6 Sustainable Business Ideas for an Eco Friendly Business

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sustainable business ideas

Being responsible, being green, and being more attentive to others: these must also be incorporated into our business. We are all living in a world which is being affected by climate change and other natural disasters that humans are contributing to.

Issues such as climate change are being raised to awareness more and more. Climate change impacts us all and it is important that we start taking action before it is too late. The impacts of it could be long-term, so it is important that we start considering the ways in which we could be affected by it.

Therefore, the choices we make in our daily life at work, and in the company can also participate in the transition to a fairer and more responsible world.

Sustainable business practices can be done and implemented by every business owner.

BestReferralDriver is an environmental blog. We publish information about sustainable transportation and help gig workers and small business owners by suggesting new ways to go green.

There are many ways you can adjust your daily life activities to take part in this change toward a more sustainable environment. As an environmentally conscious delivery driver, for example, you can choose to make deliveries by bike .

Companies like Zoomo, allow gig workers to easily rent e-bikes and make money working with delivery apps.

Riding a bike in your city is way more environmentally friendly than using a car.

When it comes to small businesses, the problem is that it is not necessarily obvious how to be a more responsible employee in a more responsible company. We don't always have the time to think about it, nor the energy to think about our actions every day.

However, with business sustainability strategies, we can already do a lot to improve both our ecological impact and our well-being at work.

In this article, you will find some sustainable business ideas that can be put in place simply, and which make it possible to achieve a safe and better environment.

Why Is Sustainability Important In Business

Although many companies say they are doing things that are making the world a better place, they are not. I think that one of the reasons is because the people who are in charge are not as interested in helping the world as they should be. One of the reasons why Elon Musk became rich is because he used his wealth to help the world. He is one of the best green entrepreneur examples you can find out there.

The world is running out of resources and we cannot keep using them without being conscious of the state of our resources.

According to McKinsey, a sustainability strategy helps a company make long-term investments. A do-nothing strategy can result in a larger loss in the future. The circular economy is expected to grow by $2.15 trillion by 2025.

Find below seven of the most important reasons why your business should offset its carbon footprint.

  • Businesses are in a position to do good and be rewarded for it.
  • Climate smart businesses are returning higher profits and are often valued higher.
  • 94% of Americans support recycling and 90% of customers strongly support climate conscious businesses.
  • Sustainability becomes a behavioral trait for all the employees and the leadership team and increases employee retention.
  • The sustainable approach can introduce new services and products and attract long-term loyal customers, employees and even investors.
  • We all need to contribute towards doing the right thing, and climate change is one that impacts us all.
three pillars of sustainability

What Are The Three Pillars Of Sustainability

A sustainable business is one that meets the needs of present generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.

A sustainable company is concerned for the environment and social commitment harmoniously and operates in a way that it is conscious of global climate conditions.

Everyone can benefit from a sustainable business model and everyone can easily contribute to it.

The three pillars of sustainable business are: the economic pillar,the social and environmental pillar.

The Economic Pillar

The economy pillar is a one that occupies a prominent place in our consumer society. Sustainable development involves changing production and consumption patterns by introducing actions so that economic growth does not come at the expense of the environment and society.

The Social Pillar

A socially sustainable business encompasses the fight against social exclusion, generalized access to goods and services, working conditions, improvement of employee training and diversity, development of fair and local trade.

The Environmental Pillar

This is the best known pillar. Sustainable development is often wrongly reduced to this single environmental dimension. It is true that in industrialized countries, the environment is one of the main concerns. We consume too much and produce too much waste. Instead, we need to create a balance and only use and produce what is necessary. It is about rejecting acts that are harmful to our planet so that our ecosystem, biodiversity, fauna and flora can be preserved.

6 Sustainable Business Ideas

One might expect that the rapprochement between innovation and sustainable development would lead to disruptive innovations, radically modifying the company's offer or processes. However, the degrees of maturity differ greatly from one company to another, and the entry into sustainable innovation is often gradual.

Find below some green business ideas:

1. Recycling Rules

In business, recycling is not that much. All the good habits we pick up at home tend to be forgotten at work. So take action! Install recycling bins, use recycled paper, review the recycling rules (as many employees are unfamiliar with them), and start recycling.

2. Use Eco Friendly Products

In a company, we do not necessarily realize the waste that we produce. However, you can reduce environmental issues by using eco-friendly products. You can also motivate your employees to change their habits.

3. Eco Restaurant

If you have a restaurant and are looking for ways to boost your sales, you can use a third party delivery app. Nowadays, green businesses are really appreciated, and often attract customers.

Start a business that uses only locally sourced food and sustainable products and processes.

4. Green cleaning

A green cleaning business uses eco-friendly products and services. This kind of service protects the earth and also protects you and your surroundings by avoiding exposure to dangerous chemicals. This is an easy eco-friendly technique to implement to your business.

Solar Energy

Install solar panels for sustainable energy in your businesses. Solar panels are a new form of technology that allow you to use energy from the sun to generate energy within your home or building. In the long run, using solar panels will allow you to save money on electricity.

Sustainable Goods

According to statistics, 70% of consumers in the U.S. and Canada prefer sustainable goods. More and more people are switching to sustainable practices in their daily lives, and are therefore more likely to opt for sustainable goods when shopping. As pickup and delivery sales continue to soar, finding ways to appeal to those consumers shows you care about the same causes they do.

Find below some green initiatives for businesses in the restaurant industry:

  • Offer customers the option to refuse disposable utensils
  • Cut down on condiments
  • Consider reusable containers
  • Skip the plastic straws and only give a paper straw to the customer if they ask for one
  • Use products that are locally made

How To Reduce Your Business’ Carbon Footprint With Two Clicks

If you're a small or medium-sized company, it's impossible to keep up with everything. Whether it's customers, content development, marketing plan, or strategy meetings, carbon emission reductions are always on your mind, so sustainable production should be on your mind.

At the same time, about 90% of your customers and 70% of your team members care deeply about climate change and reward businesses for doing the right thing and aligning with their values. So sustainable production should be on your mind; more than you think.

Luckily, there is a Smarter Net Zero® solution called Carbon Easy® for businesses that have up to 250 employees to be climate smart.

It’s built by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UN FCCC), and also supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). You can start adopting the SDGs as well, as part of your company’s mission, in order to be on track and contribute to the UN’s 2030 goal.

Carbon Easy® helps businesses show the world they are climate smart and be recognised and rewarded by their customers. It is an easy carbon offsetting funds solution for businesses.

It is a global initiative, backed by Paying.Green®, with convenient online member access to best practices through a not-for-profit sourcing model which reduces the cost to businesses for doing the right thing and supporting the cause.

Carbon Easy® developed a project in order to help businesses achieve their climate ambitions. Members can focus on other activities and do not have to hold and manage a carbon registry account or carry the cost of sourcing projects.

Members also benefit from the purpose-built structure where the raised funds are pooled and invested through Paying.Green’s not-for-profit charity.

The benefit that comes with this is that it stretches the environmental benefit dollar-for-dollar further and it removes speculation and also any selection bias.

Carbon Easy® members also don’t need to be certified by any of the 100s of standards out there, they don’t need to hire a climate consultant or compete on the spot market for the best price or to engage with profit seeking brokers.

Benefits of Carbon Easy®

With Carbon Easy® your business will be issued with a membership and a Carbon Offsetting Certificate with an exact amount of the net carbon offsetting made relevant to your business’ size and type.

Find below other benefits of the membership.

  • Governance: Their carbon offsetting model is overseen by an experienced Board of independent Directors at associated no-for-profit charities, in accordance with our publicly available carbon offsetting policy.
  • Certainty: All carbon credits are immediately retired and converted to carbon offsets, meaning they can never be traded again or speculated with.
  • You can customize your plan to suit you: Your membership subscription can be canceled at any time and at no cost. Additionally, you can pay conveniently online with your business' preferred credit card.
  • Transparency: Your business is issued with a Carbon Offsetting Certificate stating how many metric tons of carbon emissions were offset by the community with the help of your subscription.

How To Join Carbon Easy?

  • Go to Carbon Easy’s website .
  • Select your business type and add the range of people in your business, and join.
  • That’s it! You’ve taken an important first step in being on the right side of history by contributing to a change.

Start Your Corporate Sustainability Program Now

As climate change and environmental issues are being raised to attention, now is the perfect time to start your sustainable and green business. Over the recent years, we have seen more growth and contribution toward activism, policy and coming up with solutions to support our environment. The Paris Agreement is one, and we have witnessed many businesses, industries, and investors implement this new international treaty to their mission.

Business ideas that are environmentally conscious and green cater to a rapidly growing market. Although making money and making the world a better place go hand-in-hand, the two aren't mutually exclusive.

One of the first steps is to start using eco-friendly transportation in your daily life. Take a look at our guide to Uber green, May Mobility, Tesla ridesharing options and NYC taxi apps where you will find a list of green taxi services.


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