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The pandemic hasn’t just increased the consumption of alcohol; it also changed the way people purchase it. Digital alcohol sales have almost doubled in the past three years, with a large increase observed as a result of the pandemic.

China, where alcohol ecommerce has been available for years, is still at the top for digital alcohol sales. But the growth in alcohol ecommerce in the United States shows colossal momentum, and today, the U.S. is on track to become the biggest alcohol ecommerce market by the end of 2021.

This is in part thanks to delivery actors, such as DoorDash, who have expanded their program to the delivery of alcohol, therefore allowing for a wider audience and providing more options for the customers to enjoy and for the delivery drivers to deliver.

If you are looking for a delivery driver job and you like the idea of delivering wine, beer, wodka, and other drinks, becoming a Drizly delivery driver could be the right choice for you.

Drizly is an alcohol delivery service. Using the drizly app you can order alcoholic beverage liquor stores in your area and get it delivered to your doorstep.

On the other hand, the gig economy offers straightforward work that most people can do regardless of qualifications.

However, it is important to know that we are surrounded by misinformation that can be harmful, and if misinterpreted or not back-checked, it can mislead your start on the gig job community.

At BestReferralDriver, we are a team of gig workers and we are committed to provide you with the right information and allow you to start your gig job in the best way possible.

So, if you want to know what it is like to deliver with Drizly, you are at the right place.

This article is based on what I learned delivering alcohol for majors delivery apps, and through my extensive reading of reviews written by other Drizly delivery drivers.

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1. How Does Drizly Work

Drizly is an online alcohol marketplace that allows you to order drinks from local stores and get wine and liquor delivered to your doorstep. It works just like any other delivery company, allowing you to get your order right where you want.

Depending on your location, Drizly offers same day delivery or 2-3 days delivery.

After you place an order, you will pay for it directly from the app.

Drizly doesn't have gift cards. You must pay for your order using a debit or credit card.

Once your order is complete and approved, a delivery driver will bring it to your door.

In 2021 Uber acquired Drizly, which is now one of Uber's subsidiaries .

During the past several years, the Uber delivery business has grown fast and exponentially. With the acquisition of Postmates and Cornershop, Uber’s delivery business is now larger than that of the rideshare business.

Drizly's marketplace is currently featured within the Uber Eats app. This means that Uber Eats customers are now able to order alcohol using the Uber platform and get it delivered in under 60 minutes by an Uber Eats driver. That way it is more accessible to a wider audience.

2. What It’s Like Being A Drizly Delivery Driver?

So, you want to find out how to work for Drizly and what your experience will be like?

The truth is that there are no Drizly delivery drivers. There have, in fact, never been Drizzly drivers.

Drizly doesn’t have its own delivery fleet and has never offered gig opportunities to independent workers.

So, if you are looking for a Drizly driver app, I’m sorry to tell you that you will not find it either in the Apple Store or the Google Play Store, nor anywhere else.

When a customer places an order with their favorite drinks, the app sends a notification with your checkout order to the nearest available liquor stores.

However, unlike the DoorDash or Uber Eats platform, the partner stores take care of the fulfillment of the order and the whole delivery service.

Of course, very similarly to other online food delivery apps, customers can track their order.

Here is what I have learned about delivering alcohol and what you should know if you are interested in trying to do so as well.

It Is A Weekend Job

There is a wide variety of beer, wine, and liquor stores in various locations. However, according to data, the vast majority of stores realize huge sales on Fridays and Saturdays, which are their busiest days.

Sunday is one of the slowest days of the week, with less customers. .

If you are looking for a weekend job, in addition to your traditional 9-to-5 employment, being an alcohol delivery driver can be a great opportunity to make extra cash.

In almost all beer delivery driver jobs, the weekend availability is required due to its busy demand on the weekends.

It Is More Complicated Than You Think

Delivering alcohol is more complicated than delivering groceries or food. It requires more commitment and more attention.

Instacart, for example, requires alcohol training for all the Shoppers.

When delivering alcohol you are not only responsible for safe driving, but you have to be a responsible driver and follow all the rules that apply to alcohol home delivery. These rules vary according to the rideshare app you work for, but generally require to be an attentive and safe worker.

Drizly promotes responsible practices that include:

  • Following and respecting the law that requires you to verify the age of the customer before you hand them over the alcohol.
  • Do not provide unattended delivery, make sure the customer is the one who is obtaining the delivery and not someone else.
  • Not delivering alcohol to a visibly intoxicated person is also a serious violation.

Delivering alcohol to a minor is one of the most serious violations. Knowing all the rules that you must follow as a delivery driver reduces the likelihood that you'll break the law in the first place. In the case of any violation, serious consequences apply.

It Is A Physical Job

No formal education is required. However, it is a physical job. As a beer delivery man, you may also be responsible for loading and unloading your vehicle for the delivery. It requires you to be active.

3. How Much Do Drizly Drivers Make?

Drizly salaries on Indeed ranges from approximately $42689 per year for Junior Sales Executive to $176703 per year for Director of Engineering.

We cannot say how much do drizly drivers make, however, while preparing our article, we had a great conversation with Mike who worked as a delivery driver for an alcohol store in California.

Mike shared with us some important information about the Drizly driver pay.

Driver Pay

Working for Drizly at a retailer store in California, Mike earned $18 per hour. According to Glassdoor a Drizly driver earns on average $13 per hour.

Why this discrepancy?

Keep in mind that conditions may differ, according to the state you work in.


Customers can add a tip during checkout. The default tip amount is 10%, however they can also select a specific percentage or dollar amount.

They can also tip drivers in cash upon delivery.

What differentiates Drizly from DoorDash or Uber Eats is the tipping policy.

For example, according to the UberEats tipping policy, 100% of the tip belongs to the delivery driver.

When you deliver for Drizly, you actually work for the retailer store.

Each retail store partner manages their individual tipping policy at their own discretion, so the tips to drivers may be distributed differently from store to store.

Nevertheless, the tip is always a great way to make more money on top of your wage, regardless of the amount.

4. Where Is Drizly Available?

If you want to drive for Drizly and deliver alcohol for one of its local retailers, the first step is to verify if Drizly is available in your area. The alcohol e-commerce platform is currently available in 31 states and in more than 1,500 cities of North America. Here are just a few of the many cities you can find beer delivery jobs:

  • Atlanta, GA
  • Austin, TX
  • Boston, MA
  • Chicago, IL
  • Denver, CO
  • Houston, TX
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Miami, FL
  • New York, NY
  • Washington DC

To view a full list of cities where Drizly operates in, head on over to the Drizly website.

5. Requirements To Become a Drizly Alcohol Delivery Driver

Before you apply to join the Drizly driver list, make sure you meet these four main requirements:

  • You must have a reliable vehicle (a SUV or Truck is recommended)
  • Pass a background check
  • You must have a valid driver’s license
  • You must be able to lift heavy objects
become a drizly driver

6. Applying For A Drizly Retailer

As we mentioned, you cannot start a Drizly driver application. However, you can fill out a driver candidate questionnaire and join the Drizly database.

Indeed, the Boston headquartered company built a customer job board for retail partners to access.

If retail partners need to hire a new driver, Drizly provides them with your resume, information, availability and your goal of fulfilling a delivery driver position and it is up to the retail store whether they accept your candidacy or not.

All the information you submit is stored privately.

Signing up to join the Drizly list is a fairly straightforward task because you do not have to upload any kind of document, except for your resume.

If you’re familiar with delivery job applications, this should be quite similar and straight-forward.

Follow our step by step tutorial, which will guide you through every detail and tip in order to successfully apply.

The first step is to head to the Drizly driver application page.

From here, you’ll be directed to a form that you are required to fill out with all your personal information, including your full name, phone number, e-mail address, and the market and location where you want to work.

After filling out all this information, you have to provide your availability (full time or part time), your week and weekend availability and your vehicle information.

How to Become a Drizly Driver

If you are looking for a delivery driver job and you like the idea of delivering alcohol, becoming a Drizly delivery driver could be the right choice for you.

7. How To Make a Perfect Delivery Driver Resume

It can be difficult to determine what content is important to a hiring manager and understand how to write your resume for a delivery driver job position.

As a delivery driver, you will often be on the road and you should be able to find the fastest road using the best navigation app, and ensure you are on time for your delivery in order to please the customer.

Although you will work alone, you will be regularly in contact with the customers.

Providing excellent customer service is one of the main skills a delivery driver is expected to have. You must show sympathy, patience and good work-ethics.

Here are 3 tips for creating a resume that's perfect for this role.

  1. Describe all of your experiences: For each position held, describe the field of activity of the company, the type of goods transported and the various tasks performed on a daily basis.
  2. Illustrate your customer relationship skills: Give examples of problems you have encountered, such as damaged merchandise or late delivery, and how you addressed them with the customer.
  3. Fill in the “Interests” section: This is an opportunity for the recruiter to get to know you better by discovering your hobbies and passions. Take advantage of your application by giving priority to those who call on your skills and qualities, such as meeting deadlines or organizational skills.

Drizly Careers

Drizly is hiring across the company. You can find the best remote Drizly job. The company currently has job openings in the following departments:

  • Marketing
  • Customer Experience
  • Data Science
  • Engineering
  • Administration

You can check out the Drizly Career page to get job information for all the current openings, and possibly apply if you meet the criteria.

Find A Delivery Driver Job

Now you know that you cannot sign up to become a Drizly driver. If you want to deliver Drizly orders, you can join the Drizly list. If a retailer partner is looking for drivers you may be lucky and get the job.

At BestReferralDriver, we deliver plenty of alcohol orders with Uber Eats and we get 100% of customers tips.

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