Buying A Bike Phone Mount: Complete Guide +The Best On 2024

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buying a bike phone mount

Whether you're a DoorDash driver, an Uber Eats courier or a Grubhub delivery driver, if you choose to make deliveries using your bike, you need to have easy access to your smartphone while riding.

Indeed, no matter which on-demand food delivery app you are working for and which type of bike you will use (mountain bike, trekking bike, e-bike), your smartphone is your main working tool. During the delivery process, you have to follow the GPS instructions, stay aware of in-app notifications.

The smartphone holder for bicycles is an essential accessory that allows you to engage with your phone and view it securely by attaching and detaching your mobile phone to the handlebar in seconds.

In this guide you will learn everything you need to know about bicycle phone holders and we will offer you a complete comparison of the best phone holder for bikes available in 2024.

At the end you will be able to pick the right one for you the next time you buy a bike mount.

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Different Types of Phone Holder For Bike

Most of these mounts consist of a small plastic phone clip and a clamp. The clip is used to connect the mount to the handlebar tubes, while the clamp is used to lock the mobile phone. Some types are also equipped with a pouch with a transparent plastic front. In these cases, the advantage is given by the resistance to water.

Bike Phone Holder Waterproof With Bag

Firstly, is the support equipped with a case plus a hooking system to the handlebar tube. In this case there is a plastic block, the size of which varies from model to model, in order to allow the use with various types of smartphones available on the market.

Generally, smartphone holders of this type allow you to orient the device both horizontally and vertically. This is the safest system, since the lock guarantees that the smartphone will not be lost.


They are waterproof.


The downside is that the bike phone bag is not universal. Every time you switch phones, you have to buy a new case.

Some of them can be very voluminous and heavy.

Universal Mounts With Rigid Plastic Support

Next is the one with a universal bracket. In this case there is no dedicated bike phone case in which you have to insert the phone, however, there is a universal mount that attaches to the handlebar.

These cases are made from different materials, ranging from plastic to metal and hold the phone in place. The greater the number of contact points guaranteed by the strap, the greater the safety that the smartphone remains in place.

They have a rigid support that keeps your smartphone securely attached to your bike.

This detail remains important since too much vibration can cause your smartphone to slip.

In addition, in almost all the models, the smartphone can be flexibly placed in the position in which you need it.

This is a very important factor to consider if you are a delivery driver . Indeed, online road maps are usually easier to read in landscape format.


One of the biggest advantages of this mount is that being universal, it can adapt to any model of mobile phone.


They are not waterproof

Universal Mounts Silicon

These are the silicone strap mounts: the elasticity and flexibility of this material can accommodate fairly large smartphones. They absorb shocks well, and therefore are suitable for all uses (road bike, mountain bike, motorcycle).

The chances of theft are again quite low, although it is easier to remove the silicone notches than to loosen a rigid frame.


They are the most adaptable


They are not waterproof

Clipped Mount

Clipped mounts are lighter than other mounts, not spilling over your screen, they are very tempting because they are the easiest to install and the least bulky. On the other hand, the possibilities are limited in terms of their inclination, and few people benefit from a waterproof cover.


They are the most manageable


The smartphone cannot be flexibly rotated.

how to choose a bicycle phone mount

How To Choose A Bicycle Phone Mount

Once you have identified the most suitable type of smartphone holder for bicycles, you need to consider other elements to choose the best model that will suit you.


Before buying a bicycle cell phone holder, you should always make sure it is compatible with your phone. You shouldn't have any problems, as most accessories come in different sizes or shapes.

If you think you will change your smartphone soon, it will be useless to buy a holder compatible with the old mobile phone. You should therefore wait until you have the new mobile phone in your hands.


Once compatibility with your device has been verified, another aspect to consider is the solidity of the smartphone holder. This must in fact guarantee a perfect coupling on the bike frame, so as not to detach when traveling on a bumpy road. At the same time, the support must guarantee the stability of the smartphone it holds, to avoid the same type of problem occurring.


Delivery drivers have to work in all the weather conditions. It is even one of the ways to make more money because there is less competition. It is important to buy a smartphone holder that is water resistant.

Not all models have this feature, so check carefully before purchasing one.

Fastening Device

As mentioned previously, the smartphone holders can be mounted on the handlebar or on the top tube.

The choice, even in this case, must be made according to your needs.

A smartphone on the handlebar is certainly easier to use, especially if you want to check the data on the screen.

A smartphone holder on the top tube allows for less confusion on the handlebars, but use is certainly more complicated.

Integrated Powerbank

Everyone knows, you can have a phone with a large battery that lasts about a day or more, but some apps including navigation apps, the Dasher app or the Uber driver app, drain your battery.

The battery of your device will be stressed above average using these gig apps and will discharge faster than usual.

Some of the best cell phone bike mounts have an integrated power bank. This is connected directly via USB port with the smartphone, thus ensuring a permanent power supply.

Best Bike Phone Mount In 2024

There are different kinds of cell phone bike mounts. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages.

Between stability, handling, adaptability or even waterproofness, there will always be a small compromise to be made, depending on your preferences.

Here, we have compared universal cell phone holders, but we also find versions manufactured specifically for a particular brand or model of smartphone, which, for reasons of compatibility, may increase the general satisfaction rate (it is also necessary to have the right phone!).

Quad Lock

Quad Lock is an Australian company based in Melbourne, Australia. They have been making solutions for smartphone mounting since 2011.

Initially only for iPhone users, the technology of the big brand has spread to all smartphones

The quad lock bike mount is very light, quick to attach, very stable and can adapt to any handlebar, due to the presence of the rubber spacer ring

You can choose between three different mounting systems:

  • Stem Mount (It fits for both handlebar bars and stems with diameters ranging from 25-40 mm)
  • Out Front Mount (It suits handlebar sizes 35mm, 31.8mm, 25.4mm and 22mm.)
  • Out Front Mount Pro (It has a lower profile to improve the aerodynamic)

In addition to this support, you must get the Quad Lock case. The bike kit is available for the following devices:

  • Iphone
  • Galaxi
  • Pixel
  • Huawei

This is a moderately expensive bike phone holder, but it is also one of the best in both style and wind resistance, as it is particularly slim.

Nite Ize

What sets the Nite Ize stand apart from its rivals is its almost fully silicone design which gives it great adaptability.

It is therefore compatible with all types of handlebars and fits perfectly on the right hand side of the front handle stem. Another advantage: the flexibility of the material is conducive to shock absorption, which dampens most vibrations.

The phone feels very stable in it and even going over bumps doesn’t move around much. It rotates so it can be mounted a variety of ways.


The Rokform is a phone strap holder for your bike that works with a plastic phone case that is specific to each model of phone. The installation of the handlebar phone mount takes less than a minute.

However, the Rokform package is quite expensive, especially if compared to other similar products including Quadblock. Additionally, they are not equipped with weather protection. You should never use it if you are not completely confident of avoiding a shower.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Brand Of Accessories When Attaching A Smartphone To My Bike?

Difficult to find a specialist brand above the rest. However, Quad Lock and its clip-on brackets are widely recognized for their reliability.

How Do You Attach A Phone To A Bicycle?

Several installation mechanisms have already been developed. The most common remains the rigid ring, screwed to the handlebars with a nut. Some products favor the flexibility of straps and elastics, offering greater adaptability for different types of handlebars. In all cases, installation is quick and easy, requiring no tools outside the basic kit.

How Much Does A Smartphone Holder For A Bicycle Cost?

On average a bike phone holder on Amazon costs $15. The cheapest, basic but still solid, do not pass the $10. More sophisticated ones will not go much higher than $50.

Of course you have to choose the right point of sale (in other words: don't spend more!). Here, the price is not really proportional to the quality: it is better to choose according to your affinities with the characteristics of the product.

Do I Risk Damaging My Handlebars With A Phone Holder?

If the mounting system has metal parts, they may scratch your handlebars slightly. However, this is easily remedied with a small piece of foam, to be placed between the support and the tube.

Are Smartphone Bike Mounts Compatible With My Exercise Bike?

Absolutely ! With the same constraints as for a normal bike, however. That is to say, remember to check the thickness of the handlebar or stem before investing.

It is still quite rare that a smartphone bike holder is not adjustable to fit on most of your vehicles. In any case, it's a good way to broaden the scope of its functionality: with an elliptical trainer, you can watch podcasts and series!

Will My Phone Be Safe On A Bicycle Smartphone Holder?

Yes ! This is the number one concern of bike and mountain bike rack designers: durability and reliability (as long as it's used correctly!). Descents, speed and bumps will never be a problem.

When it comes to snatching attempts, you will have to remain a little vigilant, however. While it is not easy to grab a phone from a hanger or a stem if it slips, it is not completely impossible either.

Where Can I Buy A Mount Holder For A Bike?

Are you looking to secure your phone on your bike? You can find a great selection of handlebar cell phone mounts in the following stores that often allow you to shop online:

  • Amazon
  • Best Buy
  • REI

Choose Your Next Cell Phone Holder For Your Bike

When cycling it is extremely dangerous to keep the smartphone in your hand. Additionally you have to protect your phone from physical damages. That is why you should consider buying a smartphone holder for your bike. Now you know everything you need to know about bike phone mounts and how to choose the right one for you.

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