How to Get Free Delivery on Your Instacart Orders (8 Ways)

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Knowing how to get free delivery on your Instacart orders is an essential part of getting the most out of grocery shopping with this popular online grocery service. Nowadays, many of us lead busy lifestyles and don't have the time to shop for groceries in-store or even wait for them to be delivered from a traditional takeout service – so being able to quickly order groceries from Instacart and have them delivered straight to our doorstep is now more valuable than ever! With that said, having to pay for delivery services can add up over time. That's why we've compiled this comprehensive list of 7 proven strategies you can use right now to ensure that you'll never have another delivery fee again when ordering through Instacart.

Is Instacart Free?

No, Instacart is not free; there are many fees associated with the service.

Delivery and Service Fees

For example, Instacart charges a delivery fee of $5.99-$9.99 depending on how quickly you would like to receive your order. In addition, they also charge an additional service fee of 5% that is added to your total order before tax. This fee applies to every delivery and pickup order, as well as orders placed through the Instacart Express subscription service which offers unlimited free deliveries for a monthly membership fee.

Price Markup

Instacart also charges a mark up to certain products in their store which can range from 10%-30%. This means that the price you pay for items is higher than what you would expect to pay at your local grocery store or supermarket. Furthermore, if you’re ordering alcohol in certain states, there is sometimes an additional delivery fee added that varies by location and product selection. Some locations even have minimum order requirements for alcohol delivery and pickup orders.

It’s important to note that Instacart Plus members do not get charged any extra delivery fees when placing orders over $35 (excluding alcohol). That said, the Instacart membership isn’t free either; it costs $99 per year or $9.99 per month and comes with unlimited free deliveries on orders over $35 (again excluding alcohol). Additionally, shoppers may be subjected to waitlist fees as well if they want their order delivered almost instantly during peak shopping times such as holidays or weekends when demand increases substantially and supply becomes scarce.

Overall, while Instacart isn't free, it can still be a convenient way to save time and money when shopping for groceries online. Especially if you make frequent purchases from the same store or if you use the membership option regularly enough where the cost savings are worth it in relation to avoiding the extra fees imposed on non-members for single orders or multiple orders placed over time adds up in comparison to what one would spend without having an Express subscription in place.

The convenience of being able to do your grocery shopping without leaving your home is invaluable for those who don't have access to transportation or who just don't want to leave the house.

How To Get Instacart Free Delivery

1. Get Instacart Free Delivery on First Order

If you’re a new Instacart user, you’ll be delighted to know that you can now get free delivery on your first order! You don’t have to worry about paying extra for delivery, just place your order and go about your day. It's a great way to try out the service and get groceries delivered right to your door in no time.

Instacart is a convenient grocery delivery service that allows customers to shop from their favorite stores without ever leaving their homes. All you have to do is pick what you want and select the delivery option, providing all of the necessary information so that everything arrives where it needs to be. Instacart then takes care of finding the person nearest your store who can handle your order and deliver it in record time.

The best part is that Instacart offers free delivery on first orders as an incentive for new users – no coupon or special code required. This means there are no hidden charges or fees like those charged by other services when ordering groceries online. Furthermore, all of Instacart’s drivers are certified professionals with impeccable driving records, so you can trust that your order will arrive safe and sound.

You can also track your order with ease through the app, which gives real-time updates on order status as well as estimated time of arrival. This makes it easy to plan ahead and know exactly when you should expect the groceries will arrive at your doorstep. Plus, many local stores offer additional discounts and promotions when using Instacart for shopping and delivery – another great way to save money while still enjoying the convenience of grocery shopping without ever having to leave home.

So if you’re new here, don’t forget: sign up today with Instacart and take advantage of their generous offer of free delivery on first orders! With no strings attached – just pick what you need, pay securely online or with cash upon receipt – this is one surefire way to make grocery shopping effortless while simultaneously saving money every step of the way.

2. Get Free Instacart with Instacart Plus

Signing up for Instacart Plus is a great way to get a $0 delivery fee on all of your grocery orders over $35! Not only do you not have to worry about the extra cost of delivery, but you can also save time and energy by having your groceries delivered straight to your door.

Instacart+ also provides exclusive deals and discounts that members can take advantage of throughout the year, like bonus points and instant cash rewards. In addition, members are eligible for free pickup from select stores and same-day delivery on most orders. This makes it easy to plan ahead and save money on all your grocery needs.

With Instacart Plus, you can shop worry-free knowing that all of your orders will be delivered safely and quickly without additional fees or hassle. Instacart Plus offers a free trial and a pleasant shopping experience while allowing you to save money. Additionally, you can cancel your trial before making a longer commitment. - so why wait? Sign up today and start taking advantage of all the great benefits Instacart Plus has to offer!

3. Get a Free Delivery Code on Instacart

To make grocery shopping even easier, Instacart offers promos and coupons to help customers save money on their orders.

The Instacart promos and coupons page is one way for customers to take advantage of special offers such as discounts on their orders or free delivery promotions. This page is regularly updated so customers can always stay up to date with the latest deals. There are two different types of promos available - store specific promotions and national promotions. Store specific promotions are available only at select retailers while national promotions are available across all retailers on the site.

With store specific promotions, customers can get discounts when they shop at participating stores such as Safeway , Target, or Costco. These offers could include savings on certain items or free shipping with a minimum purchase amount. On the other hand, national promotions usually offer more general discounts like sitewide savings on all orders or bonus points which can be used to redeem rewards in the future.

Some of these promotions also require customers to enter promo codes during checkout in order to receive their discount or bonus points. These promo codes are displayed on the Instacart website along with additional information about how to use them during checkout. Customers can also find any current offers by checking out the Promos & Coupons section located at the bottom of each retailer's page on the site.

By taking advantage of these promos and coupons offered by Instacart, shoppers can save money while conveniently ordering groceries from home without having to leave the house! With access to hundreds of stores in over 5,000 cities across North America and Europe, Instacart makes shopping for groceries easy and efficient - especially when combined with these great offers!

4. Sign Up For Grubhub+ And Get 2 Months Free On Instacart

Grubhub+ and Instacart have recently joined forces to bring customers an exciting new offer. For a limited time, all new Grubhub+ members will receive free Instacart Plus for one whole year. Instacart Plus is a membership program that unlocks exclusive discounts, priority delivery windows, and more from over 500 of your favorite stores nationwide.

With this amazing offer, you can get your groceries delivered straight to your door without ever leaving the comfort of your home. Not only do you get the convenience of grocery delivery, but you also get great savings on everyday essentials with special member-only discounts and deals.

This limited-time offer is perfect for busy households looking for a hassle-free way to shop for groceries or even those just wanting to save some money on their next grocery bill. So don’t miss out—sign up now and take advantage of this incredible deal while it lasts!

5. Get Instacart Free Delivery With Ebt

Grocery shopping with EBT just got easier and more convenient thanks to Instacart! With Instacart you can get your groceries delivered right to your doorstep, and now if you pay with an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card you can also get free delivery.

This means that you can do all of your grocery shopping from the comfort of your own home without ever having to leave. And not only do you receive free delivery on purchases made with an EBT snap card, but Instacart also offers discounts and special deals on certain items. Plus, shopping with EBT through Instacart is safe and secure - all of the personal information that you provide when making a purchase is encrypted for your protection. All you need is a valid EBT card and add your EBT card as a payment method.

So why wait in line at the store when you can have all of your groceries brought right to you? Instacart's partnership with EBT makes it easy for everyone to get their groceries quickly and affordably.

6. Use A Instacart Free Delivery Coupon

If you are looking for ways to have free delivery on Instacart not first order, using an Instacart free delivery coupon is the ideal choice. Instacart offers coupon codes specifically designed to help existing users save money and provide them with extra incentives when ordering their groceries.

These Instacart coupons can be found online, and they can come in the form of special codes that you enter at checkout or simply click through a link before placing your order. This will allow you to enjoy free delivery on orders above a certain amount determined by each store, depending on the promotion.

By using a free delivery coupon, customers can save not only time but also money when ordering from Instacart. Additionally, it is important to note that these coupons are typically not available on the first order placed through Instacart since they are meant for existing customers only.

Therefore, if you would like to take advantage of this great offer and save some money while ordering your groceries online, then make sure to look out for these specific coupons which will greatly reduce your overall cost by eliminating extra delivery charges.

7. Share Your Referral Code to Earn Instacart Credit

Sharing your referral code to earn Instacart credit is a great way for you to save even more money on all of your grocery delivery orders. You can be rewarded with credits that will help lower the cost of your delivery and make buying groceries from Instacart an even better deal.

By simply sharing your referral code with friends and family, you can reap the rewards and get credits back on every order. Not only will it be beneficial for you, but they can also benefit from using your referral code as well.

Don't forget, everyone loves a good deal and this is one that won't ever let you down. Save money each and every time you use Instacart by utilizing this easy, convenient way to earn credits that wave even more of the cost of the delivery.

8. Get Free Instacart+ with Chase

For those who are looking to save a bit of money on their online grocery shopping, there is good news: the Chase credit card now offers Instacart+ membership at no extra charge.

Get your groceries delivered to your doorstep for free with Instacart by taking advantage of these limited-time offers for 12 free months with Sapphire Reserve® and J.P. Morgan Reserve®, 6 free months with Sapphire® and Sapphire Preferred®, and 3 free months with Freedom®, Freedom Flex℠, Freedom Unlimited®, Freedom® Student, Slate®, and Slate Edge℠.

Customers can take advantage of free delivery and discounted prices on groceries. With Instacart+ you can save up to $150 each year on your grocery bills and get exclusive discounts. Plus, you'll have access to a wide array of products from major supermarkets like Walmart, Costco, Whole Foods Market, and more. You'll also be able to track your order in real-time so you know exactly when it's arriving.

Getting started with Instacart+ is easy. All you need to do is link your Chase credit card to an Instacart account. Once your credit card has been linked, you can begin shopping for groceries with free delivery and discounted prices. You'll be able to customize your order according to what's currently in stock or choose a pre-made basket for convenience. Plus, if there's a special deal running at one of the stores partnered with Instacart+, you can take advantage of it too!

So if saving time while getting great discounts on groceries sounds appealing, then sign up for an Instacart+ membership today courtesy of Chase – this way you can avoid waiting in line at the supermarket while still enjoying all its benefits!

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No More Delivery Fees: 8 Simple Hacks for Free Instacart Delivery

Are you tired of paying expensive delivery fees every time you order groceries with Instacart? Well, now there's a way to get free delivery! Learn 8 simple hacks for getting free Instacart delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get Free Instacart with Amazon Prime?

Instacart is not free with Amazon Prime. While both services offer home delivery for groceries, they are separate entities with their own pricing structures and membership programs.

Get Free Delivery on Instacart

Hopefully, between the eight methods detailed in this article, you were able to find at least one or two that will work for you to get free delivery on your Instacart orders. While some of these tips may require a little bit of extra effort upfront, we think it’s worth it to save money (and time) in the long run. If you have any other questions or would like some help getting started with couponing, be sure to check out our other articles and learn how to get free grocery delivery or contact us today!

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