Point Pickup Driver Review (2024): How to Become One & Pay

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point pickup driver

Are you looking for a way to make extra money? With Point Pickup , you can do just that. A gig-based delivery app where drivers pick up and drop off packages for customers in need of transportation services, Point Pickup is an easy and reliable platform built on the premise of connecting customers with businesses.

In this review article, we're going to take an in-depth look at all aspects of becoming a driver for Point Pickup: what benefits it offers, how much you can expect to earn from driving with them, as well as other important facts about the company itself. We'll also provide some handy tips to help you get started so that you can jump into driving with confidence! Keep reading if earning fast cash by shopping or delivering items sounds like something right up your alley.

What is a Point Pickup Driver?

A Point Pickup driver also called "Flex Worker" is a type of delivery service provider who transports goods and items for customers. They often work independently. The delivery provider agreement governes your relatioship with the last mile delivery company. Indeed it is important to note that Point Pickup drivers are not employed by companies, there are independent contractors who can be “hired” to make deliveries as needed.

Point Pickup drivers use their vehicles (generally cars, vans, or trucks) to make deliveries within a certain area. You can deliver general merchandise, groceries and even alcohol. Depending on what they are delivering, they may have to make multiple stops throughout the day, picking up items from one location and transporting them to another.

Point Pickup requests that batch orders be delivered in the order shown on the app (Drop 1 is the first order, Drop 2 is the second order, and so on). While they recognize that alternate routes exist, the app is designed to prevent drivers from taking them.

However, drivers must be familiar with the area in which they will be operating so that they can find their destination quickly and efficiently. This includes knowing when roads are open or closed, how long it takes to travel between two points in the area, and when traffic can become congested. Knowing these details can help ensure that delivery drivers arrive at their destination on time every time, thus providing excellent customer service.

In order to facilitate this process, drivers must stay organized and keep track of their orders so that they can quickly move from one point to another without any delays.

Furthermore, in order for drivers to provide efficient service it is essential for them to maintain their vehicle in proper working order at all times. Proper preventive maintenance should be conducted regularly as well as additional maintenance if needed due to wear-and-tear issues that could arise during delivery trips or over longer periods of time due to heavy use on the roadways by Point Pickup drivers who may transport heavier loads than those transported under normal circumstances.

Additionally, knowing local traffic rules and regulations regarding specific areas such as school zones or construction sites can help ensure safe operation within those areas while making deliveries without delaying arrival times which could have negative impacts on customer satisfaction levels with their services provided by delivery drivers overall.

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Point Pickup Requirements

To join the Point Pickup delivery platform, there are certain minimum requirements that must be met in order to become an approved driver. These are as follows:

Driver Requirements

Pickup drivers must have a valid driver's license, proof of insurance and a clean driving record. In addition, they must be at least 18 years old to operate their vehicle for commercial purposes. Drivers must pass a criminal background check in order to work for any company requiring such services.

Vehicle Requirements

When it comes to vehicle requirements, you must have a reliable form of transportation to make deliveries. This includes cars, motorcycles, scooters, or even bikes. In order for your vehicle to be accepted on the platform it must be no older than 22 years old (i.e model year 2000 or newer). Note that you do not need to own a car; you can also rent one via a gig rental platform if necessary. Additionally, unlike Lyft and Uber drivers, your car does not have to pass a vehicle inspection.

Phone Requirements

You must also own a smartphone with an active data plan in order to use the Point Pickup driver app. Using the driver app you will be able to check for available jobs and accept payments quickly and securely without any complications.

Summarizing: in order to pickup and deliver with Point pickup, you’ll need to meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old;
  • Have a valid driver’s license;
  • Must Have a Social Security Number;
  • Have a car (manufactured after the year 2000);
  • Provide a proof of insurance;
  • Be able to pass a background check;
  • Own a smartphone with a data plan that’s compatible with the Point Pickup app for drivers (iOS 12.1 or later, Android 5.0, or later);
  • Have a Stripe account for the weekly direct deposit;

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How Do I Become A Point Pickup Driver?

Becoming a Point Pickup Driver is an easy process. If you meet the requirements outlined above and want to sign up, please follow the steps outlined below:

Complete The Online Application

The first step towards becoming a Point Pickup Driver is to register with the company. This registration process requires filling out an online form that includes basic information like name, address, phone number, and other contact details.

Pass a A Background Check

Point Pickup is looking for safe and responsible drivers.

This means that applicants must be covered by auto insurance and also undergo a background screening process.

Since you will not provide passengers transportation, having driving experience is not required, although it is recommended to feel comfortable while driving. You can always take a look at our guides and learn how to drive in the rain.

The background check is free and confidential, however, to process it, you must provide personal information, including your SSN and date of birth.

The screening process is performed by a third-party company called Checkr.

Checkr will gather a wealth of information. Common searches include:

  • Identity verification
  • Driver’s history
  • Criminal records

Keeping the business a safe platform for customers, retailers and drivers is a priority. Very similarly to Amazon background check and Lyft driver screenings, while running the criminal background checks on all job applicants, various offenses may be reported including:

  • Current pending charges
  • Misdemeanor convictions
  • Felony convictions
  • Acquitted charges
  • Dismissed charges

If you have a felony or other serious convictions, Point Pickup will take caution and their Legal & Compliance team will review your application before making a final decision.

An average Checkr background check will typically take 2-4 weeks before the result is released. You can verify the status of your application in the Checkr Candidate Portal.

After completing this last step of the application process, the driver will have access to the app which allows them to view available orders and accept them at their discretion. Additionally, they can also manage different aspects of their business such as billing customers, tracking schedules, and more through the app.

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point pickup driver pay

How Much Do I Get Paid As A Point Pickup Driver?

First of all, since you will be an independent courier , there is no Point Pickup driver's salary. As a Point Pickup Driver, you can expect to make a good living depending on your location and availability. Generally speaking, drivers who are located in major cities tend to make more money than those in smaller towns or rural areas.

There are also some drivers that take long-distance trips which can be quite lucrative and pay substantially more than local trips.

In terms of payment structure for Point Pickup drivers, there isn’t a typical hourly rate. Point pickup driver pay is associated with each job that must be agreed upon before the driver starts the job.

How much do point pickup drivers make depends on various elements, such as the distance they travel and the complexity of the delivery.

Additionally, those working in urban areas may face greater traffic congestion and need to pay for parking fees that could affect their compensation. Other factors include gas prices and taxes associated with the gig.

Point pickup drivers who demonstrate exceptional efficiency and customer service often receive higher wages or tips from customers, allowing them to make more money than they would normally. Furthermore, the delivery platform offers bonuses when drivers reach certain milestones or complete difficult tasks, which can be an incentive for those looking to increase their overall pay. All these factors should be taken into consideration when estimating how much a point pickup driver will make in any given situation.

Working as a Point Pickup driver can provide an excellent income stream for those looking for flexibility in their schedule and availability. However, Point drivers can potentially make up to $9-$15 per hour depending on their location and availability.

Point Pickup Tips

As we said, drivers can increase their earnings thanks to customer tips.

However, a petition has been filed against Point Pickup Technologies over allegations that the company is deceptively stealing money from drivers and customers. The petition, brought forth by Heather V, a driver for the company, claims that Point Pickup has been paying their drivers less than what was originally agreed upon for delivery orders.

According to Heather V, she accepted an order for a specified payout price of $8.50, but when the customer tipped on their order, the amount that she was guaranteed as a payout was deducted. For example, if the customer tipped $10.00 on their order, Heather’s original payment of $8.50 would be reduced to just $4.50 plus a small market adjustment that fluctuates. In other words, even with the added tip from the customer her base pay would only be around $5.15 instead of the expected $8.50.

The petition argues that this practice violates both state and federal law because it is “unconscionable” and “deceptive” in nature. By reducing drivers’ payouts to levels lower than what they were originally promised without properly disclosing it to them beforehand—Point Pickup is engaging in an illegal and unethical business practice that puts its drivers at an unfair disadvantage and takes advantage of their lack of knowledge about how much they should actually be getting paid for each delivery job they accept through their app platform.

Furthermore, the petition accuses Point Pickup Technologies of violating consumer protection laws by making false representations about its service or product in marketing materials and websites; using deceptive tactics in sales contracts to mislead consumers into signing up for services; and illegally withholding payments due to its customers without any explanation or compensation offered in return for such withholding practices.

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Point Pickup Driver Review

At BestReferralDriver, we are committed to providing our readers with an honest and unbiased review of the Point Pickup delivery service. Our team of expert drivers have had a chance to put the service through its paces so that we can provide you with an accurate assessment.

The first thing we noticed about Point Pickup is that it has experienced recent financial troubles and this has impacted its ability to secure contracts. This means that drivers may get orders from distant locations, making the delivery process more time consuming and expensive. Additionally, some drivers have reported difficulty in getting paid for their services. We heard reports of drivers waiting 2 weeks or more before receiving payment, which is clearly unacceptable.

In terms of the actual delivery process, our drivers found it relatively straightforward, with a simple way to accept or decline orders as well as access order information. The customer support was also helpful when our drivers encountered any issues during their deliveries.

That being said, Point Pickup is facing stiff competition from other delivery providers in the gig economy space – companies such as Uber Eats, GrubHub and Door Dash all offer similar services in many areas of the country. In comparison to these competitors, Point Pickup's rates are often lower than average which may make it less attractive for experienced drivers who want to maximize their earnings potential.

Another area where Point Pickup lags behind its competitors is in customer service quality and innovation. Drivers rarely receive feedback from customers after completing a delivery and there aren't any features such as customer ratings or performance metrics available to gauge how well they are performing compared to other drivers on the platform – something that many customers consider important when selecting their preferred method of delivery. As a result, there is less incentive for experienced drivers who already know what they're doing on similar platforms such as UberEats and DoorDash.

Overall, Point Pickup provides a reliable service that can be used by casual or occasional gig economy workers looking for flexible hours without having to commit too much time or effort upfront before they receive payment – but it doesn’t quite measure up when compared with other more established services like UberEats or Grubhub in terms of customer satisfaction levels or earning potential for professional drivers.

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Point Pickup Video Series Vol. 1: Becoming a Point Pickup Driver

Point Pickup Drivers FAQ

Does Point Pickup Take Out Taxes?

No, Point Pickup does not take out taxes from earnings. If you earn more than $600 in a year through the Point Pickup platform, you'll receive a 1099 form from the company that will need to be used for tax purposes. The 1099 form is an IRS requirement and must be sent to each contractor who was paid over $600 in the previous year. The document provides information regarding the total amount of money earned by the contractor and is used as evidence of income when filing taxes. It can also be used to determine how much a person may owe in taxes or how much they are eligible to receive as a refund. Contractors should make sure they keep track of their earnings throughout the year in order to ensure they don't go over the $600 threshold and incur any additional paperwork or tax burdens come tax season.

When Does Point Pickup Pay?

Point pickup pays out all payments for orders completed and tips received by the end of day Monday on Wednesday. However Point Pickup does have instant pay. Thanks to point pickup instant pay, drivers can have access to their earnings instantly. This ensures that drivers are able to get their money quickly, so they can focus on providing top-notch customer service. However, in order to cash out you must meet some requirements such as: have an activated account for at least 15 days, have completed at least 20 deliveries and have a debit card registered with Stripe (no prepaid cards).

Start Driving With Point Pickup

I hope this comprehensive review of the Point Pickup driver was useful before getting started. If you’re looking for a way to make some extra income, becoming a Point Pickup driver might be the right fit for you. With flexible hours and the ability to work as much or as little as you want, it’s a great gig for those who want to set their own schedule. Now you know how to become a driver and how much you can make. Sign up today and start earning!

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