You are free to accept them, but will be responsible for paying for the order before being reimbursed via DoorDash.

6. Door Dasher Red Card Troubleshooting

Something seems to be going wrong with the card, your card is declined... The easiest solution would be to use your funds, but please don't do it.

Failed red card transactions may be a challenge. At Bestreferraldriver we are here to help. The following steps typically take care of most Doordash drivers issues:

  • Wait 3-5 minutes and then ask the cashier to try again.
  • Delete and reinstall the Dasher app.
  • Check if DoorDash is down with DownDetector
  • Tap on ‘Help’ to contact the Doordash in-app support .
can I use doordash red card for gas

7. DoorDash Red Card FAQ

Here are our answers to other most common questions.

Q: Can Doordash Drivers Use Their Card to Pay for Gas?

A: No, first of all, Dashers are independent contractors. DoorDash, as well as Lyft, Uber, or Postmates, don't pay for gas or tickets for car maintenance. You cannot use the Doordash driver red card for gas or for yourself or personal use. In addition, the card has no funds when you do not accept a delivery request and need to pick up an order.

We suggest you consult our guide with the best gas saving tips or save money by using a gas cash back app or learn tricks to get free gas.

Q: Can I do DoorDash without the red card?

A: You should carry the card always with you and be ready to use it if prompted by the app. You should never pay for any Doordash order that you have accepted for delivery with any form of payment other than the dasher Card.

It is a good practice to check you have everything you need to complete your delivery jobs before going online, including your Dash card.

Q: Do You Get More Orders With Doordash Red Card?

A: You will not get more orders with your red card and you will not deliver faster. The delivery process is even slower because you have to go to the cashier and pay for customers' orders. However, if you do not have the redcard, you will not be able to accept orders where the payment is required.

Q: Reimbursements for Doordash Card failure

A: If you lost your card, the merchant didn't accept the Red Card but only cash. Doordash will reimburse you for paying for an order with cash or using your personal card. Here are some important things to know to get reimbursed for this.

  • You can request reimbursement
  • To request a reimbursement fill up the form of the Dasher Support
  • Always take a picture of the receipt

What are the essential gear for Dashers?

The requirements for Doordash are minimal and you do not really need special gear to deliver with DoorDash.

It is important to make the difference between what is required and what can make your delivery experience easier and safer. The only required gear are:

At Bestreferraldriver.com we like to share our expertise with other delivery drivers. The first advice we want to share with you is to always prioritize safety:

  • Wear an helmet and place reflectors or lights if you do bike delivery
  • Use a car phone mount

How do I order Doordash gear?

If you like DoorDash you can check out their online shop to order your equipment.

  • Shipping is also free of charge.
  • Orders are expected to ship within 2 business days of being placed.

How to use the Doordash Red Card: 6 Tips for Dashers

Here is a complete guide on how to use the Doordash red card. Find easy step by step tutorial on how activate it + tips and useful advices for Dashers

💡 Pro Tips for Using The Red Card

  • Double check before you go online that you have the card with you
  • The card is a credit card and not a debit card
  • Do not add tip when paying with the Red Card
  • Do not be shy, DoorDash offers in-app support to all the Dashers while online.

Ready for Your First Delivery!

Now you know everything about the Doordash Red Card. How to set up and use the card and how to solve some common issues. So, you are ready to earn money driving for DoorDash.

We write a lot of guides to help you and make your life easier and help you earn more. We suggest you consult our guides to delivery insurance and our best tips and tricks to make more driving with Doordash

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