How Much Should I Tip Grubhub Drivers: A Reference Guide

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how much should I tip grubhub drivers

Grubhub and similar services are adding a new dimension to the way we order and pay for food or alcohol.

Grubhub is one of the best food delivery apps in the US that let you order from thousands of local restaurants including, but not only, Olive Garden, Canes, and Popeyes.

Your favorite food may be just a few clicks away via your computer or smartphone. But, are you aware of the etiquette for tipping when you use Grubhub delivery? Given that you don’t have to tip in person, have you ever wondered: how much should I tip grubhub drivers? Keep reading to find out all the answers.

Do You Tip Grubhub Drivers? Why Or Why Not?

When it comes to online delivery services most people aren’t familiar with the proper tipping etiquette and rate.

Some people tip their Grubhub drivers, while others do not.

There are a variety of reasons why people may choose to do this, ranging from appreciation for good service to simply wanting to show some extra support during these difficult times. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide whether or not they wish to reward their driver.

However, it is important to remember that these workers are providing an essential service and many are struggling to make ends meet right now. So if you can afford to do so, a small gratuity may go a long way in helping them out.

Becoming a delivery driver is a great way to earn extra cash.

Unfortunately, not so many people know what Grubhub pays their drivers and that the delivery fee doesn’t go to the driver Grubhub.

Delivery fees are used by the Chicago headquartered company to cover operational costs such as the customer service and the background check on all the applicants.

If you are a regular Grubhub user, you can definitely save money and get benefits and perks with the Grubhub membership.

Even if you are a customer, it is really important that you understand the Grubhub pay structure.

First of all, Grubhub drivers are not employees but independent contractors.

There is no guaranteed minimum income for a delivery person who gets paid a base pay per order, a per-mile pay from the restaurant to the customer.

Unless they use a bike, they are responsible for their car maintenance and other related expenses, including gas.

Indeed, Grubhub doesn’t pay for gas.

To give you an idea, here is a list of some common situations


If delivery drivers are courteous and do their job well, leaving a gratuity it’s a nice gesture to thank them for their services.

Find below some essential situations when it is important to reward your delivery driver:

  • Bad Weather: if you're ever stuck at home during a snowstorm or craving your favorite food during a rainstorm, you can place a delivery order using the Grubhub app. Grubhub drivers are always ready to deliver food in almost any weather condition. But, please do not forget to leave a generous tip.
  • Extra Services: Your Grubhub driver deserves to be rewarded if you make a big order, or if you live at the fifth-floor without an elevator.

Not Tip

Some people do not tip their Grubhub drivers for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they had a bad experience with the service, or maybe they simply cannot afford to do so.

If you got bad service or your delivery driver was rude, you can always leave a review through the app.

Keep in mind that delivery drivers are not responsible for common delivery issues such as missing items.

Indeed, while delivery drivers get a list with the details of your order, often they are unable to double check it.

For food safety reasons, restaurants seal the food packages.

Finally, delivery people do their best to deliver your food within the estimated delivery time, but external factors may cause delays.

A delivery driver recently shared with us that a Wendy’s restaurant in Chicago was 1 hour late with orders. This means that users get their order delayed at least one hour.

If you have a problem with an order, there are ways you can try to solve it by contacting the Grubhub Care support.

Summarizing: It is not mandatory to tip in California or in other states of the USA. The choice is entirely yours. However, by tipping your Grubhub couriers, you show them your appreciation. However, if you get bad service, feel free to skip the option.

If at some point you do not know what to tip your delivery driver, keep reading.

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How Much To Tip Grubhub Food Delivery Drivers

According to the Grubhub tipping policy, tips go directly to the delivery drivers. If their service was reasonable, you should leave a standard delivery tip of 10%, but if it was above average, make it 20%.

For instance, if your total order was $50, the gratuity will be:

  • 10%: $5
  • 15%: $7.5
  • 20%: $10

How To Tip on Grubhub

There are two ways to tip your Grubhub delivery drivers.


The fastest and easiest way, especially if you choose contactless delivery , is to use the in-app tipping option available on the Grubhub app.

Using the app, you have the option to tip before the delivery, when you place your food order.

You will always be able to adjust and add more gratuity when the order has been delivered.

However, according to our experience, people leave the gratuity after the service.

The Grub hub tip after delivery option works pretty simple. When you get your order delivered, you will be asked to rate the restaurant and the driver. you will see an option to tip your driver.


If you prefer, you can thank your driver in presence at the time of the delivery. You will also be able to see the kind of service you will receive. Many Grubhub drivers appreciate it because they are able to pocket the money right away.

In order to do so, follow our step by step tutorial:

After you order the food on the Grubhub app or website, choose the custom amount option at the checkout:

  • Tap $0
  • At this point you can hand the money directly to the delivery driver or put it in a enveloppe if you prefer

Grubhub Driver Benefits Vs Tip

In November 2020 Prop 22 passed with nearly 59% of the vote.

The ballot initiative allows app-based drivers to be independent contractors rather than hired employees.

Grubhub did not contribute to the Yes on 22 campaign, however, very similarly to other food delivery services, the Chicago-based company added a “California Driver Benefit fee” that ranges from 99 cents to $3.50 depending on your market.

Furthermore, Grubhub reduced the default tip amount from 20 percent to zero.

The driver benefits fee helps to support California’s Proposition 22. More precisely the fee helps guarantee minimum wage and healthcare benefits for delivery drivers.

The driver benefits fee is not a gratuity. It is only used by food delivery apps to pass the costs added by the new regulation to customers.

Do Grubhub Drivers See Tip Before Delivery

The question: can Grubhub drivers see tips before delivery has been floating around the internet for a while.

Very similarly to DoorDash, Grubhub doesn’t allow drivers to see the tip amount until after they have completed the delivery.

When a Grubhub delivery person gets a delivery request, they can see their total earnings on the app.

The total earnings include the Grubhub pay and the gratuity.

The total amount includes both the Grubhub pay and the gratuity. However, the driver will not know how much money was worth because the two figures are not specified separately.

Grubhub wants to ensure that customers using the Grubhub mobile app get the best experience while ordering and avoid that delivery drivers discriminate against Grubhub no tip orders.

Basically, by hiding the gratuity amount, Grubhub tries to push drivers to accept the order since they won't know how much the customer is already tipping.

Do Grubhub Drivers See Tip After Delivery?

Only after they have delivered the order and completed the delivery Grubhub drivers can see the breakdown of what they have earned, including the amount you paid as the tip.

What does it mean?

Some people think they will get their food faster by leaving a gratuity prior to receiving your order.

At this point it is really important you know that leaving a gratuity before actually getting the service will never benefit you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Remove Grubhub Tips?

If you wish to remove a tip from your Grubhub order, you can do so by contacting customer service. They will be able to refund the tip amount and apply it to your total order cost.

Is Grubhub Tipping Expected For Pick-Up Orders?

As you probably already know, Grubhub gives savvy customers the opportunity to save money choosing the pickup option.

So, how much do you tip on a to-go order?

If you have placed a take out order using the Grubhub app, you will not be able to leave a gratuity on the app.

Of course, you are welcome to tip any restaurant employee if you want.

Related Guide: Should I tip for pizza pick up

The Tipping Debate

The tipping debate is one that has raged on for years, with no clear answer. However, the general consensus seems to be that if you receive good service, a tip of 15-20% is in order. If the service was exceptional, then a larger tip may be warranted.

With Grubhub, you now have the option to leave a tip directly through the app after your meal is delivered. So, next time you’re enjoying a delicious meal from your favorite restaurant and are happy with the delivery experience, remember to show your appreciation with a gratuity for your driver. What do you think? Is tipping Grubhub drivers necessary? Let us know by sending us an email!!

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