The Top 10 Doordash Competitors & Alternatives [2023 Analysis]

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Over the past years, the delivery business has grown at an exponential rate and became an essential part for businesses and customers.

The pandemic has forced the majority of restaurants and small businesses to transition to a “delivery-first” model where they rely on orders placed through third party delivery apps.

The San Francisco headquartered company has its fingers in many pies. Currently, the Doordash industry doesn’t only include food delivery, but rather various other services. Doordash is a logistics company that connects on-demand local businesses and users through its mobile apps.

However, while Doordash is one of the largest delivery companies out there, plenty of businesses are direct competitors in some way.

Whether you are an app user looking for Doordash alternatives, a Gig worker looking for companies similar to Doordash to make extra money on your spare time, or you are a retailer looking for a delivery platform to boost your sales, you are at the right place.

This guide will look at some of Doordash’s top competitors in various areas from different lenses, explaining what exactly makes them successful.

Top Doordash Competitors

Who is Doordash competing with? The answer might surprise you. From small food delivery companies to other delivery business giants, Doordash has its hands full with online competitors. Some of its main competitors are:

  1. Uber Eats
  2. Grubhub
  3. Gopuff
  4. Other Food Delivery Options
  5. ChowNow
  6. Instacart and Other Online Grocery Stores
  7. Amazon
  8. Drizly
  9. 1-800-Flowers
  10. Shopify

Uber Eats

Our list of companies similar to Doordash can only start with Uber Eats.

Indeed, Uber Eats is one of Doordash’s main competitors. Both companies consolidate their business through acquisitions of other food delivery services.

In 2020, Uber acquired its rival Postmates, allowing the company to grow.

The competition between Doordash and Uber Eats is growing fiercer as the years go on, mainly due to the fact that both delivery apps are after the same customers in similar markets. Their intended audience is similar in many ways, which pushes each to find unique ways to persuade the audience more than the other.

Indeed, a crucial part of Uber Eats’ strategy is that it doesn’t limit itself to a specific product category. Very similarly to Doordash, Uber Eats expanded its delivery business to a wider range of categories, including grocery delivery, alcohol delivery and more.

Anecdotally, DoorDash outperformed its rival UberEats when it came to Super Bowl ad consumer reaction. DoorDash's ‘Sesame Street’ ad spot was met with a largely positive consumer response, 64% positive. UberEats' 'Wayne's World' spot garnered 54% positive sentiment.

Uber Eats is also a door dash competitor when it comes to delivery drivers. Uber Eats is currently offering high incentives to new drivers for delivering with them.

Grubhub | Just Eat Takeaway

Grubhub is a food delivery service like Doordash that connects customers with local restaurants on-demand. It’s one of alternatives to Doordash delivery that allows you to get breakfast, lunch, supper, and food-on-demand delivered to your door from your favorite restaurants with just one tap on your phone.

The Grubhub app has an array of offers when it comes to restaurant selection - there are plenty of restaurants to choose from. From Olive Garden to Dunkin Donuts, Grubhub offers pick-up and delivery options.

Once you place your order on the app, you can live-track it from preparation to Grubhub driver’s arrival.

In 2021, Just Eat Takeaway acquired Grubhub in an all-stock deal of $7.3 billion.


Similar to Doordash, Gopuff is an app that can be downloaded to order tobacco, snacks and other products.

Gopuff focuses on providing customers with a fast delivery service. Gopuff can deliver groceries, covid tests and household essentials in less than half an hour from dark stores or micro-fulfillment warehouses operating 24 hours a day.

Instant needs companies are redefining online shopping, especially in big cities like NYC.

Doordash recently launched Dashmart stores that deliver groceries and other small essential items almost instantly to customers when they need them.

Gopuff has received billions in investment dollars, and is planning an IPO by the end of the year. When it comes to ultra fast delivery, Gopuff is one of the alternatives to Doordash.

After you place an order on the Gopuff app, someone will be delivering your order right to your door.

Gopuff and Doordash are both currently offering contact-free delivery as well if you prefer.

Other Food Delivery Options

When you think of food delivery companies in the USA, you probably think of Doordash and Uber Eats. While they are the two major players in the industry (having acquired or driven out of business quite a few competitors over the years), there are still many other food delivery options out there who offer very similar services.

These alternatives tend to be smaller and more localized in their reach, but they can be just as useful and sometimes might suit your needs better.


Favor is one of the delivery apps that deliver anything. The company was founded in 2013 and was acquired by the Texas-based regional supermarket chain H-E-B in 2018.

Favor competes with Doordash. However, the latter has a wide choice of menu items and exclusive partners including the Cheesecake Factory


Waitr is a food delivery company based in Lake Charles, Louisiana that operates through a desktop browser and a mobile app.


ChowNow is a food mobile orders head platform but not a delivery company. They propose themselves as one of the better alternatives to Doordash when it comes to restaurants.

A great solution for restaurants that want to eliminate delivery fees that third party delivery apps take on pickup and delivery orders.

If you are a restaurant owner looking for companies like Doordash to boost your sales online, you may consider Chownow.

Keep in mind that Chownow is not free. They just have a different business model, but the services will remain similar to those offered by Doordash.

Instead of taking a percentage from each order, ChowNow introduced a subscription-based service. The subscription costs $149 a month, with a $399 setup fee per location, but the cost can be reduced if a business signs a contract for a longer period. Its annual plan for customers is $119 a month and the two-year annual plan is $99 a month.

If you are a small business owner you can take a look at our guide to the third party delivery apps to find the right one for you.

Instacart and Other Online Grocery Stores

Over the past years, DoorDash has grown its number of grocery partners.

The delivery business until now known for delivering restaurant meals entered into fierce competition with Instacart.

Dashers do not only deliver food but they also shop and deliver groceries for customers.

Take a look at our complete comparison of Instacart vs Doordash.


Amazon is one of Doordash’s competitors. Over the last few years the e-commerce giant has invested billions in delivery centers and smaller local warehouses to make speedy deliveries of almost anything.

Amazon customers can order groceries from Amazon Fresh or Whole foods and get them delivered in less than one hour.

If you are a merchant looking for ways to compete with Amazon, providing ultra fast deliveries through the Doordash platform is a convenient way to put value on your customers' needs.


DoorDash categorizes food for customers into fast-food, breakfast, Mexican, Asian, vegetarian, dessert, pizza, Italian cuisine, Thai food, Chinese food, barbecue and other categories. Alcohol is one of the menu options available on the Doordash app.

The alcohol e-commerce sales grew an estimated 80% between 2019 and 2020 in the U.S.

If you want to order alcohol online and get it delivered to your doorstep, Drizly is another option you might want to consider.

Drizly is one of Uber’s subsidiaries that partners with local alcohol stores and allows customers to order and pay online while a delivery driver takes care of the delivery process.

However, Drizly is not one of the alternatives to Doordash for drivers because they do not offer gig job opportunities.


Over the years, Doordash expanded its business across the world but also in different sectors. Did you know you can now order flowers using Doordash?

Major flower delivery services are so far in competition with Doordash that currently offers same-day flower delivery service including from supermarket flower/gift shops.


Shopify is an e-commerce platform that helps businesses run an online store. Shopify and Doordash recently entered in competition because of their similar services they offer to their customers. .

DoorDash has launched DoorDash Storefront, a tech platform that enables restaurants and merchants to create their own online stores.

Deliveries will be fulfilled by Dashers but restaurants will not pay a commission to DoorDash on orders they receive through the storefront.

Doordash Alternatives

I know that some websites consider meal kits delivery services such as Blue Apron, Hello Fresh and Green Chef delivery companies like Doordash 🤷🏻‍♀️.

The meal kit subscription service business model is not really the same as food delivery companies. Meal delivery services send customers pre-portioned and sometimes partially-prepared meal plans including food ingredients and recipes to prepare home cooked meals. Doordash does not offer its customers similar subscription services and does not send pre-cooked healthy meals.

I prefer to consider them as a Doordash alternative for people who love to cook and stay home.

How Companies Similar to Doordash Can Compete With Doordash?

Now you know that there are a wide range of companies that compete with Doordash across the sector of many different services. This article provided you information on what companies compete with Doordash and how their advantages make them stand out.

The next step is to understand how small businesses can take on the giants without being billion-dollar multinationals or slashing their prices.

Reducing Delivery Fees

While customers are focused on efficient deliveries, they are also focused on cheap food delivery apps.

In the delivery industry, margins are very competitive, however, having a large number of customers can help to reduce the amount of delivery fee that delivery apps charge to customers. This is because there is more driver availability.

From a restaurant point of view, companies such as ChowNow are rushing to step up to the challenge by eliminating commission fees and prioritizing the delivery option.

Increasing Customers Loyalty

Another way to compete against Doordash is to have a loyalty program.

Indeed, having a larger number of customers could help reduce the amount of delivery fees that delivery apps charge per customer and also boost the sales.

According to Accenture, members of loyalty programs generate up to 18% more revenue for retailers than non-members.

There are different types of loyalty programs including point-based, premium memberships, gamified programs and more.

For example, Uber, one of the major competitors to Doordash, recently developed a new membership subscription that replaces the Eats Pass and is now called Uber One.

The membership gives subscribers various advantages and perks on all services provided across the Uber platforms, such as guaranteed pricing on rides and delivery, and discounts such as 5 percent off “eligible” rides, food, and grocery deliveries.

Providing An Incredible Customer Experience

Providing an incredible customer experience with fast delivery and excellent customer support.

Recently, some Doordash consumers felt frustrated by Doordash issues . Those issues can vary, but are often related to the app and the delivery of products.

When it comes to food delivery apps, we identified some easy ways to create good customer experiences. This includes:

  • Solve customer complaints promptly with meaningful resolutions
  • Excellent app quality
  • Provide a service with excellent quality
  • Offer food quality and promotion

What's The Best Way To Compete With Doordash?

It’s clear that Doordah is one of the best online marketplace and logistics companies in many areas. Over the years Doordash has differentiated itself from competitors by doing everything better and more efficiently than everyone else.

One of the features that sets them apart from their competitors is their Storefront feature, which allows restaurants to set up an online ordering system through Doordash

With 48% of market share Doordash is currently far beyond its competitors that it’s fair to ask if they really are competition.

However, despite its total dominance, there are many ways delivery apps can compete with Doordash and build a rewarding online business and delivery company.

So, do you want to compete with Doordash? Start by reducing delivery fees and always provide the best customer service possible.

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