InboxDollars Review (2024): Is It Legit or a Scam?

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inboxdollars review

InboxDollars is a website that pays you to do various tasks, such as taking surveys, watching videos, and searching the web. It is one of many websites that belong to the "GPT" (Get Paid To) genre. But is Inbox Dollars legit? Or is it a scam? In this in-depth review, we will take a closer look at what Inbox Dollars has to offer and determine whether or not it is worth your time.

What Is Inbox Dollars And What Do They Offer Members?

Inbox Dollars is a website that connects consumers and advertisers and allows users to earn money by completing various online activities, such as taking surveys, reading emails, shopping online, and playing games. Users can also earn cash back when making purchases through Inbox Dollar's partner retailers. Payments are typically made through PayPal or check.

Inbox Dollars was founded in 2000 and is owned by Prodege LLC, a technology and media company that also operates a similar website called Swagbucks. The company has paid out over $57 million to its members.

One of the main advantages of using Inbox Dollars is the variety of ways to earn money. While some survey websites only offer surveys as a means of earning cash, Inbox Dollars provides multiple options for users to increase their earnings and get cash rewards. In addition, the website offers a sign-up bonus for new members.

However, there have been some complaints about the low earning potential on Inbox Dollars and slow payment processing times. Some users have also reported difficulties with customer service when encountering issues on the site.

Overall, Inbox Dollars can be a useful tool for those looking to make extra money in their spare time. It may not be a reliable source of income on its own, but it can provide an additional stream of income when used alongside other money-making opportunities.

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How Does Inbox Dollars Work - How Do You Make Money With Them

In order to earn money with Inbox Dollars, you first need to sign up for a free account. You can get the InboxDollars app by visiting the App Store on your iOS device or the Google Play Store on your Android device.

From there, you can start earning by completing online surveys, referring friends, playing online games, watching videos, and scanning receipts from your shopping trips. You can also earn by simply reading emails and using the InboxDollars search engine as your primary search tool. Lastly, InboxDollars also has a section called "WinIt," where Inboxdollars members can enter sweepstakes for chances to win cash prizes.

Online Surveys

One way to earn with Inbox Dollars is through online surveys . After signing up for an account, you'll have access to a list of available surveys that you can choose from. Each survey will list the estimated time it will take to complete and how much you will earn upon completion. Some surveys may require specific demographic information or product usage in order to qualify, but there are typically a variety of options available at any given time.

Refer Friends

Another way to earn with Inbox Dollars is by referring friends. When you refer someone to join Inbox Dollars using your unique referral link, you'll earn a certain amount for each successful referral. Your friends will also benefit from joining as they'll have access to all the same earning opportunities that you do.

Make Money Playing Games

In addition to surveys and referrals, InboxDollars offers the opportunity to make money by playing online games. This feature is great for those who enjoy playing games on their computer and want to potentially earn some extra cash while doing so. By participating in these games, members have the chance to win gift cards and cash prizes.

Watch Videos

Watching videos is another potential way to earn with Inbox Dollars. These videos cover a range of topics such as entertainment news and cooking tutorials, and each video watched will earn a small amount of money.

Magic Receipts

In addition, members can also scan their receipts from shopping trips using the "Magic Receipts" feature on the Inbox Dollars app (available for both iOS and Android). By uploading these receipts, members have the chance to earn even more money on top of what they've already spent on their purchases.

InboxDollars Search

Furthermore, simply using the InboxDollars search engine as your primary search tool will also give you the opportunity to earn money over time.

InboxDollars WinIt

And lastly, members can enter sweepstakes through the "WinIt" section for chances to win cash prizes. Overall, there are numerous ways that one can make money with Inbox Dollars – all it takes is taking advantage of these various earning opportunities and being consistent in participating in them.

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Is Inbox Dollars Legit?

First, it is important to remember that all websites and companies have the potential to be scams. However, there are also many legitimate websites and companies out there as well. Inbox Dollars has been in business since 2000 and has a BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating of A+.

In order to make money with Inbox Dollars, users can take surveys, complete offers, play games, shop online, and refer friends. Users can also earn cash by reading emails and searching the web through their search engine.

The company states on their website that they have paid over $57 million to their members since 2000. Many user reviews on sites such as Trustpilot and Consumer Affairs state that they have successfully earned money through Inbox Dollars. However, there are also negative reviews stating that it takes a long time to earn enough money for a payout and that customer service can be slow or unhelpful.

Overall, while there may be some drawbacks or frustrations with using Inbox Dollars, it does appear to be a legitimate way to earn extra money online. It is up to the individual user to weigh the potential benefits and drawbacks and decide if Inbox Dollars is worth trying out for themselves.

Is Inbox Dollars Safe

There is no clear consensus on whether or not using Inbox Dollars is safe. Some users report having success with the site, while others claim they have had problems with their accounts being unfairly closed or not receiving payment for their work.

One major concern is the fact that Inbox Dollars requires personal information such as your address and social security number in order to receive payments. This raises questions about how securely this information is stored and protected.

Additionally, there have been complaints of users not receiving payment for completing tasks or offers on the site. While Inbox Dollars does have a customer support team to address these issues, it can be frustrating and time-consuming for users to try to resolve them.

There are also reports of spam emails and offers on the site that can be annoying and overwhelming for users.

Ultimately, it seems that whether or not Inbox Dollars is a safe option for making money online will vary from person to person. It may be worth doing some research and reading reviews before deciding if this is the right choice for you.

Is Inbox Dollars Worth it?

Now that you know how Inboxdollars works, let’s take a look at some pros and cons of using the app.

Pros of using InboxDollars:

  • Convenient way to make extra money without having to leave the comfort of your own home
  • Wide variety of ways to earn money, including taking surveys, reading emails, playing games, and shopping online
  • Option to receive payments via check or PayPal
  • Ability to earn a $5 sign up bonus
  • User-friendly website and app

Cons of using Inbox Dollars:

  • Earnings can be quite low and may take a while to accumulate
  • Limited availability in certain countries
  • Some users have reported issues with receiving payments
  • Limited opportunities for those who don't fit into specific demographic categories desired by advertisers
  • May require a significant amount of time and effort to truly earn a substantial amount of money

Who Should Use Inbox Dollars And Who Should Avoid It

Inbox Dollars is best suited for individuals who do not mind spending a significant amount of time completing small tasks online in exchange for minimal financial compensation. It may also appeal to individuals who are looking for easy ways to make extra money on the side without having to commit to a traditional job or business venture.

On the other hand, those who value their time and are looking for more substantial earning potential should avoid Inbox Dollars. The limited earning opportunities and low payouts likely will not be worth the time investment for these individuals. Additionally, those who do not enjoy performing repetitive tasks or do not have reliable internet access may also want to avoid Inbox Dollars.

My Personal Experience With Inbox Dollars

I signed up for Inbox Dollars back in 2015, hoping to earn some extra cash by reading emails and completing surveys. At first, I was excited about the potential to make money while sitting at my computer. However, I quickly became frustrated with the limited number of opportunities available and the low payouts for each task.

One of the main issues I encountered was that many of the survey offers were not actually available for me to complete. I would click on a survey, only to be told that I did not qualify based on my demographics. This happened repeatedly, wasting my time as I searched for surveys that I could actually take.

Even when I did qualify for a survey or task, the payout was often disappointingly low. Many surveys paid just a few cents, and it would take a significant amount of time to earn even a dollar from them. The email reading option also had a very low payout, with most emails only earning a fraction of a cent.

Overall, my experience with Inbox Dollars was not positive. It took too much time and effort to earn any significant amount of money, and the payouts were not worth it in my opinion.

There are definitely other ways to make money that are more efficient and reliable than Inbox Dollars. However, if you have some spare time and don't mind the slow earning process, Inbox Dollars can be a decent option for earning a bit of extra cash. Just don't have high expectations or rely on it as your main source of income.

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Inbox Dollars Faq

How Does Inboxdollars Pay You?

InboxDollars pays members through PayPal, ePayment (loaded onto a prepaid Visa card), Amazon gift cards, or physical check in the mail.

To receive payment through PayPal or ePayment, members must link their account to InboxDollars and verify their email address.

Keep in mind that in order to use Paypal as payment method the email on your inboxdollars account and Paypal email must match exactly.

Payment through Amazon gift cards or physical check in the mail can be requested once a member has accumulated at least $30 in earnings.

Once a payment request is made, it typically takes about 1-2 weeks for the payment to be processed and sent out to the member.

InboxDollars also offers members the option to donate their earnings to select charities instead of receiving payment.

Overall, the reward app offers convenient and reliable payment options for its members.

How To Cash Out Inboxdollars?

To cash out your InboxDollars earnings, first make sure you have enough money in your account to meet the minimum cash out threshold, which is currently $30.

Once you have reached this amount or more, go to the Request Payment page and select the option to request a payment.

From there, you can choose to receive your funds through PayPal or as a physical check mailed to your address.

Keep in mind that it can take up to 10 business days for the payment to be processed and received.

It is important to note that InboxDollars does have certain rules and regulations for cashing out, such as only allowing one cash out request every three months and requiring all account information to be current and up-to-date.

Make sure to read through the Terms & Conditions and FAQs on the website for more information on cashing out with InboxDollars.

Final Thoughts On Whether Or Not I Believe Inbox Dollars Is A Scam

In conclusion, I do not believe that Inbox Dollars is a scam. However, if you are looking to make money online, I would recommend trying a side hustle. There are many ways to make extra money without having to invest in a program like Inbox Dollars. Thanks for reading!

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