8 Things to Know Before To Become a Via Driver

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The Comprehensive Guide to Via Driver

via driver

If you are looking for a way to make money driving strangers around the town, you should probably consider Ridewithvia. Becoming a Via driver is a great side hustle that will allow you to make money driving part-time full-time or as a temporary job. With this guide you will learn what it takes to sign up for the ridesharing company including the requirements and a complete review of the most important point: the driver pay.

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1. How Does Via Work?

Via is a low cost car sharing app most specifically a corner to corner service that connects drivers and riders on demand.

Indeed, unlike other rideshare apps, Via does not offer a door to door service. Riders can easily save money on transportation and ride anywhere with Via car service.

Here’s how the app works, step by step:

  • A rider open the Via app and request and book a ride
  • Very similar to Uber Pool rides, Via car share app will match you with a driver in real-time better situated for your ride and another rider in the area who is headed in a similar direction as you.
  • You will get brief instructions for getting a pick spot. The routes are assigned using advanced technology to avoid unnecessary detours. You have to walk up to two blocks at pickup and/or drop off.

How Does Via Work For Drivers?

Via drivers are not Via employees but independent contractors. As a 1099 independent contractor, if you made more than $400, you need to pay self-employment taxes which includes Medicare and Social Security taxes.

You are responsible for your vehicle maintenance, wear and tears and for your gas expenses. Learn how to find cheap gas.

Via welcome drivers from other ride hailing companies including Lyft and Uber, delivery drivers and other gig workers.

Working as a driver isn’t the only job opportunity available with Via. The company has job opening positions around the world in the following departments:

  • Finance
  • Engineering
  • Data Scientist
  • Business strategy
  • Global Marketplace

You can take a look at the Via career page to get job information for all the current opening positions.

2. Is being a Via driver worth it?

via driver support

Via Driver Support

Have you already heard Uber drivers complain of the Uber driver support? Reading some Via reviews I noticed that other drivers really appreciate the Via technical support, always ready to assist through any difficult times.

via driver commissions and fees

Pay the Lowest Commission

Are you tired of paying 25% from each fare in Uber driver fees? Via collects one of the lowest commissions in the industry: 10%!

via guaranteed hourly rate

Earn guaranteed hourly rates

With Via, you earn by-the-hour, giving you peace of mind and stability in your earnings! Furthermore you can enjoy the quick pay.

3. Where Can I Drive with Via Rideshare

Ridewithvia is currently available in the following city:

  • Chicago
  • New York City - NYC (On December 2021 Via stopped to operate in NY. Take a look at our guide to apps and rideshare in NYC)
  • Washington D.C.
  • Arlington, TX
  • West Sacramento

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic they posed their services in Chicago. For more information about availability and the service area, we suggest you take a look at Ridewithvia website.

💸 🚗 Save money, learn how to find cheap insurance.

4. Via Driver Requirements

The basic requirements for becoming a via driver are being at least 21 years of age, having at least two years driving experience with a valid driver’s license, and passing a background check.

Like Uber or Lyft, Via wants to provide a safe platform for riders. This means that every applicant without any exception must undergo a criminal background history, a DMV check and be covered by auto insurance.

If you are curious about Via background check, just know that Via will not run a credit check on you however you can be disqualified from employment if you have one of the following:

  • Felony
  • Serious convictions
  • A major motor vehicle offense or criminal offense conviction in violation

Lastly, you must also own a smartphone with a data plan and a bank account to receive direct deposits.

To summarize, here are all of the Via driver requirements:

  • Must be at least 21 years of age
  • Have at least one year driving experience
  • Own an iPhone with iOS or Android for the Via driver app
  • Data plan is required
  • Drivers must have a valid driver’s license
  • Must have a bank account to receive direct deposit payments
  • Must pass a background check

💡 PRO TIP: To drive with the Via platform in NYC a TCL drivers licence is mandatory. However, you can apply even if you do not have one. Indeed, Via can help you with the process of obtaining a TCL drivers licence.

5. Via Vehicle Requirements

Drivers partners who drive their own vehicle must meet some vehicle requirements. The shared ride service has safety standards. Unlike delivery apps there is an age requirement for all the fleet in the platform. Vehicles must be no older than the 2010 model year.

To summarize, here are all the vehicle requirements:

  • Have a TLC licensed vehicle
  • You must have a sedan or a Suv with leather or fabric seats.
  • Vehicles must have 4 doors and at least 5 seats.
  • Vehicles must have working AC and windows.
  • Vehicles must pass a yearly routine safety inspection. You can find here the Vehicle Inspection Form
  • Vehicles can be no older than the 2010 model year.
  • Vehicles cannot be taxicabs or commercial vehicles.
  • Vehicles cannot have an active “Do Not Drive” recall notice.

You can take a look and download our free guide with the list of the recommended vehicles.

Do not have a car? Do not worry. Take a look at our rideshare rental guide and learn how to find the best leasing deals or other via car rental options.

6. Sign Up to Drive for Via

via sign up

The Via sign up process starts online. If you are already an Uber or Lyft driver, you will not be lost. However, keep in mind that the hiring process can take longer than other rideshare apps.

If they have enough drivers in your area, you will be included in a waiting list.

As soon as you are off the waitlist, you'll hear from Via with an invitation to come to their office and finish the sign-up process.

Signing up to drive for the rideshare company is an easy task. Follow our step by step tutorial:

Step 1 – Fill out the official Lyft driver application. Visit the VIA driver application page and enter:

  • Phone number
  • The city you’ll drive in

Step 2 - Enter Additional Information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email

Step 3 - Answer some basic questions about your driver’s licence, if you are currently working for other rideshare companies.

Step 4 - Fill up the inputs with your date of birth

Step 5 - Upload the required documents including:

via driver partner registration
  1. DMV License
  2. Insurance Policy
  3. Profile Picture

7. How Much Do Via Drivers Make?

The first important point is understanding how Via driver pay works. ViaPartner App have two modes:

  • Blue Mode
  • Flex Mode

Blue Mode (hourly rates)

You may be eligible for certain promotions that will help you earn more. In-app promotions are based on when Via expect the most trip requests in your area. Recently the rideshare company launched a driver promotion called “Blue Mode”. Here is a breakdown of how he Blue Mode works:

  • Drivers earn a guaranteed rate per hour
  • No minimum number of ride requirements
  • The promotions are available during the peak time when they expect the most trip requests in your area. Here are some example of blue mode pay:
    • Monday to Thursday (6:30am-1am) – $14/hr gross
    • Friday (6:30am-midnight) – $14/hr gross
    • Saturday (all day!) – $15/hr gross
    • Sunday (all day!) – $15/hr gross

Flex Mode (per ride pay)

With the Flex mode you'll be paid for each trip you complete and have the flexibility to accept or decline rides.

8. How Does Via Make Money?

But how does the company itself make money? The business model of Via transportation is very similar to the business model of the San Francisco headquartered transportation company.

Via collects fees from their riders and drivers.

Via charges its drivers a 10% fee on all fares of normal guaranteed hourly earnings. The fees cover the use of its software, collection and transfer of fees, credit card commission and distribution of invoices to customers.

In case of Revenue-Based Payments, the commission increases and becomes 32.5% commission.

9. Driving with Via in NYC

rideshare drivers pay rates NYC

Find below some helpful information about New York City regulations, document requirements, and insurance coverage, needed to drive with Via in NYC.

What you need to drive with Via in NYC

In addition of the basic requirements here is a checklist of everything you need to drive with Via in New York City:

Via Car Service can help you get your TLC driver licence.

TLC’s driver pay rules establish a minimum per-trip payment standard for all drivers. Find below the driver pay rates for the minimum payment standard as of February 01, 2020:


Non-WAV trips:

  • $1.103 per mile
  • $0.502 per minute


Non-WAV trips:

  • $1.103 per mile
  • $0.502 per minute


Non-WAV trips:

  • $0.928 per mile
  • $0.422 per minute

These rates are adjusted periodically and you can find them in the NYC.gov website.

8. How do I get the Via Driver App?

The driver app is your main work tool. The driving app has a lot of features including the in-app navigation

If you have finished the application process you can download the app by following our easy tutorial on the:

💡 PRO TIPS: The Via Driver app requires up to 2GB of data per month.

Other Driving Jobs

Via is not available in your city? Are you looking for other ways to make money with your car? You do not need to check the Craigslist jobs or Indeed jobs offers. At Bestreferraldriver we are specialized on delivery jobs, driver jobs and other easy side hustle.

Whether you are looking for a weekend driving jobs or a full time job, in addition to the main ride sharing services, driving jobs are hiring in the major cities across the US including:

  • Atlanta
  • Buffalo NY
  • Chicago
  • Houston
  • Jacksonville FL
  • Los Angeles
  • Orlando
  • Phoenix

Here is a full list of the best driving jobs and other car side hustle that you may like:

Start Driving Now

If you're looking for ways you can earn some extra cash with a side hustle or a full time job, driving for Via is a good way and it doesn’t require special skills. Finally, being a rideshare driver driver for Via can be a great addition to your income.

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