Caviar sign-up bonus and driver referral code SF -East-Bay. Comprehensive Guide

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Everything you need to know before to sign up as Caviar driver in SF -East-Bay.

What is Caviar and how it works?

Caviar is a service that provides food delivery from local restaurants to homes and offices. Customers order food with the Caviar app or Caviar website, they pay their order through the app.

Unlike Doordash and Postmates you will never have to manage a debit card to pay an order.

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Caviar Referral code

Caviar, as well as other rideshare and delivery companies, uses referral code to grow and push new drivers to sign for them. Indeed, referral bonuses represent for us drivers a high source of income and the main way to maximize our earnings.

Postmates, UberEats or Lyft attribute a sign up bonus to new drivers if they enter a valid referral code at the time of sign-up and if they make a predetermined number of deliveries/rides. What you need to know is that Caviar like Doordash applies restrictions on the referral code.

Particularly as regards Caviar, the new driver receives a sign up bonus only if the person who refers also performs the same number of requests deliveries. It is quite risky rather than frustrating to use invalid referral code found on the web. Our advice is to sign for Postmates or consider taking your UberEats sign up bonus. Both companies offer huge bonuses and incentives for new drivers and the sign up bonus range between $250 and $800 according to the city.

In any case, if you are interested to know all the requirements to become a Caviar Driver and have a step by step application process, here it is for you.

Caviar Driver and Vehicle Requirements

Who can become a Caviar courier? Caviar Driver and Vehicle Requirements

There are no complex requirements to become a Caviar courier.

  • You must be 18 years or older

  • Own an iPhone or Android smartphone

  • Have access to a vehicle (car, truck, bike, scooter, or motorcycle)

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caviar driver requirements
caviar driver application


How to sign-up as a Caviar Courier?

First Step

To sign up as Caviar courier, after reading the simple instructions below, click here, create your account. Fill up the form with your email and chose a password.

Like this..

Doordash Best Sign-up Bonus Step 1


How to sign-up as a Caviar Courier?

Second Step

After created a courier account you need to fill up the form with:

  • Name

  • Phone

  • Phone Type

  • Address

  • The Region where you want operate

  • The vehicle type (You will be able to switch to any vehicle you're approved for from the options in the app)

Like this...

Doordash Best Sign-up Bonus Step 2

Almost done!

Caviar Quiz

Unlike Doordash, for which you must pass an orientation often in person, with Caviar you can also watch a video and answer some questions. It takes just over 10 minutes.

Like this...

Caviar Sign-up Step 3

That's it!

Download Caviar Courier App

After approval you can download the Caviar app in Android or iOS or and start earning money!

Caviar Free Flyer

Sometimes print is better

If you want you can download my flyer... Download NOW

Caviar FAQ

Can I manage my schedule?

You have the flexibility to choose your own delivery hours! You can choose to work on the weekends, weekdays or just holidays. Like Postmates and Doordash you can go online any time. With Caviar you can also manage your schedule 10 days in advance and you reserve certain days and hours to work. Being on schedule can help to get orders first!

Are you curious?
About Caviar

Caviar Founders-Sign-up Now with my best referral code

Caviar was founded by four Cal entrepreneurs on 2012. On August 4, 2014, Square announced the acquisition of Caviar. Caviar is currently available in 18 markets in the U.S. Users can order via the company's iOS or Android app, or on Caviar's website.

Would you like to see a video?

Why Couriers Love Working for Caviar.

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