How To Cash Out On Doordash - Get Fast Cash With Fast Pay

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How To Cash Out On Doordash - Get Fast Cash With Fast Pay

If you're looking for ways you can earn extra money with a side hustle, becoming a Dasher is a full time or part time job that will help you earn extra cash.

But does Doordash pay daily? Doordash drivers have real-time access to their earnings, including tips and bonuses. With this complete guide you will learn everything you have to know about DoorDash Fast pay and how you can get instant cash whenever you need it using the instant payout option.

DoorDash Fast Pay: Daily Pay Review

Before starting our review, it is important to remember when Doordash pays its drivers. DoorDash pays delivery drivers weekly via Direct Deposit every Monday at 6:30 a.m. (EST), but those payments can take up to four days to hit your bank account.

You can use the driver app to set up the automatic Doordash direct deposit to your bank account.

A week for Doordash runs from Monday to Sunday at midnight. All deliveries completed during that time frame will count towards that week's pay period.

From online jobs, to paid surveys and driving jobs there are a lot of ways today to make money and get paid weekly. However, if you need to get money now, Dashers have the flexibility and can choose to get paid after completing a gig choosing between the daily pay option or the DasherDirect card.

Indeed Doordash is one of the apps that lets you get money before you get paid.

The San Francisco headquartered company wants to support gig workers and offer them a new real-time payment solution. The objective is to create a competitive job opportunity that responds to the evolution of our society.

Today if you need money, you do not have to get a payday loan, or another short term loan. These are usually high cost loans with high interest rates. You do not even need to wait for your paycheck.

The Fast pay on DoorDash allows you to schedule bill payments and organize your personal budget.

With the payment options, workers can have access to their funds at the end of every shift. Do not forget to consult our guide on how to make more Dashing and remember that working during the peak times and peak hours is a great way to boost your income.

The ability to get your paycheck early, is one of the great advantages and benefits of the gig economy that rideshare and on demand delivery companies and rideshare companies offer to their drivers.

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The Downside Of The Instant Pay

Now you know all the positive aspects of getting your pay right away, we aim to examine the negatives.

At Bestreferraldriver we are a community of gig workers. Our goal is to educate gig workers and help you earn more sharing with you our knowledge. In this digital era we also want to help you secure your accounts to prevent loss due to attacks.

Unfortunately there are a lot of scams around gig workers . Some of us were victims of scammers pretending to be corporate employees of on-demand apps.

They say they’ve noticed unusual activity on our accounts and ask for the password.

At this point I believe you can easily imagine what happened.

Once someone gets into your account, it will be easy to transfer your dash earnings to themselves.

Doordash will never contact you by phone and you should never share your password with someone else.

Doordash made a lot of efforts in order to keep your earnings secure. FastPay is always disabled for 7 days since your last debit card update. This change allows time to verify that your payment details are correct.

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What Do I Need To Get Instant Cash With FastPay?

The Doordash cash out feature is currently available only for delivery drivers in the United States.

Here is a checklist of the eligibility requirements for Doordash Instant Pay:

  • Have an active DoorDash account
  • Have a debit card issued in the US
  • You’ve completed at least 25 lifetime deliveries
  • You’ve been on the DoorDash platform for at least two weeks (14 days) since activation
  • Have an available cash balance up to $0

Prepaid cards are ineligible for instant deposit. Liquid cards don’t yet have the capability to receive money because they are not tied to your bank account.

Rideshare and delivery services offering this feature, require a cash out card to complete the cash out.

Today, 95% of U.S. debit cards are compatible with instant money transfers.

According to Stripe, the following banks do not support instant payments for its debit cards:

  • Aba Card Solutions, Inc. Aba Card Solutions, Inc.
  • Banco Coomeva S.A.
  • Banco Popular De Puerto Rico
  • Barrington Bank & Trust Company National Association
  • Brenham National Bank
  • Calvin B Taylor Banking
  • Citizens Bank Swainsboro
  • Cornercard Uk Ltd
  • Dcb Bank Limited
  • First Century Bank National Association
  • Firstmerit Bank National Association
  • Florida Capital Bank National Association
  • Heartland Bank
  • HSBC Bank USA, National Association
  • Ky W Va Gas Co. Employees Federal Credit Union
  • Madison County Bank
  • Mb Financial Bank National Association
  • Mwabank
  • Northbrook Bank & Trust Company
  • Ravalli County Federal Credit Union
  • Republic Bank
  • Republic Bank of Chicago
  • Sunrise Banks National Association
  • Target Bank
  • The Bank & Trust
  • Tib The Independent Bankersbank
  • Wesbanco Bank Inc.

How To Set Up Doordash Fast Pay

The process is simple and only takes a minute or two. You only need your debit card and your smartphone.


  1. Open the Dasher app
  2. Tap on Earnings - Bank Icon (building)
  3. Tap on Payment methods
  4. Tap on Fast Pay

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how to use fast pay on DoorDash

How To Use Fast Pay On Doordash?

Doordash is a 24 7 delivery app and a gig worker can receive an Instant Transfer 24 hours a day, any day. So, how does daily pay work? Once you’ve linked your debit card into your Doordash driver account, you’ll find Instant Deposit in the dashboard of your driver app and you will be able to transfer your earnings and cash out money with just a few clicks on your mobile phone. Below we walk you through the whole process of making a transfer:

  1. Open the Dasher App
  2. Tap on the menu “Earnings“
  3. Tap on the menu “Deposits and Transfers”. Here you will find your current available balance for FastPay.
  4. Tap on the button ‘Transfer’. Your available earnings will be directly transferred to the debit card linked to your account.

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How Much Is Doordash Fast Pay Fee?

Before you decide to cash out money instantly, you should first check out the transfer fees. Indeed, the on demand pay is not free. DoorDash applies a $1.99 fee to cash out your earnings to your debit card.

Keep in mind that once you tap on the button transfer, it is not reversible; there is no way to cancel your transaction and there is no opportunity to stop the payment before it is delivered.

Doordash Fast Pay: Cash Out Your Earnings up to 1 Times a Day

Everything you have to know about Doordash Fast Pay, including fees, how to set it up and use it + solutions for the common problems when the cash out is not working. #doordashFastPay #fastPayDoordash...

Why Is Doordash Fast Pay Not Working?

Your cash out failed? Some dailypay problems are due to app outages. You can try to uninstall and reinstall the Dasher app. We suggest you consult our guide to Downdetector to have a clear idea if Doordash is down.

Keep in mind that if your request wasn’t successful, you weren’t charged any kind of fees and your cash-out request wasn’t deducted from your balance.

Here are some other common reasons why your cash out may fail and the solution:

  • You do not have the last version of the Dasher app. (if in your phone you do not have automatic app updates turned on, you have to download the last version of the app manually.)
  • You have a negative balance on your debit card. Your debit card may not work correctly. This is one of the consequences of Overdrawing your checking account.
  • You changed the debit card on your account less than 7 days ago.

Use this info to fix common issues you can experience when you transfer out money from DoorDash.

  • Verify your Bank is not in the list of the list above.
  • Contact the dasher support. The DoorDash support team is always available!
  • Contact your bank to resolve any potential issues before you try again.

Doordash Fast Pay Canada

If you are a Canadian Dasher, good news, you can enjoy the benefits of the new feature that allows drivers to get paid daily instead of weekly.

This is a great option for drivers who need money more quickly, or who want to have greater control over their earnings.

However, you need to have a debit card issued by the following banks:

  • Bank of Nova Scotia
  • CIBC
  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • TD Bank

The process is simple: drivers opt in to Fast Pay, and then they are paid each day based on the deliveries they've made. There is a small fee of $1.99 for using Fast Pay, but it's generally worth it for drivers who need the extra flexibility. Plus, with Doordash Dailypay, Canada drivers can get paid even faster!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Times A Day Can I Cash Out Using DoorDash Instant Pay Service?

Very similar to Venmo, Cash app and ATM withdrawals there is a daily limit. Using the Doordash fast transfer option, you can receive a quick payout only once a day.

How Long Does It Take To Receive Your Earnings With Instant Pay?

The definition of instant is something that is urgent or happens immediately. The run time of the transfer is +/- 10 seconds. Typically your earnings will be immediately available in your savings account.

In my experience, the funds show up a few minutes after I tap the transfer button. However, depending on your bank's processing time, it can take about two business days for a deposited check to clear.

Can I Use A Prepaid Card Or Credit Card For Instant Pay?

No, you can not use a prepaid card or a credit card. Your card must be connected to your bank account.

Does Doordash Hold Your First Paycheck?

No. DoorDash does not hold the first paycheck of its workers. You will get a regular deposit into your bank account. However, as we said, you will not be able to use the dailypay option during the first two weeks of your new gig.

Get Instant Money

DoorDash is one of the few companies in the U.S. which offers choice for workers to be paid daily instead of on a more traditional weekly, biweekly payout. If you need money right now, using Doordash Fast Pay is a quick and easy way to get your cash ASAP.

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