How Much Do Electric Scooters Cost? Pricing Guide 2024

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how much does an electric scooter cost

Electric scooters are becoming more and more popular every day. Cities all over the world are starting to implement regulations for electric scooters, and people are realizing how much fun they can be! But how much do electric scooters cost? And what should you know before buying one? In this blog post, we will discuss different price ranges of an electric scooter. This will give you an idea of how much money you'll need to set aside for a new one.

What Factors Affect The Price Of Electric Scooters

The price of electric scooters can vary widely, depending on a number of factors. If you want to learn how much an e scooter costs, it is really important to know all these factors.

We'll break down some of the things that affect the cost of electric scooters so that you can make an informed decision when it comes time to purchase.

Type of Electric Scooter

One of the first things that you'll need to decide when purchasing an electric scooter is what type you want. There are three main types of electric scooters: stand-up, sit-down, and folding.

Stand-up scooters are the simplest type; they don't have a seat, so you'll be standing while riding. Sit-down scooters are similar to stand-up models, but they do have a padded seat for comfort. Folding scooters are designed to be easily portable; they can be folded up and carried when not in use.

The type of electric scooter that you choose will affect the price. Stand-up models tend to be the most affordable, while sit-down and folding models are typically more expensive. This is because sit-down and folding models generally have more features and offer more comfort than stand-up models.


Another thing that can affect the price of electric scooters is features. Some common features that you might find on an electric scooter include a basket or storage compartment, lights, mirrors, and a horn or other safety warning device. Obviously, the more features an electric scooter has, the more it will cost. However, it's important to only buy an electric scooter with features that you'll actually use; otherwise, you're just wasting your money.

Range and Speed

The range and speed of an electric scooter are two other important factors to consider when making your purchase. Range refers to how far the scooter can go on a single charge; obviously, if you need to travel long distances, you'll want a model with a longer range. Speed refers to how fast the scooter can go; if you need to get around quickly, you'll want a model that can reach high speeds.

Generally speaking, electric scooters with longer ranges and higher top speeds will be more expensive than those with shorter ranges and lower top speeds. This is because such models require larger batteries and more powerful motors, which add to the overall cost.

How Much Do Electric Scooters Cost?

Now you know what factors influence the cost of an e scooter, but how much does a motor scooter cost?

Electric scooters can be cheap or really expensive. They range in price from about $300 to $2000.

However, to make things easier, the answer is: It depends on what you need it for! If you are looking for a cheap option for kids, then you can find an electric scooter for as little as $37. If you are looking for a high-quality option for adults, then you can expect to pay between $750 and $2000.

Let’s break down electric scooter prices in each category.

How Much Does Electric Scooters for Adults Cost?

The average adult electric scooter costs between $350 and $1500. The most popular brands of electric scooters for adults are iScooter, Segway, Xiaomi, and Razor.

Cost of Low End Electric Scooter for Adult

The average moped price for a low end model for adults is $400. Here is an example for you.

iScooter® 500W

This is one of the most popular electric scooters on the market because it is very affordable at just over $490. It has a range of up to 21 miles and a top speed of 21 mph.

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Cost of High End Electric Scooter for Adult

The average cost of a motorized scooter in this high end category is around $1,000.

Here is an example for you.

Ninebot KickScooter MAX G30P

Segway is known for their high-quality products and their Ninebot KickScooter MAX G30P has a max speed of 30 mph and a range of up to 45 miles!

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Take a look at our guide with all the cheap e-scooter options available on the market.

How Much Does Electric Scooters for Kids Cost?

This category includes all scooters for children aged 6 to 12.

Electric scooters are a great way for kids to get around. They are fun, easy to use, and eco-friendly.

Indeed, they are powered by batteries, so they don't produce emissions like gas-powered scooters. This is better for the environment and also for the child's health.

They are also very easy to operate. Even young children can learn how to use them quickly.

The cost of electric scooters for kids can vary greatly. You can find some that are very inexpensive and others that are quite expensive.

The most popular brands of electric scooters for kids are iScooter, Razor, Swagtron, and Segway.

Cost of Low End Electric Scooter for Kids

The lowest end of the cost range is around $140. This is for a very basic model that may not have all the features that you want. Find below an example for you.

Mini Kids Electric Scooter

The Mini Kids Electric Scooter from iScooter is a great way to get your child outside and active. This scooter features a durable metal frame that can support up to 88.2lbs, making it perfect for kids ages 3-8.

The scooter also has non-slip hand grips, as well as a safety rear brake. Additionally, the scooter has two motors that provide up to 8.5 miles per hour of power, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

With its easily adjustable handlebars and foldable design, the Mini Kids Electric Scooter is a great option for kids who want to zip around the neighborhood or play at the park.

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Cost of High End Electric Scooter for Kids

The highest end of the cost range is around $300. This is for a high-end model that has all the bells and whistles. Find below an example for you.

Ninebot eKickScooter ZING E8 from Segway

The Ninebot eKickScooter ZING E8 from Segway is a high-end scooter designed for kids. It features a number of innovative features that make it stand out from the competition.

For instance, it includes a built-in display that not only shows the current speed and battery life but also has a variety of other information such as turn-by-turn directions. The scooter also includes front and rear LED lights, making it safer to ride at night.

Perhaps most importantly, the scooter has a max speed of 16 mph, making it one of the fastest on the market. Overall, the Ninebot eKickScooter ZING E8 from Segway is an excellent option for kids who are looking for a fast and fun way to get around.

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How Much Does Electric Scooters for Teenegers Cost?

This category includes all scooters for teenagers aged 13 to 18.

The average teenager electric scooter costs between $500 and $1000. The most popular brands of electric scooters for teenagers are iScooter, Xiaomi, Razor, and Segway.

Cost of Low End Electric Scooter for Teeneger

The most affordable option is around $350. Find below an example for you.

iScooter® 1S Electric Scooter

The iScooter® 1S Electric Scooter is a great option for teenagers looking for an affordable and reliable way to get around. This scooter has a range of up to 15 miles on a single charge, making it ideal for short commutes or errands.

The scooter also has a top speed of 20 mph, making it fast enough to keep up with traffic but still safe for novice riders. Additionally, the scooter comes with a built-in charger so that you can easily recharge the battery on the go.

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Cost of High End Electric Scooter for Teeneger

Razor E Prime

The Razor E Prime is a popular option for teenagers.

It's lightweight and easy to maneuver, making it perfect for getting around town. The scooter also has a long-range battery, so you can ride for miles without having to worry about running out of power.

When it comes to performance, the E Prime Scooter delivers. It has a powerful motor that can reach speeds of up to 15 mph, making it perfect for getting around town quickly. It has pneumatic tires and with its large wheels, the E Prime Scooter can handle uneven terrain with ease. If you're looking for an electric scooter that's both fun and functional, the Razor E Prime Scooter is the perfect choice.

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After Purchase Cost

You’ve done it—you’ve taken the plunge and purchased your very own e-scooter. Whether you use it for commuting, errands, or just plain old fun, there’s no doubt that your new purchase will provide you with plenty of enjoyment.

But what about those pesky costs that come along with owning an e-scooter? Between maintenance, charging, accessories, and insurance, it can all start to add up. Never fear—we’re here to help you understand all the costs associated with owning an e-scooter, so you can be prepared for anything. Read on for everything you need to know about the true cost of owning an e-scooter.

Maintenance Cost

Just like any other vehicle, your e-scooter will require some basic maintenance in order to keep it running smoothly. You should plan on setting aside a small budget each month for things like replacing the odd screw or washer, topping up the air in your tires, and so on.Assuming you take good care of your scooter and don’t run into any major problems, you should be able to get by with spending around $10 per month on maintenance.

Charging cost

One of the best things about owning an e-scooter is that they are super affordable to charge—in most cases, it will only cost you a few cents per charge. However, keep in mind that how often you have to charge your scooter will depend on factors like how far you typically ride and whether or not you use power-saving mode.

Assuming you need to charge your scooter once per week and each charge costs you $0.15, that’s only $6 per month for charging—or less than $0.20 per day.

Scooter Accessories

While not strictly necessary, there are a few accessories that can make using your e-scooter even more enjoyable (and safer). A good quality helmet is always a wise investment—and in some states/cities it may even be required by law. Likewise, a set of lights (both front and rear) is a good idea if you frequently ride at night or in low-light conditions. Prices for accessories can vary widely depending on quality and brand, but plan on spending around $50-$100 upfront for basic items like lights and a helmet.

Insurance Police

Unlike cars or motorcycles, e-scooters generally don’t require insurance by law. However, if you live in an urban area or frequently ride in traffic, it might be something worth considering—after all, accidents do happen. Thankfully, insurance for e-scooters is relatively affordable compared to insuring a car or motorcycle; expect to pay around $5-$15 per month depending on the level of coverage you choose.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does The Cost Of Owning And Operating An Electric Scooter Compare To Other Forms Of Transportation, Such As Cars And E-Bikes?

When all is said and done, owning an e-scooter is actually quite affordable—especially when compared to other modes of transportation like cars or motorcycles. Maintenance costs are minimal, charging is cheap, and insurance is optional (although we always recommend err on the side of caution).

The average cost of owning and operating an electric scooter is $0.25 per mile, which is significantly cheaper than the $0.50 per mile cost of owning and operating a car. Electric scooters are also cheaper than e-bikes, which have a yearly maintenance cost around $300.

Of course, there are other costs to consider beyond the initial purchase price of the scooter itself. For example, you'll need to factor in the cost of charging your scooter's battery (which is typically around $0.15 per kilowatt-hour) and the cost of maintenance (which is usually around $0.03 per mile). However, even with these additional costs factored in, electric scooters are still much cheaper to own and operate than cars or bikes.

Are There Any Tax Incentives Available For Purchasing An Electric Scooter?

You may be able to reduce the cost of your electric scooter by taking advantage of tax incentives. In many countries, there are tax credits available for purchases of low-emission vehicles, including electric scooters.

These credits can significantly reduce the cost of the scooter, making it more affordable for more people. Additionally, many employers offer employees a discount on the purchase of an electric scooter. These discounts can also make the scooter more affordable.

If you’re thinking about purchasing an electric scooter, be sure to check with your tax professional to see if you qualify for any tax incentives.

Electric Scooter Price: Overview

There are many factors that can affect the price of electric scooters; however, by taking into account your needs and budget, you can find an affordable model that's perfect for you.

When shopping for an electric scooter, keep in mind the type of model you want, as well as any desired features . Also consider how far you need to travel and how fast you need to get there; these factors will help determine the range and speed required from your new scooter. Armed with this information, you're sure t o find an affordable electric scooter that meets all your needs.

May this guide give you an idea of what kind of e-scooter you need and how much an electric scooter costs.

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