Does Uber Take Cash In 2023? (Yes! Get Cash Rides Near You)

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does uber take cash?

Do you use Uber frequently but still prefer to pay in cash? With all the advancements in digital payment technologies, it can be hard to remember that there are still many people—in some cities more than others—who prefer a tried-and-true method of paying for goods with money. Fortunately, Uber has heard rider's requests and reintroduced cash payments for rides back in 2021. Now, two years later (in 2023), does Uber take cash payments? The answer is yes! You can now quickly find an Uber ride near you and pay your fare directly with paper currency or coins. Read on to find out how easy it is to get a cash ride from the top transportation app around: Uber!

Can You Pay Uber with Cash?

Uber is an increasingly popular ride-hailing service used around the world. While many riders are familiar with the competitive fares and convenience of booking a ride through the app, they may not be aware that cash payments are an available option in some areas. In fact, Uber has been expanding its cash payment capabilities since 2015 to provide more payment options for customers in certain locations.

Cash is accepted in certain countries and cities in Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. This includes Brazil, India, Egypt, Nigeria, France and South Africa. In these areas where cash is accepted for Uber rides, it can be a great option for those without access to other forms of payment like debit or credit cards. It provides a convenient way for customers to pay for rides without having to worry about online transactions or processing fees associated with other forms of payment.

When using cash as a form of payment on Uber, riders are expected to make exact change when paying their driver once they reach their destination. Payment cannot be made ahead of time through the app so riders must have the correct amount ready when exiting their vehicle at the end of their trip. Drivers also do not carry extra change so providing exact change is important when making your fare payment.

Though Uber does accept cash as a form of payment in some areas across the globe, it should be noted that this method of paying fares comes with additional risks that do not accompany more secure forms such as credit or debit cards. Cash payments provide less security than digital payments and could potentially leave riders vulnerable if they happen to lose track of their money during or after their ride; however there are steps riders can take to protect themselves against theft or fraud when using cash-based transactions on Uber.

For starters, it's important for riders to always make sure they hold onto their money until after their trip has ended before handing it over to their driver upon reaching their destination - this will help ensure that any incentives or discounts associated with paying with cash remain valid throughout the duration of the journey.

Riders should also keep track of how much money was used during each transaction; this information can be useful if any discrepancies arise between rider and driver regarding fee amounts later on down the line. Finally, exchanging contact information with drivers prior to accepting a paid fare is another good idea as this will allow both parties to easily communicate regarding issues that may arise afterwards if needed.

Overall though Uber does accept cash in some countries across Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East - it should be noted that this form of payment can come with additional risks compared to more secure digital methods such as debit or credit cards.

For those who choose to use cash when booking an Uber ride however there are steps they can take to ensure a safe and secure transaction every time including holding onto payments until after trips have ended, keeping track of how much money was used during each transaction and exchanging contact information between rider and driver prior to accepting a paid fare for added protection against theft or fraud incidents down the line.

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how to pay uber with cash step by step tutorial

How to Pay Uber with Cash: A Step by Step Tutorial

Uber has made it incredibly easy to pay for your ride with cash, allowing you to avoid the hassle of having to use a credit or debit card. So, how to get a ride with cash using your Uber account? Here’s a step by step tutorial on how to pay for your Uber rides with cash.

Step 1: Open the Uber App

The first step is opening the Uber app on your device. Once you’ve opened the app, you can start looking for your ride options.

Step 2: Select Pickup & Dropoff Locations

Once you’ve opened the app, you can select from among various pickup and dropoff locations that are available in your area. You can also use filters like price range and type of vehicle (e.g., sedan, SUV). This helps narrow down your selection so that you can find the best option for your needs.

Step 3: Choose Your Vehicle Option

With most vehicle options on Uber, you have the option of paying with cash or credit/debit card. However, you can pay cash for a ride with Uber with all the ride options including UberX, Uber Green, Uber Comfort, Uber Black, Uber LUX, and Uber XL offer a cash payment option as well. If you are looking for cheap rides and pay cash, we suggest you select the Uber Pool Option. In order to choose this payment method when booking an Uber ride, make sure to select “Cash” after selecting your vehicle type (or before confirming your ride request).

Step 4: Request Your Ride

After selecting “Cash” as the payment method and confirming all other details of your trip -- such as pickup location and destination -- you can now request your ride. Make sure that you have enough money in hand prior to requesting an uber; otherwise it could take longer than usual for someone to respond to your request since drivers will be hesitant about picking up someone without being able to collect their fare at the end of their trip.

Step 5: Confirm Payment Method & Fare Amount

At this point, you will receive an estimate of the total cost of your ride, excluding any tips that may be added on.

When giving out payment at any point during the process (such as when you arrive att your destination), make sure it is given directly into the driver's hands versus placing it onto any part of their car; this helps keep everyone safe throughout each transaction process while still being able to easily exchange monies between riders and drivers alike quickly and efficiently without any hassles along their journey together!

Step 6: Provide Feedback After Ride Completion

Finally once all steps have been completed successfully - both parties involved in exchanging money should always provide feedback after completing each transaction so both sides are assured they have been treated fairly within all transactions taking place throughout every single journey they take together! This way everyone interested in using Ubers services knows exactly what kind of services they are getting - helping establish trust between customers who already know what services they are receiving before even starting out on their trip!

All in all, paying for an uber ride with cash is easy and straightforward thanks to its simple user interface which allows users (both riders & drivers) access various options quickly without having difficulty understanding how everything works within just seconds! The steps outlined above should help ensure that everything goes smoothly when using this method - leaving both sides happy & satisfied after taking each journey together​!

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How to Take Cash Trips | Uber Support | Uber

Want to learn more about taking cash trips? Drivers in areas with a cash payment option can get paid on the spot. Cash trips allow more riders to use Uber, and that means more business for you. Find o...

Overview of Uber Cash

Uber Cash is an innovative payment option offered by the ride-sharing giant Uber. It allows users to pay for their Uber rides with a prepaid digital wallet. By using this digital wallet, riders are able to add funds and manage their spending more easily and save money on rides.

What is Uber Cash?

Uber Cash is a prepaid digital wallet that can be used to pay for a variety of services, such as Uber rides and other products available through the Uber app. With this payment option, users are able to store money in their account ahead of time and then use that Uber cash balance when they need it.

This feature offers a more convenient way for riders to pay for their trips without having to worry about paying with cash or credit before each ride. Additionally, it can be used for other services like ordering food delivery through the app or buying tickets with the app's partner companies.

How Does It Work?

Using Uber Cash is simple and straightforward. To get started, riders must first create an account and link either a debit card or a credit card. Once these steps have been completed, riders can then add funds directly from their linked bank account or card into their Uber Cash account in increments of $10, $20 or $50 dollars at any given time. These funds will stay in the rider's prepaid digital wallet until they are used to purchase services within the app such as rides, food delivery or tickets booked through partners.

How to Add Funds?

Adding funds into your Uber Cash account is easy and secure. First, access your profile page within the app where you will find the “Add Funds” button located beneath your balance amount that indicates how much you currently have in your digital wallet. From there you will be directed to another page where you can choose an increment of either $10, $20 or $50 dollars that you would like to add into your account balance from either Visa cards, Mastercard cards or American Express cards (or from some debit cards). Then simply select “Add Funds” and your chosen amount will be added into your balance instantly after confirming payment details securely stored at Uber’s endpoint server; allowing you to start using those funds for any services within the app right away!

What Is The Difference Between Cash and Uber Cash?

Cash is the traditional form of currency that has been used for transactions for centuries. It consists of physical bills and coins, and is accepted virtually everywhere because it does not have to be sanctioned by banks or other financial institutions. On the other hand, Uber Cash is a payment method exclusive to Uber, a ride-hailing service. Very similar to Lyft Cash, It allows users to store money in an account and use it for rides, tips, tolls, and other select services within the app.

Although both are forms of payments, cash and Uber Cash have several differences which make them suitable for different occasions. Below are some of these differences which will help you to decide when to use each:


The Uber cash option can be used in all the cities where Uber accepts cash. On the contrary, Uber Cash can be used in all the cities where the ride share company operates.

Furthermore, even within those areas it cannot be used for all Lyft charges such as lost & found fees, damage fees or gift cards among others.


When using cash there is always a risk of theft or loss since it is physically present with you at all times. However with Uber Cash this risk is minimized as your payments are securely stored in your account so no one else can access them without your permission.


When making payments with cash, transactions usually take longer due to counting out change and verifying authenticity but with electronic payments like Uber Cash transactions can be completed much faster as there isn’t any counting involved and once you have entered the required information your payment will go through immediately.


Since cash needs to be carried around at all times it can become inconvenient if you don’t have enough on hand or if you forget to bring enough change to cover a purchase while using Uber Cash means that you don’t need to worry about carrying any physical money around as long as you remember your login information and the amount in your account should be sufficient enough to cover any rides or services you need within the app.

Overall both forms of payment provide their own unique advantages depending on what type of situation they are being used in but generally speaking when convenience and speed are important factors then using an electronic payment like Uber Cash would be preferable over traditional methods like cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Ride Apps That Accept Cash?

While some of the major rideshare companies, like the Lyft app, only offer a cashless experience and only accept digital payments, there are still a few apps that allow users to pay with cash. Curb, for example, is one such app that allows customers to use cash for their rides. However, this option is only available in select cities and towns. Before booking a ride with Curb, be sure to check if the cash payment option is available where you are located. Additionally, it's important to keep in mind that some areas may also require a minimum amount of cash to be paid for your trip. If you want to find local rideshare services that accept cash near you, make sure to do your research before booking your ride.

Can You Pay Uber Driver With Cash?

Cash payments are only available in certain cities around the world, but if you live in one of these cities and need to pay with cash then you will be able to do so. It is important to keep in mind that some drivers may not accept cash payments, so make sure to check with your driver prior to booking your ride. The advantages of paying with cash include the ability to avoid credit card fees and maintain greater control over your spending, as well as the added convenience of not having to worry about any additional fees associated with a card payment. With the increasing demand for cash payment options, many drivers have started offering this service to customers in order to remain competitive. So whether you are riding in a big city or small town, don't forget that you can always use cash when paying for your Uber ride.

Looking For Rides For Cash Near You? Take An Uber!

As the popularity of ridesharing apps rises, knowing which companies accept cash is crucial. We hope this blog post has provided you with the resources and information you need to understand – yes, Uber does take cash in 2023! With the help of the guide above, you now know exactly how to find Uber drivers who accept cash and book rides that will accommodate your payment preferences.

Whether you’re hoping for convenience or need a budget-friendly option, knowing what options are available can make all the difference. Keep this blog as a reference and check back with Uber on their evolving payment options. Now that we’re leaving 2023 behind us and looking towards an even bigger future of online payments and transportation apps, having an understanding of your options is key. So don't forget - now you know how to book rides that accept cash– start exploring today.

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