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Do you want to get paid to deliver cars? If so, Kyte Driver is the perfect opportunity for you! As a Kyte Driver Partner, you will be responsible for delivering cars to their destinations. This is a great opportunity for drivers who are looking for extra income. In this blog post, we will discuss the pay and benefits of being a Kyte Driver Partner. We will also provide tips on how to become a successful driver!

What Is a Kyte Driver Partner And How Does It Work?

Kyte is a car delivery service and also a gig economy company that allows drivers to earn extra income by delivering cars to their destinations.

The drivers that work for the car rental company are called Kyte Surfers.

You can earn money as a rental car driver and you can choose to work full time, or as a part time car driver.

Drivers can sign up for the service, they will be able to view a list of available cars and their destinations. They can then choose which cars they would like to deliver based on time, location and earnings amount.

Unlike other gig economy jobs, there is no waiting list. Kyte car rental jobs are currently available in all the cities where the company operates.

Before starting your car driver application process, it is important to notice that this is mostly a weekend side hustle.

While there are job opportunities all around the week, this is mostly a weekend job.

Your weekend availability is required.

You will get paid to drive the car from point A to point B.

Rental Car Drop Off

You can start by dropping off a vehicle to a customer's address, Kyte has customers drop off cars at hotels, gas stations, and coffee shops. You can also start delivering one from the Kyte lot.

Rental Car Pick up

When it comes to car rental pickup, you can pick up the car from the customer's home and anywhere else within the service area.

Keep in mind that very similar to Instacart or Amazon, it is a fast paced job.

Prior to delivery and upon returns, be prepared to flag any maintenance, scratches, tire damage, etc. on the cars.

But how exactly does the car drop off job work? If you are looking for the Kyte driver app you will be disappointed.

Currently Kyte operates with a 3rd party app. However, the car rental company is always working on improving the Kyte Surfer experience.

This is why, according to a Kyte spokesperson, car rental drivers will soon be able to download a 1st party Surfer app.

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Is Being A Kyte Driver Partner Worth it?

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the job.

Pros of being a Kyte Rental Car Driver Partner

There are many benefits to being a Kyte Driver Partner.

Flexible Schedule

First, working for Kyte allows you to choose your own hours and work as much or as little as you want. This is great for people who want to earn a little extra money without having to commit to a full-time or even part-time job.

Easy Job

Second, you can earn extra income by delivering cars.

Great Community

Working with Kyte is not the same as being a gig worker for a food delivery service. You often feel lonely when you deliver food. If you're looking for tips on how to make more money with Doordash, you're not likely to find them from drivers who have found a profitable restaurant hotspot. That's because drivers who have stumbled upon a goldmine are unlikely to want to share their secret with the competition.

After all, if everyone knows about a particular location, the earnings potential will quickly diminish. So, if you're hoping to get an edge on the competition, your best bet is to keep your eyes peeled for new restaurant openings in your area.

But with Kyte you have a good community. Kyte drivers get to interact with other drivers and management in our parking lots. This helps you feel more connected to your work and less alone.

Cons of being a Kyte Rental Car Driver Partner

Early Stage Company

The biggest drawback of being a Kyte driver is that the technology isn't always as seamless as you'd like. Kyte is an early-stage company, so there are bound to be some kinks that need to be worked out. That being said, the team is constantly working to improve the Surfer experience, and they've made great strides in the past year.

There Are Not Always Gigs Available

Another drawback is that there aren't as many opportunities to drive during certain times of day or week. This is because Kyte is focused on providing service during busy times when demand is high. So if you're looking to drive during off-peak hours, you may not have as many opportunities.

The Next Day Pay Doesn’t Always Work

Kyte promises its drivers next-day pay. But some drivers say they haven't always received their earnings when they expected to. One driver, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said she had to wait a week to receive her payment after her first week of driving.

She said it was frustrating because she needed the money to cover her expenses. Another driver said he had a similar experience and that it made it difficult for him to trust the company. Kyte says it is working to improve its payment system and that it is committed to ensuring that drivers are paid on time. But until the company can consistently meet its promises, you can take a look at our guide with same day pay jobs.

But overall, driving with Kyte is a great way to make extra money and help people get around town.

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How Much Money Can You Make As A Kyte Driver Partner?

Kyte is committed to making sure that our drivers are fairly compensated for the important work they do.

If you are looking for the Kyte driver partner salary you will not find it. Indeed, Kyte driver partners are independent contractors, not employees, and therefore do not receive a salary.

Instead, they are paid per gig, with the amount depending on the specific task. This means that you have to pay taxes on your Kyte driver pay.

Driver partners who work full time can complete up to 12 deliveries per day. Kyte does not disclose how much it pays its driver partners, but people who have worked for the company report that pay varies depending on the type of delivery being made and the distance involved.

Some drivers report making $12-$15 per hour, while others say they make closer to $30-$40 per hour.

According to our experience, Kyte Driver Partners can earn up to $30 per hour delivering cars. The amount you earn will depend on the number of cars you deliver and the distance you travel.

Kyte does not currently offer instant payment. However, once you receive payment directly in your bank account the day after you completed your gig.

Kyte Driver Review

Before writing this article we had a great conversation with Thomas and asked him to share with us its experience driving with Kyte. Here is what he said.

I've been driving for Kyte for a little over two years now, and I have to say that it's been a great experience. The pay is good and the benefits are great. I started out as a surfer, but after a few months I joined the management team as a fleet manager. I've had the opportunity to work with some amazing people, and I've learned a lot about the business.

The best part of my job is the great environnement around you when working. That's why I loved being a Kyte driver.

What Are The Requirements To Become A Kyte Surfer?

If you are looking for a way to make money delivering cars you are at the right place. Kyte is growing fast and hiring car delivery drivers.

The basic requirements for becoming a kyte car delivery driver are being at least 25 years of age, having at least two years driving experience with a valid US driver’s license. You must also have a clean driving record.

Kyte welcomes drivers from different gig economy and business services including Postmates, Lyft, GrubHub, AmazonFresh, Instacart, Amazon, Uber, Waitr, and Bite Squad .

The car rental company is looking for responsible and safe drivers with excellent customer service skills.

This means that applicants must be able to pass a background check.

In regards to what Kyte is looking for on the background check, you can be disqualified from a job opportunity if you have any major moving violations, such as DUIs or reckless driving, within the last seven years.

You will not pass the screening process if you have more than three minor moving violations in the past three years, such as speeding tickets or failure to obey traffic laws.

When it comes to vehicle requirements, Kyte is looking for people with a cool, crafty mode of transportation that will get you from one delivery/return to the next! This could be a scooter, a scooter app that you love to use, a foldable bike, an electric skateboard...

Lastly, you must also own a smartphone with a data plan to follow delivery and return prompts on our app.

To summarize, here are all of the vehicle and driver requirements:

  • You own a valid US driver’s license and are legally authorized to work in the US.
  • 2+ years of driving experience in the US. (Professional driving experience is a plus, but not required)
  • Have a Social Security Number
  • Feel comfortable moving around the city without a car
  • Have a positive attitude and enjoy customer-facing interactions
  • Own a smartphone with a working camera

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Sign Up to Drive With Kyte

You do not need to update your resume! Signing up to drive with Kyte is a fairly straightforward task. If you’re familiar with gig jobs applications, this should be quite similar.

Start your job application and complete the form with the required information including:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Choose the market where you want to work

You have to answer 13 basic questions about yourself and complete a Zoom on-boarding orientation.

Kyte Careers

Working as a Kyte surfer isn’t the only job opportunity available with the delivery service.

The company has job openings in the following departments:

  • Engineering
  • Growth Marketing
  • Operations
  • Insurance
  • Fleet Coordinator

You can check out the Kyte Career page to get job information for all the current openings.

Start Driving with Kyte Today!

Kyte Driver Partners are a great way to earn extra income. If you are interested in becoming a Kyte Driver Partner, sign up through the Kyte Driver app today!

Do you have any questions about being a Kyte Driver Partner? Send us an email and we will be happy to answer them for you!

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