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does canes deliver

It should've never happened.

Instead, what was returned as a failing grade business plan was then launched into the most successful chicken tender chain in the United States. Named after the founder's Golden Retriever, it has become famous for its bare menu loaded with flavor.

Its name? Raising Canes.

And its meteoric rise all hinges on one thing: chicken tenders.

But does Canes deliver? Let's dive into this guide on how you can get Canes savory strips straight to your front door.

Why Canes Delivery Matters

68% of 2,000 people said that the workweek is a vampire that sucks their energy dry. It's no surprise then that 59% said that their limp bodies find it hard to prepare anything for dinner.

How can you turn the tables on this grim trend and slay your life-sucking deadlines, overtime, and your insane workloads? By having someone else cook for you!

By exploring the wondrous world of delivery, you can come home relaxed and energized, knowing that you'll have your whole night to yourself and your family. If you're worried about the fat-soaked stereotype of fast food, don't be.

Raising Canes is healthier than most "fast" food options.

Does Canes Deliver?

Well, yes and no.

While Canes does dish out store-side pickup through their website and app, it doesn't have a fleet ready to whisk your steaming tenders out to your drooling mouth.

But, if Frodo can take the Ring of Power to Mordor, then there's a way to get your tenders to your front porch. That's where the power of the 21st century comes in. There's a buffet of food delivery apps that stand ready to rush your Canes delivery to the mouths of your eager family so that you can relax for once because a fed mouth is an obedient and happy mouth!

Let's dive into each one and how the ordering process works for Canes delivery, starting with the Raising Canes app.

Get Your Raising Canes Order Online

Long lines, queuing up in sweltering heat, or blistering cold. We've all seen it, and it's enough to set your hunger on fire while extending your lunch break and landing you in the frigid seat of your boss's office.

Good news! Now, you can skip the line to get your tender goodness faster.

That's because Raising Canes delivers a seamless and smooth online ordering process. Yet, it's not delivery. So, does Canes deliver gifts to your family with some perks by using its app?

No Delivery Fees

As you'll see with the delivery apps, there's a fee attached to help cover the app's service. This headache is the "service fee," which also comes attached to an additional delivery fee.

If you have an army of mouths to feed, and depending on if your Canes location is close enough, getting your Canes order online could be more cost-effective than wrangling with additional delivery costs.

Fresh Crisp

Late food, or cold food: two of the most common reasons people shy away from Delivery apps.

Delivery is prone to delays. Until deliveries are conducted by automated robots, poor eyesight and lack of judgment will always loom large. If your house's address is smack dab in maze-like twists and turns, you could risk your chicken tenders losing some freshness.

In that case, it could be better to pick up your golden tenders yourself.

To capitalize on these benefits, download the Raising Canes app on your preferred app store, plug in your location, order out, and swing in to collect your steaming crisps of tenders.

Despite the occasional challenges of delivery, they still provide a stellar way to get your food to your mouth without ever walking out the front door. Let's start with the OG delivery app.


Why should Grubhub be your go-to choice for Raising Canes delivery? It just so happens to be the original pioneer of the food delivery market. If that doesn't scream reputability, perhaps the 320,000 nationwide restaurant partners will.

Grubhub is one of Doordash competitors. With those partners being based in over 4,000 US cities, you trust that they'll deliver when you turn to Grubhub for your Canes tenders!

It also does a little bit of everything. This is the swiss army knife of delivery apps, as it's not just a black belt in Raising Canes delivery. It can also handle deliveries from Olive Garden, Wingstop and other local restaurants, should you need toothpaste to eradicate that flavorful tender chicken scrap from your teeth.

How It Works

If there's a downside, it's that this app could be pricey, and it comes saddled with a delivery charge that could slap on an additional $2.50 - $7.50. But -- like those cheesy 2000s TV Ads -- "wait, there's more!"

It also hits you with a 5-10% service fee. But wait, there's still more! If your order is under $10, you will be hit with an additional "small cart fee" of $2.

There's a remedy to these poisonous fees: the $9.99 monthly membership, which allows you to take a fat ax and slice those extra fees into pieces. It comes bundled into a package that gives you free delivery with a 10% cashback incentive. Not too bad if you see yourself regularly chowing down on Canes tenders.

How To Order

Open the app, and scan the top. You should spot an option for delivery or pickup. If you're looking for a specific food item, then type your item in the search bar, and it should toss up some suggestions to peruse.

Type in Raising Canes in the top search bar. Select your location.

You should then be taken out to the menu screen. Thankfully, Grubhub's Raising Canes delivery keeps it simple so that you can get your order out quickly. Simply choose whichever menu item you fancy.

Then, checkout at your cart.

But, there's another option. And it's one of the biggest guns on the food delivery battlefield.


DoorDash wasn't always the big gun on the market.

Like UberEats, it began with a measly 5% share in 2016. Considering Grubhub dominated with a 70% share, DoorDash had a steep hill to drive up. Flash forward six years, and the tables have been turned.

Now, over 50% of the market has been eaten up by DoorDash, with Grubhub plummeting. Conquering over 7,000 cities in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Japan, this app reeks of convenience and availability.

How It Works

First thing's first -- you need to find out if the app operates in your location. To be sure, you can search your address' availability on

Once you have confirmed that the broad blanket of Doordash coverage falls within your address, you can get into the nitty-gritty of the ordering process.

In the top search bar, plugin "Raising Canes." Like Grubhub , you should get a range of locations near your address. If you happen to be planning a major fiesta for your coworkers or wish to convert your dining room into a weeklong tender haven, you can select "schedule for later."

If your tender craving demands immediate satisfaction, then choose "ASAP" to satiate your addiction as soon as possible.

Then, you'll want to select your location. There's also a nifty little option that allows them to either hand your steaming tenders into your trembling hands or leave them at your door.

Choose the menu items that you crave, and check out.


Oh, you didn't think that you could escape the fee structure, now did you? With DoorDash, Raising Canes delivery fees could range from $1.99 to $5.99. That's a smaller fee range than Grubhub, good news for your wallet.

Just know that, depending on how far out your address is, there's a chance that your fee could go higher than $6. But, that rarely happens.

In addition, there's a 10% service fee and a $2 "small cart fee" (for orders under $10). This is comparable to Grubhub, only with Grubhub, there was a lower minimum range on the service fee (5-10%).

A DoorDash subscription allows you to escape these fees and keep some cash in your wallet for the standard price of $9.99 a month. Without that subscription, a $24 order could climb as high as $30 after fees!

However, don't fret because DoorDash and Grubhub are just small blips on the nation's food delivery radar.

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Uber has been synonymous for years as a delivery service for the human race, whisking us to and from our origins to our destinations.

Then, in August of 2014, the company set its eyes on the food delivery industry. By 2020 it had almost raked in an incredible amount of sales -- $4.8 billion. That's a lot of chicken tenders!

So, if you want to enlist in the UberEats empire , then there are some things that you need to know.

How It Works

In truth, it functions much like the other food delivery apps on this list. From delivery fees to small cart fees, there's nothing here that will surprise you.

Much like DoorDash, you have the flexibility to choose between "ASAP delivery" or schedule for later. This option ensures that you can stuff your face now and for future events. Then, select "Schedule and order."

The ordering process for UberEats can be summed up in 5 simple steps:

  • Search for Raising Canes
  • Add your food to your cart
  • Go to checkout
  • Verify your delivery details
  • Place order


Like DoorDash, you have to pay a small percentage of your final order. After all, this is a middleman between you and the restaurant, and even the middleman needs to bring some dough home.

Service Fees: 10% of your final order

Small Cart Fee: 2$ for orders under $10

Delivery Fees: Will vary based on if you're ordering from across the street or from across the city

These fees fall in lockstep with DoorDash's model. If there's a slight winner here, it goes to Grubhub with their 5-10% service fee.

Thankfully, the user interface is nice and smooth, dishing out a painless experience for you and your work-stressed mind.

Pro Tip: You'll be happy to know that some restaurants have no delivery fee! So, to check out if your local Raising Canes won't drain your wallet further, check the details under each restaurant.

Canceling Orders

Suppose your children suddenly throw a catastrophic temper tantrum over pizza vs. chicken. In that case, it becomes effortless to cancel your order before your household initiates WWIII.

Just be sure to cancel the order before the restaurant accepts it, to get that full refund back into your wallet and pizza into your satisfied family's stomachs.

So, your Raising Canes delivery arrives at your front door, and your family shovels them into their mouths, demanding more for the following day, week, and month. Sweat doesn't have to start trickling down your brow because UberEats has a subscription just for you!

UberEats Subscription Program

Previously called Eats Pass, this is a $10 per month subscription that crushes delivery fees — on all orders — while dishing out extra 5% discounts on orders over $15.

If you see yourself ordering Canes regularly, this is a fantastic way to return some money into your starved wallet to spend more time doing other things with your family.

If you don't see yourself being thrown into the food delivery lifestyle, then best to shy away from enlisting in Eats Pass.

Just know that there is a way to fight back against these fees and make UberEats an economic wonder for you and your finances! Check out these promo code tips and tricks to optimize your delivery experience for maximum tender stuffing!

Take Back Your Evenings With Canes Delivery

Does Canes deliver a peaceful night without the stuffy lines of car traffic, the plodding checkout lanes at grocery stores, or the screaming children after a disappointing microwave meal? With any of the above services for your Raising Canes delivery, you have a ticket to the best chicken tenders in the nation!

You don't have to swim in the delivery ocean alone. Check us out for all the latest in the world of delivery so that you can navigate it to chicken tender bliss.

You deserve a little peace.

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