DoorDash Questions: Why Do I Have to Schedule to Dash?

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why do I have to schedule dash

There are more than 1 million dashers delivering for DoorDash. Whether you're located in a hotspot or not, you probably have quite a few competing dashers in your area.

So, how do you make sure you get the best schedule? How can you get the number of hours you want when the "Dash Now" button isn't guaranteed to be on? How can you maximize your earnings without dashing all the time?

Scheduling for DoorDash is a simple process. If you want to get the best shifts, you have to be a little strategic about how you approach scheduling.

Do you want to learn how to use DoorDash? Keep reading to learn more about scheduling and the answer to that ongoing question, "Why do I have to schedule to dash?"

Why Do I Have to Schedule to Dash?

In order to make money with DoorDash , you have to dash at prime hours and on busy days. Or you need to schedule at times when "Dash Now" isn't available. Everyone knows this, so many dashers are close to restaurants and ready to go during the most profitable hours.

To minimize your chance of losing the "Dash Now" button and maximize your chance of getting a preferable shift, you should schedule to dash ahead of time. There are a few benefits to using the scheduling feature:

  • You avoid losing out because of too many dashers
  • You get priority pings
  • You get the DoorDash schedule you want

Learn more about each of these reasons to schedule your dashes below.

Reason #1: To Avoid Too Many Dashers

If you wait for the "Dash Now" button, you risk others getting there before you. Once a location has enough drivers, more cannot join in during that time unless it gets really busy.

So, avoid losing out on shifts by scheduling them ahead of time. Scheduling is especially important for areas with high traffic and activity.

Reason #2: To Get Priority Pings

Dashers who schedule their shifts get pings before Doordash drivers who use the "Dash Now" button. This means first pick at orders as they come in! Take a look at our guide on how does Doordash assign orders.

Reason #3: Lock in the Schedule You Want

If you have another job, or maybe you just don't like spontaneity, scheduling your DoorDash shifts will ensure you have a schedule you are pleased with. By scheduling your dashes, you can select the times to make the most amount of money while still having a life.

This not only makes work easier with a set schedule but you can easily plan around everyday happenings, like doctor's appointments or school drop-off and pick-up.

Get Into the Top Dasher Program to "Dash Now" and Receive Other Perks

You can avoid having to schedule by qualifying for the Top Dasher Program. It's still a good idea to schedule shifts so the market isn't oversaturated with Dashers.

You want to get into the Top Dasher Program because top dashers have the "Dash Now" option all the time. Top dashers also get priority orders during their shifts.

To qualify for this program, you need the following:

  • 4.7 customer rating
  • 70% acceptance rate
  • 95% completion rate
  • 100 completed deliveries in the last month
  • At least 200-lifetime deliveries

Dashers qualify for this program monthly, so it's important to maintain excellent customer service. Use the insulated bag.

Top Dasher Program Perks

The main perk of the program is the "Dash Now" button being available all the time. Another perk is Top Dashers are selected for orders before Dashers that didn't qualify for the program.

Top Dashers also receive priority orders that are over $30. Bigger orders tend to mean larger tips, so your earnings are automatically growing with this perk!

Read more about this rewards program for drivers.

DoorDash Schedule: How Scheduling Works For Dashers

In order to make money with DoorDash, you have to dash at prime hours and on busy days. Learn more about Doordash schedule. We hare with you our Doordash schedule hacks. #doordashSchedule #doordashSc...

Tips to Schedule the Best Times

The best time to dash may be different for you than it would be for someone else. However, as dashers, the main reason you do this is to earn money. So, how can you make sure you get the best schedule available so you can maximize your earnings?

DoorDash offers flexibility and you have complete control of your own schedule, a key component in the gig economy. But with over 1 million dashers, it's important to schedule dashes so you can actually get work. Knowing when schedules are posted and the best days of the week/times of day to dash are important aspects of creating a scheduling strategy.

Discover more about when schedules are posted and what days and times are best to dash below.

Be Available to Look at the Schedule When It's Posted

For all dashers, the schedule is available at midnight each night. You can only view up to five days in advance with DoorDash scheduling.

If you are a member of the Early Access Scheduling program, you can view up to six days of scheduled shifts. This program also allows dashers to view the available schedule at 3 pm each day, hours before everyone else.

Depending on when you can access the schedule, it's a good idea to set an alert or alarm to remind you to check it each day at that specific time. A lot of schedules are gone in minutes, so if you want to get the best times, you have to be proactive about it.

Choose the Busiest and Best Days and Times to Dash

Each city will differ in the best times and days to Dash, but there are some tips that work for any location.

First, you should try to schedule dashes during one of the three main meal times because those times tend to always be busy and fill up quickly.

Second, the best days to dash are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Third, if you watch the Dasher app and see the times when there are a lot of fire symbols or the "Dash Now" button is active, you can start to understand the busiest times in your area.

Getting to know your local market, the hotspots, and the best days will take some time and research. But with a little patience and observance, you will quickly know what works best for your area.

How to Get Better Shifts with "DoorDash Early Access Scheduling"

There are two ways to get into the DoorDash Early Access Scheduling Program. Both include having high customer ratings and completion rates. The first is:

  • Have a 4.6 or higher rating, a 95% completion rate, and have completed 5 deliveries in a week
  • Those 5 deliveries must be completed between 12 am the previous Friday and 11:59 pm the following Thursday

This means the program updates weekly. The qualification has to be met every Thursday to maintain access to the feature. Unless...

  • You have a 4.6 or higher rating and a 95% completion rate
  • And have completed 500-lifetime deliveries

Your ratings are calculated based on the last 100 orders. The completion rate is the number of deliveries ordered divided by the number of deliveries accepted. To keep this rating high, just make sure you only reject an order after it has been accepted when it's an emergency.

Your customer rating is a little more complex. Read more about it below.

How to Improve Your Rating

There are several ways to improve your customer rating on DoorDash. And it's important to keep a high score because DoorDash will deactivate dashers with scores lower than 4.2.

You can view your customer rating in the Dasher app. On the menu, check the rating section to review how customers have rated you.

Do you need to improve the rating? Here are a few tips:

  • Provide exceptional customer service
  • Keep your phone charged
  • Update customers on delays or changes
  • Double-check to make sure the order is correct
  • Review the special instructions to make sure you understood any changes
  • Don't forget the Red Card!
  • Keep food insulated from the restaurant to the delivery location
  • Practice food safety
  • Use stickers to remind customers to review
  • Be polite and friendly, go above-and-beyond

The most important part of DoorDash deliveries is to create a memorable and positive experience for the customer. No one wants a late delivery that's cold without any explanation. No one appreciates sending a driver a message and receiving nothing in return.

Communicate clearly about anything the customer should know. Or simply send a "thank you!" message when you close the order. Doing a little extra can mean a lot to customers.

How to Schedule a Dash

Scheduling a time to dash is fairly simple. You can schedule a shift oncce your Dasher account is activated using the schedule tab in the Dasher app. Or you can click "schedule a dash" on the main dasher page when "Dash Now" isn't available.

From there, you choose the day and time you want to start and end the dash. Be sure to save the dash to input it into your schedule! You can do this for every day that shows on the scheduling page.

Strategies for Scheduling

A strategy that a lot of drivers use is to grab as many hours as they can when the schedule is available. And then go through and figure out what hours they really want to work and trim it accordingly. DoorDash doesn't penalize drivers for doing this.

Additionally, there is not a penalty for ending a dash early. So, scheduling long shifts and then ending them when you have finished for the day is another strategy.

It's important to note that you can lose your shift if you don't log in within 30 minutes of the start time. DoorDash will send alerts and then automatically cancel if you do not join.

How to View Your DoorDash Schedule

Your schedule is located in the Dasher app. At the bottom of the page, you can click on "schedule" to view available and selected times.

On the scheduled screen, you can view or remove shifts for the next seven days. On the available screen, you can select new shifts.

Edit or Delete a Schedule

To review the schedule, you go to the same place you learned about above. From there, you tap on the dash you want to edit or remove. Delete is in the top right hand corner of the page.

If you want to edit, tap on the start or end time and make whatever changes you need to. Make sure that you save the dash when you're finished to complete the changes.

It's important to note that you can't update or edit a shift 30 minutes before it starts or during it. So, if you want to extend a shift, you need to do it before it begins.

Troubleshooting Dash Scheduling

Are you unable to schedule a dash? The most common reason for this is simply because there aren't any times available. Or there are too many dashers and not enough orders.

To mitigate this issue, set a time each day to check the schedule and select the times you want to dash for future dates.

Grab Scheduled Deliveries

To maximize your earnings and have guaranteed orders, you can choose the scheduled orders customers place. This isn't available in all markets, but it can be a game-changer for those it is in.

Get Started Dashing Today

Now that we've answered the question "Why do I have to schedule to dash," you should be well prepared to level up your DoorDash experience.

Are you interested in learning more about DoorDash from a group of experienced rideshare and delivery drivers? Or maybe you have an interest in other programs and want more information?

Check out our FAQs page for more information on DoorDash and many other forms of rideshare and delivery work.


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