How to Buy and Use a Lyft Amp: A Complete Guide

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If you're a Lyft driver, then you know how important it is to have a light on your car. Not only does it help other drivers see you more easily, but it also helps passengers feel safer when they're getting in and out of your car. In this guide, we'll tell you everything you need to know about the Lyft amp! We'll cover topics such as where to buy one, how to use it, and what benefits it can offer you as a driver. Let's get started!

What Is Lyft Amp?

Lyft has retired its famous Lyft mustache logo in 2016 and replaced it with a brightly colored, Bluetooth-enabled, LED gadget called the Amp. The Lyft mustache was introduced in 2012 and quickly became Lyft's defining image.

The decision to retire the Lyft mustache was made in order to appeal to a wider audience and to better reflect Lyft's brand identity.

So, what exactly is the Lyft Amp?

The Lyft AMP is a small, LED light that attaches to the front dashboard of your car. It's similar to the Lyft sign that you see on the back of many cars, but it's much bigger and less discreet.

The branded light-up sign is a welcome addition to Lyft's image and provides a more modern look that is sure to appeal to new and current customers alike.

In a blog published on Medium, Lyft's co-founder John Zimmer revealed that one of his childhood ambitions was to become a magician. The creation of a Lyft ride experience that is centered on humanity and hospitality while also including a touch of enchantment is one of the company's primary goals.

The Lyft car light is also a marketing tool that gives a method for Lyft to stand out in the ride-sharing industry, a sector that is not only constituted of Uber and Lyft, but also of other start-ups like Alto, Via, and Wingz, amongst others.

The Lyft LED light allows the ride hail company to differentiate itself from the competition and gain a competitive advantage.

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What Is the Exact Function of the Amp Lyft Light?

Amp is more than just a Lyft emblem that you put on your car window; it's also an in-car communication tool that makes it simpler for rideshare drivers and passengers to locate one another. And there is just another way to add a touch of enchantment to each and every Lyft journey.

Amp is the key to more consistent pickups as well as improved and more enjoyable rides.

There are many benefits to using Lyft custom light up sign as a driver. First, it makes your car much more visible to other drivers, which can help prevent accidents.

Additionally, passengers will be able to see your Lyft light sign from a distance, which can help them feel safer when getting in and out of your car. Finally, the AMP can also be used as a visual cue for passengers when you're arriving at their pick-up location.

Keep in mind that the Amp light replaces the required front Lyft stickers. In fact, if you qualify for the custom led sign with the Lyft logo, you will not need a Lyft sticker on the front windshield of your vehicle.

However, drivers for Uber and Lyft are required by many states and municipalities to display both the front and the rear logos of the company when the car is in the driving mode.

When you are working as a Lyft driver, you could be required to keep a sticker on the back windshield of your vehicle if this is something that is done in your area.

On the Lyft website, you can find a list of the local rules that apply to your city; we recommend that you study them over.

Let's take a more in-depth look at the operation of the Lyft light, shall we?

Upcoming New Rides Requests

Your Amp light will notify you if you have a new ride request coming in. You won't get notifications for Lyft Shared rides, but you will get them for all other trips on Lyft.


When you are on your way to pick up a passenger, the passenger's smartphone will display the color of your led Lyft sign.

This assists passengers in locating your car, making the pickup process more streamlined and quick.


As soon as you have a passenger in your Amp, the rear of the vehicle will greet them by name. It is also possible for it to display unique messages for various holidays and occasions.

Shared Rides With Lyft

When you are taking part in a Shared trip, the name of each passenger will be shown on your Amp as they are being picked up and dropped off.

How Do You Get Amp For Lyft

At this point there is some important information you must know. First of all to get your LED light you must have the eligible requirements.

You need to be qualified in order to get the the Amp for Lyft. The following are some of the requirements:

  • Be situated in a city that has access to the Amp service.
  • Be a Gold or Platinum level driver in Lyft's Accelerate Rewards program. To achieve this level, you must have completed 175 to 250 rides (depending on your market) in the three past months
  • Make sure the app has your most recent address

The second important thing you should know is that the distribution of Amp has been temporarily halted over the majority of the United States.

In point of fact, some local authorities claim that it is against the law in certain states to have it displayed on your dashboard while you are driving a motor vehicle. This is the case in those states.

Some Lyft drivers received fines as a result of this.

When distribution is resumed, the San Francisco headquartered company will contact all eligible drivers.

You can verify your eligibility for AMP on the dashboard of the Lyft app:

  • Once the main menu on the Lyft dashboard
  • Choose the option labeled "Vehicle and Devices."
  • Choose 'Amp,' then select 'Eligibility' from the menu.
  • You'll be able to calculate how many rides you need under your belt before you're qualified for the next level (if not already).

In addition to this, you will notice the ability to place an order for an Amp right from your mobile.

In the event that your account has been deleted or if you are not presently allowed to drive, you will not be permitted to use an Amp.

Some of the vehicles that are available for rental through the Lyft Express program have LED lights installed in them.

We recommend that you handle your Amp with care and return it in the vehicle that you use for Express Drive in order to avoid incurring a charge for its use.

How Much Does A Lyft Amp Cost?

In the event that you satisfy all of the prerequisites, Lyft LED Light will be sent to your location without any additional costs incurred on your part.

Where Can I Find A Lyft Amp For Sale?

Looking for a lyft light for sale? Unfortunately, you cannot buy a Lyft amp from the official Lyft website. You can find some Lyft AMPs for sale on ebay. The cost of a used Lyft AMP for sale is typically around $75-150 USD.

So, where do you go to get a Lyft light? Many third-party retailers, including Amazon and Etsy, sell Lyft accessories and other Lyft merchandise, including Lyft lighted signs.

Lyft Amp Setup!

How to set up your Lyft LED light step-by-step

How to Pair & Install Your AMP “Glowstache”?

You will need to first link the gadget with your driver app and then install it on your car before you can enjoy a more vibrant journey.

Pairing Your Amp

After you have received your Amp, you will be able to couple it with the Lyft driver app so that it will change colors when you are getting near to a passenger and notify the rider what color their "beacon" is.

In order to connect with the Lyft Driver app, you must first open the Lyft Driver app and then touch on your picture in the upper left corner of the app to enter the settings menu for your account.

After you have finished doing that, you should switch on the amplifier in your automobile.

Tap "Amp" from the menu that drops down, and after that menu is open, scroll to the bottom of the page to find "Pair my Amp."

If you tap that, it ought to start working.

Whether it does not work, check to see if the Bluetooth feature on your phone is turned on and then try again.

In the event that it is still not functioning, you may contact Lyft Help via the driver app.

Install Your Lyft Amp Magnetic Base

First, find a suitable location for the device. You should ensure that the positioning does not obstruct your view of the roadway.

The magnetic base needs to be installed on the dashboard before it can be used.

It is important that the dashboard has a level surface.

Before attaching the adhesive foundation, it is important to ensure that the dashboard is both clean and dry.

You do not need the glue since you can use the included mounts and stickers to secure the device to the chosen location.

Connect Your Amp And Car Charger

The last step is to connect your led sign light and car charger using the USB charging cable.

When you're finished, turn on the power switch and enjoy increased visibility!

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Can I Get A Lyft Amp Replacement?

You cannot receive a replacement. In addition to this, Lyft is unable to provide new power cords to its drivers. On the other hand, if the power cord that came with your Amp stops functioning, you may replace it with a regular micro USB cable.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a team of ridesharing and delivery drivers here at BestReferralDriver, and one of our favorite things to do is ask all of your questions. Find below some responses to the frequently asked questions we have received regarding the Lyft led business sign.

How To Make A Lyft Amp Battery Replacement?

If your Lyft Amp is no longer lighting up or holding a charge, it may be time for a battery replacement. Unfortunately, changing the battery is not a task that you can perform on your own because it is not a fairly straightforward operation.

You can always try to get assistance by contacting Lyft support or visiting the Lyft HUB that is located closest to you.

If you ever need to change out a battery, the only tool you'll often require is a screwdriver to do so. However, the rear of the Amp is quite difficult to remove, and the location of the battery compartment might be difficult to locate.

Are Drivers Able To Customize The Amp Messages?

No, Lyft drivers are not allowed to modify the messages that appear on a Lyft Amp.

Lyft asserts that this is done to guarantee that drivers are dedicated to providing safe trips. On Amazon, you will discover a large selection of options to choose from if you are searching for a Led Programmable Sign Driving Lights.

What's the story behind the name "Amp"?

Lyft explains that Amp was given its name because it "amplifies your ride experience and energizes the Lyft community."

Simply said, it's a strategy to make yourself more noticeable than you typically would be.

Lyft wants to differentiate itself from Uber in the continuing competition for the ride-sharing market's preeminence, and bright LED lights are an effective way to do so.

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Bright with The Light of your Lyft AMP

We hope this guide has helped you learn everything you need to know about the Lyft amp!

Amp is a device that plugs into the car's cigarette lighter and helps Lyft drivers earn more money by providing them with information about their rides. On the other hand, driving while utilizing an LED light can be a distracting experience. The sticker is my first pick because it doesn't draw as much attention to itself. If you have any additional questions, feel free to send us an email. Thanks for reading!

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