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Uber ride-sharing app is used by 93 million people around the world. So, are you already a driver, or are you seeking out a new side hustle to make extra money? If you are neither, then you are probably one of the millions of customers already using the Uber app. Regardless, you are definitely someone looking to send packages!

You may be asking yourself, "Does Uber deliver packages?" Well we've got good news for you!

The ride-sharing service is now able to help deliver any size of package and items up to 30 pounds to their desired destination in town in a safe and efficient manner. Literally anyone can sign up and get started on their way with an easy click of a button - no more running around trying to find someone who will take your stuff or waiting days before getting it delivered (if at all).

Check out our take on Uber Connect and get information with this go-to guide for using this new Uber service.

1. What Is Uber Connect

Uber Connect is Uber's package delivery solution. It allows for your packages to be delivered to the recipient of your choice.

Basically, it is the Uber's delivery parcel service and one the latest expansion of Uber Technologies services. The company is already well known for Uber's Ride-Sharing services and Uber Eat food delivery. Uber also has several other reliable subsidiaries under its belt.

Using the Uber courier service is the new way to get packages to your friends and family, without having to make the trip yourself. It can even be utilized by your small business, as drivers are permitted to deliver your product directly to your customers!

The service has so many benefits for all parties involved. We think you will want to get ready to replace the delivery service you are currently using with Uber connect! You may even want to consider ditching your current job to become an independent contractor for the company!

Currently, there are two options available - Uber Connect Saver and Uber Connect Express.

Uber Connect Saver

Uber Connect Saver is the perfect option for those looking for an economical way to transport small items quickly. Customers can send packages of up to 30 pounds. The catch with this option is that it utilizes drivers who have already accepted deliveries on their route, so the delivery time may vary depending on the driver’s other commitments. You can check the price upfront using the Uber fare estimator .

Uber Connect Express

For those who need their item urgently and require speedier delivery times, they can opt for Uber Connect Express instead. With this service customers are guaranteed delivery within two hours, or four if the package needs to travel further than 30 miles away from its origin. The prices for this option varies depending on the distance but generally falls between $10-$20 per package.

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2. Where Is Uber Connect Available

Uber connect is available in a multitude of cities within the United States. This includes, but is not limited to, New York, Los Angeles, Baltimore, and Philadelphia.

It is also available in other countries. For example, some areas of Australia and Canada also have access to this package delivery service.

To identify whether or not you can become a local package delivery driver, or utilize the Uber delivery service as a customer, you will need to open Uber's mobile app and turn on-location services. If you see the package option then the parcel delivery service is available in your current location.

If you do not see this option Uber's package delivery service has likely not rolled out in your area yet.

However, Uber has continued to expand this service across the United States and several other countries since its initial launch. So, make sure you are on the lookout because if it is not available yet we are sure it will be coming to your area soon!

Becoming an Uber Connect Driver

If you are not already a driver for any of Uber's services you will need to complete a background check before you begin making deliveries. This is required of all Uber drivers. Additionally, your vehicle will have to meet Uber's vehicle requirements.

Once passed, we recommend you get plenty of driving practice before you start. You and your passenger's safety is everyone's top priority.

Next, in the Uber Driver app, you can sign up to deliver packages if the service is running in your area. If you are already an Uber Driver, check your email! They most likely have already sent you one to prompt you to sign up!

Agree to the new terms and conditions and start using Uber for delivery by accepting parcel delivery requests!

How Do I Deliver Packages

If you want to know how Uber connect works for drivers you are at the right place. Uber Connect delivery drivers can accept requests or decline them. By accepting a request through the Uber Driver app, you are agreeing to come to pick up the package at the designated pick-up location.

After picking up the sealed package, it is time to drop it off!

The recipient of the package will have special instructions for Uber Connect package delivery. This makes using Uber Connect's package drop-off service a painless experience for drivers.

The Benefits Of Being an Uber Connect Driver

Uber will allow you to accept the deliveries that you actually want to complete. This means an Uber Connect driver has the ability to create their own schedule. You can also cancel a delivery you previously accepted at any time, for any reason so long as it does not violate Uber's Guidelines.

Uber has a list of prohibited items, a weight limit for packages, and requires packages to be sealed. The package should fit comfortably in the trunk of a midsize vehicle.

These requirements are intended to protect the driver from any safety concerns or potential liability.

The list of prohibited items include but are not limited to: alcohol, medication, recreational drugs, and dangerous or illegal items.

The company also offers access to support services by providing resources available to drivers 24/7. The Green Light Hub provided by Uber is especially useful for drivers as it allows for in-person assistance.

So, Is Uber connect worth it?

Delivering packages with Uber is a great way to make extra cash. In a comparison between a state's minimum wage and the average hourly pay of Uber drivers working in various cities, it can be proven that Uber drivers often make more than their state's minimum wage.

You can also enjoy the benefits of daily pay. Uber is notorious for allowing drivers to collect speedy payouts .

Additionally, Uber as a company has been generous with its drivers in years prior. Drivers can take advantage of promotions and incentives, just like any other type of Uber driver. You can also earn rewards by maintaining good ratings.

Finally, you can increase your earnings with customer’s tips .

6. Questions Frequently Asked By Drivers

What Happens If A Customer Cancels The Delivery?

You will still be compensated via a cancellation fee, so long as you are already in the process of delivering the package.

How Do I Know Who To Deliver The Package To?

There should be specified delivery instructions and a drop-off location. Before leaving the package at the recipient's door, you will have a four-digit PIN to confirm they are the correct recipient of the package.

What if no one is at the package's final destination?

Wait a couple of minutes and then contact the sender of the package through the app. If they do not respond, seek out Uber's Help services.

How to Become an Uber Connect Customer

If you are already a user of Uber's ride-sharing services, you are already set up to send and receive packages through Uber's service. If not, create an account and download Uber's mobile app.

After downloading it, enter a payment method. Clients must have an active account with valid payment information connected,this include Paypal, a debit or credit card or Uber Cash . At this point just click the package icon! You will see it as soon as you open the application.

Following this step, you need to make a decision. Are you sending a package or receiving one? From there, all you need to do is pick out your package's starting point and final destination. Type in the addresses of both destinations.

Then, if you have any, you can also add personalized special instructions (i.e., handle with care). You will also need to confirm that your package does not contain any of the items Uber has specified to be prohibited.

At this point you can meet your driver. Generally Uber will assign a driver within a few minutes of you requesting package pickup, so we advise you to be ready! Uber package delivery will appear at the drop-off and pick-up locations you previously selected.

The service also allows you, as a customer, to choose where you want to meet your driver. Send your package right from your doorstep or pick one up curbside.

Finally, the recipient of your package will meet the driver at the final destination and the trip will end. Do not forget to ask the recipient to meet the delivery person at the curb to retrieve the package.

8. Customer Perks

Other forms of package delivery are rarely this efficient. Uber offers same-day delivery.

Also, never endure the post office begrudgingly again. There is also no need to buy a pesky postage stamp to get your package from point A to point B.

Personalized delivery notes. We know there is a certain comfort in knowing your Uber Connect driver will actually see your requests too.

The service can be used completely contactless. Your personalized requests can help you never come into physical contact with anyone else. This aspect of the Uber Connect service is great for those with health concerns.

Additionally, you can reserve your time for activities you want to do. There is no need to make that thirty-minute drive when you can be catching up on work, or hanging out with your family instead.

You can track your order throughout the entirety of its journey. The mobile app allows customers access to a GPS view of the location of their driver up until the completion of the delivery.

Do not forget that you can also contact the driver through the app! You can message your Uber Connect driver at any time with any potential questions or concerns you may have. Direct contact between delivery drivers and package senders is a luxury unique to Uber Connect's service!

Questions Frequently Asked by Customers

Where can I send packages to?

With the Uber package delivery service, you can send packages locally.

How Do I Contact My Driver?

You can send a direct message to your driver via the same app you placed the order on!

What Will it Cost to Use the Uber Connect Service?

When you choose the pickup and drop-off locations of your package you will immediately see an estimation of the cost. You will also be able to see an estimation of the time frame of delivery.

How Is This Service Contactless If I Need To Meet The Driver To Give Them My Package?

Well, the driver will open the trunk for you, without leaving the driver's seat, and you can place your package in the car yourself. This eliminates the need for any up close and personal interaction.

Can The Recipient Track The Delivery Too?

Yes, they can! The sender just has to use the trip sharing feature with the recipient of the package.

What If I Need To Cancel My Order?

You can, but you will be subject to paying a cancellation fee if you cancel in the middle of the delivery. This is so the delivery driver still receives compensation for the time and effort they put in.

Are My Packages Insured When They Are Delivered By Uber Connect Drivers?

No, Uber does not maintain insurance coverage for package loss. However, Uber drivers are to maintain at least the minimum required auto insurance by their respective states.

Start Using Connect Today

We know that whatever it is you are looking for, you are bound to find it when you start using Uber Connect

The perks of using Uber Connect as a customer are fantastic! However, if you are looking for a new job, or even just a side hustle, becoming an Uber package delivery driver clearly provides you with a great abundance of opportunity benefits!

Start the process today by signing up with Uber! You can reap the benefits of the offered bonuses, promotions, and even a referral code when you sign up. All of which earn you even more money.

If you want to learn even more about the benefits of being an Uber Connect then click here!

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