Get Paid to Shop: +16 Apps & Jobs Like Instacart To Make Extra Cash

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jobs like instacart

Looking for alternatives to Instacart? Tons of people want to make extra money with gigs. What's difficult is finding out whether or not the side hustle you choose is right for you.

If you like grocery shopping for people, we’ve put together a list of the top 16 grocery delivery driver related jobs. Keep reading and you will find out the most popular alternatives and competitors to Instacart.

What Motivates Gig Workers?

Once upon a time when you had to start a job search you probably started by looking on jobs websites, creating a profile on LinkedIn and other networking sites. Gig economy platforms have changed our lives. Today to find a job and earn extra money you do not need to lose your time writing targeted resumes and cover letters that specifically link your qualifications.

Gig workers turn to gig jobs for lacking other jobs or for having control over their schedule and seeking social connection.

The Gig Economy or sharing economy allows you to be your own boss and earn reliable cash working part time or full time with flexible scheduling.

Indeed, being self-employed has never been easier, giving you the freedom to schedule work according to when it suits you.

All these side hustle jobs have in commun some basics:

  • You have to be able to pass a background check
  • You will work as an independent contractor
  • You are responsible for your car insurance
  • You must have a bank account to get paid
  • There is no guaranteed hourly rate and your salary vary from city to city
  • As a business owner you have to pay taxes and claim deductions. You should always track your miles.
  • You are responsible for the wear and tears of your car.
  • You have to pay for gas. Find creative ways to save money on gas by using cash back apps for example.

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instacart competitors

Instacart Competitors

Becoming a grocery delivery driver is one of the largest side hustle in the United States, with almost 750 million Shoppers throughout the nation.

As a result, during the COVID-19 lockdown, Instacart became an essential service for millions of Americans trapped at home.

While becoming an Instacart driver is a great way to make fast money, it is not the only gig hiring now. If you are considering a grocery delivery job, but Instacart isn’t in your list, rest assured — there are plenty more options for you.

Whether you have been deactivated from the grocery delivery company or maybe you are just looking for Instacart alternatives there are many jobs similar to Shoppers that check off these various boxes. So, if you are seeking a career similar to Instacart, but are thinking more outside the lines, keep reading. Below, we highlight some of the most in-demand grocery shopping jobs beyond the Instacart Shoppers role.

1. Shipt

If you are looking for personal shopper jobs near you, Shipt is an online grocery store that allows people to order from their favorite local stores and pay directly from the app with credit cards.

Becoming a personal grocery delivery shopper for Shipt is a great way to earn money and deliver groceries.

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2. Gopuff

Gopuff is a digital delivery service that delivers everything people need - food delivery, home essentials, snack delivery and alcohol.

The service is available in selected markets.

Gouff is growing fast and currently offering independent delivery driver jobs in all the cities where they are available.

It is a courier job with good rates and flexibility, giving you the freedom to find the best possible work-life balance. To become a personal grocery shopper you do not need special skills. Learn more about how to get started with Gopuff.

3. Burpy

While Shipt and Instacart are the two major players in the industry, Burpy is one of the smaller and more localized services like Instacart. Indeed, Burpy is one of the personal shopper companies available only in Texas. If you want to learn more about the requirements and the application process, we suggest you consult our guide to Burphy Shopper .

4. Walmart Delivery

Walmart grocery is one of the apps similar to instacart. They are currently hiring grocery delivery drivers. Working for Walmart delivery is a great way to get orders because they limit Shoppers.

Walmart is one of the highest paying grocery stores. They only hire (X) number drivers on the Walmart Spark delivery service and you are assigned a store. Unlike Instacart there is no multiple location ability.

With a few exceptions the pay is per time/ mile higher than any other platform. The pay is anywhere from $9 to $15 per delivery.

However they have no referral system in place, so you cannot maximize your earnings by referring friends.

5. Amazon Fresh

Amazon driver jobs are a great way to make money picking up items and delivering directly to the customers.

You can sign up to become a driver and get assigned deliveries through their app.

You can choose shifts that work with your schedule.

What you need to get started:

  • A midsize car
  • A smartphone
  • Be at least 21 years of age

6. Peapod

If you like the idea to pick up orders and drop them off at customers’ homes you can take a look at a smaller grocery delivery service: Peapod.

Peapod is one of the companies like Instacart and is hiring delivery drivers. So you will work as an employee and not as an independent contractor. According to Indeed, the average Peapod Delivery Driver hourly pay in the United States is approximately $13.53.

Take a look if there are opening positions near you.

7. Dumlping

If you want to seriously start a delivery business, you can take a look at our guide to Dumpling grocery delivery.

8. In Store Shopper Jobs Near You

If you do not like the idea of shopping and delivering but you want to only shop in one store at a time, we suggest you consult jobs at Target.

get paid to deliver food

Make Money Delivering Food

Becoming a delivery driver for online food delivery companies is a great alternative to office jobs or other driving jobs. It will allow you to discover new parts of the city earning money delivering food.

Working independently as a courier means you’ll get to travel the city and meet new people every day, yet you will always have constant support available from our friendly team if you ever need it. Receive total transparency on all job information and supercharge your customer relationships.

9. Postmates

Postmates is one of the best paying driving apps. You will not get bored delivering for Postmates. The requirements are not so complicated, you only have to be 18 years old and pass a background check. As for the vehicle requirements, you can even deliver by foot.

Postmates is one of the delivery gigs that will allow you to boost your income thanks to the earnings guarantee and the Blitz price-multiplier if you deliver during peak ordering times.

10. DoorDash

DoorDash is the world's fastest-growing delivery app and one of the best alcohl delivery apps. DoorDash started their journey in 2013 when they joined the Y Combinator start-up accelerator. The tech company offers delivery jobs across the United States, Canada and Australia.

With many restaurants closed or only open for takeout, the online food service has also experienced significant growth. Becoming a Doordash driver is one of the most popular gigs. You can earn up to $25 per hour in big cities and you keep 100% of tips. Take a look at our guide to make more delivering with DorDash.

11. Uber Eats

Uber food delivery is another way to drive and get paid to deliver food or groceries to hungry customers. Uber Eats is one of the easy side hustles that you can do with your bike. For more information we suggest you consult our guide to driver and car requirements.

12. GrubHub

Founded in 2004 Grubhub is one of the on-demand delivery services that allow customers to pay cash and save money with the Grubhub+ subscription .

In 2013 Grubhub and Seamless decided to merge to create mobile ordering powerhouse. Since 2014, Grubhub has lost market share in the US every year.

In June 2020 Just Eat acquired Grubhub for $7.1 billion.

The app works with a system of scheduled blocks. Basically you have to schedule yourself for deliveries. The hours are not guaranteed as they are first come, first serve and sometimes it is hard to get the hours you needed.

If you want to learn more we suggest you consult our comprehensive guide to GrubHub driver.

13. Caviar

If you are looking for ways to make money now, Caviar is one of the apps that allow you to get paid instantly .

It is easy to sign-up, the registration process is free and online. Caviar app is one of the apps offering great potential for making money.

More independent contractor jobs like Instacart

Here are other side hustles like instacart

Jobs Like Instacart: 16 Side Gigs for Drivers in 2021

Here are some jobs like Instacart and the best Instacart alternatives. These flexible Gigs will boost your income. #jobsLikeInstacart #instacartAlternatives #instacartCompetitors

Make Money Driving

If you are looking for “get paid to drive apps”, rideshare jobs are the most popular ways to make money with a car.

To help those without wheels get into a car affordably without having to worry about the mileage restrictions there are different leasing programs.

12. Uber

Uber drivers are essentially operating their own business where they get paid to drive. Safety is a priority for the company. All the drivers must have clean driving records and pass through background check screenings.

In addition, rideshare drivers with their own car must have the vehicle qualifications for their state and pass a vehicle inspection.

How much you make can vary, and Uber offers incentives such surge pricing to keep their drivers happy and earn more money. However, in the most popular markets, Uber drivers can earn more than $19 per hour.

14. Lyft

If you are looking for a part time driving job near you with Lyft you chose your working hours. With Lyft you do not need to own your own car, you can also rent one through their rental program.

You can sign up to become a driver and get assigned driving gigs through their app.

At Bestreferraldriver we like driving for Lyft that is according to our experience as a driver friendly company, especially when it comes to driver support.

Make Money Delivering Packages.

Our list of 1099 jobs include app courier jobs. Delivering packages with your own car is a great way to avoid deadhead miles.

15. Roadie

Roadie is a same-day delivery service, the app is available nationwide. They have plenty of opportunities for work, so if you like the idea to deliver packages for money, you should take a look at our guide to Roadie.

16. Dispatchit

Dispatchit is one of the package delivery jobs with your own car. The great advantage of signing up with Dispatchit is that they are currently offering a sign up bonus. Take a look at our guide and learn more how to become a dispatcher.

17. Amazon Flex

The requirements and the application process to become an Amazon Flex driver are the same that we illustrated above for Amazon Fresh. Take a look at our Amazon Flex driver review.

Jobs Like Amazon Flex

If you have a pickup or a truck, check out our guide to Uber Freight and other companies that allow you to make money driving your pickup.

Start Your Gig Jobs Today

Now you know that there are other apps like instacart that allow you to make extra income in your spare time. An app is a good way to quickly and affordably start a side hustle that may turn into a business, remain a side hustle. If you are looking for side jobs that don’t require a car, you can take a look at our guides of apps that pay you to walk dogs, online jobs, or answer surveys to make money.

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