Can I Order Amazon To Hotel and Get it Delivered?

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order amazon to hotel and get it delivered

Amazon has leveraged technology to make its customers’ lives easier, even when they are traveling and are on vacation.

Whether you have forgotten something or you are traveling to an important meeting overseas from Australia to the US and want to buy some products online and find them directly at your hotel to save space in your luggage, in this guide you will learn everything you need to know about the Amazon hotel delivery option.

Can Amazon Deliver To Hotels?

While writing this article, I am thinking back to my experience when packing all necessary items for my trips.

Even if you are a frequent traveler, packing for yourself and your family members can be a struggle.

No matter how many packing lists you make and how many times you check them, inevitably you’ll end up leaving something behind.

The most commonly forgotten things to pack are precisely those you use every day such as the hair brushes, toiletries, your phone charger or other essential items that you need to use while you’re away.

At this point, there are only two options. Either you have to do without your forgotten item all your vacation or you have to purchase a new one.

You will often need to opt for the second option: buy a new version of the forgotten product, especially for common everyday-use products.

Shopping is more expensive in hotel stores and the goal is to avoid paying a premium price for something you will have double of once coming back home.

Have you ever wondered if you can order from Amazon to your hotel? Good news for you, it is easier than ever. Not only will it help you save money, but it also doesn’t require much effort from you.

If you are new to the giant of e-commerce, the first step is to create an Amazon Account.

Indeed, you cannot order from Amazon as a guest.

Whether you're on a business, family vacation in a Walt Disney World Resort or just relaxing on vacation and you want to order something from Amazon, open up your Amazon app and start ordering from the wide range of products available. You can get your package delivered straight to your hotel.

Generally, for safety reasons, you cannot get Amazon to your hotel room but you can get your Amazon package delivered to your hotel front desk.

Most hotels accept parcels and packages on behalf of their guests while they're staying at the hotel.

However, we suggest you double check directly with your hotel before ordering to make sure they accept them or if they have any specific delivery spots.

This will also help you to check if your hotel applies fees for handling your package.

In Las Vegas, for example, some hotels charge guests for all parcels received with a fee based upon the weight of each package.

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you probably already know that you can get One-Day Shipping on millions of items from Amazon.

This is an important point to know.

Indeed, in most of the hotels, parcels are held for a limited number of days. You must be aware of the status of your order to make sure you pick it up once it arrives.

Can Amazon Deliver a Hotel If I Use The Cash on Delivery Option?

If you buy items sold by, you can use the cash on delivery option. Cash on delivery purchases are subject to the Cash on delivery terms and conditions. This is a good option for you if you do not want to pay online or through the app.

As a general rule, most hotels accept a normal delivery, however, when it comes to COD, some hotels won't take that responsibility.

We suggest you double check before placing your order. If your hotel accepts the COD, you will have to prepare an envelope with the exact amount to pay and the front desk or person taking care of receiving the packages will have to hand your money.

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How To Order Amazon To a Hotel?

Ordering from Amazon and getting a delivery to your hotel, is really quite simple. You will do your e-shopping as you usually do and the products you can purchase will most likely be the same, unless you are ordering from a different country. The only thing you have to learn is how to change the delivery address.

We suggest you update your shipping address before starting your order.

You will also be able to see which kind of delivery is available in your location.

You can update your shipping address directly from your Amazon account home page. Follow our step by step guide:

Enter Your Hotel’s Address

The first step is to put your hotel’s address dropped into your location on the Amazon website or app.

Follow our step by step tutorial:

  • Open the Amazon website through a browser on your Mac or PC, or even your phone, and make sure you're logged in to your account.
  • On the top-left corner click on “deliver to”
  • Click on “manage address book”
  • Click on “Add a new address” and add your hotel’s address

Use The Delivery Instruction Field

You can use the delivery instruction field to include details about your delivery and give special instructions.

We encourage you to use delivery instructions to help the delivery driver. This is especially important if your hotel has a specific dropoff location or instructions. With your instructions, your parcels will be delivered more accurately and quicker, too!

For example, if you are already in the hotel, you can add your room number. You can also add a message as follows: “Please come into the lobby and leave my package to the front desk”.

Inform The Hotel That You're Expecting A Delivery

No matter which hotel you are staying in, it is really important to let them know that you are waiting for a parcel.

This will ensure that they can be prepared for the arrival of your package and they won’t discard your parcel unknowingly, thinking that it may be a threat. They will be able to keep it aside for you.

Does Amazon Fresh Deliver To Hotel?

If you’re staying in a hotel with a fridge, you booked a room with a full kitchen or you’re staying in a kitchen-equipped apartment, it can be useful to get groceries delivered to you.

Sometimes eating at a restaurant everyday can be tiring and also get expensive. Buying groceries on Amazon is a great alternative and you also have a wide range of options, unlike restaurants where you are often limited to what’s on their menu.

Keep in mind that some Disney resort hotels are equipped with a full kitchen.

The only requirement to get your Amazon Fresh delivered to your hotel is to be a Prime member.

As an Amazon Prime member, you have access to Amazon Fresh or Whole Foods if you wish to order groceries.

An Amazon Fresh driver will deliver your order directly to your hotel.

Check if the Amazon fresh delivery is available. Otherwise you can get groceries delivered to you using other services such as Instacart or DoorDash.

Alternatives to Amazon Delivery to Hotel

Amazon is always looking for innovative and convenient ways for customers to ship and receive their orders. The following are easy and free alternatives to hotel delivery options.

Especially if you want to avoid the fees some hotels apply just for receiving your package.

Amazon Locker

An Amazon Locker is a secure, self-service kiosk that allows you to collect packages of products purchased on Amazon.

In practice, they are lockers (usually yellow, so that they can be recognized easily) where the courier puts the package, closes the locker and sends you the code to collect your order.

There are almost 10,000 Amazon Lockers that are strategically located in convenience stores, buildings, and malls in more than 900 cities across the US. Therefore they are easily accessible to just about anyone.

To search for Amazon Lockers near your hotel follow our step by step tutorial:

Go to and search by inserting your address, zip code, or landmark. The search results will show available locations next to where you are located.

Amazon Counter

In 2019, with a press release, Amazon announced a new free-pickup option for its customers in the USA.

Amazon Counters are pickup points that allow you to collect your order in partner stores. One of the Amazon store partners is Rite Aid.

Delivery to a counter location is available for the tens of millions of items sold on and works with Same-Day, One-Day, Two-Day and Standard Shipping.

If you choose to use the assisted pickup service for your Amazon packages, the first step is to find a Counter near you.

Go to and search by inserting your address, zip code, or landmark.

You will be able to see the available Amazon HUB counters, the operational hours, and learn more about other details such as staff assistance at location and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get Amazon Delivery to Marriott Hotels

To improve the guest experience, Marriott recently introduced Alexa for hospitality in some guest rooms.

This new program provides hoteliers with an Amazon Echo to act as a voice-activated virtual concierge in each room.

If you are a guest staying in an Alexa-enabled room, you can use the voice assistant technology for everything from chain hotels to vacation rentals.

According to the Marriott delivery policy, you can get your Amazon order shipped to your hotel. However, some Marriott hotels charge fees for accepting or holding packages.

For example the Marriott in Fort Lauderdale, Florida charges customers with the following fees:

Package Handling Fee:

Guests will be charged a handling fee in the amount of $4.00 for the first package delivered and $2.50 for each package thereafter.

Package Storage Fee:

Storing packages at the hotel is complimentary for up to 7 days. If storage exceeds 7 days guests will be charged $2.50 per package, for each day it is stored onsite.

The best thing you can do is to ask workers at the hotel lobby. If your hotel will charge you fees for accepting the delivery of your package, you can always use one of the alternatives above.

Can I get Amazon Delivery To Disneyland Hotels

If you are planning a Disney vacation, it is important that you know in advance the Disney hotels policy concerning the parcel deliveries.

According to Walt Disney World Resorts, they can receive letters or packages during your vacation.

Be sure to change the delivery address and put your hotel address.

Add the word “Guest” on the delivery instructions and the date of your arrival.

However, you will be charged with a $6.00 handling fee (per order) for all in-room deliveries, as well as for any package or grocery holds received through the front desk.

Other ways to get food delivered to Disney World include using DoorDash or other online food delivery apps.

There are plenty of options, and it is up to you to make the choice and see whichever fits your needs and wants best.

Enjoy Your Vacation and Get Amazon Delivery!

Now you know that you can order online from Amazon and get your items delivered to your hotel. When placing your order, make sure to write clear instructions to your delivery driver and inform your hotel that you are expecting a delivery. Keep in mind that some hotels require an extra fee to be paid if you order a package to the hotel. Finally, do not forget to change your shipping address on the Amazon website before placing your next order. Enjoy your vacation!

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