List Of Female Rideshare Apps For 2024

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female rideshare apps

Are you ready to experience the future of ridesharing? With a new wave of female-oriented rideshare apps emerging on the scene, women can now enjoy a much more comfortable, secure, and convenient way to travel. No more waiting for unreliable public transportation or dealing with strangers who may not be trustworthy in taxis. Having access to a female rideshare app that offers powerful features like fast pick-ups from trusted drivers as well as safety options can save time by eliminating worries about getting lost or running late.

As 2023 ushers in even more advanced technologies and innovations, we have put together this helpful list of some of the best female rideshare apps available right now so that you can make an informed decision regarding your personal transport needs!

Introducing the New Wave of Female Rideshare Apps

Here is a complete list of the several innovative ridesharing companies that have launched female-only services around the world.


Shebah is a rideshare service available exclusively to women and children, customers can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being driven by a driver who has undergone extensive background checks and training. This Australian-based app offers riders the option to choose their driver, and they can also choose between a range of vehicles from a standard car to a luxury option. Additionally, Shebah offers female drivers the opportunity to earn a flexible income while enjoying the perks of working with a company that prioritizes their safety and well-being.

Location: Australia

Download the App: iOS | Android


Chinese ride-sharing company Didi has launched a new service in Mexico called "Didi Mujer" or "Didi Woman" to enhance their female drivers' safety against gender violence. It allows female drivers to select only other women as their passengers. The pilot program is currently rolling out in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, and Tijuana.

If more women join the platform, Didi hopes to enable passengers to exclusively choose female drivers. Didi's rival, Uber Technologies Inc, also launched a similar option earlier this month for female drivers in Mexico to select only women passengers, aligning with its program in Saudi Arabia.

Location: Mexico, Brazil

Download the App: iOS | Android


Fyonka is Egypt's first all-female ride-hailing app, designed to cater exclusively to female riders and drivers. This app is unique in that it encourages women to pursue a career in ride-hailing, providing them with the tools, resources, and support to build a successful business while also enjoying the freedom and flexibility of being their own boss. Fyonka is also committed to empowering women drivers through financial independence and providing them with a platform to make a positive impact in their communities.

Location: Egypt

Just Her

Just Her is a ride-hailing service that caters exclusively to women, providing them with a safe and secure transportation option. This app offers female rideshare drivers who are well-trained in safety and customer service, ensuring that your ride is comfortable and hassle-free. Additionally, Just Her offers a variety of vehicle options, all of which are clean and well-maintained, and the ability to track your driver in real-time for added safety and convenience.

Location: Charlotte, NC

Download the App: iOS | Android


HerRide is an Atlanta-based ride-hailing service created by women, for women. This app is designed to offer a safe and secure transportation option to women who may feel more comfortable traveling with a female driver. HerRide features a unique rating system, allowing customers to rate their driver based on their performance, reliability, and other factors. This system ensures that HerRide maintains high-quality standards, and that customers can rely on the app for safe and efficient transportation.

Location: Atlanta, GA

Download the App: iOS | Android

Wilma Rideshare

Wilma Rideshare is a membership-based female ride-hailing service available in Canada, designed to offer women a safe and reliable transportation option. This app features a variety of vehicle options, all of which are driven by female drivers who have undergone extensive background checks and training. Wilma Rideshare is committed to empowering women through financial independence and providing them with a supportive, flexible work environment. Additionally, this app offers a loyalty program, allowing customers to earn points for each ride they take, which can be redeemed for free or discounted rides in the future.

Location: Canada

Download the App: iOS | Android


Bolt rideshare is a ride-hailing platform connecting drivers and riders for affordable rides, available in over 45 countries across Europe, Africa, and North America.

Bolt's Women Only feature is designed to provide a safer and more comfortable ride-hailing experience for women passengers and drivers alike. With this feature, women can request to ride only with women drivers, ensuring their safety and trust in the driver. This feature operates around the clock, every day of the week and the fares charged for Women Only rides are the same as regular rides. Bolt is committed to providing inclusive and customer-centric services, and this feature is one of the ways they aim to do that.

Location: This ride-type is now available in 12 of our cities in South Africa, including Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Emalahleni, Mbombela, Mthatha, Pietermaritzburg, Thohoyandou, Polokwane, Port Elizabeth, East London and Rustenburg

Download the App: iOS | Android

Female Rideshare App Out Of Business

See Jane Go

See Jane Go was launched in 2016 and was headquartered in Newport Beach, California. The women-only ride-hailing service was available in select cities in the US, including Orange County, California, and Boston, Massachusetts. What set See Jane Go apart was their aim to provide women with a safe and secure mode of transportation. The app only allowed female passengers to request a ride from a female driver, thus creating a more comfortable environment for female passengers who might have previously felt uneasy while using other ride-hailing services.


Safr was another rideshare app that was designed for women and driven by women. The company was founded in 2017 and was headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Safr intended to provide women with a safe transportation option, especially during night time. The app's unique feature allowed, at times, for female passengers or drivers to choose each other in the app's matching algorithm.


DriveHer was based in Toronto, Canada, and provided a women-only ridesharing service. The company was founded in 2018, with the aim of ensuring that women felt much safer when using ride-hailing services. The app also ensured that their drivers were all female, thus providing women with a more comfortable and secure environment. DriveHer intended to expand its services throughout Canada and the United States, and their service would have been available in select cities. DriveHer was dedicated to providing their customers with the best possible service and placing women's safety at the center of its operations.

Rideshare Apps That Let You Choose The Gender Of Your Driver

For some people, choosing the gender of their driver can make a huge difference in their rideshare experience. Understanding this concern, some companies have launched ridesharing apps that let you choose the gender of your driver.

Empower Rideshare

One of the ride sharing services that provide this feature is Empower Rideshare. The female friendly rideshare app aims to empower women and provide them with a safe and comfortable way to get around the city. With Empower Rideshare, customers can choose the gender of their driver and select female drivers exclusively. This feature enables female customers to feel at ease knowing that they have control over their driver's gender. Additionally, it provides a comfortable and safer experience, especially for women who may feel uneasy or unsafe in certain situations.

Empower Rideshare also takes extra measures to ensure a secure and reliable service. They conduct thorough background checks and driver screenings. Moreover, they provide a rating and review system that helps customers make informed decisions when selecting a driver. The app's community aspect allows users to rate their experience with the driver, which in turn helps ensure quality service by removing any unprofessional drivers.

Uber Rideshare

However, Empower Rideshare is not the only company that allows customers to choose their driver's gender. Uber, one of the most popular ridesharing apps, also provides a feature that lets drivers select the gender of their cusomers. Uber's feature is slightly different, as it only allows female rideshare driver to choose only female riders. This feature is available in select countries, including Saudi Arabia, where it is called the " Women Preferred View."

While riders in the US cannot choose a specific Uber driver, they can add their favorite drivers on their preferences list to increase their chances of getting matched with them.

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Lyft is not really a female rideshare app, however the San Francisco headquartered company has always been committed to providing a safe and inclusive platform for both riders and drivers. Now, they have taken that commitment a step further with their new feature called Women+ Connect.

With Women+ Connect, women and nonbinary individuals are given the option to match with more women and nonbinary drivers. This feature adds an extra layer of preference and safety for those who may feel more comfortable riding with individuals who identify similarly.

Here's how it works: drivers can enable a preference in the Lyft app to prioritize matches with nearby women and nonbinary riders. When a driver with this feature enabled receives a ride request, Lyft will attempt to match them with a woman or nonbinary rider in close proximity.

It's important to note that if no women or nonbinary riders are nearby, drivers with this preference enabled will still be matched with men. Women+ Connect is a preference feature, not a guarantee. Lyft aims to provide options and empower their drivers to make choices aligned with their comfort levels.

It is crucial to mention that Lyft continues to prioritize safety for all users, regardless of gender or identity. They maintain thorough background checks, insurance coverage, and a 24/7 support team to ensure a secure and reliable rideshare experience for everyone.

In conclusion, Women+ Connect is an exciting new feature from Lyft that empowers women and nonbinary individuals to have more control over their rideshare experiences. By allowing drivers to choose their preferences, Lyft is fostering inclusivity and promoting connections within their community.

Location: Women+ Connect is only currently available in the following cities: Chicago, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco, and San Jose.

Safety Features Unique to Female-Only Rideshare Companies

Traditional ride-sharing platforms have been criticized for not doing enough to ensure the safety of their female customers, which led to the development of female-only ride-sharing apps.

One of the primary security features unique to female-only ride-sharing apps is the female-only drivers. Having female drivers, who are usually more understanding and empathetic to the safety concerns of their female passengers, provides an added layer of security and comfort. This is particularly important for women who are hesitant to take a ride alone with a male driver, especially during late-night or early morning hours.

Moreover, as the majority of crimes against women are perpetrated by men, female-only ride-sharing apps create an environment in which women feel more protected and less vulnerable to dangerous situations. Research conducted by UK-based safety organization Suzy Lamplugh Trust found that more than 80% of women would prefer to use a ride-sharing platform if it offered the option of a female driver.

In addition to female drivers, many female-only ride-sharing apps offer in-app safety features such as an emergency button or a feature that allows riders to share their trip details with friends and family members. In case of an emergency or if the rider feels unsafe, the emergency button can be used to quickly alert the authorities and the ride-sharing company. The trip-sharing feature also allows friends or family to track the rider’s journey in real-time and receive alerts if there are any deviations from the original route.

Some of these ride-sharing apps even provide self-defense training to their drivers. This training covers safety practices such as situational awareness and how to quickly assess a situation and respond appropriately. Drivers are taught how to recognize the signs of potential danger and act accordingly. This not only ensures greater safety for drivers but also makes them better equipped to handle emergency situations that may arise during trips with passengers.

Furthermore, female-only ride-sharing apps also offer features that protect against unsavory passengers. In most female-only ride-hailing apps, drivers have the option to accept or reject ride requests based on a passenger’s profile. This profile may include the passenger’s photo, their name, and ratings from previous rides. Drivers may choose to reject passengers who do not have a complete profile or who have poor ratings. Additionally, some female-only ride-sharing apps may require passengers to provide additional information such as a verified phone number or credit card details to prevent fraudulent ride requests.

Why Women Prefer Female-Only Transportation Options

In recent years, several women have expressed their preference for female-only transportation options. This has led to the rise of services such as women-only cabs, buses, and trains. To understand the reasons behind this trend, we interviewed a group of women from various demographics. Through their responses, we unraveled some critical insights into why women prefer female-only transportation.

Firstly, safety is the primary concern for most women when selecting a mode of transportation. The reality is that women are at a higher risk of experiencing harassment, assault, or violence when traveling alone. According to a survey by Bustle, six in ten women have experienced some form of harassment while using public transportation. Unsurprisingly, this has left women feeling vulnerable and unsafe. Female-only transportation options, such as cabs or trains, provide a safer environment for women while traveling. Women are more comfortable and confident using these services knowing that the driver, guards, or other passengers are all women. Women can relax and let their guard down, without worrying about their surroundings.

Moreover, women-only transportation options, such as Pink taxis or the Women Only carriage on trains, provide a sense of empowerment and liberation to women. Women who are used to being constantly catcalled, stared, or harassed in public transport, appreciate the opportunity to reclaim their space.

This is especially true for women who live in conservative societies, where public transport can be an uncomfortable experience. The availability of female-only transportation increases women's access to public services, enhances their mobility, and contributes to their economic participation. Women who choose female-only transportation options can concentrate on their work or daily activities without the added emotional labour of worrying about sexual harassment.

Another advantage of female-only transportation is the removal of gender stereotypes. Women are often judged based on their choice of clothes or behavior while traveling. They are expected to dress conservatively, avoid talking to strangers, and maintain a low profile. Women-only transportation options offer women the freedom to be themselves without the judgment of others. Women can dress however they please, and engage in conversations without the fear of being labeled as 'too friendly.' Women are also free from the male gaze, which is a common experience in public transportation.

Female-only transportation options offer a more comfortable and accommodating experience for women. According to a survey by Mintel, women value cleanliness, comfort, and privacy while traveling. Female-only transportation services cater to these values, with services such as charging points for devices, comfortable seating, and decent lighting. These services make the commute more enjoyable and less stressful in a crowded and congested city.

Final Take

All these ride share apps may be hailing the success of a more equitable ride-sharing environment for female drivers and riders. They provide a much safer, reliable option for people who want to travel from point a to point b quickly and securely. This is definitely something new that has been needed in the past, as many women have felt unsafe or uncomfortable when utilizing traditional rideshare options.

It is a great thing that these apps have been able to come up with creative solutions for female riders. Additionally, each of these apps feature an easy-to-use interface so even those who are new to using ride-sharing services can get set up conveniently and get on the road with confidence. Hopefully, this trend will continue into 2024 as many companies start competing and providing more innovative solutions that make sure passengers are safe while traveling by means of rideshare services.

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