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The technological developments during the last decade have changed the lives of individuals and the practice of every aspect of business including the transportation of people and goods.

Today transportation is an industry in full transformation and innovation.

Every day, billions of people use transportation services to get to work, to trade or to travel. Humanity is in perpetual motion. It is therefore not surprising that transport has always been one of the most dynamic sectors in terms of technological innovations.

In the past, self-driving cars were just a utopia dreamed up by science fiction writers. Now, thanks to the development of artificial intelligence, it's a technology poised to transform the way we travel every day.

Indeed, the transport innovation now makes it possible to offer increasingly efficient driving delegation functionalities for different types of vehicles and different uses: private vehicles, public transport vehicles, freight transport and logistics.

The autonomous vehicle is thus today a business for which the deployment phase has been launched and the associated services increasingly diversified.

In this article you will learn everything you need to know about May Mobility, the innovative transportation service that provides rides with autonomous vehicles without human intervention, although a trained fleet attendant will be onboard at all times.

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Benefits Of Autonomous Vehicles

According to a survey, many Americans are still afraid of self-driving vehicles. So, we choose to start our article talking about all the advantages of autonomous vehicles.

Many benefits are expected by the integration of autonomous shuttle services and driverless cars including:

Accessibility And Reliability

When it comes to transportation, accessibility and reliability are two important factors. For rideshare companies and other transportation services, one of the most important points to increase satisfaction of users and improve the quality of transport solutions is providing timely and accurate transit travel time information.

Lyft, for example, recently started to use AI to provide an accurate database for places and addresses, reliable predicted pickup and drop-off times for their routes.

In 2021 Lyft changed up its search data and places provider, and switched from Google to Here the world’s leader mapping company.

Sustainable Transportation

The transport sector worldwide is responsible for 23 percent of total energy-related CO2 emissions. All the mobility vehicles on the different platforms are 100% electric vehicles. This means that they generate less atmospheric pollution. They are also recognized as being very quiet in urban traffic conditions.

Improved Safety And Comfort

Experts agree that the risk of an accident is still significantly lower when a computer is behind the wheel than when a human being is driving.

According to a Stanford Law School report, at least 90% of all motor vehicle crashes are caused fully or in part by human error.

Car manufacturers such as Tesla, Lexus, Mercedez, BMW or Nissan are investing heavily to become leaders in this new market, along with technology giants like Apple or Nvidia. In a few years, it is likely that self-driving cars will completely replace traditional cars.

Customer Experience

Better integrated and connected services allow a superior customer experience.

What Is May Mobility

May technology was founded in 2017 by Alisyn Malek, Edwin Olson, Steve Vozar. It is a private company leader in autonomous vehicle technology (AV) development and deployment.

In November 2020 May and Via announced their partnership to integrate AVs in public transit.

As of today the company provided more than 300,000 autonomous rides. The sustainable shuttle solution is designed as a complement to today's public transportation options including taxi services and rideshare companies.

Edwin Olson May’s founder and CEO said: “Technology without impact is pointless. Yes, it’s interesting to make and operate a driverless vehicle. But what’s even more interesting is to use that technology to provide a service that reduces congestion, makes better use of space and over time, can change the way we live in cities with green spaces and affordable housing in place of traffic jams and parking lots.”

How Does It Work?

The autonomous cars and shuttles take passengers from designated pickup points and drop them off at designated destination points.

To get more details, keep reading and learn how it works for every city.

May We Ask Why

It all starts with Why. It is important to not just build self-driving technology, but technology that can transform cities.

How Does May Mobility Ensure Safety?

At BestReferralDriver we know how safety is important for our readers. Rideshare companies ensure vehicle safety in their platform through yearly vehicle inspections .

They also perform DMV background checks to be sure that all the drivers on the platform are good drivers and respect the traffic law.

The core of the technology of the AV is an algorithm called Multi-Policy Decision Making (MPDM). The decision-making algorithm exploits knowledge from the autonomous driving domain to make decisions online for an autonomous vehicle navigating in traffic.

Basically, May Mobility is committed to ensure safety to riders in multiple ways including:

  • Digital and traditional maintenance for optimal fleet performance
  • Sophisticated routing algorithms to optimize fleet management

The vehicles’ self-driving technology are equipped with multiple safety features including:

  • Collision avoidance systems that detect with special sensors other vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians and obstacles.
  • The sensor technology combines LiDAR, radar, and cameras.
  • The shuttles travel with a speed of approximately 25 miles per hour.

During the covid-19 pandemic, May Mobility is continually working to help keep those who rely on their mobility cars healthy and safe. Masks are currently required for all passengers and fleet attendants. All shuttles are equipped with partitions and the shuttle interiors are disinfected between rides.

Where Are May Automotive Shuttles and Cars Availables?

Arlington - TX

“Arlington has developed a reputation around the country as one of the most innovative cities exploring technology-based mobility solutions and the testing of autonomous vehicles,” said Arlington Mayor Jeff Williams.

The City of Arlington was recently awarded a $1.7 million grant through the Federal Transit Administration’s Integrated Mobility Innovation Program to integrate a fleet of autonomous vehicles.

In 2021 the pilot program called the Arlington RAPID program (Rideshare, Automation, and Payment Integration Demonstration) introduced a fleet of five self-driving wheelchair-accessible vehicles in partnership with Via, May Mobility and UT Arlington.

The Arlington on demand transportation service is­ available from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The Arlington driverless cars service area includes:

  • Downtown Library
  • City Hall
  • UTA
  • Restaurants, offices, and businesses

UTA students can ride for free for a limited time. After, the standard Via fare applies to the RAPID service.

Grand Rapids - MI

May Mobility is the first publicly available autonomous vehicle route in the State of Michigan and was launched in coordination with public and private partners in the city of Grand Rapids.

The route is a fixed route that operates on and in complement to the city’s existing DASH West bus route. The vehicles are all electric Polaris GEM shuttles. The Grand Rapids autonomous vehicle initiative AVGR was first launched in 2019 with a fleet of four electric GEM shuttles and one wheelchair accessible shuttle.

In 2021 the mobility service was upgraded to autonomous mobility on-demand powered by Via with a fleet of 4 Lexus RX 450h.

May mobility in Grand Rapids is available between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Monday through Friday.

To request a free, curbside on-demand pick-up ride, users must use the May Mobility app available to download for iOS and to download for Android.

Ann Arbor - MI

The A2GO autonomous vehicles initiative offers free rides in partnership with May Mobility in Ann Arbor.

The fleet includes:

  • 4 Lexus RX 450h shuttles
  • 1 wheelchair-accessible vehicle (WAMS)

The shuttle's mobility operates using self-driving technology. However, an autonomous vehicle operator will always be in the driver’s seat to monitor the vehicle’s behavior and ensure safety for all on board.

Indianapolis - IN

A free shuttle service that began June 1 serves the downtown Indianapolis and Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) communities. In addition, it supports the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Sustainable Cities and Communities goal (No. 11) and Toyota’s commitment to providing Mobility for All. There are nine designated stops in Indianapolis, each identifiable by a sign providing route information and a scannable QR code leading to the Together in Motion Indiana website.

The Together in Motion AV shuttle service operates Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The mobility system service features:

  • 5 Lexus RX 450h vehicles
  • 1 wheelchair-accessible Polaris GEM shuttle

To see a schedule for the shuttle stop timing, you can consult the Shuttle Schedule PDF.

Try The Green USA Mobility Transportation

At BestReferralDriver we are convinced that shared autonomous transport will profoundly change the way we travel and more broadly live. We will continue to support inclusive, efficient and sustainable mobility services like May that integrate shared autonomous vehicles into transport networks.

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