How To Report A DoorDash Driver: 4 Steps (Customer/Merchant)

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how to report a doordash driver

As of today, DoorDash is one of the best food delivery services. It allows customers to purchase food, groceries or alcohol and receive them delivered by an independent contractor to their house, office, hotels and even at the hospital.

With DoorDash, you can send gift foods to a loved one that lives far away. Can you say convenience? Absolutely. All it takes is a few taps on your smartphone and boom – your products arrive at your doorstep.

This convenience comes at a price. Recently, stories have surfaced about consumers and merchants having bad experiences with Dashers. Whether you are a DoorDash customer or a merchant, here’s how to report someone on DoorDash and protect yourself.

How Can I Report A Doordash Driver If I Am A Customer?

Doordash delivery drivers are independent contractors. To work on the delivery platform, they have to undergo continuous background checks. Driving for DoorDash is an easy way to make more money in your spare time.

First of all, Doordash is a cashless app. In-app payments reduce interpersonal contact and make customer journeys even more secure. Additionally, during the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of people switched to contactless delivery.

Unlike what happens with ridesharing companies providing transportation for people from point A to point B, if you ordered food using Doordash, the contact with the delivery driver is minimal.

Providing excellent customer service is a priority for almost all the drivers that can be rewarded with good tips.

However, sometimes things go wrong. Your Dasher may provide terrible customer service or you had to deal with a rude Doordash driver or you had some issues during the delivery process and you truly believe that your food courier didn't do the job properly.

The best thing to do is to direct your complaint to whoever will resolve it without a lot of fuss, and let them know specifically what happened, when it happened, and where it happened.

You do not have to write to the manager or DoorDash CEO.

Here are some easy ways to report a problem as a consumer and file a complaint with DoorDash.

Use the DoorDash Feedback Option

After a delivery customers can leave a review. They can rate the restaurant​ and also the Doordash experience especially with the driver.

Feedback must be left within 7 days of a completed delivery. Follow our step by step tutorial:

  • Open the DoorDash app
  • Tap on Get Help
  • Locate the order you have a problem with
  • Select a reason that describes your issue
  • If you want you can open a case and ask for a refund

Contact Doordash Customer Support via Chat

Doordash is a 24 hour food delivery service providing 24/7 chat support.

  • Click “Help” (iPhone) or “?” (android) in the upper right corner of the app
  • Select “Something Else”
  • Press “Start Chat” with the support agent
  • After you select Chat, a pop-up window will appear. You can type your problem in the text box to start chatting with a DoorDash customer support agent

Email Address

You can always report a problem by sending an email at [email protected].

Phone Number

If you do not know how to talk with DoorDash, you are at the right place. Customers, merchants and Dashers can contact DoorDash customer support by calling 855-973-1040 in the United States.

When you contact this phone number, be ready with the email attached to your order. This will save you time when the customer service agent asks for it.

Contact the DoorDash Support via Twitter

A lot of companies use twitter for customer service. If you have a twitter account you can get help via social media.

You can post a tweet publicly and share your feedback or complaints or if you prefer you can send a DM to the DoorDash Twitter support. DoorDash takes every case very seriously.

Often, the information necessary to solve an issue requires personal or private information, such as the email attached to your order. For making the discussion confidential the chat private is always the best option.

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How Can I Report a DoorDash Driver if I am a Merchant?

Restaurants and Dashers should always have cooperative behavior during regular activities. However, several issues can come up during a delivery. A Door Dash driver can provide poor service. Common Dasher issues include:

  • Be unprofessional
  • Be rude
  • Do not have the insulated bag
  • Be late or early for the pickup
  • Do not follow the instructions

Unprofessional Behavior

Becoming a DoorDash driver is not so complicated. The requirements are minimal.

An example of lack of professionalism is not using an insulated bag to keep the meal safe.

Additionally, to get their job done right, delivery drivers should never have a bad estimation of time. At Bestreferraldriver we like to share with our community the best tips to be successful. One of the tips is to always use the best navigation app to avoid traffic jams.

A Merchant can report a DoorDash driver through the DoorDash Merchant Portal.

Follow our step by step tutorial:

  • Select the Orders tab
  • Find the delivery you wish to provide feedback for
  • Select Rate next to the Dasher's name
  • Choose your rating from the 3 options: Poor, Good, or Great

For a very unprofessional conduct you can even choose that the driver will never receive a delivery offer from your location.

Dashers that do not do their job with diligence and professionalism can be permanently deactivated from the platform .

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Are There Other Ways To Report Outside Of Doordash?

Leave A Doordash Reviews On Yelp

Writing a Yelp review is a great way to share feedback for the services of a business. Yelp and Google are probably the most visible review sites on the Internet.

Keep in mind that for making a review on Yelp, you have to create a Yelp account.

Make Powerful DoorDash Driver Reviews

Leaving honest feedback after a delivery avoiding scams for free food is an important part on the platform. DoorDash encourages merchants or consumers to report problems and issues with delivery drivers. No person is perfect, and everyone is going to make occasional mistakes. However, do not forget to leave a comment for good drivers.

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