Instacart Alcohol Quiz Answers And Training Certification 2024

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instacart alcohol quiz answers and training

Instacart is one of the best online grocery stores offering delivery and pickup options. Using the Instacart app, customers can order online and get delivered to their doorstep food, groceries, essential households.

The Instacart delivery app can also bring alcoholic beverages to customers including beer, wine, liquor….Instacart customers can order alcohol from major supermarket chains such as Aldi, Safeway, Costco and more.

However, the alcohol delivery option is only available in 14 States and Washington DC.

The list of the states where the option is available include: California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, Virginia, Washington and Washington, DC.

Instacart is not the only delivery service to bring alcohol, you can take a look at our guide of the best alcohol delivery services.

In this guide we will tell you everything you have to know about the Instacart alcohol program and training for Shoppers.

You will learn what it is, why is it important and we will share with you the answers to the current quiz.

If you are an Instacart user, you will find some answers about the requirements to order alcohol on the platform. This article will help you avoid being charged with delivery fees if you do not meet the alcohol ordering requirements.

What Is The Instacart Alcohol Training?

The alcohol training allows Instacart shoppers to deliver orders with alcohol. If you do not follow this alcohol certification, you can always work for Instacart, but you cannot deliver batches with alcohol items.

This certification is essential, because very similar to restaurant’s servers, you need to have experience with the risks involved in serving alcohol.

Making money working for Instacart is not that complicated. However, if you do not follow the rules, your account can be permanently deactivated.

In the United states the minimum legal drinking age is 21 years old. This law also regulates the age an individual can purchase alcoholic beverages.

While you do not have to participate in alcohol classes to deliver alcohol, as a personal shopper, it is really important that you follow this online training to learn the fundamentals of the alcohol delivery.

This fundamentals include the following:

  • You can’t deliver alcohol to visibly intoxicated persons.
  • The leave at the door option is not available for alcohol items.
  • Customers must be 21 or older to order alcohol items and provide an approved photo ID.
  • If an alcohol item is out of stock, you have to contact the customer to get approval for a replacement.
  • Alcohol can only be replaced by other alcoholic items.

Instacart Alcohol Test Answers

Find below the Q&A of the certification. For every question we colored in red the right answer.

+You arrive at the customer's door with their order of wine and cheese. You ring to the doorbell but no one answers. You try calling and messaging the customer, but there is no response. What should you do?
  1. Leave the order at the front door and sign for the customer.
  2. Try ringing the doorbell once more, and then keep or donate the items if the customer does not answer.
  3. Call Care. If the customer still cannot be reached, return the wine to the store.
  4. Return the wine to the closes store where there is an instacart staging area.
+Which of the following is not an acceptable ID for alcohol orders?
  1. Driver’s license
  2. State ID
  3. Green Card
  4. Passport
  5. Military ID
+True or False: While completing deliveries, you have the right to refuse service to anyone you believe to be underage, even if the person presents what appears to be valid identification.
  1. True
  2. False
+ You arrive at a customer’s door to deliver a bottle of tequila. There is only one adult home, and upon inspecting the driver’s license, you notice that it expired last week. What should you do?
  1. The ID is only expired by one week, so you accept the ID this time. But remind the customer they need a valid ID for their next alcohol delivery.
  2. Politely inform the customer that you can’t deliver the tequila. You notify CARE and return the tequila to the retrailer from which it was purchased. Receive a $15 bump for your return service.
  3. Ask the customer for a valid credit card or work ID instead.
+You show up to a customer’s home to deliver wodka and chips. The customer receiving the order has a valid ID. However, other people in the house appear to be high-school aged and possibly drunk. What should you do?
  1. Deliver the order. Your only responsibility is to ensure the customer receiving the order is of legal drinking age.
  2. Get valid ID from each of the other people at the house before delivering the batch.
  3. Politely inform the customer that you can’t deliver the vodka and keep it.
  4. Politely inform the customer you can’t deliver the vodka, call Care and return the vodka to the store location from which it was shopped.
+A customer’s batch includes a 12-pack of Coors Light Beer, but the store is out of stock. Which one of the following is NOT an acceptable action to take?
  1. Replace the item with Bud Light. There is no need to get approval from the customer since Bud is a similar price and flavor to Coors.
  2. Using the chat feature of the app, ask the customer if they want two 6-packs of Coors. Wait for a response before checking out.
  3. Using the chat feature of the app, suggest a different brand of beer, wait for a response, and refund the item if you are unable to get approval from the customer.
  4. Using the chat feature of the app, inform the customer and see if they want something else instead.
+True or False? You can fulfill a request from a customer who sens you a chat message asking you to add alcohol to their order.
  1. True
  2. False
+Which of the following is an indicator of an intoxicated person?
  1. Mental confusion
  2. Impaired balance
  3. Slurred speech
  4. All of the above
+True or False? You can take a photo of a customer's ID instead of scanning it.
  1. True
  2. False

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are a Instacart customer or a delivery driver, gathered some common questions around the and gave you the answers

Can You Buy Alcohol With An Expired Id

As a general rule, an expired ID can't be used to purchase alcohol. However, due to the covid-19, DMV offices around the U.S. were slowed down. Instacart understands that many customers face problems renewing their documents.

The San Francisco headquartered company temporarily accepts expired DL and state Id in the following case:

  • The customer is 65 or older, regardless of the state or expiration date
  • The ID expired on or after March 1, 2020 AND the customer is 35 or older (in all states except California and New York)

Can You Use A Passport To Buy Alcohol

In most of the states you can use your passport to buy alcoholic items. An exception is the state of California where you cannot use your passport to buy alcohol. Please note that the passport is not a valid document for Alcohol delivery from the following stores:

  • Walmart
  • Costco

Pass Your Certification Course Online

Passing your alcohol certification is a great opportunity to make more money with Instacart delivering alcohol beverages. The training is online and it will take you only a few minutes. Furthermore, now you know all the Instacart shopper alcohol test answers.


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