How Far Does Grubhub Deliver in 2024? Grubhub Delivery Radius

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how far does grubhub deliver

Grubhub is a food delivery service that allows you to order food from local restaurants and have it delivered right to your door. But how far does Grubhub deliver? And what is the Grubhub delivery radius? In this blog post, we will answer those questions and more. We will also discuss how the Grubhub delivery radius affects your order. So, whether you are wondering about how far Grubhub delivers or just want to learn more about their service, this blog post has you covered!


Grubhub's maximum delivery radius is 70 miles, according to the company's policy. However, in reality, most restaurants and delivery drivers will not deliver orders that are that far away. On average, Grubhub deliveries tend to range from 5-10 miles, depending on the specific location and available options.


Does Grubhub Deliver Anywhere?

The short answer is no, Grubhub does not deliver anywhere. There are certain restrictions in place that limit where Grubhub can deliver to.

For example, Grubhub will not deliver to PO Boxes or APO/FPO addresses. Additionally, there are some areas that Grubhub simply does not service.

To see if Grubhub delivers to your specific address, you can enter it into the search bar on their website. If Grubhub delivers to your address, you will see a list of restaurants in your area that offer delivery through Grubhub. However, if they do not deliver to your address, you will see a message saying “We’re sorry. Delivery is unavailable in your area.”

Does Grubhub Have a Delivery Radius?

Yes, there is a delivery radius for Grubhub. Additionally the delivery times may vary depending on how far away the restaurant is from your location.

When you place an order on Grubhub, the estimated delivery time will be displayed so you can see how long it will take for your food to arrive. Keep in mind that traffic and other factors can impact delivery times, so the estimated time is not always accurate. However, you can rest assured that Grubhub will do everything possible to get your food to you as quickly as possible.

What is the Delivery Radius on Grubhub?

The delivery radius is the area around a restaurant that Grubhub will deliver to. For some restaurants, the delivery radius may be quite small, while other restaurants may have a larger delivery radius. It all just depends on the individual restaurant and their agreement with Grubhub.

How Far Does Grubhub Deliver From Each Restaurant?

So, how far away does Grubhub deliver from each restaurant? The company recently announced that it would be setting a maximum delivery radius of 70 miles.

This change will affect customers in rural areas who will no longer be able to order from their favorite restaurants that are located outside of the new delivery radius.

While Grubhub says that the decision was made in order to focus on providing the best possible experience for its customers, some people are concerned that this could lead to less competition and higher prices for grubhub users. Only time will tell how this change will impact the company and its customers.

However, The answer to the question how far does Grubhub travel varies as it depends on the individual restaurant. Every restaurant on the platform sets their delivery radius. While your food could be delivered anywhere within a 5 or 10 mile radius, in a car or on a cyclist's back, there are some food safety considerations that every restaurant should keep in mind.

So, while Grubhub delivery distance limit is 70 miles. You probably won't be able to order from an ice cream store 70 miles away. That is comprehensible!

When thinking about food safety, it's important to consider both the time and temperature that your food will be exposed to during transit. If you're ordering a pizza, for example, you want to make sure that it will arrive hot and fresh.

But if you're ordering a salad, you want to make sure that it will arrive cool and crisp. That's why it's important to check with your local restaurant to see what their delivery radius is and what types of food they recommend for delivery. With Grubhub, you can rest assured that your food will be delivered fresh and delicious - no matter how far it has to travel!

When you are searching for restaurants on Grubhub, you will see listed only the restaurants that cover your location.

How far does Grubhub Deliver Chipotle?

Chipotle is one of the most popular restaurant chains in the country, and they're also a major partner of Grubhub. So how far will Grubhub deliver Chipotle to you? According to our experience, Grubhub will deliver Chipotle within a 6-mile radius of any location. That means that as long as you're within 4 miles of a Chipotle restaurant, you can have your favorite burrito bowl delivered right to your door.

How far does Grubhub Deliver Chick-fil-A?

Chick-fil-A is another popular restaurant chain that partners with Grubhub. And like Chipotle, Grubhub will deliver Chick-fil-A to you within a 7-mile radius of any location. So if you're hankering for a chicken sandwich but don't feel like leaving your house, Grubhub has you covered.

How Far Does Grubhub Deliver In NYC?

If you're a foodie living in New York City, you're probably familiar with Grubhub. Indeed, Grubhub is one of the most popular food delivery apps in the Big Apple. But how far does Grubhub deliver in NYC?

According to the NYC law, food delivery apps are limited in the delivery fees they can charge restaurants.

Additionally, food delivery workers are allowed to set limitations on distances they will travel from restaurants, and which bridges or tunnels they are willing to use. As a result, Grubhub's NYC delivery radius may vary depending on the restaurant you're ordering from and the delivery worker who is assigned to your order. However, you can rest assured that Grubhub will always deliver your food fresh and delicious - no matter how far it has to travel!

Which Restaurants Have the Widest Delivery Radius?

The answer to this question also varies as it depends on the individual restaurant. However, there are some restaurants that tend to have a wider delivery radius than others. For example, national chain restaurants like Olive Garden or Papa John’s often have a larger delivery radius than smaller, local restaurants.

This is because they have more resources, better food packaging, and are able to deliver to a larger area. Additionally, some restaurants may offer delivery through multiple food delivery services. This also allows them to reach a wider audience as each service has its own delivery radius.

If you are interested in ordering from a restaurant that is not located within Grubhub’s delivery radius, there is still hope!

You can try contacting the restaurant directly to see if they offer any other options for food delivery. Some restaurants will make exceptions and deliver to addresses outside of their delivery radius if the order is large enough. Additionally, some restaurants may offer pick-up or take-out options that you can take advantage of.

grubhub total miles per order

For Grubhub Driver: How Far Does Grubhub Deliver?

If you are new to Grubhub, you probably have a lot of questions about the delivery process and more.

At BestReferralDriver, we are eager to be of support to you! We are a group of people who work as independent couriers, and we are aware of what we are explaining.

On the internet, you might find some information that isn't completely accurate regarding the Grubhub delivery radius for drivers.

In the past, drivers were unable to quantify the total distance they needed to travel in order to fulfill an order. Thankfully, things moved in a different direction.

Currently, drivers are able to see how far a Grubhub order is.

Now that you know how many miles you'll have to drive before agreeing to make a delivery, we can move on to the next important questions.

What are Grubhub Delivery Boundaries?

Grubhub delivery boundaries are the areas within which our drivers are able to deliver orders. Once an order is placed, our system uses the delivery address to determine if it is within the driver's current boundary. If it is, the order will be assigned to that driver. If not, another driver who is closer to the delivery address will be assigned to the order.

The purpose of delivery boundaries is to ensure that drivers are only taking orders that they can reasonably complete in a timely manner. This helps to ensure that both customers and drivers have a positive experience with Grubhub. Delivery boundaries also help us optimize our driver network by making sure that orders are always going to the drivers who are closest to them.

Delivery boundaries can be adjusted at any time based on changes in driver availability or demand in different areas. If you're a driver and you'd like to request a change to your delivery boundary, you can do so through the app. Simply go to Settings > Delivery Boundaries and select the new area you'd like to deliver in. Once your request is approved, you'll start receiving orders from that area.

Can I Reject Offers Too Far Away?

As a food delivery driver for Grubhub, I often get offers for orders that are too far away to be worth my time. When I reject these offers, it hurts my acceptance rate, which can have a negative impact on my earnings and my program level.

However, I always try to decline politely and give a reason why I'm rejecting the offer. For example, if an order is more than 20 minutes away, that it's too far for me to drive and that I'm only willing to accept orders that are closer. This helps to keep my acceptance rate high and ensures that I only take orders that I can complete in a timely manner.


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