Does DoorDash Send You A W2? (Yes If You Are Doordash Employee)

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The answer to the question: does Doordash do W2s, isn't either yes or no as some websites pretend it to be.

In October 2022, when Tony Xu, Doordash’s CEO, announced the company’s IPO, he said: "We founded Doordash with the mission of growing and empowering local economies. While our business will change often, one thing is constant. We wouldn’t be here without the tireless work , partnership and trust from our Employees, Merchants, Dashers, and Customers."

Courier services within cities have always existed and Doordash has operated within this sector since 2013. What makes Doordash special today is that e-commerce is a fully established activity and customer demands are becoming more sophisticated.

With the aim of providing effective matching between available couriers and delivery requests, the Doordash business recently changed.

So, does Doordash give you a W2? Keep reading and you will learn everything you need to know about Doordash W2.

The Doordash Switch From the Gig Economy Model to the Employee Model

During the past years the Doordash business has changed a lot. With the Covid pandemic and the changement of customers' behaviors, we assisted in the rise of on-demand instant deliveries in the major cities across the world.

Doordash is now able to offer its customers instant delivery from Dashmart stores which are essentially convenience stores owned and operated by Doordash.

Additionally, customers who have subscribed to the Doordash DashPass membership, get unlimited free deliveries and reduced service fees on this new instant delivery service.

Until now, DoorDash, like many other gig economy companies , relied on independent contractors to make deliveries.

Delivery drivers sign up to deliver with Doordash with their own car or rent one through a gig worker car rental platform.

Gig workers are responsible for their vehicle's gas and maintenance and must buy their own equipment, including the insulated bags to keep food warm, and their smartphone for the Dasher app.

Since they are not paid for the time they spend on the app waiting for new orders to come in, they must optimize their job choosing the best times to go online.

Finally, Doordash is one of the most flexible side hustle that allows small business owners to make extra cash working with their own schedule.

On the other hand, unlike traditional employment, Dashers do not get traditional protections of employment such as health insurance, paid time off, or eligibility for unemployment benefits.

In November 2020, Prop 22 opened a new gate for the gig economy giving gig workers wage and benefit protections.

The game changed, at least in part, when the San Francisco headquartered company started operating the “dark convenience store” in Manhattan.

In September 2021, New York was the first city across the United States introducing a package of legislation to set minimum wage and better working conditions for delivery workers.

The legislation prevents the food delivery apps and courier services from charging workers fees to receive their pay and also prohibits food delivery apps from charging delivery workers for insulated food bags.

Moreover, restaurant owners are required to make bathrooms available to delivery workers.

It is in the city of NY that Doordash started to hire warehouse workers.

Additionally, to ensure the ultra fast delivery, Doordash relies in NYC on employees that bike as delivery couriers.

Having employees couriers allows Doordash to guarantee a 30 minute delivery to its customers.

Does DoorDash Send Drivers A W2 Form?

DoorDash does not send its DoorDashers who are independent contractors a W2 form, but instead a 1099 form if they earn more than $600.

However, all the Doordash employees hired by darsh corps that work in Dashmart stores or bike as delivery drivers get a W2 Doordash form.

Doordash W2 employees Delivery Advantages

While in some aspects of the job there is no difference at all, if you work as a courier employee for Doordash you will get a guaranteed pay of $15 per hour.

You will also work under the control and supervision of a Doordash manager. This means that in between orders, you may have to help with warehouse duties such as light cleaning, stocking or picking.

When it comes to delivery driver’s pay, very similarly to Dashers independent contractors, you will be able to keep 100% of your customers tips.

Another big advantage of working as a courier employee is that you will only deliver for the DashMart store and all deliveries are within 1-2 miles from the DashMart.

At BestReferralDriver we are a team of gig workers. Finding hotspots can be stressful.

Additionally, if you work 30+ hours per week, you will get some employment benefits such as healthcare benefits (e.g., medical, dental, vision).

Doordash independent contractors can work without scheduling themself for shifts, however, courier employees have a weekly assigned shifts based on their availability and must come to the DashMart to clock in for shifts.

Working as an employee, you do not have to pay taxes on a quarterly basis.

The San Francisco headquartered company will provide you a Door Dasher W2 Form that contains important information that you need to complete your tax return such as:

  • Your taxable income including: total wages for the year and the amount of federal, state, and other taxes withheld from your paycheck
  • Tips
  • Contributions to a 401(k)
  • Contributions to a health savings account
  • Premiums your employer pays for health coverage

Doordash W2 employees Delivery Disadvantages

If you get a contract with the DashCorps E-Bike Courier you are not allowed to Dash and accept delivery requests outside of your schedule. However, you can still deliver as an independent contractor with other delivery apps such as Grubhub or Uber Eats.

If you work as a Doordash employee, you cannot take advantage of tax deductible business expenses.

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Curiosity: Doordash Employees Delivery

In January 2020, Doordash resumed the WeDash program that was first created when the company was founded in 2013.

The goal of the program is to engage the company in community and philanthropic initiatives.

A Doordash spokesperson said: “As the company grew, the founders wanted everyone to experience different parts of the product so we could get closer to all our audiences and understand how the product works. By engaging as a Dasher, supporting a merchant, or shadowing a customer experience agent, employees learn first-hand how the technology products we build empower local economies, which in turn helps us build a better product.”

As a matter of fact, Doordash employees can make deliveries, shadow customer service or otherwise support a merchant.

This is part of the Doordash culture.

Employees at Doordash are prompted to think outside the box. They are pushed to provide answers and not let issues hang around.

In the company's Linkedin profile we can read: We believe that true innovation happens when everyone has the tools, resources, and opportunity to thrive.

On Blind, an anonymous forum and community app for the workplace, a Doordash engineer said: Mandatory "WeDash" starts from next year. You need to dash once a month. WILL BE TRACKED IN PERFORMANCE REVIEWS!!

I didn't sign up for this, there was nothing in the offer letter/job description about this.

This is the only complaint we can share with our readers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get My DoorDash Proof of Employment?

Doordash doesn't give pay stubs. Dashers, except for Dash Corps bike couriers, aren’t employees, so there is no way to get proof of employment from Doordash.

However, whether you’re trying to get a mortgage or finance a car, you can use the following documents to prove your income:

  • Bank statements
  • Tax forms

Does Doordash Ask For A Social Security Number?

Whether you work for Doordash as an independent contractor or an employee, you have to provide your Social Security number which is used to perform a background screening process.

If you are a Doordash employee, you should always verify that your Social Security Number and other personal information such as your name, always match with the Social Security number on your W-2.

Indeed, the IRS receives a copy of your W-2s, it already knows that you likely have reportable income and may contact you if you fail to file a tax return.

How Many Employees Does Doordash Have?

Doordash employs about 6,000 people and currently has more than 1 million workers. The headcount has increased by 20% since a year.

Keep in mind that a lot of students join Doordash during summer time to make some extra money.

What Is Doordash Employer Address?

Doordash is based in San Francisco, CA. Take a look at our guide with the Doordash corporate offices.

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Does Doordash Do W2s?

Doordash is not an under the table job. When you deliver with DoorDash, generally you are an independent contractor, but you should receive an earnings statement on a 1099-NEC form rather than a Door Dash W2.

However, some couriers or warehouse workers are DoorDash employees, so they will get a DooDash W2 form. Take a look at our complete guide to Doordash taxes.

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